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  1. Holy shit once you reach Lv.50 in Horizon Zero Dawn, the amount of XP needed for the next level up increases massively. Until now I only needed 1000 xp more for each level up (45000 for Lv.45, 48.000 for Lv.46, 50.000 for Lv.50 etc.) but now the required amount of XP is increased by several ten thousand XP (80.000 for Lv.52, 90.000 for Lv.53 etc.). What do you need for Lv.60 ? 180.000 ?

    1. Cloudbahamut


      I actually saw an XP table for it and actually do need over 100.000 XP for each Level up from here on out. Actually to get from 50 to 60 you need almost as much XP as you did for 1 to 50.

      Thank god you can actually get huge amounts of XP (between 6000 and 11000 XP per kill) in the added Frozen Wilds area or this would be an insane grindfest.

  2. No it's the digital version. never had issues until now. After rebuilding the database and restarting the game everything worked fine. Have played for a few hours now without any issues. But I am always very worried and concerned if something like this happens.
  3. I have been playing the game for weeks without any issues but when I started up the game just now it suddenly froze completely when the main menu came up. My console was not responding to anything anymore but after about a minute or two everything went back to normal. But why did this happen ? Has anyone experienced this as well ? Or do I need to worry about my PS4 ? Just to be safe I have just rebuilt my PS4 database, hopefully this helps.
  4. yup everything carries over. But if you use chapter select create a new save file, otherwise you will be locked out of the later chapters.
  5. [Horizon Zero Dawn] Finally reached Lv.50 and finished collecting all collectibles, finding all vantage points and clearing all bandit camps, cauldrons and corrupted zones. Also finally tracked down the last machine (Rock Breaker) that I was still missing. Man it took me half a week to clear the whole world map. This game is so huge. Now I am taking on the remaining Main and sidequests and will farm a bit more to get to Lv.60 and unlock the remaining 5 skills. But glad all those collectible and side activity trophies are all out of the way now.

