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  1. Hello everyone. Man, I really didn't expect this event to get the attention it did. I also didn't expect life to throw so much at me so soon after deciding to create my first forum event. I really didn't mean to get so behind on this, but thank you to everyone for participating and for the help you have providing in keeping this event updated and going. I think I'm finally about to get around to starting some of the games off of my own list so that I can hopefully complete my own event XD. It's amazing to see all the progress everyone has already made here. I'm debating between Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Divinity: Original Sin as the first game I dive into. I'm really feeling a good RPG experience though, so it's between the two of them. I'm not ready for the commitment and self loathing that will come along with Star Ocean, so that will come later.
  2. That's really rough, I'm so sorry to hear that. My situation was similar. I got a call one morning saying my grandmother was in the hospital. She had been losing weight and fell ill, but nobody had told me about it because it didn't seem all that serious. She had an appointment for a new test on a Tuesday, was rushed in to the ER on the Sunday before. She was put on life support, and got to the point where her heart just couldn't recover so the family decided to let her rest. It was really difficult because it all happened so fast and I had no idea she was even slightly ill. How sudden it was is what really threw everything off for me. But I'm starting to do better. I've actually started gaming a small bit again. On a complete side note, I really hope this Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC is good, and I hope it is free, or fairly cheap. I bought the $200 or so dollar version, and the freaking PS4 Pro, neither having any sort of Season Pass, so I'm going to be a little upset if I have to pay more for a game that, in my opinion, wasn't complete in the sense of the Kingdom Hearts part of the story. Don't even get me started about the blandness of the movie plot copy and pastes. Anywise, also excited for the upcoming Borderlands 3 DLC.
  3. Update for everyone regarding me and my absence, Last month I unfortunately had to deal with the passing of my grandmother and things have been pretty hard for me since than. Things are starting to do better, but it's still been tough. I have enlisted the help of another member to help in running this event. I'm so surprised at the amount of people that are interested in this event. I will probably start working towards my own list going forward from hear and I look forward to joining in on the personal updates with all of you! Happy hunting, congratulations to all the people that are already knocking games off of their lists. Time to try and get this things organized and up to date.
  4. Sorry I haven't updated the OP, replied to anyone, or even been on here recently. Life happens, as everyone knows, and I hope you all understand. This was my first created forum thread and I didn't really expect it to gain any attention, definitely not so quickly. I'm really happy so many people want to participate and I will be updating and posting here a lot more in the near future. Thank you all for joining, and I hope you understand! See you soon with updates, both gaming and this thread related (:
  5. Hello, I made some additions to the rules to let new comers to the event know the answers to these questions. If you can, state the current rarity of a game when making your list, that way there is a reference for when you started. If a game is below 5% at the start, you are good and the game will count towards this event. We all are tackling UR games after all. If this event picks up and people actually complete their lists, we are bound to move at least a small number of games for UR to VR. And to your second question, I would stray from picking a game that is brand new while also looking at the judgement from the above answered question. While you can certainly add it and keep track of the rarity, or add it down the line, I would say for the rarity to be set a game like that needs anywhere from 3-6 months. I could be wrong on the time frame though. But Legend of Heroes is a pretty big game, so you can add it and just keep it updated on the rarity. There is a good chance it stays UR for awhile just due to the length of those games. Persona 4 Golden did. And to everyone else that has joined, welcome to the event, and happy hunting!
  6. 1. You can join anytime between now and January 1st, 2021. This event is more about having fun and taking on the challenges you may have wanted to set for yourself but haven't actually started or finished. I don't want the rules to be too strict as to run people off from joining, the idea of aiming at around 10 UR platinums in a year is scary enough to the average hunter, haha. 2. You can make additions to or change your list as you please throughout the course of the event, I see no issues with that. If you took a look at my profile, which was started as a 100% account, you can see that sometimes you're just not in the mood for the game like you thought you were. (I'll get around to all of them I swear) 3. Truthfully, I really like vanilla pudding a lot. Thank you for asking. @everyone Thank you all so much for joining. I really didn't expect this to jump off to such a good start that quickly. I've been pretty busy with work, with Call of Duty and Outer Worlds coming out (I work at a game store). I believe I have the day off tomorrow so I will take time then to work on the OP to get everyone's name in there and figure out the hyperlink situation so that you or anyone can jump to someone's goal list post. I will also be taking time to use suggestions that have been made for formatting the main post so the block of text is more broken up into sections. This is my first time creating a thread, let alone a whole event, so please feel free to offer as much constructive criticism as possible. It is much appreciated. Again, thanks everyone for joining! I hope you all achieve the goals you are shooting for! And, if anyone can help find someone for some banner designs and some signature trophies for people that complete the event, that would be awesome ๐Ÿ˜ also, feel free to find my on PSN, I need more trophy hunting pals on there. Happy hunting!
