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  1. Have gone back to Uncharted 4. Started it several months ago but then missed a bunch of treasures and conversations in Chapter 6 which really frustrated me. Then a lot of other games like Doom Eternal, Avengers, Miles Morales, Horizon Zero Dawn took precedence for me but now that I have completed all those I decided to go back to Uncharted 4 after a 4 month break and finish it properly.

    Currently at Chapter 9. I am trying to get all collectibles, entries, conversations and chapter-specific trophies during my first run which makes that run a bit exhausting and will take me a lot longer but since this will allow me to purchase many unlockables straight after the first run it'll be worth it, especially in regard to higher difficulties (assuming you can use the unlocks on higher difficulties). I am just bummed you can't even use different costumes on the first run even if you have them installed.

    Oh and how come a high quality game like Uncharted 4 still does not have a sprint button ? seriously, Naughty Dog ?

    1. Elvick_


      because sprint doesn't work in a game like Uncharted where they have to time out ingame conversations and the distance that it takes you to get from one trigger to the other without it interrupting it like so many other games fail at. If you could sprint, they'd have to artificially lengthen ever single area just to draw it all out so you wouldn't actually be going faster at all and people who don't sprint will have an even worse time since it's even bigger for no reason.

      Why shouldn't games be designed entirely off the one movement speed available? The problem with U4 is it's not the best game ever like people say, it's objectively poorly designed. Even they admit it in regards to the pacing and amount of traversal. That's game design failing, tossing in a run isn't going to fix that tedium.

    2. Cloudbahamut


      I don't get this "Uncharted doesn't need sprint" nonsense. The Tomb Raider games have a sprint button and that is literally the same type of game as Uncharted and greatly helps especially during speed runs. Resident Evil has sprint buttons, Last of Us has them too, Horizon Zero Dawn has them as well as pretty much every other major action adventure game and I use it extensively in every single one of them.