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  1. was really happy with the Resident Evil event. My prayers were heard and RE 8 will be out for PS4 as well.

    From all the games I am waiting for right now, almost all of them will be out for PS4 as well so I don't have to miss out on most of them.

    Oh and I am SO hyped for RE: Infinite Darkness this year on Netflix.

  2. Platinum #40 The Walking Dead Season 1

    obviously a super easy plat (just have to beat the game) but I was actually playing this more for the story. Been a TWD fan for years but somehow never got around to the Telltale Games before. Now they're on sale and I finally got Season 1 and 2 to start.

    I was very impressed with the story, characters and direction. That ending hit me like a truck.

    Now onto Season 2.

  3. I am really excited because tomorrow my real life replica of Vergils Yamato sword from Devil May Cry is being delivered. Been waiting weeks for this.

  4. Platinum #39 Devil May Cry 2 (PS4)

    yeah I know it's the worst game in the series but honestly it isn't really that bad. I love that you have an evade button in this game and the game is actually really fun if you play as Trish because she is so massively OP (Seriously Trish with DT active and using Aerial Heart will shred any boss in seconds even on DMD). I actually played through DMD mode with her in less then an hour. Even Bloody Palace, while still an annoying slog is a piece of cake with Trish.

  5. man finding all treasures in Uncharted 4 can be really exhausting and frustrating. Some of them are so well hidden, especially on larger maps like in Madagascar and the ocean islands that it takes forever to find them. But what really pisses me off is that the game often does not allow you to backtrack to certain locations so if you miss something you have to replay the whole damn chapter. I missed one treasure in the very long chapter 10 because I jumped down to a new area with the jeep and now I can't go back and have to replay the whole thing again. I was too frustrated to do that so instead I skipped that treasure for now and moved on to the next chapters. Luckily it is the only treasure I missed so far but it really sucks. The Tomb Raider games handled this way better with the fast travel option.

  6. Have gone back to Uncharted 4. Started it several months ago but then missed a bunch of treasures and conversations in Chapter 6 which really frustrated me. Then a lot of other games like Doom Eternal, Avengers, Miles Morales, Horizon Zero Dawn took precedence for me but now that I have completed all those I decided to go back to Uncharted 4 after a 4 month break and finish it properly.

    Currently at Chapter 9. I am trying to get all collectibles, entries, conversations and chapter-specific trophies during my first run which makes that run a bit exhausting and will take me a lot longer but since this will allow me to purchase many unlockables straight after the first run it'll be worth it, especially in regard to higher difficulties (assuming you can use the unlocks on higher difficulties). I am just bummed you can't even use different costumes on the first run even if you have them installed.

    Oh and how come a high quality game like Uncharted 4 still does not have a sprint button ? seriously, Naughty Dog ?

    1. Elvick_


      because sprint doesn't work in a game like Uncharted where they have to time out ingame conversations and the distance that it takes you to get from one trigger to the other without it interrupting it like so many other games fail at. If you could sprint, they'd have to artificially lengthen ever single area just to draw it all out so you wouldn't actually be going faster at all and people who don't sprint will have an even worse time since it's even bigger for no reason.

      Why shouldn't games be designed entirely off the one movement speed available? The problem with U4 is it's not the best game ever like people say, it's objectively poorly designed. Even they admit it in regards to the pacing and amount of traversal. That's game design failing, tossing in a run isn't going to fix that tedium.

    2. Cloudbahamut


      I don't get this "Uncharted doesn't need sprint" nonsense. The Tomb Raider games have a sprint button and that is literally the same type of game as Uncharted and greatly helps especially during speed runs. Resident Evil has sprint buttons, Last of Us has them too, Horizon Zero Dawn has them as well as pretty much every other major action adventure game and I use it extensively in every single one of them.

  7. Been replaying Spider-Man again with the new suits that were added with yesterdays update and god this game is just flawless and plays like an absolute dream.

    No freezes, no glitches, no crashes, no framerate issues, no cutscene or audio issues no matter how many hours I am playing.

    I wish Miles Morales would run so smoothly and perfectly on PS4 instead of crashing on me every day (among many other things)

  8. do you post YT videos in a post ? I can only post links.


    1. Alderriz


      The link should automatically transform into a video after you paste it. Maybe it's not working because it's just text, IDK. The URL text should appear blue if it's a proper link.

