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  1. Switch is in the middle of its life cycle. PS4 is at the end of its life cycle. Death Stranding, TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima are the last big PS4 exclusives. I'm 90% sure there were no big announcements this year because they're keeping them for the next gen reveal. I'm also 90% sure that Horizon 2 will be a PS5 launch title. And yes, Nintendo is killing it this year. I'm thinking about buying a Switch for Astral Chain, Animal Crossing and other games.
  2. METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY (PS3) Virtually Impossible Complete all VR and Alternative missions I did it! So less then 2 weeks ago I posted about this trophy on the "Skill based trophies that you gave up on" thread. (Tl;dr: I beat most of them, got stuck on MGS1 Snake hold-up missions and some other hard ones, then gave up). Then @panikooooos replied and shared some tricks, but more importantly, inspired me to come back. I had less problems with shooting guards by mistake this time. My method was to keep my thumb over the button and press with the tip of it. Some other difficult missions for me were the "Protect the cardboard box" sniping mission and an elimination mission where you can't grab the guards and break their necks. In the first one you just have to try again and again. For the second one and some other missions (like Bomb Disposal ones) I looked up walktroughs by Screaming Pink on YouTube. So in the end it wasn't impossible for me. My save file says I've spent 50 hours on beating 100% of the missions. Gotta say though, I enjoyed at least 40 of them 😄
  3. Well, I guess I'll have to try these strats now 😅.
  4. METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY (PS3) Virtually Impossible Complete all VR and Alternative missions There are 511 missions. I've completed most of them (more than 420, I think). Then got stuck on either PS1 Snake or Pliskin hold-up missions. The ones you have to do with M4. If you've played them, you know what I'm talking about. Snake aims if you press the button very lightly, and shoots if you just press it in general. That's how the automatic guns work in this game. For so many tries I either shot people or didn't do the hold up properly. I beat like 2 of those missions, then gave up. Haven't played VR missions since then. Don't know if I'll ever come back to finish them.
  5. I've been watching since 2010, I think. IDK, It's still exciting for me. By "content we've seen somewhere else" you mean leaked stuff? Because they always have new trailers and demos to show. And I still enjoy seeing those. This year, for example, Nintendo revealed Zelda BotW sequel in the E3 direct and showed Astral Chain and Animal Crossing demos with gameplay details In their stream. Jedi Fallen Order gameplay was revealed at EA Play. Keanu reveal at Xbox event had me hyped. Etc.
  6. It is still relevant. It is still a big source of hype moments and a great way to bring attention to all kinds of games. It's like christmas, only instead of getting presents on the same date every year, you get game announcements on the same week every year. You always know you can expect something in june. It is something to be excited about, and I think it is important. I don't see the Internet killing E3. Every conference and event is streamed online. But people can also come to the show floor and play the games, which is also important. State of play or directs by themselves can't give you this experience. edit: Nintendo does the smart thing where they make a direct around E3 but also have playable games at the expo and Treehouse Live coverage. They just save money not doing big stage shows. Lastly, I don't see the decline. This year's E3 was the only outlier (E3 2018 and 2017 were great), because the industry is shifting forces into the new generation. Most major studios are probably working on next-gen titles. One of the reasons Sony was absent this year is because they didn't have a lot to show at the time. For them it wasn't worth spending money. But I'm sure they will organize events in 2020 (they'll have to show PS5 at least), not sure about them being at E3 2020, though.
  7. #9 - PRINCE OF PERSIA Master From what I've seen and heard, this game is somewhat divisive. Some people like it, some don't. l am among the ones who loved it. Had fun with it back in 2009 when i first played it on PC. Enjoyed it as much while replaying on PS3. Have to say though, I'm not the biggest PoP fan. I beat The Sands of Time and got through about half of Warrior Within a long time ago and enjoyed both as well. I won't be comparing them, I'll just say I had no problem with this game's direction being different. I liked the world and the level design in this game. Each main territory holds a different atmosphere, Elika (the princess) tells you about the history of the kingdom, you look around, see these towers, ancient mechanisms, etc. Then you cure the location from corruption, and it looks different again, it becomes bright and colourful. I also like how there's almost no ground to walk on in the platforming zones 😄. There is even a joke about it in the game. You're running on walls, on ceilings, jumping from a pole to a pole all the time. Later you're literally flying around. the combat system. It's different from previous games in the franchise: you only fight 1v1, the enemies are stronger, and the fight are more focused. You can block and dodge, and you have 4 moves linked to each of the face buttons. is sword attack, is Elika's magic, is grabbing with your gauntlet, is acrobatic jumping stuff. You chain these moves and you always know what you're doing. If you want to hit the enemy with a sword a bunch of times, then launch them in the air, then use magic, then throw them to the ground, you know what buttons to press. As always, there are a lot of combos, and they all look cool, every one has a unique beautiful cinematic animation. the story. It is pretty simple: the god of darkness and chaos is triyng to escape his reality, and you and the princess join forces to stop him. You talk to Elika, learn about the gods, the world, the history, the bosses. I replayed this game after beating The Last of Us and found the plots similar. The characters don't really like each other at first, the guy realises the girl/princess is the key to saving the world, they learn to work together, grow closer. Spoiler: I didn't like the input lag. It's a little bit too big. It doesn't mess up anything, your commands go through, you don't fail because of it or anything. Just doesn't feel as tight as you want. the amount of QTEs in the fights towards the end. Just too many. You hit the boss with a combo, then mash buttons in 4 QTE sequences in a row. They don't make the battles better or harder, they just take away your time and enjoyment. The trophies I'm surprised the platinum is at 11% rarity here. It's not difficult at all. And you'll have half of the trophies when you just finish the game. My guess is that many people look at some of the trophies and don't want to go for them. I'll go through some of them. There are 4 speedrunning trophies. You have to get from one location to another in time. I got them all 1-2 try. You just have to follow the magic compass withot stopping and not run the wrong way. You will have enough time even if you fall once. 2 combo trophies. Somehow the rarest ones on the list. One for doing a 14 hit combo. One for doing every combo from the combo list (there are much more possible combo chains in the game). For the first one you just have to do the specific button combination. You can look it up. For the second one it's better to follow a video. I did all 63 combos in 5 or 6 fights in ~2 hours. The trick is to let the enemy hit you after your attacks so their health refills. Also repeat the combo if you're not sure it counted (animation interrupts when you push an enemy into the wall or the edge of a platform). Trophies for collecting the light seeds. There are 1001 of them. It's a big number, but most of them are easy to find, and you will have most of them at the end anyway. These trophies are also not hard because the map shows you how many seeds you've collected in each location. There are videos for every location if you have trouble getting the trickier ones. Makes me a little sad that the story DLC is unawailable. I'd love to play it and get to 100%. But I'm satisfied with the ending and the plat nevertheless.
