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  1. T5, got it! Tried road to hell but it wasn't really effective for me, although, I was probably doing something wrong. Thank you!
  2. Just wondering if any of you recommend the best way to get this last trophy I need. Managed to do all the DLC trophies beforehand so it seems like a no brainer to finally get this done! Thanks in advance!
  3. I really hope it gets trophies otherwise I don’t expect to play it a whole ton.
  4. Thanks for clarifying!
  5. Was just wondering if the trophy requires full matches or just one round. For example if a round is played and then a rematch happens, will it count as one or two towards the trophy? Hopefully that makes sense lol.
  6. Are the broken trophies still bugged or have they been fixed? Or at the very least have the devs confirmed they're working on a fix for them?
  7. This is sooo good to hear. I'm genuinely really surprised. Good on ya Ubisoft!
  8. Has it just been me getting severe frame drops on the game? Especially during hordes etc. I’ve only been playing Act 6 recently so maybe it could be tied to that act? gonna clean out the PS5 from dust to see if that improves anything. It’s kinda sucky considering I’m close to 100% and it’s near impossible to play.
  9. Recently learned that trophies can autopop no matter if you played the ps4 or ps5 version first. I was just wondering if this was the case for trophies that I earned in offline/singleplayer mode?
  10. Anyone know if it would make sense to play the remake of the first game first and then move onto Dead Space 2? I own Dead Space 1 & 2 on PS3 but I kind of want to wait for the remake first and experience the first game properly with the updated visuals etc etc. What I'm basically asking is will the game's story be the same as the original and tie in the same to dead space 2? Or is the game going to be drastically different. I guess another question would be: Should I wait for the remake or play through the original first game and then the remake?
  11. Just wondering if the "Lucky Number 13" trophy will still be obtainable after the game gets delisted from the store? If it does remain obtainable, I'll definitely pick this game up beforehand so I can plat it later on.
  12. Pretty sure you have to pay a small fee for the upgrade but both editions are included with ps+
  13. I was just want to double check that this trophy is obtainable? I've heard that it became broken at some point but then I also heard that it got fixed? Just want to double check that I can actually obtain it because I want to finally start playing this game. If it turns out that I can't get the plat eventually because of this trophy, then I don't really want to bother lol. Thank you in advance for any help!
  14. Just wondering because I'd rather go straight to heroic assault and still put my time towards getting those trophies.