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  1. Have you found Paz on the medical platform? You give her these photos one by one, then find the last one near that room.
  2. Fun fact about me:


    Doom 3 is the only Doom game I've ever played.

    Half-Life 2: Episode 2 is the only Half-Life I've played.

    And Battlefield Heroes is the only Battlefield I've played.


    Yeah, back in my PC gaming days I really didn't care what game to start a popular series from. I just played whatever I could get my hands on. That often involved my friends sharing counterfeit discs with me. So yeah, I still don't really understand what Half-Life even is about, lol. But I'll play them in order at some point.


    And in case you've never heard of Battlefield Heroes, it was an online free-to-play cartoony 3rd person Battlefield game that came out in 2009 on PC. It had planes and tanks, characters with unique abilities and different modes. Here's a trailer if you want to see what it looked like. I had spent countless hours playing this game, and it was a lot of fun... until pay-to-win stuff made it unplayable. I was still naive about microtransactions back then. BF Heroes was fine at first, you could spend money on cool costumes and make your character stand out if you wanted. But then they started adding paid-only weapons that were much more powerful with higher TTK. With every update the new guns had been more and more ridiculous, and at some point the game was unplayable, so I stopped. So this was my introduction to pay-to-win MTX 😄

    1. Honor_Hand


      Need to play more DOOM. :P


      Just kidding, it's all right. It's not like all of us here have played every single title under the sun of the most popular franchises out there. Like me, I haven't played a single entry in the Metal Gear or Assasin's Creed franchises until this day, lol. I will try them out at some point, but who knows when that might happen.


      For the record, I didn't know there was a cartoony version of Battlefield called Battlefield Heroes. Reminds me of Team Fortress a little. 


      But seriously... If you ever want to play another DOOM game, I can really recommend the classics. DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 64. They may be old-school and look extremely dated, but they still play razor-sharp to this day. Just forget about the shiny graphics and enjoy them from what they are and you are sure to have a great time with them. :D

    2. Alderriz


      Not playing every game in the series is fine for me (I haven't even played every Metal Gear which is my favourite franchise). It's just the matter of what games I started with makes it weird. 😄 It wouldn't be as odd if the only Half-Life game I've played was the first one instead of the last.


      BF Heroes was pretty popular for a free-to-play spin-off. Or at least popular enough to be supported for 6 years. Actually it's playable today with a different name thanks to the fans who managed to bring it back.


      I don't have a problem with older games. I've been playing some PS1 titles this year, as you know. Doom 1 and 2 are on my list of games to play (which I wrote down on paper by hand, lol). But that list is so long 😞. I don't know when I'll get to them. Same with Half-Life and the main Battlefield iterarions. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      I know what you mean. Kinda weird to enter into those series with those particular games. It's as if I wanted to get into Pokemon and my first game in the series was Pokemon Dash or some obscure spinoff like that. xP


      Always cool to see fans supporting and keeping alive an old game just out of sheer love and enjoyment for it. :D

  3. I'm so into Abba music lately. Man, what a song.
  4. S ranks are not too difficult IMO. Don't think I had to retry any of them more than once. It still takes time to do all 48, but I spent much more time on mission tasks. Some of those were annoying and/or glitchy.
  5. Who's worse: people who whine about easy trophies or people who whine about "trophy elitists"?
  6. I think like every activist community or movement, BLM and trans community have their share of toxic and annoying people, even though both are fightng a good fight at the core. I've seen a lot of those negative examples on Twitter, personally. Ok, things I can't stand (or my pet peeves) are: People walking too slowly in front of you Mouth noises when people eat with their mouth open or do whatever else People taking 5-10 minutes at an ATM. What are you even doing there for so long? When people text/message/DM you with a question or say something like "OMG you won't believe what just happened" then immediately go offline for 5 hours Hypocrites and hypocrisy of all kinds People who say "If you like (...) you're dumb" as if their garbage opinion mattered in the first place.
  7. Yeah, I've heard not enough videogame press people and influencers have played this game, which is the main reason it's not on the list. The ones who have played it say it deserves at least a nomination.
  8. 😁 Did anyone else predict 6/6 GOTY nominees?
  9. Do you guys miss the weird and innovative Playstation games? The gems like Locoroco, Patapon, Katamari.


