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  1. ?? Or play it for fun, if not delete it. I started playing it again after I was playing it on Xbox and I like it. I went with the Railroad on Xbox. I think I am going to be bad and go with Brotherhood now.
  2. Yeah I am going to play it again and be dumb to see and hear the dumb options. I really liked this game. I hope they make some DLC Its in a chapter where they send you to the Hope Ship. It is past half way in the story if I remember? You will see it on your map. It is on the top right.
  3. Anyone run into a Boss yet on the World Dance Floor?
  4. If you bought a PlayStation VR I would think you would want to play some VR games and apps lol. Titanic in VR sounds awesome. I understand people playing to earn trophies or achievements but you can also enjoy games that don't. I have a Switch and they don't have achievements or trophies. And Me and my Friends love Switch.
  5. Hi, Thank you everyone. I did what you all said and started a new game and I got it at the beginning. I wanted to play again anyways because I wanted to be a dumb person this time lol. Thanks!
  6. Did they fix this yet?
  7. Did they fix well balanced breakfast?
  8. ? Why
  9. I don't know about Vita but I stream our PS4 on PSTV and it works great.
  10. 3rd Birthday
  11. I hate it when she doesn't revive you.
  12. Play alone or with a friend. Be careful about letting randoms join. Some of them can mess you up. But I did meet 2 awesome friends when I was joining as a random lol.
  13. We are having fun playing and going around shooting lol. Like my friend says it’s only $30. He bought a lot of $60 games with less things to do and less fun.
  14. Yeah you probably have to start with a new character from the beginning?
  15. I think that person works for the game? It says Bethesda Developer by their name.