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  1. Metal Gear Solid. It feels good to come back to it and play with fresh eyes. Especially after reading about it in The Kojima Kode. In the current playthrough I'm going slowly trying to hear as many optional conversations as I can. You can call your support team every time you enter a new room or pick up a new item or just see something, and most times the will have something to say. This level of thought put into everything and the amount of voiced dialogue is truly impressive for a 1998 game. Also, people nowadays say how modern games are becoming too political. Either they haven't played games like MGS, or forgot the parts with political commentary. Just got past the part where the president of ArmsTech talks about bribing US polititians and how he dislikes the liberals. Then if you call Nastasha she tells you about how right-wingers want to keep as many nuclear warheads as possible. And so on.
  2. I have beaten Metal Gear Solid at least 3 times before. And I'm only now discovering that you can run and aim at the same time by holding :square: + :cross:. Bruh. I guess I've never completed all VR missions in the main game, because after you do, you can watch "demos" where you're shown Snake doing exactly that. Either that or I'm just not a very smart guy 1f604.png.


    I knew you could do it in MGS2 by holding :square: + :l1: (which is infinitely better, BTW), but I thought it was a new feature in the series. There is not much use for it in both games anyway - running and gunning is not very stealthy. VR missions, on the other hand, are the part of the game that tests those skills more. But more on that in later updates.

  3. The first album by A Forest of Stars. A band suggested by @SpaghettiGrabsy (thanks for the recommendation, BTW). Not bad 🙂 You were right about the vocal performances. They're certainly... interesting 😄 Even more spoken-word style than Oranssi Pazuzu. But in some parts the vocalist sounds like an animal, some other parts are hard to describe at all. The guy definitely pours the soul into every word. The female vocalist brings some contrast to songs, which is a nice touch. Wasn't very impressed by the music itself in the beginning. But as the album went on towards the middle, It kept surprising me. They kept adding more sounds and instruments to the mix that I didn't expect to hear. At the end I just had a smile on my face. Wasn't disappointed at all. IMO, the album is meant to be played in it's entirety without stopping, that's why I'm sharing the whole thing instead of one of 5 tracks. I'll listen to one more album to see how their music progressed and developed afterwards. After that I'm going back to Oranssi Pazuzu. 🙂
  4. Finally! They're promising new game announcements, cool. But it's not very clear if they mean first-party or third party or both. I hope to see more first-party titles like Knack 3 Horizon 2. I don't expect them to reveal the price yet. And yes, they should talk about BC more and explain what that "majority of PS4 games" really means.
  5. I used to watch ThaRixer a lot. Back then he ran games like Jak 2, Jak 3 (he held WR in any% for it for some time), Spyro 2, Crash Team Racing and Mirror's Edge. Sometimes I would also tune in Joshimuz's San Andreas streams. They were cool too. After that I just watched AGDQ and SGDQ (sometimes ESA as well) every year and made a list of games I'm interested in with times they start at to keep up. Lately I stopped watching those too. The last speedrun I've watched was Super Meat Boy 106% by Breakdown. Here's the link to the video. As for trying my hand at speedrunning, I only did it once with Spyro 2. It's one of my favourite games that I know very well. The double jump glitch was inconsistent for me, and it was pretty much the most important part of the speedrun for that game. So I just said "Nah" and never tried again 😄. edit: I forgot that ThaRixer was also a Kingdom Hearts II runner. Watched a lot of those streams as well. I guess one thing you should know about him is that he picks up a lot of games.
  6. Spoiler

    You will want to mash square button to choke the shit out of Ellie as Abby


    after she kills the last Vita owner in America. Druckmann is a genius.

  7. They spent 14 minutes on stuff they've already shown before. Ok, maybe some people haven't seen those earlier gameplay clips explaining the game mechanics. But did the latest trailer need to be there? Anyway. Gameplay looks fine. The thing I enjoy the most so far in all the gameplay clips is the animations. Just little things like how Ellie picks up an arrow from the ground. I believe most AAA still can't do even that. Your character does a grabbing animation and the item disappears or teleports. In TLOU2 it never happens anywhere. Other than that, the whole thing looks kind of bland to me. I remember being bored in some parts of the original game. At least Part II doesn't look like it has these endless ladders and generators, and they're promising a couple of new types of enemies. Maybe they will spice up the gameplay along with some cool set pieces. They're still mostly ignoring Abby. That's fine. I don't think they shouldn't.
  8. I can't find words, yet I have so much to say 😄 I have so many questions now. The most important one is HOW.
  9. World of Goo 2
  10. First movie I've seen in 3 months. I liked everything from the atmosphere to Phoenix's acting. Except the last scene with I think it shouldn't have been in the movie.
  11. Thanks! 🙂
  12. Haven't posted music in my status updates in a while. This is the perfect occasion, because otherwise I'd post this track in at least two or three threads like "What are you listening to?" and "Your favourite music videos".


    This song doesn't sound like anything I've heard before. It's from a finnish psychedelic black metal band I've only learned about a week ago. Although I don't listen to these metal subgenres often, I think it's safe to say the combination of sounds in this track is very unique. It sets a specific atmosphere immediately. The vocals are very interesting as well.


    The music video is the coolest I've seen this year so far. It takes inspiration from 1920s black-and-white movies and suits the song very well. Once you start watching, just buckle up and take a trip into this world.


    1. SpaghettiGrabsy


      A little unrelated, but you might want to look into 'A Forest of Stars'. Somewhat similarly psychedelic in nature with interesting vocals as well.


      Good stuff by the way, thanks for putting me on to them.

  13. My idea for the second MGS fan art didn't go past the outline part, so I abandoned it for a while. I will try again some other day. So I'm sharing my older drawing instead. Just an original pencil drawing of a girl in medieval armour I made in 2016. Used screenshots with Brienne from Game of Thrones as reference for the armour as well as just some google images.
  14. Sorry for resurrecting yet another old thread. I was just thinking about this topic, and searched for a similar thread before starting my own (as you all should). Not the most original answer, but my least favourite genre is sports. I can't think of anything less interesting for me than that. Playing IRL or watching games like football (soccer) is already boring enough for me. Playing a sports videogame is even worse. In terms of game genres I "love to hate and put myself through the rage to finish" it's probably classic arcade games. I absolutely adore games like Pac-Man or Balloon Fight. But every run in those games ends with you dying. 99% of them end with you dying before you reach your high score. Sometimes for a stupid reason. They don't really make me rage, but they often leave me frustrated, even though it's my fault every time.