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  1. has anybody else bought one of the "store picks" games and not had it register for the challenge? It gave me 214 points for buying Inscryption but the challenge shows incomplete
  2. Did the challenge progress save for this campaign? Nervous about starting them, it not registering, and having to wait for a fix. Also, do you just have to boot it up or do you have to play to the point where the song is played in-game?
  3. Assuming Uncharted Legacy of Thieves will work for #3?
  4. Did your "Store Pick" challenge work, if you bought one of those games? It didn't register for me, I'm thinking the challenges are bugged if the fighting one isn't working for you. The basic "start a game" one worked but beyond that I haven't had luck
  5. Yeah I "started" the challenge beforehand, and at the bottom of the challenge page there's just a "view product" button that links me to NBA 2k23. Another challenge (the fighting one) says "auto registered" and the button at the bottom says "started" and it's grayed out. I'm not sure what's up
  6. I bought a game from the list (Inscryption) and the challenge didn't complete. I did get 214 points for buying the game outside of the challenge, and I got 80 points for upgrading from Essential to Premium What I've learned so far: it's a tad shallow so far and needs work
  7. If this becomes the new normal, having to do trophies yourself will be a thing of the past... sort of like finding collectibles without the use of the internet I wonder if this will disable trophies? Then again, if this goes through the console and not the game, maybe not
  8. My buddy got me into the game last night and now the trophies are on my account, which got me wondering: how many of the trophies are locked behind DLC and how many can be earned, well, for free?
  9. Eh, phases. I've quit trophy hunting a couple times now but always come back when I find myself trophy hunting a game I can't get enough of. God of War got me into hunting and I quit after 2 years. Destiny 2 got me into trophy hunting and I'm starting to phase out a bit. I'm sure another game will reignite my passion and get me back into my backlog
  10. hour long gameplay if you wanna see more of the game before buying it ^
  11. I guess the zone... has officially... been killed *pours one out*
  12. I mean yeah I avoid 30-minute plats... and then do a hard game or series and say "screw it I earned this" and finish like a dozen plus easy plats. As long as you've completed some impressive games or earned some impressive trophies, who cares? If you only do easy games? I mean I'll have less respect for your trophy collection but honestly good for you for doing what makes you happy. A good balance, I'd say, is for the best. Stacks of easy games, though? Support companies like the ones who make the "Break" "Run" "Time" etc bs spam plats? that's a line I don't cross
  13. wait so the argument that's pro-spam games is "people who don't play as much still deserve as many points as people who play all the time?" If that isn't the most bs I've heard in a hot minute; "we all deserve first place!" c'mon
  14. You could do it in public matches, but the chances you'd be able to do it in the next week aren't great. The weapons you can do, some of the abilities you can do. But, for the most part, you HAVE to boost with bots. Good luck with revives if you don't do it with bots. Players won't run up to an enemy turret like a bot will. Players will destroy enemy abilities, unlike bots who just let them run and expire. Real players will not run through the same doorway dozens of times to let you farm kills like bots will. Still gotta do some things with players (Co-Op Revives, Supply Box ability, and Online Collectibles) but I wouldn't discount bot boosting. It's still fun, to be honest. Especially when you don't put any parameters on and just play as if it's a normal online match. I feel like a god
  15. APeskyAxolotl (also feel free to add TrophyDingus and TrophyDingusMkII as those are my boosting accounts) NA EST (GMT-4) Indianapolis Two PS3's, a PS4 (that my lil bro is borrowing), PS5, and Vita Feel free to shoot me a friend request, but add in it what game you want to boost w me. If it's blank I'll just assume you need a boosting partner in your back pocket which is cool too but i do clear out my friends list every once in a while