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    Film mostly, but all forms of storytelling which leads into my path crossing with story based single player video games. My expertise still heavily remains in movies. I had gamed in my youth but stopped for an entire decade in my twenties, only to have picked it up again around early 2016.

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  1. For sure. I have gotten away from review writing for film over the last few years but I used to be very devoted to it. It was like a compulsion that I needed to review every movie I watched, but it got to be too much. I amassed over a thousand reviews on my Letterboxd account. I did dip my toes into trying to write reviews for games on my blog. I've only wrote 4 so far, since December when the critical divide of Death Stranding split gamers the same way Last of Us Part II is doing. I do want to recommend if you have not heard of it before. It's a social media platform specifically for film, similar to how PSNProfiles is for trophy hunting. Here are some of my blog reviews: Death Stranding 9/10 Pokemon Sword & Shield 5/10 The Last Door 7/10 The Last of Us Part II 8/10 JustWatch is a useful website that lists whatever streaming services any movie is currently being showcased on. For example, here is Kurosawa's filmography and what movies are available where:
  2. This thread warms my heart, as I always considered myself first and foremost a film buff, and secondary a casual lover of video games. To see the two combined, is a joy to behold. In fact, playing this game, I am already finding myself in a bind in wanting to experience it in Kurosawa mode, but then also to see what rich vibrant colors of feudal era Japan it recreates. Regarding Kurosawa, the man was undoubtedly a master of his craft, but his godlike reputation and stature has overshadowed many other prominent Japanese directors of that era. I'll quickly answer the OP's original question and recommend my favorite Kurosawa film in Red Beard. It's the last film he collaborated with Toshiro Mifune as the production caused them to have a falling out but it is undoubtedly their best as well. All of Kurosawa's films are stunning however, I have seen 19 of his films and none failed my expectations. Back to other Japanese master class directors. There is one in particular that I want to recommend who is my favorite Japanese director, even above Kurosawa, in Masaki Kobayashi. He made samurai flicks like Harakiri and Samurai Rebellion (also with Mifune), he made Japanese folk horror Kwaiden, and made a anti-war trilogy of films that I personally hail as my favorite films of all time The Human Condition. Onto other directors, seek out Ozu, Mizoguchi, Teshigahara, Ichikawa, and more. In fact, here is a list of almost 200 of my favorites from the country .
  3. I've never did an event before on this site, but I figure I'll give this one a go, more than anything it will give me motivation to deplete my backlog by 10 games. These are games I have purchased but have yet to play, so in that sense, I will probably be making this more difficult than it needs to be starting at 0% on all. But hey, worth a try. 0 - Machinarium 1 - Dead Island 2 - Concrete Genie 3 - Onimusha: Warlords 4 - Watchdogs 2 5 - Wolfenstein: The New Order 6 - The Sinking City 7 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 8 - MediEvil 9 - Warhammer: Chaosbane
  4. Once they are knocked out, it doesn't seem possible to move them. I tried unarmed, and once their health is depleted, they fall on the ground and move slightly in pain, but there is no prompt to carry them. If I use sleep darts, the triangle button prompt becomes an assassination rather than carry.
  5. I know this thread is old, but does anyone know if snakes count as enemies towards this trophy? There are always red oil jars near snakes, some locations with several snakes. I found such a spot in Memphis, but I only repeated the kills twice, and decided to move on with the game for now. So I know I am not at 30 kills, but I was intending on going back there if I knew for sure if snakes count.
  6. I would agree to an extent. I don't spoil anything for myself either, but games can be a big investment of your time and money. So it is best, to at least have some idea of what you are getting into.
  7. To the OP, not to be rude, but it sounds like you went into this game completely blind and did not know what you were about to play. The surreal aspect of the story, it's setting, and even the depictions of the floating bodies were all featured in early trailers of the game way prior to release. I am in the category of people who loved this game, it's my #2 for the year, Death Stranding was my GOTY. In that regard, you can see I am the type of player who is more involved for the story and lore behind a game, more so than multiplayer, etc. As far as the games you mentioned in comparison, For the most part, it can be like comparing apples to oranges. However, I'll bite, I played Fallen Order, in my opinion it had great gameplay, but a very standard story with nothing really unique about it. Days Gone was just okay. It was way longer than it needed to be, and I felt like the characters were written bland as hell. Resident Evil 2 Remake was great for what it was, but obviously being a remake, it didn't offer anything really new, and it's a pretty short experience. What I think Control brings to the table compared to those others is something new and unique. I'm more of a film buff than I will ever be when it comes to video games, and I am a big fan of dream-like surreal cinema with the likes of David Lynch, Luis Bunuel, etc. This game felt like something straight out of a David Lynch film, with goofy characters out of the Twin Peaks series. I loved the lore to the game, and I tell you, I am not one to read or examine collectibles in video games too closely, but I am glad I did here. Everyone's comparison to X-Files fits there, as the collectibles often times were case reports detailing crazy occurrences that happened around the country, and how the Bureau was able to identify, contain, and cover up whatever was causing it. So I guess chalk it up to different tastes, but other than the terrible frame rate drops, Control is not a bad game by any means. Gameplay was similar to Infamous Second Son too, so another cool comparison from this thread. This was my original short review after playing it: " Control is a game that is begging to be turned into a movie, particularly one directed by David Lynch. It is so wonderfully surreal and executed nicely down to the tiniest detail. In fact, one thing I don’t usually put a lot of stock into with games, is to really examine each collectible that I come across (especially in a game where there is well over 200 of them), because usually they don’t carry much weight in terms of plot, but here it is different. The collectibles here really bring to life the vibrant eccentricity that is the world inside the Federal Bureau of Control. The story and atmosphere are ace! And you cannot tell me that the janitor Ahti is not the perfect harmonious combo of something inspired by David Lynch and Aki Kaurismäki, and I swear he looks like Tom Waits, which fits even more so! "
  8. I enjoyed it, but I agree it is the worst in the series. I don't get the hate with MGSV though. In my opinion it had the best gameplay aside from maybe MGS3 Snake Eater. In fact, I would rank Phantom Pain as one of my favorites due to how addicting and fun the gameplay was with the sandbox style open world maps that made stealth infiltration all the more creative and in the players hands on how they decide they would take on outposts and such. I also loved the home base idea, and recruiting soldiers, stealing supplies, etc. All of the creative freedom that went along with it. As far as story is concerned, I think 1 and 2 both top the rest in that area, and yea 4 probably has the weakest story. I still recall the end of Sons of Liberty from time to time with that rooftop boss battle and how climatic "Blade Runner" style 'tears in the rain' it felt.