    I'm asking this because I just discovered this old PS1 music game called Vib-Ribbon, and I'm kinda blown away. It's a rhythm game from the creator of Parappa the Rapper where you play as a vector graphic rabbit running on a ribbon with obstacles. It has a slight puzzle element to it because instead of button prompts you react to shapes. The four basic ones are simple, but they get combined in the later levels, so you need to think there. 



    The main game is short with only 6 included tracks. But here's the trick, the main feature of the game is its ability to analyze any music track and turn it into a level. You just need to put any music CD in the console, and you get more levels. Yes, I knew that games can do this, I played Audiosurf on PC back in the day. But I didn't know this idea was implemented as early as 1999. And people still play it today. Here's what All Star by Smash Mouth looks like as a Vib-Ribbon level, for example. It's available on the PS Store, and yes, you apparently can put music CDs into the PS3 to play them. This game is now very high on my wishlist (the imaginary one, because Sony nuked the real thing).


    Back to the original question, do you miss this kind of Playstation exclusives? The last really innovative Sony game I remember is Dreams. But at the same time, this game's main idea is a continuation of LittleBigPlanet's play-create-share idea. Looks like all the innovative stuff is in the indie scene now, and I think you have to dig really deep to find these gems. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alderriz


      @RedRodriguez87 In regards to Playstation specifically, I think the PS2 and PS3 generations had some weird and creative games as well. Until somewhere in the middle of the PS3 generation Sony fully focused on their AAA games library and continued throughout the PS4 generation.


      @visighost I actually remembered Wattam after I wrote the post, because it's from the creator of Katamari 😄. BTW, what happened to that game? It like it came and went and was never talked about again.


      As for a Vib-Ribbon remaster, I've heard the director of the game is always ready for a new iteration (or a remaster). He just need to work things out with Sony. Parappa was remastered, so this game can be as well, I assume. Unless there's a problem with the music licensing.




    3. visighost


      I guess Wattam was fun but... not as fun as Katamari? It also crashed quite often for me - completely corrupting my save once. Haven't played it since, but my 7-year-old finished it!


      Good news for the remaster! But yeah, music licensing is the worst with these things.

    4. Honor_Hand


      That late 90-early 2000s period of gaming had some genuine, innovative games that we just don't see that often today. Sure, there's was a lot of crap too, but I frequently notice games from that era were more willing to take risks in trying out inventive ideas to engage players or maybe just present them in a way that's out of the ordinary so that players could feel they were playing something new and exciting. Games today follow what focus groups and market analytics shown most people like. There are also "established formulas" and design philosophies most businesses adhere to catch most people with their games and therefore, increase their potential markets.


      As a result, there's no denying that some games today do look a bit samey at times in their formula. Indies are probably the ones you're most prone to find some exciting new ventures or ideas that often catch you off guard. But well, they can be exactly how they were back then, kind of hit or miss in their approach. Either the game is super fun and entertaining or you end up wondering what the hell you're playing. One thing is for sure, they do feel more different and willing to take risks than their triple-A counterparts.


      For the record, I never played or knew of this game you commented on here. Looks very quirky and fun. I suck at rhythm games. I can totally see myself getting destroyed at this one, lol.

  10. What do you mean? Bugsnax has already done that 😏 85 posts in an hour though. Something tells me this pic is a little inaccurate But yeah, how are people still not tired of this topic?
  11. This one is the first that comes to mind. I also love some russian meme videos, but wouldn't post them here, because only like 2 people would understand.
  12. Not an exclusive, but Cyberpunk 2077 counts as a western RPG, right? It's a first person game like Skyrim/Fallout 3 as well, so it's probably the closest thing at the moment. Also checked your profile, haven't found The Outer Worlds there. Not an exclusive, not an upcoming PS5 game, but I think you'll like it. It's from the developers of New Vegas. Same style of game. So you can always go back to that one.