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  1. Sana and Mumei.
  2. Firefly. Also, Tron: Uprising. It was one of my favourite animated shows. Unfortunately, Tron as a franchise has never been successful. Both films didn't do that great. I guess, same happened to the show. Too bad, I would've liked to see more. Especially after the series finale and its closing scene.
  3. Even PlayStation Classic had a better PS1 lineup.
  4. If they're really making SH2 remake, then that tweet from the SH2 art director possibly makes more sense. The one where he said "I wish I hadn't designed fxxkin Pyramid Head." Although, who knows really. Konami has used that character many times, including an appearance in a karting game, IIRC.
  5. You've been visited by Smol Ame from another timeline. Remain calm, and she won't attack.
  6. Holy crap. This would be wild. Now I'm trying to remember who does what at MS. Halo and Forza Horizon came out last year. Perfect Dark doesn't have a release date (and is trapped in troubled development) Starfield and Redfall are delayed to 2023. Hellblade 2 doesn't have a release date. The Outer Worlds 2 and Avowed don't have release dates. Fable doesn't have a release date. State of Decay 3 doesn't have a release date. Bruh. I hope at least one game gets a 2022 release date during their showcase in June.
  7. So it's 19 million in 1.5 years (or slightly less). And the plan is 18 more in 1 year. This tells me they expect the chip shortage to start to die down in this timeframe. Some analysts predict that the situation will stabilize around the end of 2022 - beginning of 2023.
  8. With anything Konami-related, it's hard to believe in the legitimacy of the leaks even when you're looking at shots like these. Especially if it's Silent Hill. The rumours and fakes about a new SH have been circling around for years. I'm sure this game is real, but I'm also waiting for a confirmation. Not that I'm excited after seeing the images above. That shit looks like an episode of Hoarders.
  9. In my experience, even if she texts you "I love you" and sends hearts every day for weeks, that still doesn't mean that she's into you 😁. The video above is funny because it's true. Also, just read the first page of the thread. Bruh. This is the most entertaining shit I've seen all week. Especially the post about "bodyguards" 😁.
  10. I don't really have a general preference. I also don't play a lot of games where you create or pick a character, I guess. I did play Mass Effect 2 as a dude back in the day, and would probably do the same now. In Resident Evil 1 I liked to play as Jill a little bit more. So yeah, depends on the game.
  11. I've never been drunk in my life even once. A glass of wine to celebrate my birthday is about as far as I've gone. I've been exposed to effects of alcohol on people from a very young age, and I don't want any of that in my life on a subconscious level. Never smoked or vaped either. My friend from kindergarten stole his dad's cigs once and we tried smoking, but I don't think it was even a successful attempt lol. Nothing more than a funny memory. I guess sugar and the internet are the only two addictions I have. I don't even drink coffee 😁.
  12. First new MCR single in 9 years. It's time to rise from the grave.
  13. Kronii has recovered, Gura is back. EN is alive, and their recent streams have been great. Bae, Calli, and Mumei were all in VC together while streaming their own stuff. The story about Mumei sending Tarzan yell memes was my favourite part. I want to check out that channel she talked about. There's a lot of Minecraft recently, too. Ina's stream was great. Just 20 minutes of flerts with Mumei with the best punchline from her. Then she discovered the fanfics in the bunker. Then the big collab with 5 members just messing around, also very fun. Mumei's meme stories continued. I was also dying when it turned out that Kronii didn't know how to enter her house just as everyone else. She also had a MC stream the next day, haven't seen it yet. Ina had another drawing stream, always love those. She drew Kronii as a maid for the Maid Day. Didn't know that was a thing. Thanks, Japan. Anyway, amazing art. A couple of other things worth mentioning. YouTube is being garbage again. They have AI algorithms for chat, but they can't sort out the bots. What's even worse, reporting them somehow results in the steamer's channel ban. Absolute nonsense. A few channels got nuked, including Hololive's Kobo. It's back now, but the Holo members have to turn chat to the sub mode from now on, and the messages are no longer being shown on their screen, from what I've seen. Just another YouTube blunder after chat shadow bans, subscriber deletion, incorrect viewer numbers, and other stuff I've forgotten about. Lastly, Fauna's first original is releasing tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
  14. DaivRules and The alchemist nailed it. This is mostly about review scores and the fact that 9/10 for one game is not the same as 9/10 for another game, to put it simply. For example, I'd probably rate the original Pac-Man 10/10, and it's a one screen game. Does it offer more than a modern AAA game? That's a difficult question to answer, depends on how you look at it. Like you said, it's apples and oranges. That's why the review is more important than the score. So I don't know about the Anticipation-Enjoyment-Retrospect system. It looks like you'll just end up with 3 scores to compare instead of one.
  15. Johnny: I did not hit her! It's not true, it's bullshit, I did not hit her! I DID NOT! Oh, hi Marilyn Manson. I'm trying to care less about celebrity drama, "it's their business" and all that, but this trial has been hard to look away from. I must admit that the clips from the trial have been entertaining. YouTube is filled with them. I haven't learned anything new about Amber Turd, but at least I know more about the trials in general than I did before, like how cross examination works. Nothing much to say about abused men and what this trial means to them that hasn't been said above. I'll just share another thought I had. It's sad that Hollywood celebrities are role models for many people. Young fans of actors and musicians are exposed to the glamorous side of their lives. But this public image doesn't include all the drunk fights, drug addiction, sliced fingers, poopy beds, and other horrible stuff. When (or if) this dirt comes up, their actions speak louder than all their disingenuous speeches about morality and values. Maybe such cases will also teach kids some things about celebrities.