  6. That's a pretty amazing story and just shows how much The Last of Us touches people in different ways. The first game was already the most emotional gaming experience of my life (especially the ending) but after playing through the second game I was really an emotional wreck. It really stayed with me for many days and nights, especially Joel's death. I love this character so much and seeing him getting killed like that - it really hurt in ways games usually can't make you hurt. Not like this. For days I kept seeing that scene in my head (much like Ellie does in the game) and I have just never experienced that before in such an intense and profound way. people can hate Naughty Dog all they want but if they can make you feel this intensely in and about a video game then they deserve a lot of praise and respect. Listening to interviews or conversations such as this one with Troy and Neil kinda helps me process the game better. Like you process a loss better if you talk to people about it. It also helped me gain new perspectives and see things from different angles. Now if I think about it, like I said when I created this thread - Joel's death isn't really surprising. For all the things he did either to survive or protect Ellie there had to be a reckoning for some of it sooner or later. Some repercussions. In a more traditional story he would have probably gotten away with it and have his eternal happy end with Ellie because he is the hero (at least from the players perspective). Like Drake in Uncharted. At the end he comes out on top and gets his happy end with Elena and daughter. That's the traditional hero story. But that's where Last of Us is just different. Like Walking Dead it does not go for the traditional hero story with all it's tropes. It goes for realism and in the real world people like Joel would not get away with what they do and live happily ever after. Last of Us really examines and explores very real ideas and one of them just is that nobody is ever safe. Anyone can die at any moment and like Neil said in the interview often someone's death just isn't very heroic or just or deserved or respectful to the character. That's just not how it works in real life or in the world of this game. Instead Death is ugly, unexpected, disrespectful and unheroic. I loved when Neil mentioned the deaths of Tess, Henry and Sam from the first game. They were sudden and pretty unceremonious too and those characters probably deserved better as well but that's not how it works in that world. Anyone can die at any moment - even Joel or Ellie. That's what makes it so emotional because you are actually afraid for these characters. At first I really hated Abby too (and for killing Joel I will never forgive her no matter what) and hated the prospect of playing half the game as her and I really hated having to fight Ellie and having to hurt her. Some critics said the game turned Ellie into the villain and Abby into the hero but they really fail to grasp the concept behind it. Which is that it all depends on your point of view. It is not black and white, there is no heroes and villains in that game. What I thought was really bold and quite frankly brilliant in retrospect is that Naughty Dog takes the villains of the game (wether it's Abby and her crew or all the previous nameless enemy soldiers you kill as Ellie) and suddenly gives them names, life stories and humanity. Usually in games you just mow down all the regular enemies (like for example in Uncharted or Tomb Raider) and you never care about who they actually were, what their names were, who their friends and families are, what they fight for, if they were really bad people, if they had kids etc. You just don't think about that, they are just one dimensional enemies who want to kill you and so you kill them without second thought to survive and progress. That's how it always is in games. But Last of Us 2 takes these enemies and by making you play as Abbie you actually get to know them. You learn who they are, what they have been through, their relationships and their friends and families and that they really just want to protect their people (sure some are sadistic bastards like Isaac or David in the first game but they are not all evil motherfuckers) just like Ellie, Tommy, Joel etc. do. The perfect example for this are the dogs in the game. When you shoot the dogs as Ellie and one of them yells "No, she shot Bear !" you feel no pity whatsoever. The fucking dog tried to maul you so you shoot it. But then later when you meet the dog as Abby and play around with it and the dog is all cute and loyal and just a wonderful little companion who wants to protect his own you realize "Shit that's the dog I shot earlier and I didn't give a fuck about him" Or the dog Alice who actually accompanies and helps and protects you for quite a bit when you play with Abby and just grows on you and you can't but caring about the dog and then in the aquarium you realize that this is the dog that Ellie stabbed the shit out of when Alice attacked her to protect her people. When playing as Ellie this dog was just some bloodthirsty beast to you that tried to kill you, not any different from those zombie dogs in Resident Evil. But later when playing as Abby you realize "shit this was a wonderful little friend who just wanted to protect her own". This is one of the most brilliant and unique things the game does - it completely changes your perception of who the enemies are depending entirely on your point of view. if playing as Ellie then the WLF are sadistic, heartless motherfuckers who need to be put down and Abby and her friends must pay for what they did to Joel (with the ironic part being that this is no different from Abby who felt that Joel needs to pay for what he did to HER father and the fact that hundreds of people died because of his sadistic selfishness - from Abbys POV). But if you play as Abby then you are in this war against the Scars who are savages that need to be exterminated to protect your own people and all those heartless, evil villains from Ellies POV are suddenly real people with their own struggles, pain and people they are willing to die or kill for. And here come these girls and a few guys who just move into your city and start killing everybody they come across. And I am sure if you could play from the perspective of the Seraphites you would get yet another POV where the Seraphites just try to fight for their survival and see the WLF as sadistic, ruthless persecutors who want to annihilate you for your religion and because you are unwilling to conform and bow down to their point of view. While I still am firmly in Ellies POV and want revenge and justice for what was done to Joel, I think it's really brilliant how the game has totally