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  1. Anyone know about this game and if it is good? I was given a code for it.
  2. I am enjoying the game. A lot of funny moments.
  3. In the game if you go to settings and I think it’s display you can turn the hud off or on. Check to see if it’s switched. I use it to turn off the mini map when I take screen shots.
  4. The game is not 4 minutes unless you just skip everything. It's a visual novel. You READ it. If you don't like to read don't buy it. I enjoyed the story.
  5. Really? I thought the twitter post said it would be?
  6. World War Z
  7. Thanks for telling us. I am going to wait until it comes out on PS4. I guess the Vita version will be free with the ps4 version so I will see then.
  8. LOL and on the PlayStation store they only have the vita version for sale not the PS4 version. This is really messed up. I am glad I am going to wait until the holidays.
  9. Oh ok thanks. They were saying there was no trophy list on here so I was confused. They must have just added them. I might wait until winter since it is a holiday story.
  10. There are trophies just for reading the novel? Are there choices or something?
  11. They said the game is coming to PS4 too so they are probably waiting until then.
  12. Greed Fall. I have been playing it on Xbox and its actually very good.
  13. 5307-6253-1911 I play Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 online
  14. How is the story for anyone that bought it? I might wait to read it around the holidays