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  1. What ever you do don't buy the water well from them for 750 gold.
  2. GTA V
  3. I went with the raiders first because I wanted to get the ammo making machine. Which is great.
  4. It showed up for us. It was back during Christmas break.
  5. The game is not a grind lol. it is an online MMO. You are not suppose to finish it in a week lol.
  6. Not all random events are faction rep or treasury notes. Events that pop up with the ! over them and are free to fast travel to I think will give you treasury notes. Faction rep is doing the daily for each faction at their camp. I if you run into a random faction member while exploring the world you might get a chance to help them kill someone or a creature or if you just talk to them. That sometimes gives you a little faction rep if they are a raider or from the foundation.
  7. No. Unless you want to waste money on repair kits? But I don't know how that would help you win lol. It's easy to find the scrap you need to repair guns and armor. And with perk cards you can repair them to 200%.
  8. I understand I was the same way. You can't just go in and start shooting like Call of Duty or Fortnite lol. I had friends that taught me how to play. They got me the weapons and armor I needed that I wanted to use and told me what perk cards to get and use for my set up. It makes it a lot easier once you know how you want to play and get the gear and perks to help you with it. They gave me a bloody build. lol I never knew what that was. Keep at it. it is fun.
  9. The Raider camp as a Gold Machine to. Both camps do. That is where the gold vendors are for each faction.
  10. Because most people play games for fun and for the, story not for trophies. if getting that 1 trophy is important to you, you can get it. Just create another character. If you like the game this is not a problem. If you don't like the game why play it?
  11. You can only side with one for the gold heist. Meantime there are a lot of side quests to do for both to earn loot. So save heist for last. No you can help the team leader but only they earn trophies. It tells you that when you start each quest if you want to solo or help team leader. I think it’s that people forget that playing and enjoying a game is what is important. Not earning some use less fake thing that no one else cares about. Play a game you like. If you don’t like a game that’s fine too. Don’t play it. Gaming is fun not a stressful chore. I have school for that lol
  12. I like it so far. It’s nice to have people around you can talk to and do quests.
  13. You can only choose one side. Use your other character or create another one to choose the other.
  14. Why? Its free.
  15. I went back to play Fallout 76 after playing Fallout 4 again and I meet a few friends and the game is a lot better and fun if you have some friends to play with. I have 2600 atoms saved up and there are some things I wanted to buy. I was going to buy 1000 more atoms for $10 but I was thinking I should get 1 month of Fallout 1st since you get an outfit and 1600 atoms. That costs $13 so it looks like a better deal? And I can get a lot of scrap saved up before the 1 month is over.