  7. Thank you for the info! And how do I get this moved over to the Community Event page? Edit: It seems someone has done it for me. I'll add you to the list! And yes, I'd love for people to help with banners and signature trophy rewards for completion. I will definitely look at organizing the participant list a little more, as you have suggested. I tried creating a hyperlink that would jump you to a person's original post to see their list, but I couldn't quite figure it out. I'm currently getting ready for work, but I will try to work on the OP tonight and tomorrow as time allows. I'm glad so many people have already hopped on board! This will be great motivation.
  8. Welcome and thanks for joining! Looks like a fun list, haha.
  9. Hey, thanks for joining! I went to post it there, but it wouldn't let me post it. How would I move it there? Also, I'd love to join the Weeblympics, I'll have to look into that. Thanks in advance! Haha, that's fair. Thanks! Hello, you can choose whatever games you'd like. The idea is really to pick up any games you might already own that have ultra rare platinums, whether it be due to difficulty or length. There are no minimum requirements on how many games you need to pick or how many you need to finish truthfully. It's really about having fun and finishing some of those hard games you've always wanted to play!
  10. Thanks for joining!
  11. Welcome aboard! And wow, what a nice list of ultra rare games you have completed! You'll have to give me some tips on shooters, haha. Ikaruga is going to destroy me!
  12. Event Philosophy: So, I don't know if any of you are like me, but I love the look and idea of a lot of games out there that have ultra rare platinums. I also love the idea of earning ultra rare platinums, my very first one was an ultra rare. Thus I end up purchasing some of these games with the intention of doing them. I just have a thing about wanting to be able to 100% anything I put on my profile (while it is currently low in completion, everything is perfectly attainable with some time). But when looking at some of these ultra rare and ultra hard lists, I get nervous to start them because I may just not have the skill to finish them. So the point of this event is to take 10 or so ultra rare games that you (hopefully) already own but have not started (or maybe have not completed) and trying to earn all 10 of them in the coming year. Rules: Try to pick 10 games, more or less is acceptable, but I would say a minimum of 3 (5 is preferable) - Remember, this is to challenge yourself, there's no penalty for not finishing You can start now, or wait until January 1st, the goal is to just tackle these games as much as you can by January 31st, 2021. Try to format your games list similar to the one I have posted here in the OP (Also see Rule 7) There isn't a set rule here on whether or not these games are shared with another event, just decide how much you want to push yourself. You can join whenever, and truthfully, the end date is just to have one, push yourself and have fun You can change your games list as you please, just tag me in your most recent one so I can set this post to link to it (work in progress) When making you games list, try to add in what the trophy rarity is when you made your list, due to the potential of a game moving from Ultra to Very Rare, if you have a starting reference, it still counts Try to avoid new releases when making your list, as the rarity will be skewed due to lack of time. It is okay to pick these games, just make sure they stable out into the Ultra Rare status for it to count For long time members and joiners of events, let me know if there is something else I should add here Eligible Games: Anything that, at the time of your first post, has an Ultra Rare Platinum. 100%'s can be used as well, but if you are using those on a smaller list of games, I'd say shoot for under 2.00% of total people on that Eligible Participants: Literally everyone is welcome! No cheating, just have fun and push yourself ๐Ÿ˜„ This event is supposed to be fun and challenging If someone wants to join in and make a banner and trophy images for this event that would be awesome! This is my first created post and my first time attempting to host and start something like this. Formatting suggestions and questions are always welcome! But for now, I will give you my list: Beyond just trying to complete these games, if there are games that end up on your list that are lacking guides that could help others achieve the goal of completing some of these games, let's try and get guides out there for them. If you want to be bold and pick games solely because they don't have guides currently, more power to you and the best of luck! Participants: Happy hunting everyone!
  13. - 100 Proof - Clear all Eridian Proving Grounds, Borderlands 3
  14. Thank you man! There are some great video guides out there, if youโ€™re up for the challenge you can do it in one play through
  15. I would love to have all the Persona related platinums! I don't want to stack same game different console lists, but I hope they bring the Arena games to PS4. Otherwise I'll have to get a PS3 again and hope that they keep the servers up long enough for all the online shenanigans they require of you >.<