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  1. From what I saw the cases may be different. All the promotion in Europe I've seen from images to videos show the normal case (only difference is the red Greatest Hits line in the front and on the side). While the NA promotion shows a red case. Here's another image showing the NA boxes at another angle, the EU looks the same but the cases are the normal blue.
  2. Here are my predictions for tomorrow: Portugal vs Morocco: 2-1 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia: 2-0 Iran v Spain: 0-2
  3. Project Cars. It has a trophy that requires that you participate in 20 different community events. Community Events are Time Trial events that rank participants on a leaderboard. These events are only available for a limited time (a week and it's only one event during that week) before they expire and new events are cycled in. At the moment there are only 22 events announced (it's unknown if the developers will release new ones since they already released Project Cars 2 almost a year ago), one started this Monday at it will end next Monday, and another is only available if you have the On-Demand DLC (or if you have the Game of the Year Edition). For more details on the date of the events look here:
  4. Nope, only mail I got was just them announcing that PlayStation Hits is coming to PS4. Even created a topic here because of it:
  5. Sony just announced that PlayStation Hits is returning for PS4. Starting July 18th, you'll be able to buy a select few games for €19.99/ £15.99 / $19.99. EDIT: Here's another promotional image from NA showing the cases in another angle and a video from PlayStation Europe.
  6. Here are my predictions for tomorrow: Colombia vs Japan: 2-1 Poland vs Senegal: 1-0 Russia vs Egypt: 2-1
  7. Guess it's back to not being able to predict the scoreline again. 😦 Here are my predictions for the games tomorrow (going for a 2-0 for every game): Sweden vs South Korea: 2-0 Belgium vs Panama: 2-0 Tunisia vs England: 0-2
  8. Same thing with me. Went to MediaMarkt (closest store to my house with cards for PSN, eShop, Netflix, etc.) to get a 10€ card but they didn't have one so I got two 5€ cards. When I went to pay the cashier told me that Sony had stopped supplying the 10€ PSN cards. Here the iTunes cards also look like that but it's probably different in different countries when it comes to PSN cards (or other cards depending on the company) since here the physical PSN cards stopped having scratch codes for a while (although they appear from time to time). The method the cards I find on the stores closest to me is that the code is printed in the receipt we get.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if Putin just told the teams to make the most unpredictable outcomes possible while making sure Russia had the best result in the first matches. Either way, I got the Croatia v Nigeria match right. Here are my predictions for the next games: Costa Rica vs Serbia: 0-0 Germany vs Mexico: 2-1 Brazil vs Switzerland: 2-0 @DoctorDrPepper, @PooPooBlast sorry to say but the registration was closed on 13th June 2018 00:00 BST.
  10. Maybe he just wanted to continue sharing quotes since this was fun doing. Here's another: "THAT SENTENCE HAD TOO MANY SYLLABLES! APOLOGIZE!" - Mr. Torgue, Borderlands 2 (Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC)
  11. Damn were we off by a mile with today's results, I feel like I shouldn't bother trying to predict this World Cup. Either way here's my predictions: France vs Australia: 1-0 Argentina vs Iceland: 2-0 Peru vs Denmark: 2-1 Croatia vs Nigeria: 2-0
  12. Quote #8 "Stay awhile and listen..." - Deckard Cain, Diablo II
  13. Damn you Russia, why couldn't you just stop at 2. Here are my predictions for the next three games: Egypt vs Uruguay: 0 - 2 Morocco vs Iran: 1 - 0 Portugal vs Spain: 0 - 1
  14. Quote #7 "Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people." - Scout, Team Fortress 2
  15. I've been getting a trophy a day using Project Cars and Trine 2: Complete Story. Had both games since I got my PS4 (Cars came with my PS4 and Trine got it through Plus) but stopped playing them since Cars I didn't like how the cars handled and Trine 2 stopped because I started buying games that I wanted to play. I actually started playing them again to obtain the platinum but around the second day, they announced this competition so I waited for it so I guess I was lucky with that. Right now my progress is: 8th June (Day 1) - Shrooms and Glooms (Trine 2: Complete Story) and Taylor Would Be Proud (Project Cars) 9th June (Day 2) - Dirty Tactics (Trine 2: Complete Story) 10th June (Day 3) - Pearl Diver (Trine 2: Complete Story) 11th June (Day 4) - I Didn't Do It (Trine 2: Complete Story) and Lap Time Wizard (Project Cars) 12th June (Day 5) - Triple Crown (Project Cars) 13th June (Day 6) - Zero To Hero (Project Cars) For tomorrow I already left Double Rainbow (Project Cars) ready, all I have to do to unlock it is finish a race.