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  1. Also had that problem with both my DS3 controllers. In my case, the problem came from a piece of foam inside that's used to press a ribbon to the controller board. With the passage of time and use the foam doesn't apply the same amount pressure and it resulted in random button presses (in my case it was mainly from the D-Pad since when I played games like Devil May Cry 3 I was having the item menu opening mid-battle). The way I solved it was to place a piece of cardboard or tape below the foam so it applied more pressure.
  2. Vergil's Downfall is fine on my account but noticed something similar with Infamous: Festival of Blood (which I got it by buying the Infamous Collection Pack years ago). If I find it in the PS3 store (looking at games with discounts for example) it appears with the buy option only while other games that I own appear as bought but if I use the search menu to look for the game then the Download option appears.
  3. It just adds the Necromancer as another class plus 2 character slots and cosmetic items (banner, wings for your character, etc.). Is it worth $10, depends on the person. If you played Diablo, enjoyed it and don't mind paying for another class then it's worth it. I personally paid full price when it came out and don't regret it since it's one of my favourite classes along with Monk and Crusader.
  4. The only option that I know to buy complete/special/XL/etc. edition of games given out on Plus, beside the options already given, is to wait until the subscription ends and buy the games before renewing Plus.
  5. As far as I know the reason is because the developers are from Spain. Playstation around here it's the Iberica branch (which combines Spain and Portugal) and they sometimes make deals with local developers to give out their games. EDIT: Just checked my mail and it also mentions that Kyurinaga's Revenge will be given along with Ratchet & Clank and Bloodborne.
  6. According to the trophy guide found here:
  7. Like everyone has said it's all random, I personally got lucky and got all 10 in the middle of my second playthrough on hard. 6 or 7 (don't remember the number) of those diamonds was by playing normally and the other 3 or 4 by using the farming method Elvick_ mentioned. The best one I found was Chapter 8-3: Heavy Machinery. The first chest of the chapter is right in the beginning. Just go right, ignore the enemies by jumping upwards on the platforms and you'll find the chest to the right of the tallest platform.
  8. Gadget Parts only appear once. So once you obtain a certain part they won't appear on a chest again unless you start a new game. Gems, like the diamond, appear on chests once per playthrough and they are random (they appear with a star rating that tells the rarity, diamond and green gems are the rarest with full starts). The problem is that duplicate appear, meaning that even after obtaining the amount necessary of a particular gem to unlock a Knack upgrade you can still obtain it.
  9. It's all luck based. In the beginning the probability of gaining a gadget part is higher than a gem/relic. Once you have every gadget part then you only obtain gems/relics. You have to play in the same difficulty because if you change it you have to start from the beginning, collecting everything again (any knack unlocked is still unlocked but gadgets don't stay unlocked and the gems go back to 0). Also the chests are only saved after confirming what you get. If you close the game while on the friend menu, when you return you'll find the chest closed and can open it to obtain something else (do note that you'll always start from the beginning of the chapter when you load your last save). I personally got everything in 1 and a half playthrough on hard. Got lucky and obtained 6 diamonds (the only gem that you can't obtain from friends) while playing normally and got the last 4 after farming diamonds using chests that appear in the beginning of chapters like Chapter 8-3: Heavy Machinery by closing the game to reopen them.
  10. As far as I know, the main reason is the game weren't made with trophies in mind. In programming there's always the problem that all it takes is to add something, even when it's a small thing like trophys, and you get bugs in places where there were none before. This is the case with remasters since adding trophies could cause problems that they don't want to deal with. And from what I know, remasters are usually done by teams different from the ones who developed the original game so they don't know the game code as good as the original team. And in old games trophies weren't really the main focus, they usually didn't have them or when they had them they were usually for beating boss x, clearing chapter y or getting every collectable. Not like now were they can create a trophy that unlocks if you go to a specific spot that you wouldn't go if it wasn't for the trophy.
  11. When you find a gem/relic you get a menu that shows what you got and what you're friends got in that chest. If you simply press confirm you get what you obtained, but if you scroll through the list you can obtain what you're friends got instead of what you got. Example: You open a chest and you get a red gem which you already have the Knack associated to that gem unlocked. But you have a friend who got a green gem that you're still collecting to unlock the green knack. You can then switch the red gem for the green one in this situation.
  12. The marvelheroes.info site is unofficial (if you scroll to the end of the page it says "This site is not affiliated with Marvel Entertainment or Gazillion"), it's just a site that players use to share builds and info about the game (and it's mainly focused on the PC Version), those new items are basically items found on the code of the PC version, I believe it's called Data Mining where you search the game code for clues about possible future features and unreleased items. And as stated before the timer is just an estimate based on comment from a dev on discord, until now no official statement was given. All news that we received after the one that stated that the servers would shut down at the end of the year ( Dec 31, 2017 ) is coming mainly through devs using discord, twitter, etc. that were laid off.
  13. Just got the platinum in time. Sucks about the server shutdown, especially since we didn't even get an oficial statement, all we got were devs telling us through discord. For those who are trying to get the legendary to rank 5 I recommend replaying the Juggernaut Operation ( Church of Purification ). I played with Iceman on Omega dificulty (highest difficulty) with 9 characters on the sinergy (which gives a 90% boost to exp) and 5x exp boosts and it took me 15min max to clear (killing the enemies for both chests and then clear the boss) and I got on average 8million each time (sometimes got 10million when the boss dropped two additional chests).
  14. Should be the email registered to your PSN account (the one you use to login). I don't remember how long exactly but i know it wasn't more than a week after getting the platinum.
  15. Just keep killing enemies, when I started challenge mode I also thought that the exp wasn't increasing but as I continued playing I noticed that it was increasing (my guess is that the starting enemies give little exp). Also make sure that you don't have the invicibility cheat on.