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  1. FINALLY!!! After countless attempts, I have completed the last DLC challenge in Gran Turismo 6! Surprisingly to myself, I beat the target time by almost half a second. The platinum is already in sight too. I just need to grind a little. 40 more cars, 2K more kilometres, and I'll have 100%.

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    2. Slava


      Thanks 😊

    3. DogFoRaw5


      Congrats! Half a second is impressive 👍

    4. Slava


      Thanks 😎

  2. Timeloops are a very trendy thing in entertainment nowadays. Deathloop, Twelve Minutes, Returnal - three different games sharing this feature have come out in the last 5 months. Same thing with films and TV shows: Happy Death Day, Russian Doll, Palm Springs, Boss Level, etc. 

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Hopefully a Groundhog Day sequel is coming, so!

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      tbh its becoming annoying... 

  3. I watched a lot of VTuber stuff last week. Probably too much, lol. I know I said that Mouse x Ollie talk show collab was the most adorable thing I've seen this year, but I just watched HoloMyth's 1 year anniversary celebration stream, and it was on another level. They organized a VR chat party and did a lot of fun stuff. They messed around in the HoloMyth world, performed some songs, and made a few announcements (won't spoil them). Of course, they had some technical difficulties as well. The ending was very sweet and reminded how far they've gone since the debut. I knew about Gura and Calli for a long time, but I hadn't been actually watching them until a couple months ago. Now I can say I'm a fan of HoloMyth, love watching their streams. So when the ending part of this stream started and Ina began crying, I felt that. It was definitely a touching moment even for me. Wishing all five of them the best and can't wait to spend more time watching their shenaniganery. Just like the week before, I've watched Ollie a lot. She played Smol Ame. You probably know what this is. It's a fan-made 2D platforming game based on HoloLive members, mainly HoloMyth and Amelia in particular. I know other girls streamed it, but this was the first Smol Ame stream I've watched. The stream and the game itself were fun. I actually want to play it now 😁. Ollie got stuck on a few parts, but the most memorable moment for me was the Nekomata Okayu level and her song MOGU MOGU YUMMY. The last part of the level had that MOGU MOGU part of the track on repeat, so when Ollie got stuck and had to replay it many times, it was driving her crazy, and she started singing along. Here's the timecode. She even kept saying mogu mogu yummy in the next level. Now I'm fucking addicted to that song too 😅. She also played some Minecracft on the EN server, and left a surprise for HoloCouncil as well as Irys. It obviously wouldn't be Ollie if she didn't have an Apex stream. And she also had a chess stream where she tought her senpai Risu how to play the game. Ollie's chess addiction is as strong as her Apex addiction, She even has some plans in mind for a Hololive chess tournament. The problem is there's no one to play with. Other Hololive VTubers either don't know how to play the game, or don't really show interest. But that doesn't stop Ollie, and she keeps pushing for the tournament (or chess streams in general), even if it means she has to teach her friends 😄. And it's paying off so far because Risu was kinda hooked by the end of the session. Ollie is not the greatest chess player in the world but she was teaching Risu pretty well. Watched some HoloCoucil stuff. Sana streamed Minecraft twice last week. She was just having fun with her genmates. I had those streams on the background while doing stuff. Did the same with her drawing stream where she was drawing emotes for her channel, it was pretty chill. Caught a part of her very long Celeste stream. I want to play the game myself so I don't want to see too much, but I liked how she played it. One thing I like about Sana is that she doesn't give up, doesn't lower the difficulty, and tries not to miss anything. She did this in Celeste with strawberries, and she did this in her WarioWare stream. She kept trying to beat the last boss without using continues, and she did it. Kinda reminds me of that one Bloodstained stream with Calli. She's the same way. She kept going until the end, retrying the last bosses many times, spent 11 hours, and finished literally one minute before she had to end the stream and start another one. That was so crazy and so satisfying, it made all the countless attempts worth it. I also finally witnessed how much of a strict boss Kronii is during her 3rd Frospunk stream. Haven't watched the previous ones, but I've seen the Frostpunk memes, and tuned in. Yeah, she's pretty funny. Everything she touches turns into memes, no wonder she is the most popular Council member at the moment. Other than that, not much else. Watched the interaction between Mumei and Gura in Minecraft and saw a part of the Fauna's Mario Kart stream. Completely skipped Bae's steams again. Welp. I'll check out one of the old ones maybe. She's done a lot of stuff. Tbh, they're all doing great.
  4. E-6-HUBXEAApz0L.jpg



    1. ShonenCat


      Are they digging a hole? Must be trying to bury Japan Studio.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Lmao. 😂