    2. Cloudbahamut


      yeah the url is blue but it only shows the link itself not the video in the post

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Try pressing space after you copy/paste

  9. Platinum #38: Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    And I was able to get this one on my birthday :)

  10. I have been powering through MILES MORALES like crazy. Finished the story, completed all districts 100 %, got all suits, max level and skills, did all the crimes and remaining trophies all within two days and now the only trophy left until platinum is finishing NG+

    Game is so much more fun and awesome in NG+ too with all the suits, mods, skills and levels. But I have been powering through the game so much (playing for over 15 hours straight each day since release) that I need to take a break before I finish the plat tomorrow. Besides I don't want to be done with this game after only 3 days.

  11. Was playing Miles Morales on PS4 and after about 2 hours my game crashed and I got the CE-34878-0 error.

    Playing the digital version. Did anyone else have that happening to them ? I read there is some virus for PS4 going around hidden behind that error code that has ruined peoples save games and even their consoles and am really afraid that I got it too now.

    1. Willstown


      That's the general error code for a game crash, can't read much into it.  Can you link this report of a 'virus'?  I suspect its just scare mongering.

    2. DaivRules


      I shouldn't have, but " there is some virus for PS4 going around hidden behind that error code" made me laugh out loud.

      If someone was swift enough to learn Sony's new OS code, develop and release a virus, AND get it to spread this quickly, then I will gladly call them a genius.


      Because it didn't happen, it's absurd.

    3. zizimonster


      That's a common PS4 error code. I've got two in Uncharted: A Thief's End, one in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and too many times in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. :)

  12. with luck I'll get Miles Morales tomorrow (supposed to be shipped out to me today).

    Been replaying Spider-Man for the gazillionth time and super hyped for Miles now.


  13. Platinum #37: Marvel's Avengers

    Finally after 2 weeks of grinding and 2 months playtime total I got the plat for this game and my 6th plat this year. Hopefully Miles Morales will be the 7th

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Cloudbahamut



      As a huge Marvel fan I am probably very biased but I loved the game. It definitely had some big technical and quality of life issues in the beginning but they have improved things a lot with their fixes. The story is great and the characters really shine and once you have fully upgraded your Avengers and have access to all their abilities and skill specializations the gameplay becomes really fun and awesome. I also used the PS4 USB music player to listen to movie soundtracks like the Avengers or Transformers scores so that made it even more epic.

      The post-story content is a lot and is needed for the platinum and while the general story in that content is not bad it can get very repetetive because it's the same few level designs and enemy types over and over. They made things easier with free gifts of resources (especially upgrade modules become so vital for late game upgrading of gear) but the grind is definitely the worst and most mind numbing part of the game.

      The worst is the 50 Hives trophy because each Hive takes about 15 minutes so you're looking at over 13 hours of nothing but grinding the same damn thing over and over. Before they fixed the game many people even needed 70 or 80 Hives before the trophy popped but recent patches seemed to have fixed that and I got it at the 50th Hive as I was supposed to. Still that trophy alone took me 2 weeks to get because unlike some I can't grind like 20 Hives a day. I would go insane.

      They promised NG+ and of course tons of new characters, story content, levels and enemies (recent datamining discovered Black Panther and Ultron) for 2021 so the game is pretty well worth re-visiting next year.

    4. MossyOakRcn42
  14. After working for 2 weeks on a single trophy I am so close to platinum on Avengers. Should be only 5 more Hives if the trophy pops correctly.

  15. Only one more trophy left until platinum on AVENGERS.

    But it's the damn 50 Hives. And so the tedious, mindnumbing grinding begins.

    Must. Keep. Going.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Listen to music. That helps

    2. Pirelli913


      I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos at least 15 mins in length as that's about how it'll take to do one hive.

    3. Cloudbahamut


      Yeah the very first Hive is best for this. I easily beat that one in about 15 minutes. I think I have about 10 Hives at this point.

      As for music - actually I am using the USB Music Player of the PS4 to listen to all the MCU Soundtracks while I play the game (which makes it so much more epic)

  16. [Avengers] Haven't been here a lot in the last several weeks because I was focusing on working on Avengers. The latest update was pretty awesome actually and improved the game a lot.

    I am currently working on maxing out my 5th character (Iron Man) and working steadily towards the platinum. Only two trophies left - completing 30 War Zones and 50 HIVE Missions (That one will take the longest by far)

    Hoping to get this done before Miles Morales comes out in a month.