  9. I liked this game, or at least it pleasantly surprised me more than I expected to be. I really liked Blasphemous, which in turn led me to this game made by the same creators. Playing this had inspired me to even write my very first trophy guide, and for shameless promotion, I also wrote a review for it on my blog. I highly recommend checking this game out to any that have the slightest bit of interest. The platinum is not difficult either and rather quick to obtain, I only difficulty with one trophy, mainly because it is temperamental to trigger and that was the 'Lost in the Sea' trophy while trying to get the necklace to appear. Anyway, here is my review for anyone that cares to read:
  10. I guess I'm not much of a trophy hunter but I would never judge a game based on its trophies. I also do not have the platinum for this game, nor intend to because I do agree that the trophy in question is very difficult, but there is so much more to offer here. Stardew Valley was one of the most unique experiences I ever had playing a game (I never played Harvest Moon or others that may have inspired it). It instantly became an all time favorite, and there is a charm about it that no other video game can replicate. I even just recently played Graveyard Keeper which is a carbon copy to Stardew in terms of mechanics and gameplay, while just adding in the darker and fantastical elements, but the characters and character interactions just could not touch its predecessor.
  11. I have played about 10 new releases this year, I'm not one to usually buy games at full price when they first come out, so I feel like if we did this type of list/ recognition next year, with a year delay to catch up, it would prove more accurate. But here is what I have so far: Personal GOTY - Death Stranding Runners Up - Resident Evil 2, Blasphemous, Layers of Fear 2 The choice here was easy to make for me. Like Red Dead Redemption 2 of last year, Death Stranding was the one game that stood way out ahead of the pack and delivered in almost ever aspect (pun not intended). It has everything going for it, and.... I could make my case here, but I already wrote a long review for the game on my brand new blog, when I say brand new, I ,mean I just launched it earlier this week. So it needs some major touching up, as well as adding content. This isn't necessarily a plug because I wanted to wait until I fix it up better, but everything I would want to say about Death Stranding I have already said right here: Personal Indie of the Year - Blasphemous This is also an easy choice because I have been anticipating this game for a while now. I discovered it a little too late in order to have been a backer on their Kickstarter which is regrettable because some of those perks looked awesome. I really like these type of metroidvania style games, and the lore and gothic tone made this one very special and unique. It was like religious perversion horror, and the designs in the game were amazingly nightmarish. Gameplay wise, it owes a lot of influence to Hollow Knight for specific mechanics. Personal Surprise of the Year - Layers of Fear 2 Honestly, this wasn't much of a surprise, but nothing really surprised me too much this year, at least positively (had my fair share of disappointments though). I liked the original Layers of Fear but always felt it could be drastically improved upon. This one does that and its a much more polished version and I really dig the artistic horror vibe that both games featured. A sort of delving into the mad genius of artists, and using the ever changing landscape of the game to represent their psyches. Personal Disappointment of the Year - Rage 2 Runners up - A Plague Tale: Innocence, Days Gone, Metro Exodus Like I mentioned, I have had a fair amount of disappointments this year. Now, just to note, to be disappointed in a game does not necessarily make it a bad game, just that it did not meet personal expectations. With that also said, Rage 2 is unequivocally a bad game, my runners up, not so much, especially Metro Exodus which was a good game, just not on par with its predecessors. Rage 2 was so damn uninspired, not a single unique aspect to it, just a mash up of so many other more successful post apocalyptic games. The story was shit, the action/game play was okay (fairly standard for FPS), the RPG elements were kind of terrible and pointless (not like you could make unique builds or something). As far as colorful apocalypses go, I could have sworn this would win compared to what should have amounted to a DLC in Far Cary New Dawn, but alas, even that was better. I also wanted to include the games that I want to play that I have not yet done so that were released this year: Devil May Cry 5 Man of Medan Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gris Blair Witch The Outer Worlds Borderlands 3 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Control (My most anticipated of what is left to play) Medieval Concrete Genie Remnant: From the Ashes Life is Strange 2 Probably a few others, but these were the most notable that stuck out in mind
  12. Does anyone think there is a possibility it may just become a timed exclusive?
  13. Is it seriously going to remain an Xbox exclusive, or would there be a chance it becomes cross platform? This is really disappointing news. The first one while being really short, left such an indelible impression on me. It became one of my favorite games for the sheer experience of it and how innovative and meta they incorporated the mental health aspect into the story. But one thing's for sure, I'm not trying to buy an Xbox for it. I hope something changes with this announcement in the future.
  14. When it comes to games that feature a looting system such as this, I tend to be a hoarder and collect everything in sight out of habit. So I got the 3 available to Arthur, the one available to Sally (which is a repeat), and 4 with Ollie which again is counting that overlapping one between all 3 characters.
  15. Here in September 2019 and same thing just happened to me. I have save slots with all 3 characters near the end of their playthroughs and when I look under the notes section of all 3, they are all accounted for yet no trophy.