  8. #8 - JAK II (PS3) Done Done Done This is now my longest platinum. I beat this game along with Jak 1 and 3 back in 2013. I had only one trophy left for the platinum - a gold for collecting 286 orbs. This year I went back to my old save, completed all the challenges except the jetboard one. I just couldn't do it for some reason. Yesterday I went back again, looked for some tips online and finally completed it. I still had to find about 20 orbs in the world. Only then i realised, there's no way to know what I've already collected, you can't access the first level, which has orbs, and the level select mode doesn't let you save orbs. So instead of starting the new game and collecting everything from the beginning I decided to use the good old orb glitch strat on my other save file. Had to collect ~250 orbs. It took ~70 minutes. Maybe one day I will reach that in-game 100% completion, but not today 😄
  9. #7 - RATCHET & CLANK: NEXUS The Pride of Fastoon Not the best R&C game for sure. It's kinda short. Being the last game in the series before the remake, it doesn't have a satisfying ending (although, I must say that that museum level was a cool lookback at all the previous adventures the heroes have been through, full of nostalgia). Gameplay-wise it is fine. Controls have been tweaked a little. And a few cool mechanics have been added. Besides that, Nexus has all the ingredients you expect a R&C game to have. My main problem with this game was how it runs. The framerate often dances around 20 fps, and sometimes drops even lower. In the queit exploration moments it was 30. But during boss fights or arena battles, when I needed to see what's happening, I had like 18-24. The platinum was easy. And you can achieve it in about 15 hours, i'd say, but I sure did take my time with it, lol. Mainly because I wasn't very excited to do a second playthrough this time around (unlike A Crack in Time). And a little piece of advice if you're going to play it: try to keep the bolt multiplier as high as possible during the Challenge Mode run. If you don't, there's a possibility you'll reach the end of it withough enough bolts to buy the RYNO or the final armour. And you'll have to start a third playtrough or grind in the arena.
  10. #6 - RATCHET & CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME The Lombax Triumphant A fun game and a good platinum. A Crack in Time is now my 2nd favourite Ratchet & Clank game behind R&C 3. It feels like they had learned a lot after Tools of Destruction and slightly improved in every aspect which is enough for it to be great. This game has a better story, better gameplay mechanics, more places to explore. I liked the jokes and referenses, the Clank levels, the new weapons. And overall just enjoyed my time with the game. One thing to point out about the trophy list - you have to beat the game on hard and do a Challenge Mode playthrough which are two different things. It means that if you start your first playthrough on medium difficulty you have to beat the game 3 times. I didn't read the guide (it says it is recommended to start on hard), so i had to do exactly that. Still had fun all three times, though. And you can complete the Challenge Mode in about 6 hours. Next up: Ratchet & Clank: Nexus.
  11. Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout: Revenge. I like Paradise but these two games just need to come back. I'll take them in any form. They are my favourite racing games of all time. Also Persona 3 and 4.
  12. 191. I've only played 17 games, though. Most of those trophies will stay unearned, I think. Won't be able to get the Game of Thrones ones since the game is no longer available to buy (I played the first episode which was free). Most of the other games I don't want to return to. My goal is to keep the number under 200 till the end of 2019. I'm planning on 100%-ing the 2 remaining Ratchet & Clank games on my list. Don't know how it will go after that. But I will revisit this post at the end of december to see how I did 😄
  13. Playable: Jill Valentine (RE1, RE3) Claire Redfield (RE2, RE: Code Veronica) Non-playable: Definitely The Boss (MGS3)
  14. The same thing happened to me today. I googled this problem and this thread was the first result Just wanted to say the thread was helpful.
  15. Bought my PS3 with The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy and nothing else. The first game I played was R&C 3, I think. The next disc I bought was The Jak & Daxter Trilogy, lol. So basically, I bought a PS3, but was playing remastered PS2 games for the next 6 months or so. 😁