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  1. Extended mine last week since the discount started on physical stores earlier (bought it through my local ATM so I didn't have to drive to the nearest store that sells PSN Cards) The banner is there (on the Playstation®Plus section) but clicking on it leads to an "Unable to find the page" error so they might not have updated the US Store yet.
  2. Mine unlocked as soon as I placed a Watchstone in each map area and I had only completed a total of 56 white maps at the time
  3. Voted for Ghost. To me, it seems the most interesting of the two games. Thanks for the giveaway grimydawg____
  4. That was because the Comrades DLC isn't in the Royal Pack, it never was. It was available in the Season Pass (it's different from the Royal Pack) but was removed from the one available in the store when they decided to make it a standalone game. Right now the only option is to buy the Royal Edition (Physical or Digital) since that still has the old season pass (the one that had the DLC) included.
  5. Once you buy it you should be able to download only the DLC. Just go to the game on the PS4 dashboard, press down, and go to the Playstation™Store option and you should be able to download any of the DLC you want to install from there. Just be careful when you download the DLC without the Proxy since the PS4 might try to update the game (you can just pause and cancel the update before it installs if it does).
  6. The Comrades DLC is only available in the Season Pass that comes with the Royal Edition game. Either buy the Royal Edition Physically (has to be a new copy since it comes in a code) or buy the Digital version to get it.
  7. Like ResoluteRock said you can only share things on the Primary Console of the account that has the subscription (only one console can be Primary at any given time). This means that using your example if the first console is the Primary of account #3 then account #1 can play online while on the second console account #2 can't play online.
  8. From what I know you don't need Plus to play Hitman and have access to everything with or without it (so you can get 100%). The game does require internet access since it saves your progress online.
  9. :platinum: #153 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (+100% Completion)


    That's one more Uncharted game completed. I started my first playthrough on Crushing since I expected the difficulty on the same level as Crushing on the remastered previous games. At the start, I was enjoying it a lot since I went with the stealth method so I was able to clear a lot of the fighting with stealth actually feeling good. But then I reached Chapter 17 and it started to feel like bullshit, enemies always throw grenades so I have to constantly move but then the game gives us gunfights were we have limited cover and even if the grenade doesn't kill you it'll stun you long enough for the enemies to finish you off. So for those starting out I would really recommend you play on Normal or lower for the first playthrough since it'll unlock Cheats that will make your life a lot easier when doing Crushing. The speedrun wasn't that bad since I finished with 1 hour remaining even with all the mistakes I did that cost me time.
    The Survival DLC was fine until we played it on Crushing. While enemies give a decent challenge that kinda goes out the window once we reach the bosses, the amount of health these guys have, the teleporting powers and with a legion of minions that are even stronger than the regular enemies protecting them kinda makes me want to punch whoever at Naughty Dog thought this was a good idea, it's even more frustrating with the time limit where it basically makes it so if you die or spend too much time on an earlier wave you'll fail to get 3 stars (especially on Stage 2 where we only got something like 1 minute to kill the bastard).

  10. You only get all the DLC if the game on the service is the version that has it included (The Game of the Year or Complete Editions). Downloading the game only allows you to use DLC that you have already bought
  11. :platinum: #152 - Sonic Forces


    Don't really have anything to say about the game. It wasn't anything bad like some people describe it but it wasn't anything special. It still has those 3D Sonic problems where you want to go forward but if you just tilt the stick a little to the side it's enough for your character to be sent flying out of the ground. Classic Sonic feels off with how stiff he is and how he loses speed in a lot of areas where the speed should have increased instead. Some of the Time trials where really tight in some levels, like the first stage with Classic Sonic, were it took me a lot of tries to get it done.

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      Froopy the Temmie

      This game didn't deserve the hate it got.  Having said that, it pales in comparison to Sonic Generations, which is what I feel like the game was trying to emulate the success of.  Honestly, if they doubled the length of all the levels in this game, it'd have been so much better.

  12. The video is nice but it's kinda pointless if you use one of the various online maps there are like this one that shows her current location: https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/ Still good job making it.
  13. Using a Proxy that blocks the PS4 from downloading the patch. Just follow one of the methods in this thread:
  14. For the red star ring to spawn you have to defeat all the enemies in the area below where red star ring should be (the round plaza).
  15. To answer your first question. From my knowledge yes, you can use the tweak glitch after finishing hard to make crushing (then Brutal later) easier even on the latest patch (from what I've been told since when I played the game I never let it update until I finished Brutal in all 3 games). You could still use the tweak glitch on U2 but for that, you'll have to remove the game then install it while preventing it from downloading the latest patch (if Physical then simply play the disk without letting the patch install, if Digital then you'll have to use a Proxy to make the PS4 only download the Base game without the patch). From my experience, U3 is a lot easier compared to the first two although it does have a few parts that can get annoying mainly because the checkpoint in those parts are really far apart (like you have to go through 3/4 enemies waves of enemies to reach the next one) but to me, it wasn't as rage-inducing as U1 and U2. For the speedrun, I got it on my first try without any skips and it was the first time I played U3 (only played the first two on PS3).