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  1. Sorry no clue, there is one in the abandoned offices, other than that I didn't go out my way for anything
  2. Spawn at Awe Transit Bay, then back track through shifted passage. The easiest way to describe is there is an office near to the thing that comes after you (sorry don't know the name) When in the office go out the exit with the tree on the left of door. Go straight forward and down, the wall at the bottom think has a picture and is breakable. Through there and up and eventually you drop into another office, with another wall to break. Go through and you'll see the clock puzzle in the distance. Hope this helps, let me know
  3. Have you done the clock puzzle? I missed that originally and got the trophy once I discovered the path to get there
  4. Sent a FR and in game request
  5. Thanks FireXdragon, appears I missed a 1st place on the first championship - Cheers for the advice, so appreciated!!
  6. yeah sorry should have said I have got gold in everything, even tried it on another playstation without the patches. But i'll recheck when I get 5 mins in case i missed something. Thanks for the idea/comment, lets hope i missed something
  7. Anybody else have this trophy glitch on them. I've beat the final level, went back and made sure I visibly beat the opponent. Deleted save and went through the whole game again and still no joy. So I contacted the developer who said they were aware and to let them know if I work out how to unlock it. WTF!! Anyone have a similar issue or any ideas
  8. Go to the 1st Tee and instead of looking down, stare at the caddy. Unlocks within about 5 seconds
  9. I tried many games on public and kept getting Volter. First game in Solo Normal on Sanitarium and I got the Matriach