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  1. I'm going to bed so I'm done. Was able to get 15 trophies in AC: Unity.
  2. The best way to train your Digimon is through fighting since the timer doesn't advance but it'll take a couple of generations to reach a state where you can train them back to how they were whenever one dies of old age. First, the stats your Digimon gets in a fight depends on how high their stats are (a 2k Digimon won't receive much stats if you fight in the beginner area for example), what stage they are (a Champion will receive fewer stats compared to if he was still a Rookie), how strong your opponent is (the higher their level the more stats they give) and what stage they are (if you fight an LVL 10 Champion he'll give you more stats compared to fighting an LVL 15 Rookie). The video provided by JoeNDM is the one I followed and it's a good one to start off since the enemies in there give out some good stats, and are near the start/end of the area so you can respawn them quickly while also not being too powerful. If one of your Digimon dies of old age and your remaining Digimon is strong enough to solo fights take that chance to power train your newly born one. When your two Digimon are in different stages the lower stage Digimon receives bonus stats when fighting/training.
  3. If you just want to complete HITMAN 3 without having to play the previous games then you'll need "HITMAN 3 Standard" plus the "HITMAN Trilogy Premium Add-Ons Bundle"
  4. The Shelby doesn't count. Have the Ferrari and the Jaguar (missing the Ford) and the trophy didn't unlock after I bought the Shelby.
  5. There are two cars named Mercedes 300 SL. The one that won LeMans is the W194 and then there's the version being sold which is the Coupé which was made based on the winner (the in-game description even states this).
  6. The Mercedes on sale isn't the one that won the LeMans, it's a road car that was derived from the winner (as stated in the in-game Learn More).
  7. People mainly thought that because in previous GT games there was a trophy for getting 3 specific legendary cars (The Jaguar XJ13, the Ford Mark IV and the Ferrari 330) and since the other two were LeMan winners with the XJ13 being made for it even though it never competed (the destined wording on the description could also be interpreted to include cars designed for it even though they never participated). Hence people started assuming the XJ13 also counted.
  8. Just repeated A-5 and the trophy unlocked. Haven't done S-10 yet so either the trophy unlocks just by completing a single wet test instead of doing all of them or S-10 doesn't count for the trophy.
  9. It's currently glitched so it's impossible to get (it's reported in the Known Issues page on the in-game news and the official GT website).
  10. Check out the trophy guide for some tips. When it comes to Trish one of her best combos to rack up points is to Round Trip (where she throws the sword Sparda like a boomerang that stuns locks most enemies in place) then hit them with a Collider (where she punches the ground and lightning hits everyone around her). I've personally gone through the entire game using just using that combo (plus her Pandora Cannon attack against Blitz) and ended up with an S-Rank at the end of most missions on my 1st or 2nd try (the only missions I had to farm points was Mission 14 and 18 where I had to reenter areas where enemies respawn to get a couple more points).
  11. Each level and difficulty has different point requirements to get S-Rank. In Human Mode, the requirements for Mission 8 is 42.500 (since you beat it you got S-Rank) and for MIssion 17 it's 85.000 (so you needed an extra 1265 points to get S-Rank).
  12. The games "story" mode is online, if you're playing it and get disconnected from the servers it'll even boot you back to the main menu. Got me mad when I did a race, won, got to the result screen but for some reason I was disconnected at the time and it kicked me back to the main menu without the race counting as finished and I had to retry it.
  13. You can't, the save is on their servers and they haven't given the option to start a new game. From their website:
  14. From what I remember of previous GT games, the rain license is separate from the other ones. I'm currently going through the licenses and I haven't spotted a Rain one (just one or two tracks on the rain) but considering how the game is limiting your access to stuff at the start it might be something that unlocks as you progress through the game.
  15. Progress is saved online and is shared between the PS4 and PS5 versions of HITMAN 3 (it's why if you check the leaderboards you'll see people getting 100% in a matter of seconds). You can transfer your progress from HITMAN 2 to 3 once (some trophies like the "get a score of x points" will require you to repeat the mission to unlock on H3).