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  1. Purchase a copy of an old copy of Minecraft, the one entitled "Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition". I got mine for a good price on eBay (around £20). It's the one with Steve with diamond armour on. Once you have the correct copy, put it into your ps4/ps5 and wait a couple seconds to be able to launch the game. Do this while the update for the latest version is downloading. (If you've previously played Minecraft you have to delete all traces of your Minecraft saves etc, not sure if this is true as I was not in this situation but it's what I've heard from other forum posts) Load up the game and the old classic version of Console Minecraft should boot up. Create a world. Save and exit and wait for the update to download. Don't close the game, instead, when the update downloads, press the PlayStation button to load up the update. The game will quit itself and relaunch the game with the latest update. Once done, I didn't sign into my Microsoft account yet. Nor did I bother updating the world I made earlier to the current version. Not sure if necessary but there's no need so don't bother just to be safe. If done correctly, you should see the "EDITIONS" button on the menu at the bottom. Since the latest update is done and the "EDITIONS" button is there, you should be able to play online and get the online trophies from Expansion 2 and Expansion 5! Happy Trophy Hunting! If you've got any questions, lemme know and I'll try to help you as best as I can!
  2. One last question, sorry lol, did you deactivate your account like people have being saying? Or did you not need to.
  3. Thank you! Definitely gonna start playing it at some point. Just wanted to make sure i could get those trophies out of the way first so I don't have to worry about them.
  4. Did you have to make a new account or whatever? Or did you just use your main?
  5. Just want to make sure and confirm that it is still possible to get the editions button by buying the old physical copy of the game and doing whatever process is on the other forums?
  6. One is called "Assassin's Creed Black Flag - Standard Edition" which is on sale right now for £4.79 and there is another one simply just called "Assassin's Creed Black Flag" and that is a priced at £7.19. Does any one know the difference between them and if so, is it worth paying for the slightly more expensive one?
  7. Are there any trophies that are needed for mg online? Or do the multiplayer trophies only refer to being connected to the internet when playing?
  8. Title. Or would I have to upgrade ps4 to directors cut seperately.
  9. I'm on the third section of the tutorials and they're a pain in my butt, any tips? Thanks.
  10. I currently have the standard PS4 version of the game. If I was to upgrade to the PS5 Directors cut would I also get the directors cut upgrade on my ps4 version too?
  11. From the 11th October the og 3D trilogy will be removed from all digital stores to make way for the Remasters. Buy em quick if ya want to platinum them!
  12. Was just wondering if this game still plays bad on the ps5? Heard there were some problems with it. If there is still problems, are they easy to ignore and still play??
  13. Recently got back into Rocket League (on steam) and now that cross-progression is a thing I was wondering if my achievements from steam would transfer and the equivalent trophies would unlock on the PS4 version.
  14. Saw a few articles say it does, but don't have full confirmation