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  1. Platinum #37: Marvel's Avengers

    Finally after 2 weeks of grinding and 2 months playtime total I got the plat for this game and my 6th plat this year. Hopefully Miles Morales will be the 7th

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    2. MidnightDragon
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      As a huge Marvel fan I am probably very biased but I loved the game. It definitely had some big technical and quality of life issues in the beginning but they have improved things a lot with their fixes. The story is great and the characters really shine and once you have fully upgraded your Avengers and have access to all their abilities and skill specializations the gameplay becomes really fun and awesome. I also used the PS4 USB music player to listen to movie soundtracks like the Avengers or Transformers scores so that made it even more epic.

      The post-story content is a lot and is needed for the platinum and while the general story in that content is not bad it can get very repetetive because it's the same few level designs and enemy types over and over. They made things easier with free gifts of resources (especially upgrade modules become so vital for late game upgrading of gear) but the grind is definitely the worst and most mind numbing part of the game.

      The worst is the 50 Hives trophy because each Hive takes about 15 minutes so you're looking at over 13 hours of nothing but grinding the same damn thing over and over. Before they fixed the game many people even needed 70 or 80 Hives before the trophy popped but recent patches seemed to have fixed that and I got it at the 50th Hive as I was supposed to. Still that trophy alone took me 2 weeks to get because unlike some I can't grind like 20 Hives a day. I would go insane.

      They promised NG+ and of course tons of new characters, story content, levels and enemies (recent datamining discovered Black Panther and Ultron) for 2021 so the game is pretty well worth re-visiting next year.

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