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  1. I did. The PS+ version also gets you all the H1 levels needed to 100% Hitman 2 and 3.
  2. Buying any version of the Royal Edition (Physical or Digital) will give you the Comrades DLC. Accessing said DLC is only possible if you don't let the game update to 1.27 and above (using the proxy trick)
  3. It's mostly RPGs but here are some of my favourites to play on the PSP: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Hexyz Force Riviera: The Promised Land Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Fate/Extra Ys: The Oath in Felghana Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!
  4. Depends if you already redeem what you need. For H1 you would need to access its in-game store and get the Legacy Pack, then on HITMAN 3 you would be able to get the H1 Access Pass for free. If you already got it (for example to play H1 levels in H2) then you don't need to do reinstall the game. For H2, if I remember right the disk Gold Edition came with a code. If you redeemed that code then you should be able to get the H2 Gold Access Pass for free in H3. Meaning you also don't need to reinstall the game. As for Profile Saves, if you created and linked your Profile with an IO Account in H2 then you should be able to transfer your save without reinstalling the game. If you didn't then you'll need to reinstall H2 to do that (you should only need to install the base game and not the entire 100gb download). Also it's only possible to transfer your H2 save to H3, the H1 save isn't possible to transfer.
  5. Thanks @Han_the_Dragon for the notification. I'll pick March 10th
  6. Welcome! Huge number of guides have been popping up so I guess this new team is fast. Like Beyond said keep up the great work! Let's see if I get my lazy ass to write a guide this year.
  7. My guess would be 599,4
  8. Congrats. My guess is 650
  9. :platinum: #180 - Devil May Cry 4 (PS4)

    Almost 4 years later I've finally decided to finish DMC4. Got to say using Lady and Trish makes getting this platinum easy to the point I couldn't believe it, in the end, found doing Bloody Palace with Nero (with the Super Costume for help although it isn't needed from my experience) the hardest thing to do but not by much.

  10. Has nothing to do with having the code (you can find the codes for the songs in the guide). Basically, in the story you'll reach a computer and Otacon will tell you its passcode to login but if you input a code different from what he tells you (like the ones for the songs) then Otacon will say that Snake is getting too old if he can't remember the code he told him a few minutes ago and then proceeds to input the code for you. For that reason, as I said in my previous message, you can only input a passcode once per playthrough.
  11. Yes, as long as you continue to use the same save you can collect the songs in different playthroughs. In fact, it's impossible to obtain them all in a single playthrough since there are some like in Act 4 where you have to input a password but you can only do it once a playthrough and 2 songs are obtained with different codes and the one where you have to collect all emblems (which is the one that makes you have to do all those playthroughs in the first place for the trophy).
  12. Yes, you can skip all bike sections and will still get the Hard Mode trophy.
  13. The levels are essentially the same so you can still use the guide. As for time required it would be less since your only required to complete a level once and reach Mastery Level 20, so it all comes down to how fast your reach said level. When I did HITMAN 2 I reached Level 20 in around 2 hours for each level. Also for anyone wondering progress transfer only works from HITMAN 2 to 3.
  14. :platinum: #175 - Assassin's Creed Origins (+100% Completion)


    One more AC game completed. Enjoyed this one a lot although the combat against shield enemies was annoying, especially the bigger enemies since you have to charge a heavy attack to bypass the shield (if you get the skill) and doing that can leave you open for attacks there is an alternative with dodging around the enemy and attack but they either flipped too fast or my dodge would place me too far to hit them. The DLC was great too, the boss battles against the pharaohs were challenging although if you want they can be made easier by just keeping your distance while you heal.