different heroes, villains and victims depending on what side you are on. There is no such thing as a nameless, one dimensional regular enemy soldier that solely exists to be killed like in other games. Everyone is a person and everyone has their just cause for justice or revenge. If we hadn't played the first game with Joel (which is the only reason why we are so attached to him in the 2nd game. we know his story, his pain, what he went through, who he is as a person etc.) but as one of the Fireflies and the game would end with some guy killing all our people and shooting one of our friends father in the head to steal the little girl that could have saved the world - we would have cheered for Joels death in Part 2. And that is the point that Part 2 drives home so brilliantly in my opinion - that anyone is someone elses friend, family, victim or enemy. For example let someone who has never played Last of Us play Abbys chapters first - that person will 100 % root for her and her people, cheer at Joels death and hate Ellie for killing all her friends. We hate Abby for killing Joel and hate her crew and root for Ellie because we fell in love with Ellie and Joel in the first game. I don't know any other game who has ever explored all the different sides of "heroes" and "villains" like this and I think that just deserves a lot of respect, regardless of the flaws some perceive in the storytelling. Instead of going the easy way and just create a game with Joel and Ellie as the heroes, killing all the faceless bad guys again (which no doubt would have been very fun and much less emotionally confusing) they went for something truly ambitious and provocative and simply had a lot of balls by blurring the lines between good guys and bad guys like that. The first game was much cleaner and straight and maybe thats what people would have preferred but Part 2 is a lot more bold, real life messy and thought provoking then the first one. Btw I love Troy Baker rambling. I could listen to that man all day.
  7. Choosing only one was tough. I hate these the most: - Difficulty: I am really not a fan of high difficulties and dragging myself through hard modes to the finish line is just exhausting to me. There are many players who only find high difficulty rewarding but that's not me. I am mostly playing games to have fun. And getting my ass kicked in just a few hits really isn't my idea of fun. - Grind: There is little in games that is as bad as grinding endlessly for dozens and dozens of hours, especially when you have to spend more time grinding in a game then actually playing through it. Again games are about fun and entertainment for me. grinding is nothing but a dry, joyless chore. It has nothing to do with skill, challenge or entertainment. It's just mindless work that you want to get over with as quickly as possible. It's a waste of precious gaming time. - Online: As much as I hate the above mentioned types of trophies, in the end I have to go with Online. Because I HATE playing online. I am a single player through and through (except for maybe co-op playing story modes on games). I hate depending on other players for my own game or needing to play against others, especially competetively. I am mostly a fan of cinematic story driven games and thus Multiplayer modes really are not my thing at all. So if a game forces me to play multiplayer to get platinum in a game designed for single player it is just infuriating because I just don't want to waste my time with something I really have no interest in or fun doing. I mean at least seperate online trophies from the base game trophies. I just got Uncharted 4 and was so annoyed to learn it has online trophies because Uncharted does not need a goddamn multiplayer. Naughty Dog pulled the same shit with the first Last of Us or Crystal Dynamics did it with Tomb Raider. But these are single player oriented cinematic games and they don't need no damn online modes. Thank god the trend goes away from that for cinematic single player games as Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, FF VII remake, Last of Us 2, God of War etc. have proven. Also there is the fact that I usually don't have PS Plus (because as a single player game I really have no need for it) and I don't wanna pay extra money just so I can play some multiplayer modes that I don't even wanna play anyway. So yeah online is the worst for sure.
  8. The Lightning dodging is so super easy to do. For the life of me I just don't understand why people find that so hard and frustrating. There is one place in the Thunder Plains where the lightning will always hit at the exact same spot. So all you gotta do is move in, dodge, move in, dodge etc. and just stay in that rythm. I always get that at first try. I think one time I even did like 500 dodges just for the fun of it lol.
  9. Everyone always brings up the Chocobo Race in FF X as their most hated trophy lol But I honestly never found it to be that bad or frustrating. I usually need about 30 attempts or so. There are also some good videos out there that help a lot. Because it really follows one distinct pattern and you can anticipate where and when the birds will appear and when best to dodge in which direction. The only annoying thing is the RNG layout for the balloons (and the wonky controls). You need a bit of luck there. But it was honestly never that bad for me. I take the chocobo race over that fucking rope jumping in FF IX any day.
  10. Yeah grind trophies are among the worst trophies there is (besides annoying minigames and insane difficulties). Like in the PS3 plat of Resident Evil Revelations with killing 10.000 enemies and get to Lv.50 which is an insane, mindnumbing grind that just nearly drives you insane lol I platted almost every Final Fantasy game as well but one plat I couldn't get was FF IX because it had exactly those kind of trophies that I hate more then anything - killing thousands of enemies and those damn minigames like doing 1000 consecutive rope jumps. Even completing the whole sphere grid with every character on FF X was not this bad though that insane Pull ups trophy in FF VIIR came close. But yeah there is little that is more joyless and coma-inducing in video games then having to grind for endless hours. It's nothing but a chore and has zero to do with either fun, challenge or skill.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn really is one of the greatest and most satisfying open world games I have ever played but man that world is so gigantic. I have now spent several days simply to clear all bandit camps, cauldrons and find all collectibles with many of them requiring some serious tracking and climbing (with some of them it took me nearly an hour to find them because I am not using a guide on this game).

