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  1. Just wondering because I'm thinking of buying and replaying so I can get the plat, absolutely love this game but I'm afraid the multiplayer might stop me from getting it.
  2. That's one of the reasons I played the two games I played, I want The Last of Us to be my 10th Platinum. Those two games put me up to 8.
  3. Well said.
  4. I recently just got done with two "easy" platinum's (one took literally seconds and the other took around an hour) and I was wondering what other people thought of "easy" plats? Do you think its cheating or do you think they're good for building up your trophy list. Interested to hear what other people think.
  5. Say if I launch a game but don't earn a trophy for it for months after launching it and then delete it from my trophy collection(because I don't play it) will the time add onto when I start earning trophies or will the "timer" start after I earn my first trophy? I'm talking to about when it states on the psnprofiles "Platinum in: *insert time taken here*. Apologies if my way of asking is very confusing lol. Thanks in advance for any answers