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  1. I've never spent money on them, but I don't mind if other people do. Unless we're talking about the type of microtransactions that give players gameplay advantage in multiplayer modes. The pay-to-win stuff needs to be gone. Customization items like optional fancy clothes are fine.
  2. I'm thinking about retracting my DMCV nomination for future polls. I feel like it's never going to make it into Phase 2, so it's just going to take up space at some point (is there a limit for a number of options in one poll?). Also, I suggested this game very early on, and since then a lot of more interesting games have been added. And now I kinda want to see them conquered instead 😄. BTW, it's crazy that you're doing this challenge and then also playing games like Badland and VVVVVV "for fun" on top of that, lol.
  3. Not surprised
  4. One of the most ambitious projects my cousin has ever done. A remix of the main theme from an NES game called Journey to Silius with vocals and an awesome MV. Check out this result of a 4 month work.
  5. Ok, I guess my post about "feeling bad" was a little out of touch because I didn't know how many people didn't care about the mandate. I'd probably word it differently if I knew the context. You and ladynadiad know the situation better because you live there, but I'm sure that for every person who doesn't wear the mask properly, there's one who does. And if even a part of those people stop doing their part after the mandate is lifted, that increases the chance of more Texans catching covid. Even if the rest of people continue following/ignoring the rules. So in my mind, it's a bad move.
  6. I feel bad for people who will have to deal with this now. I hope most Texans will keep wearing masks. Meanwhile here in Russia, Sputnik V has been available for a while now, but only about 4 million people have been vaccinated so far. Out of ~105 million adults. The sad part is that it looks like the availability is not the main problem. Even in Moscow the numbers are pretty low, as far as I know. People are hesitant to take it. I guess that's what you get as a result after years of feeding people lies and conspiracies through propaganda.
  7. Modern mobile games look crazy. The visuals in the two new FF7 projects for iOS and Android really impressed me. Partially because I'm not really into phone games, and I haven't played or seen any of them that looked close to this. I've been mostly spending time on simple puzzle time-killers.


    Anyway, the first game is a battle royale called Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Trailer). Yes, this is not a joke. There is an FF7 BR game.


    The second one is another episodic FF7 remake with all the spin-offs included called Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis (Trailer).


    Watching these trailers, I remembered the time when we used to play games like Asphalt and Worms: Forts on phones with 176x220 screens with classmates. Or even earlier times, when I played Stack Attack on my dad's Siemens with a monochrome screen.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Over the past 2 years I've noticed mobile games scale immensely in production value. You can now get expansive worlds and high-tier voice acting on mobile games, something that would have been unthinkable a couple of years back. Many of the big publishers and video game companies have also thrown their hats on the ring in order to tap that market, because they know there's a lot of money that can be gotten from there.


      But yeah, from a technical standpoint, it's amazing the scale and the quality of the games we're starting to see there. There's still the issue with the monetization and stuff that sometimes gets a little too bad, but for the most part, if they can create an enjoyable quality experience, people are going to flick there naturally.


      Accessibility is another thing, everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and you can get some pretty powerful specs for a fraction of the price if you know where to look. No need to go for the most expensive Samsung or Apple phone on the market to play the latest games when there are a ton of other manufacturers offering pretty much the same thing for way less. :P  But aye, mobile has evolved nowadays up to the point that the tech in them can rival that of consoles and PCs. :)

    3. Alderriz


      Yeah, definitely. Graphics and gameplay in modern mobile games have evolved to the point that they're comparable to the console games from a few years ago. The controls remain the big issue, but there are solutions for that too.


      I forgot that Fortnite has a mobile version, and it even allows cross-play, if I'm not mistaken. That's one way of showing that the mobile version is on par with the console versions. The studio must've been very confident in this port to do that. 


      Isn't Genshin Impact available on the mobile platforms as well? Now all the CG waifus can fit in your pocket. What a time to be alive. 😁


    4. Honor_Hand


      No idea if the mobile version of Fortnite has cross-play, but yeah, that's a good example of game properties extending to mobile and doing just as well there as they do on consoles and PC.


      Indeed, Genshin is available on Android, iOS, and PC as well. They originally started developing the game with only mobile and PC in mind, and only added the PS4 version later on. They're working on a Switch and PS5 version too, as far as I've heard. What a time to be alive for sure. We've come a long way, from having that dot-eating snake game on our cellphones to having full CG waifus in our pockets, lol. xD

  8. There were more than a few "third-party and indie titles" in last June's State of Play. Wondering which ones are going to be shown tomorrow. 99% sure we'll see more Kena and Stray. Solar Ash gameplay deep dive would be cool too. Maybe Little Devil Inside as well. Not too interested in Volcano High and Jett. As for AAA stuff, I hope we won't see another Deathloop trailer. This game has been shown too many times already. I'd prefer Ghostwire. I believe, Returnal is the next notable PS5 exclusive on the release schedule, so probably more of that. New reveals is the most interesting part for me. I still don't expect MGS and Silent Hill remakes. A new Team Ico game has been teased last month. Would be cool to see what they're working on. That's the only "educated guess" I can make. Correction: GenDesign, not Team Ico. Fumito Euda's new studio. Lol, my educated guess was not so educated after all.
  9. Must be sad for the developers who must have tried their best to rework the game. But at least now they can move on from the project that had had problems throughout the years of development. Hopefully, there won't be any similar horror stories about the Dragon Age 4 development.
  10. Typical ResetEra overreaction. On one hand, I want to ask what kind of bad things this guy said, because I've only heard about one video so far, and I thought it was completely fine. On the other hand, I want to evacuate from this thread before it (possibly) goes of the rails 😁
  11. Bruh



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    2. Cal


      Meanwhile in Australia Skyward Sword remaster costs about $80, no thank you Nintendo. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah... Nintendo isn't to price their collections accordingly. Like, I really love some of their games but their market prices are completely whacked and non-sensical for me at times. This is a very good example of that btw.

    4. ShonenCat


      As expected from Nintendo. Has this been a double pack of Ocarina of Time 3D & Majora’s Mask 3D, I’d easily pay that $60 price tag xD But Skyward Sword is a terrible Zelda game that’s not even worth $20.

  12. Ah, so you're looking for games that haven't been translated to English at all. Policenauts doesn't have an official translation, it was only released in Japanese. Mother 3 is probably the most well known game that didn't get an English localization. Fans have been asking for it for years. Both of them have unofficial fan translations, though.