  5. I know games are hard to make and take a lot of time sometimes, but I thought these reminders "Yeah, we're still making Bayo 3, don't worry, just wait" every time are funny 😄.
  6. What are you talking about? Project Eve was revealed 2 years ago. Wonderlands was revealed months ago. Alan Wake is a 10+ year old game. Bloodhunt was revealed months ago. Tchia was revealed months ago. Bruh. It literally takes seconds to find the official trailers for each of these games.
  7. Mousey's Speak of the Devil stream with Ollie was great. Probably the most adorable stream of 2021 😁. The talk show lasted 3 hours with the first hour being spent just on mutual simping, complements, and pure wholesomeness. At some point, Mouse almost made her zombie guest cry by saying how much she loves her and how she inspires her. Then they talked about how they discovered each other, answered some fans' questions, and mentioned Connor a few times (because of course they did, lol). Ollie also revealed that she has two song covers in the works. I think, before this stream, she had been just hinting at them, calling them "projects". So yeah. Cool stream, I had a lot of fun.
  8. Two new Marvel games from Insomniac, wow. That was unexpected. Gran Turismo 7 looks cool. God of War looks like God of War, which is good, I guess. Never played KOTOR, didn't care about the remake teaser. After the 956352th trailer, I don't want to see Deathloop in my life ever again. Also, too many remasters. Don't have anything to say about the rest of the games. They look fine, but I wouldn't play them. All in all, an okay show.
  9. @Undead Wolf Lol, that Phantom Pain clip fits perfectly 😁. Yeah, it's all good. As long as fans don't personally attack each other or the streamers, I'm fine with different opinions and preferences. Thanks! Yeah, I see a lot of fan art on Twitter, and I have posted my own stuff (not VTuber related) there a couple of times too. I probably won't get retweeted by the VTubers (I mostly see high quality digital artworks, and barely any traditional drawings in their feeds) but maybe other people will find it through the hashtags. Worth trying. One of my ideas is drawing Sana as the king from Katamari 😁. They're both rulers of space, right?
  10. I just checked the Metacritic page for Psychonauts 2 and saw tons of negative user scores on all platforms. Turns out, most of them are from Russian people who review bombed it for not having a Russian translation. Pathetic. I'll just use this moment to remind you: never trust user scores on sites like Metacritic. There is always some BS like this, 10's from fanboys, 0's from haters, and review bombers who haven't even spent a second with the game.

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    2. dmland12


      It's sometimes fun to read metacritic after you've finished a game just to see what sort of insane nonsense they're going on about.  But, it's mostly worthless if you're just trying to get an idea of whether you'll like the game before you buy or play it.

    3. AK-1138


      And if it ain't people on either side pushing an agenda, it's bots and burner accounts. Metacritic isn't yet quite as useless as the broken joke IMDb has become, but certainly not for a lack of effort.

    4. Honor_Hand


      THIS. There's so much truth to what you posted there. A very long time ago I used to have some level of trust for Metacritic, but that quickly evaporated after I realized the toxicity and downright child-like behavior of people online. Very rarely you'll see reviews or scores of people who legit played the game. And objectivity long abandoned the building in that website, it's just a straight-up war between fanboys and trolls there. It gets worse on major releases where you simply cannot trust anything of what's posted there.


      Genshin Impact, for example, I know it's not perfect and that it has gacha, but it's a very damn good game that has had a lot of appeal. Most friends I've talked to have really enjoyed the game. Yet when it came out, it got review-bombed on Metacritic with the most insane arguments by people you can tell they didn't even try the game at all. 🙄

  12. Haha, that was a great moment. I was watching Gura's stream. She met Mumei, and that's when I tried to watch their cute interaction from both POVs. Their stare contest and cringy dialogue were funny, but the prank was definitely the most interesting part 😁. The poor owl was so confused. I hope she's plotting her revenge on the bully shark. She was shy at first. But when she said "I will remember" you knew shit had become real 😁. Yeah, I just learned about that today. Was looking through FalseEyeD's channel (his videos are basically just VTuber news) and found episodes about the collabs and other stuff. The Mouse x Calli and Kiara x Nyan streams happened like one or two weeks apart. Regarding Vei, I literally googled "Veibae drama" after reading some comments about that 😁. And then watched this clip of her explaining the situation. I thought she sounded reasonable. But yeah, Hololive/Cover probably wouldn't let her do collabs, especially after she mentioned Taiwan. Hololive management must still care about that. It's unfortunate. Although Nyanners has probably said tons of unwanted stuff too. As well as some other collab guests. IDK. Not 100% sure how that works. Edit: really want to draw a proper fan art of one of the VTubers I watch. So far, I've just drawn a couple of test sketches from original model reference. (Ruined Ollie a little bit but that's fine).
  13. Woah, Ollie is the next guest of Mousey's talk show. Haven't watched the previous episodes, but I can't miss this one. Two of my favourite VTubers together, hell yes. Also, Hololive x VShojo collabs don't happen very often. I know Calli streamed somethig with Mouse before, but I don't know other exaples. Heh, same 😄. That was a great stream. Listened to her while playing Gran Turismo.
  14. - You gotta save deez. - What's deez? - DEEZ NUTS HA GOT 'EM. But yeah, it does look like a decent little party game. Especially for a debut title for the studio. Steam reviews are positive so far. Trophy list doesn't look too bad either.
  15. So this is what happened to me, huh. I tried booting up the PS3 version of the game after a long break, and this exact thing happened. I had to delete the game data as well. Thankfully, the online data (some materials and other stuff) was saved on their servers, and I didn't have to grind too much for the platinum.