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  1. Checking my game now and it's one of the first suits you can unlock, Classic Suit (Repaired) with the power Web Blossom.
  2. :platinum: #142 - Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)


    After almost 4 years and a half, I finally got the platinum. When I first played it I got bored halfway through the story so I stopped. A year and a half later I returned to the game and finished the story and got 100% completion in the single-player but started getting bored again so I decided to delay the online. Rockstar did a get money for logging in event a few months later and I thought I'll do the online. Logged in and the first thing I saw on the public server was everyone killing everyone, they even tried to kill me even though I had passive mode. I was just nope and never touched the game again.


    Finally decided to get the platinum and here we are. Game is fun but either GTA just isn't the same as before or I just don't love GTA games as much (it's probably the latter). As for 100% completion, I only have the heists left but I'll probably give up on it unless I find three players who are committed to finishing them since I don't want to bother trying with randoms.


    My next platinum will depend on what I'll finish faster. It'll either be Spider-man which I got on Black Friday and I just started it or it'll be Gran Turismo Sport which all I have left is to reach level 50 (currently level 49 but the EXP needed to level up to 50 is absurd).

  3. :platinum: #141 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider (+100% Completion)


    That's another trilogy finished. The game was fine although the devs really love their climbing since the games are full of sections where you climb with this one being a little too much. The combat feels added on since you barely fight and half of the encounters feels more like tutorials. The fights are also kinda easy with one encounter I had 10 enemies coming at me at once and all I did was dodge roll while shooting at them between dodges and I was able to pass it on my first try and this was on the highest difficulty near the end.

    Playing the game on the highest difficulty, Deadly Obsession, was kinda frustrating for the fact you have to restart a huge chunk of the game for dying since there are parts that the checkpoint is almost 1-2 hours apart and with the long cutscenes that are practically unskippable since the loading takes too much time.

    The DLC was also fine since they add side quests were you explore a tomb although I initially found it weird that they added 2 or 3 alternate paths with one path being impossible to do and only when I tried the Time Trial did I realize that it has a co-op mode and the impossible alternate paths are for that. Trophy wise I was just happy that there's no Score Medals minus the DLC tombs and even then you only need Bronze so from the trilogy this game is probably the easiest.


    All in all, I still prefer the old Tomb Raider games when compared to this trilogy mainly for their focus on puzzle-solving.

  4. I think you're closer to finish than you think so I'll go with... 40 matches
  5. Surprise! The subscription apparently brings more bugs into the game
  6. If you finish matches then you shouldn't fail since those supplies are enough to keep a few clan members survive. If you get a lower number of supplies than what the game asks it only results in a number of members dying/getting sick, not all. The only way, as far as I know, to fail the Journey is by failing a 100% risk mission or by skipping matches in a row to the point they die (since skipping = 0 supplies). So just ignore every mission the game gives you besides the 100% risk one and if you skip matches in a row then play a few matches to get your clan back up.
  7. I thought it was a joke and went to the store to check. And it's worse in the EU since they ask for 120€ (checked the Portuguese and Spanish stores so it might be different in other regions)
  8. :platinum: #140 - Batman: Arkham Knight (+100% Completion)


    This is the way the Batman died. Not with a whimper but with a bang. Easily my favorite of the Arkham Trilogy, I find it a shame that the game got blasted on release due to things like the shit PC port. The whole world of tanks name they gave it I found it exaggerated although I can understand how it got that name since you unlock the Batcar right at the start of the game and since it's new to the series they decided to give a tutorial that took a huge portion of the start. The only gripe I had with driving the car is just the fact the brake button is placed on :square: instead of :l2: since I had parts where I wanted to make a turn but I would go Battle Mode instead of drifting like I wanted.


    As for the games DLC, it was fine although I wish they expanded some of them especially the ones that show the characters after the ending. The DLC side-mission with Freeze was my favorite.


    All in all, it's a great game and if you like Batman and played the previous games I'd recommend you try out this one.

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      Nice work!

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      Congratz! 🎂

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      Well done! 💯 

      Heard good things about the game ☺

  9. From my knowledge, it depends on want the default language the game has set for the trophy list. Usually, it's English so when you go to write a guide it automatically sets the trophies with English but some games, especially the Japanese ones, have another default language. For example, I tried to make a Yakuza 5 trophy guide but gave up at the time but even then my guide would pick up the Japanese trophy list. I think someone asked that before and the answer is it depends on how much guides have been sent for review. Guess this time the queue is large so your guide is taking a while to review.
  10. :platinum: #139 - Batman: Arkham City [PS4] (+100% Completion)


    If there was a definition of a perfect sequel I think this game is pretty close to it. Although this is a better game compared to Asylum I still prefer the later although it might be because I have a greater preference for linear games compared to open world.

    City's combat is a lot better but could still use some improvements like when trying to counter 2 or more hits. I can't count the number of times I get attacked by 2+ hits at once, try to counter, batman does the animation of countering 2 attacks but it only stops 1 hit and the other still registers and ends my combo.

    As for the challenges, they're easier than Asylum mainly the combat ones since the points needed are a lot more acessible, I had combat challenges were at the end of Round 3 I already hit the 3 medal requirements or if I didn't Round 4 would give me enough points to almost double what I needed.

    Predator challenges were a lot more frustrating. Might be due to how much gadgets were added and the AI being smarter but a lot of the challenges feel frustrating with some challenges becoming almost impossible to pull off once enemies become terrified.

    As for the DLC characters they were fine. Robin was my favourite since his shield made the Predator Challenges a lot more fun to do, Catwoman took some getting used to since she plays different compared to Batman and Nightwing feels like a combination of the two.


    Overall it was a great game and I had fun with it, next up I'll see the game that received the moniker of World of Tanks. Is it an exageration? I hope it is but guess I'll find out soon.

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  11. UPDATE: A spokesperson for Facebook provided the following statement to Kotaku: “We’re working with Sony to finalize an updated contract designed to improve the Facebook integration on PlayStation. While these discussions are in progress, Facebook features will not be available on PlayStation 4. We hope to bring these features back as soon as our teams reach agreement.” ORIGINAL: https://support.playstation.com/s/article/Removal-of-Facebook-Integration-from-PS4?language=en_US PS4 will lose Facebook integration starting today. You won't be able to share screenshots, videos, trophies and the like. Profile pictures imported from Facebook will also no longer be used.
  12. Like everyone said it's cross-buy. Buy one version PS3 or Vita and you'll get the other one free of charge. Also, PS3 and Vita games still get discounts it's just that Sony has no interest in advertising it. I even bought the entire Ratchet & Clank games released on PS3 this last July for 50€ total, the trilogy alone was being sold for 9.99€. If you want to keep up with the PS3/Vita discounts then I'd recommend you check out this site: https://psprices.com/
  13. From my knowledge, the Left Behind DLC was removed because they released it as a standalone game.
  14. There isn't and you misunderstood what the guide meant. The MP has what's called a journey and it lasts 12 weeks but it isn't in real-time. One match is 1 day of the journey so what it means is that to complete a single journey you'll need to complete 84 matches if I didn't count wrong. If you quit the match then it'll count as a day passed so you can use that to reduce the grind just take note that you'll be penalized for doing that in the form of your clan getting sick/deaths so only use it if you have at least a few clan members alive and healthy.