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  1. Hey so I’m wondering, probably missing 1 tamer and checked everywhere but I can’t find the last tamer. (I’ve got the guy in the igloo and the wisp). Anyone got any clue where the last one can be? Did you miss a certain tamer just like me? This way it’s going to be my last trophy I need....
  2. And assists don’t count as kills
  3. I’m Playing on my own without boosting, at 8/25 now, but Ive noticed other people going for the trophy that kill themselfs immediatly. Most annoying thing for now 🙈
  4. I started just trying a bit how hard it was, and in my first 2 games I already got 2 kills with a basic fighter ship!
  5. MAG
  6. I dont know really timewise, played objective moshpit,TDM,war and gungame mostly. Took me about 4 days and got the 21 challenge trophy a bit after the prestige trophy.
  7. Got the Platinum now! Thanks to @Inuty 😊
  8. Thanks man! Looks like its working! I contacted WB games and they game me a bunch of fixes that are very complicated. This is really easy! 😊
  9. I hope so too, maybe its because it’s very busy with online gaming in these times, but it is really weird and I want to plat this game!
  10. Happily I’m not the only one with this problem, even tho it sucks for all of us. 😅 Weird thing is some people are earning the trophy for online vendetta...
  11. Okay so I’m having the same issues as above, is this just broken or anyway to fix it? In the menu I can get into WBplay but not spawning any online vendetta’s and when I try to get in the online menu it says immediatly connection lost or failed...