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  1. holy shit! this game came with the original Xbox when I got it for my 6th bday haha this is nuts. Battle for Bikini Bottom and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger? 2020 gaming kicks ass
  2. Yeah I've been feeling a little bored of gaming recently, but Hitman 2 (with the Legacy Upgrade and all DLC expansions) is insanely entertaining, definitely brought some joy back for me. It's fun, funny, exciting, fresh, and unique. It's like Minecraft... but instead of mining or crafting, it's murder feels like a playground of killing, I adore it and recommend it to anybody. I'd say Hitman 2016 as well but the Legacy Upgrade in HM2 *is* Hitman 2016 As far as games that will sort of get you back into the idea of gaming and reinvigorate your appreciation for the medium, I'd personally point you in the direction of some indies...and not indies that'll make you rip your hair out in frustration. Just some nice, easy, story-based games that allow you to appreciate things. Gris, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Oxenfree, and Edith Finch are pretty much entirely risk-free but gorgeous. Little Nightmares, Limbo, Planet of the Eyes do provide areas of challenge but the atmosphere in those three games is just about palpable. And, sure... if you want to rip your hair out but love every second of it, give Hollow Knight, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, and Hotline Miami a shot. Incredibly beautiful games but almost just as hard to beat as they are nice to look at. I'm sure other people will hit you with the bigger titles
  3. agreed, man. You don't have to see a single ending to get the plat, so if you don't play *way* past platinum and invest three times as long as needed for the trophies, you're really missing out on the game as a whole. I get that the trophy list is tongue-in-cheek (I'm out of ideas, and then a dozen Dognation trophies. We get it, he hates trophies) which is funny, but it's humor at the cost of quality. If there were trophies for the easter eggs, (non)violent runs, and other things like that I'd bet good money that trophy hunters would appreciate the game more, and Toby Fox's hard work would be better highlighted and showcased because of it. Just because he didn't like the idea of trophies didn't mean that he had to throw them out of the window...idk, saved me a dozen hours of playing I guess. onto the next game
  4. Huh...so all these super obscure indie games I just downloaded won't be on PS5 for a damn long time if ever
  5. Got three trophies left, and they're kicking my ass. I've been trying to beat Crime Alley untouched as Batman... i have no idea why I'm having so much damn trouble with it but it's been three hours and I'm only on the first of three characters then I have to do the same thing as Robin, and Nightwing. And then four more perfect runs in a different arena with four characters and finally a combo of 300 in the iceberg lounge. Whyyyyyyyy is this a thing I agree, I wish I would've got a gold trophy for my gold batsuit reward, maybe instead of the community challenges since I'm clearly not cut out for that.
  6. Hmm the "Idk if I'm going to be able to do this" has hit me a few times but not too often. Here are the ones I remember... Hope Seemed Lost: Hollow Knight Trials, and then Pantheons Black Ops III Realistic Training Simulator Just Started to Doubt Myself: WWII Save Klaus Zombie Easter Egg Limbo/Little Nightmares Flawless Runs Hotline Miami 1/2 A+ All Levels Alien Isolation Hard/Deathless/No Killing Runs And I'm Still Stuck: Dead Cells: 3 BC and most likely 4 BC Runs Arkham Knight: Iceberg Lounge Marathon Wolfenstein II Mein Leben, although I've only tried once
  7. i don't mind playing against xbox players since it's a level playing field for the most part, but when switch/ios/xbox/ps4/pc players are all in the same pool (or most combinations of those) then you're just asking for trouble. It's not going to be fair and people are going to get pissed and yada yada yada. pc sticking with pc and consoles sticking with consoles and mobile sticking with mobile is my preferred matchmaking setup for 99% of games... but I don't really do multiplayer so my vote shouldn't be worth too much haha
  8. it's advertised on the official website as a "10-12 hour campaign" but I think that even on my first run I clocked it in at about 7 hours. As far as speedrunning it goes, you can probably do it all in 60-90 minutes on Easy Peasy focusing on nothing but objectives, I haven't checked it out myself. On average, though, your runs for the plat will be around 4 hours, and then I think my last playthrough was about 2.5 for the final trophy needed
  9. you can build as many single parts using junk as you want, you just can't craft anything with them to make anything other than action items. like, you can craft the parts needed for the zapper using junk but you can't craft the zapper itself
  10. i second that, I mean the data is available so simply utilizing it is all that needs to happen. wouldn't be too much to ask, I'd think
  11. no the life starter will save you so it's worth investing in. of course, reloading saves or quitting when about to die does the same thing and allows you to put your materials into other upgrades. skipping tutorial is the way to go, the death in the tutorial is unavoidable but it doesn't count against you. The game just wants you to finish the game with whatever character you start with after the tutorial
  12. yeah exactly, I watched a season and a half of the office exclusively grinding camos haha literally anything you can do to keep your mind busy will help quite a bit. The majority of what you have left is just busy-work so get through that and you'll have a 0.7someting% plat on your hands
  13. looks like my kind of game, but yeah 20 is a bit steep for me at the moment. i'd be down for like 12.99 maybe, trophies look like they'd keep me busy for awhile so might be worth checking out
  14. Yeah man i noticed that there wasn't as much excitement around the PS4 release as I'd expected there to be. I'm sure it'll grow to be more of a cult classic and will garner the attention it deserves over time, though. At least I hope it does