  17. [Avengers] Can anyone tell me what is the best and quickest way to level up a low level character to Hero level 50 and Power Level 130 ? Like what would be the best missions to play for that etc. ?

    And what are the best Levels for resource farming ? Constantly find myself having not enough resources (especially Upgrade modules)

  18. Haven't posted in a while. Been busy playing Avengers a lot. After getting my Black Widow to max level I have switched to Captain America and am now building him up. Eventually I want my entire strike team at max level for more efficiency in the Endgame missions.

    Man I just can't wait until they add Black Panther and Captain Marvel

  19. Been playing Avengers for a few hours (Loving it !) and I kept thinking "Why does Captain America sound so familiar ?" I knew that voice instantly but I just couldn't put my finger on from where I knew it. Then it hit me - Carlos from the Resident Evil 3 Remake. And indeed Carlos and Cap are both voiced by Jeff Schine. Man this is a big year for him. I am surprised we haven't heard him in more games because he is really perfect as the honest but badass action hero. He has a voice and delivery that just nails it. He had so many cool lines in RE 3 that were so memorable to me because of how he delivered them ("One at a time, pick a number !" I keep saying this now over and over when playing RE lol).

    So awesome that he gets to play Cap.

  20. Avengers arrived today ! Gonna start the story now. Feels like when I was sitting in the cinema watching Avengers for the first time in 2012. Been a Marvel Comics fan for 30 years so I cannot wait to dive into this new version of the Marvel Universe and discover everything anew and recognize all the comics easter eggs that make me go "Ahhhhhh ! I know this !!" like I did in the first Avengers movie when Thanos showed up at the end haha

  21. okay I was barely able to beat my speedrun record of Resident Evil 2 (Remake). My previous record was 70 Minutes, this time I did it in 68 minutes. But's that pretty much my limit. I did everything the fastest way I could, ignored everything that I did not need to do to progress and only took out the enemies that were absolutely necessary. I have no idea how some speedrunners do this in like 40 minutes.

    Then I tried to beat my speedrun record of RE 3 remake (61 Minutes) but ended up with 65 minutes. I don't think I will be able to beat it in much less then an hour.

    It's kinda funny that people complained so much about RE 3 being too short when it pretty much has the same length as RE 2 when you speedrun both of them. Both take me about an hour to beat if I really go for speed.

  22. [Resident Evil 2] I took another stab at Hardcore with Leon on 2nd run as that was the only S rank I was still missing. The Ada part was a bit nasty but otherwise it went pretty well. Now I got S with all characters on all scenarios and all difficulties.

    Currently doing another standard run with Claire, trying to break my speedrun record of 70 minutes. Just arrived at the Sherry part and current time is 28 minutes. Got less then 40 minutes now to get this done. Will see how it goes.EhBvjxQXgAABakL.jpg:orig

  23. Amazon has sent my copy for Avengers today, should arrive on Friday (with a LOT of luck maybe even tomorrow). Gotta say as a lifelong Marvel fan I am pretty excited now. They worked a lot on the game since the initial reveal and after all this is the studio that delivered two of my most favorite games of all time (Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider). I still remember back in 2012 when I watched the first Avengers for the first time in the cinema how much blown away I was by the experience of seeing the actual Avengers unite for the first time onscreen. It was like I was watching all these comics that I had been reading and collecting for almost 20 years come to life right before my eyes. In that Battle of New York I had tears of joy in my eyes.

    And now the very first cinematic Avengers video game where I actually get to PLAY the Avengers and get to have my own Battles of New York so to speak. I don't know what flaws or drawbacks this game will have but for that experience alone it will be worth it for this 30 years long Marvel Comics fan.

    ASSEMBLE !avengers-battle-of-new-york-header.jpg

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you enjoy it.

  24. [Resident Evil 2] After I did this on RE 3, I went back to RE 2 and started a new run with all HUD elements (including target reticles) completely turned off and without infinite weapons (using mostly Handguns and the SMG) which is definitely a much more immersive, realistic but also much tougher experience. Try to hit those damn dogs without targeting visuals. As a result the run also takes me a lot longer then usual - I am right before the G2 boss and already have a time of about 2 hours.

  25. [Resident Evil 3] I am currently doing a run of RE 3 with HUD elements completely turned off for better immersion. Which means no ammo counter, no button prompts and not even aiming reticles and no hints of any kind. Makes it really feel like you're in a big zombie movie and I love it.