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  1. New way to kill You're a killer that uses a laptop as a gun
  2. Well gonna play it, and add 2 more trophies, but it is fun, my cousin and I always play that game together and laboratory is a good game, but I'm more of a sniper guy, seeing they killing each other and in the end, their dancing and once a person did a backflip and just because t-bolt sniper bullet he failed to backflip
  3. Thanks but for now I'm not having any problem's with that game, but when I have, I know where to go.
  4. No problem Cream, thanks anyway
  5. Thanks
  6. Let's see 5 favorite heroes: Spyro (Spyro 2) Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic) Cole McGrath (inFamous 2) War (Darksiders) Nathan Drake (Uncharted) 5 favorite villains: Ripto (Spyro 2) Metal Sonic (Sonic Heroes) Shadow (Sonic) Zhao Yun Ru (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) Eddy Raja (Uncharted: Drake's Deception)
  7. Well the DLC of Pikachu is good, but I think I will keep with the DLC that the game already has. Right? And I started today this journey too, I picked a Squirtle let's see what he does. Go! WATER + PS3 = WET AND BROKEN PS3 Didn't go well
  8. Thanks Ok, thanks just noting on my PC for helping me later in the game.
  9. Don't tell me that, my cousin have Uncharted 3 and played the crushing mode and to beat Talbot in the final fight he died a few times (he says it was on the 34 when he won). The tips are for what to do in that situation, I have my cousin's tips, but more tips would help me if I can't go with that strategy I go with another and see what happens. And thank you
  10. that's fine, just saying welcome is good
  11. Well my favorite songs are: Uncharted main theme Skyrim dragon born Spyro 2 and year of the dragon main theme Pokemon Green main theme Digimon Digital Card Battle video music --> Favorite
  12. Hi everyone from here is BrunoBomb16, I've followed this site for a few time now and though "Hey let's see how many people can tell me hi?" And here we are. Also if anyone of you have 1 of these games that I need help for the trophies (Did I forget telling I'm a trophy hunter too) just send me a friend request telling which game you gonna help me. WWE'12 WWE All Stars I also have these games if anyone want to give me a few tips just write. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Start the Party :Save the World If you see I only have WWE'12 and Uncharted 1 in my profile, but that's because I didn't put them all. Just waiting for a time to put them.
  13. GTA III