    I am now at Lv.48 and have only about 15 or so collectibles left, all on the upper western side of the map (Frozen Wilds not included).

    Cleared all bandit camps and cauldrons yesterday as well. Still have to do the Hunting Ground trials as well as all the sidequests and errands and need about 24 more skillpoints to unlock everything.

    And after all that is done I also still have the Frozen Wilds DLC story, sidequests and collectibles to complete though i will do that sometime after the plat.

    Been playing this game for almost two weeks now and still so much to do. The size and amount of content Guerilla Games put in this is simply staggering - but also addictive and rewarding.

    Man I can't begin to imagine what they will do with Horizon: Forbidden West on PS5.

  12. No thank you. I am not the Dark Souls-type masochistic player lol. I don't need plat trophies at all costs when it means I have to essentially suffer through a game to the point where it is zero fun and just a frustrating chore. I got better things to do with my time. I am not a fan of high difficulties in games and am not the type of player who needs it as hard as possible to feel rewarded. Just not my thing. So no I will not do HAH. I might as well just eat razorblades cause that would be as much fun as S ranking all HAH missions, YO.
  13. Actually you HAVE to beat the game with both Dante and Vergil for the platinum (Also Vergil has a very different fighting style and weapons. He has actually the coolest weapon in the whole series - Yamato) so just make sure you have two different save files for each of them and don't overwrite their files and you will be fine. I was never able to get Super or Nelo costumes with Vergil because the game is much harder with him. This is mostly because Vergil does not have the double jump (having a teleport skill instead) which also makes many of the Challenges (that you beat for blue orb fragments to max out the health bar) much much harder with Vergil. I actually like Vergil better then Dante but without double jump and some of Dantes skills I just can't beat the challenges which means I can't max out Vergils health and without maxed out health it's very very difficult beating DMD. Thankfully you don't need to get Vergils super costume for the plat. The only thing you really have to do with him is beat the game.
  14. [Horizon Zero Dawn] The collectible hunt continues. Damn this open world is as huge as it is gorgeous.

    And I haven't even touched the sidequests or Hunting Grounds yet.

  15. It would not be so insanely hard if you only had to beat the game on Hell and Hell. It still requires a lot of skill for sure just to actually make it throught but it could be doable. But having to beat Hell and Hell with an S rank on every chapter is just insane. That requires some serious pro-level combo skills which you won't acquire simply by beating the game several times. I have been playing DMC for nearly 20 years and even platinumed DMC 3 twice but I am really not a combo master and getting S rank on every level on a difficulty where you die in one hit is absolutely impossible for me to do. To be honest, I can't even make it through Hell and Hell. I have cleared every other mode and did everything legit - but Hell and Hell is where I just have to accept my limitations. DMC 1 is way way harder. I have never been able to beat DMD in that game. In DMC 3 you can use the very first chapter to replay over and over to farm orbs and max out your skills and weapons very quickly. maxing out the health bar is also very recommended. You can also use orbs to buy Vital Stars and Devil Stars so I was making sure that I had like at least 10 of each before each level. Once you beat Very hard you get the super costumes which give you infinite DT (though DT does not regenerate health anymore with these costumes - that's where the vital stars become so important). Beating the game on DMD then give you the Super Sparda/Nelo Angelo costumes which not only gives you infinite DT but also health regeneration during DT. basically these costumes make you completely invincible. Using them on Bloody Palace mode then turns that mode into a complete joke hahaha. It's fun as hell though. the really annoying thing is that you have to beat each mode first before unlocking the next so you have to beat the game four times to get the Super Sparda (or five times if starting on easy). Oh and be super careful with your save files. If you play as Vergil and accidentally overwrite your save file as Dante all of your progress with Dante is completely gone. This happened to me a bunch of times because I didn't pay attention for a moment. Especially if you already have beaten the game on Very Hard and unlocked the super costume only to lose everything because you accidentally overwrote your Dante save with your Vergil save.....yeah it really makes you wanna kill yourself lol
  16. That's why he said BASE game. The 100 % of the base game does not decrease with DLC trophies and you don't need to get 100 % of the DLC trophies to get the platinum. And why would the platinum be pointless ? To me getting the platinum is much more rewarding then simply getting 100 % at everything.
  17. I really hope we get a new Tomb Raider soon. A sequel to the last three with Camilla Luddington back as Lara and the gameplay of the last games but maybe an adaptation of the storyline and setting of the classic TR games like the Dagger of Xian would be perfect.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      A new Tomb Raider would be amazing on Ps5. Can't wait to see more polygons on her; how much better she can get.

  18. I first played Uncharted 1-3 about 10 months ago (Can't believe it has almost been a year ago !) but never played Uncharted 4. I always kept pushing it off, then other games took priority, you know how it is.

    But today I saw Uncharted 4 on sale on Playstation store for 9,99 and finally bought it because I am not gonna get a better deal then that.

    After finishing Horizon Zero Dawn I am finally gonna get into Nathan Drake's final adventure and am pretty excited to seen an Uncharted game with PS4 quality. Also it's one of the best reviewed PS4 games of all time (as well as one of the best selling with over 16 million) so yeah definitely getting hyped now.

    1. Baka_Marimo


      Have fun on your journey 👍 That game is the reason I bought my PS4 to begin with 😎

    2. PhyrxianLibrarin


      It's so damn good, and it still looks beautiful. It's hard to believe it's a 4 year old game by now!

    3. Solid-Fisch


      Good game, storywise not as good as an Uncharted 2 for example. Gorgeous graphics and the well known gameplay.

  19. Just tried playing Horizon Zero Dawn while I was downloading Uncharted 4 from PSN and suddenly had some major technical issues with HZD. Loading the save took forever and the game was lagging and even freezing completely for a few moments. Then textures of NPCs would not load correctly and there were major sound issues like dialogue no longer playing or music from the menu still playing during gameplay.

    Is my HDD failing or is this simply because I was downloading Uncharted 4 onto the same drive that has HZD installed on it ? Never had these issues before.


    1. XchocomanX


      Most likely the download.

  20. There is actually a glitch in God of War 3 that can be used which makes Kratos immune to damage. The thing that really sucks are the Challenges in the GoW games.
  21. Yeah that is the one trophy I am missing in AK as well. I hate this flawless combo shit in the Arkham games. I am really more of a Predator Batman player. I have see a lot of people are mentioning games where there are missing several trophies for the plat. Well I was only talking about games where you are one trophy away from the plat. I actually have quite a few games where I am only 2 or 3 trophies away from the plat. Like Arkham Asylum and City where I am only missing the damn combat challenge trophies. Or Tomb Raider and Last of Us where I am only missing the online trophies. I really fucking HATE online trophies in single player oriented games. They need to drop that shit. if you really did the plat of DMC 5 then you certainly should get one. Mad respect. Unless you were just joking
  22. I have been watching the trailer for Resident Evil 8 a few times but still can't come up with a reason why Chris would just kill Mia like that.

    I mean the trailer obviously makes it seem like he has become the villain but we all know that they will explain in the game that things will not be as they seem and he is probably doing what he does to prevent a greater catastrophe.

    I also don't think this is an evil clone situation as it was with Ada and Carla in RE 6, I believe this is truly the actual Chris.

    Also really looking forward how they are going to explain the werewolf creatures and witch-esque enemies which obviously really fit the romania setting and is a tribute to classic east european horror. But everything horrifc in RE is always explained through science and there is no such thing as mysticism and magic so I am really curious what kind of virus or parasite they come up with this time and how it connects to previous games.

    I also hope we get to see some BSAA or Blue Umbrella in the game which always gives it this extra RE universe feeling for me.


  23. Trust me if you are not a god at the combo playstyle of DMC you won't get it. In Hell and Hell mode you die in one hit and not only do you need to actually survive you need to get an S rank on every chapter which means high rank combos, never taking damage (as that will kill you) etc. This is truly for god players only.
  24. I tried Heroic mode. No way. I am not a fan of hard difficulties (though I have beaten several games on hardest difficulty such as Devil May Cry 3, most Resident Evil games etc.) and I am really not a FPS pro (Only FPS I am playing are Shadow Warrior and Doom really). I am not the Dark Souls type "torture yourself until you get it done" type of gamer. I can handle some challenges but if it becomes pure frustration I am out. I tried Heroic several times and It's harder then Insane. And it's not exactly a short game. If I think about the Courtyard battle alone I already want to cry lol
  25. Try Devil May Cry 5. Beating Hell and Hell with S rank on every level. Anyone who can do that deserves a fucking shrine.