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  1. That trophy progress is nice
  2. :platinum: #164 - Darksiders III (+100% Completion)


    Had the game on my backlog since it came out on Plus and with the Season Pass being on discount figured it was a good time as any to work on it. The game is fine although the combat could use some work especially when your fighting multiple enemies, can't tell the times I was against two+ enemies and while I dodged the first attack I was hit with the 2nd one without any chance to dodge it, this did improve once I got my hands on the Enchantment that increases the dodge success.

    My main complaint with the game though would be with it's loading, while it was tolerable when I was exploring for items it got really annoying whenever I got myself killed and then had to go through 2+ loadings while making my way back to where I died, especially when it happened in the middle of a fight (guess I was fighting in the middle of two loading areas since it happened whenever I dodged in the direction I came from). Other than that it was an enjoyable experience and hope the next game comes out soon.

  3. :platinum: #163 - Bully / Canis Canem Edit


    Since it was on sale I decided to get one of the last Rockstar Games I played on PS2. Once again it was fun replaying an old game, shame there wasn't a continuation for the series. Trophy-wise it wasn't much although I still had to waste 2 hours grinding by driving around with the bike, skateboard and getting into trouble to get the last trophies.

    Got from the sale the Season Pass for Darksiders III so I think I'll play that next.

  4. Pretty neat idea, here's my entry with number 4475 Link: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4475-bully/TugaSonic
  5. As far as I know, it has to be in public matches. But you can still boost it by changing to the Asian Servers since those are dead (last I played only 1 random showed up while my group boosted and that only happened a total of 3 times).
  6. :platinum: #162 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS4)


    And the 3D Trilogy is complete. It was fun replaying the games again and while they haven't aged that well in some aspects it's still a great collection of games. Guess San Andreas is so huge compared to the other two that they lowered the amount of stuff you had to do (like getting 100% completion isn't required in this one). My only major issue when playing this game is that after getting busted 5 times the frame rate started dropping to the point that when I reached 15 the frames were so low I had to save, close the game and reopen it to have it go back to normal but other than that I didn't have too much of an issue.


    I think I'll go back to Path of Exile until I finally decide to buy and play Judgment.


  7. :platinum: #161 - Grand Theft Auto III


    One more nostalgia-filled game completed (again). Game wasn't as bad as I expected, guess playing Vice City before it kinda reduced the impact from how bad it aged. Only missions that were a nightmare to play were the rampages that asked you to do headshots with the sniper (there's the awful aiming compared to today's standards plus the time limit was too short and the game tended to reach a certain point were it stopped spawning enemies that caused me to fail them a lot) and the off-road missions since vehicles in this game are really easy to flip-over. Besides that, it was pretty fun. Trophy-wise I found the requirements actually manageable during normal playing with the exception being the exploding vehicles were I ended up with only 1/4 of the requirements at the end of my playthrough but the Explode Cars cheat fixed that issue easily.


    Now only have San Andreas left.

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    2. funboy1246


      congrats. not just on the plat but doing that stupid remote control plane missions. yeesh

    3. TugaSonic


      Thanks guys.


      @Astray404 There's some lag but not that noticeable, at least I had no issue playing when it comes to that, I just recommend you deactivate the motion blur (it's the option named Trails).


      @funboy1246 Thanks. There are no plane missions on this one (that was introduced in Vice City), all it has is blowing up cars with small remote controll cars.

    4. funboy1246


      lol nvm my bad. i was think of san andreas

  8. VR Missions in MGS2 I found a lot harder mainly due to how some of the controls haven't aged well (controlling the sniper is a nightmare compared to the rest for example). I'd argue MGS4 is only considered hard due to how much of a grind it takes (looking at you Chicken Emblem). MGS4 can seem hard if you go blind but if it's a lot easier than it seems especially if you farm weapon ammo on easier difficulties before doing BBE (if you farm chaff grenades for example you can basically skip almost all of the enemy encounters in Chapter 4). When it comes to bosses the octopus boss is the one I found hard mainly because I didn't find a method or glitch that makes it easy compared to others since all of the others have methods/glitches that you can basically finish them in a matter of seconds. The AI is also scripted to the point if you're having trouble you can just follow a gameplay video of someone playing through it and the enemies will be 99% of the time in the same positions.
  9. The timing is really generous. I did it on my 4th playthrough under 3 hours and there were multiple parts that I could have finished faster and I wouldn't say I was any way close to mastering the game. A tip for making the time lower is during Chapter 3 (the one were you have to follow a guy for most of the chapter), follow the guy until he moves to another area but don't follow him to the other area. Save the game and then reload it. You'll be back to the start of the area but the game will save the guy already in the other area with your current time being the time when you first started the area (the time you spent following the guy isn't counted this way). Just rush to the new area the guy went and with this method, you save the time spent following the guy on the timer.
  10. :platinum: #160 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


    Another blast from the past although this one hasn't aged that well control-wise. It still was fun replaying the game but it was a fight against the controls (especially the camera) most of the time. That Godfather trophy was a goddamn grind, how I hate trophies were you don't even complete one-tenth of the requirements when you reach 100% in-game completion. Still have GTA 3 and San Andreas on my backlog, I think I'll do GTA3 next although it probably aged a lot worse compared to Vice City.

  11. :platinum: #159 - Resident Evil 2 (+100% Completion)


    Finally got to complete this game. Game is great and some of the zombies actually gave me a mini-scare when they came out of a corner that I wasn't expecting. I felt Mr. X was too annoying to me, even when I played on the easiest difficulty he showed up too often but I admit I basically killed 90% of things on my path so that might be the reason he showed up as often as he did.

    For now, I'll have to decide what to work on next. Maybe start Darksiders 3 or go back and finish either GTA: Vice City or Persona 5.

  12. If it's re-released for free (either through Plus or due to having it on my library) I might do it again. The game is fun and it's one of those games that I don't feel I got screwed over by RNG or some bullshit like that. If I die or fail in the game it was 100% my fault. But like Dzware said I doubt the game would be re-released. The fact we even got it so late and on Plus was already a great surprise and then we have the sequel coming out next year I think.
  13. :platinum: #155, #156, #157 - Spyro Reignited Trilogy


    A blast from the past. Like with Crash and Medievil It was really fun replaying an old PS1 game remade with today's controls and graphics. Although the difficulty drop from Spyro 2 to 3 was really noticeable with things like the Skill Points (not required for the platinum) asking to defeat all the bosses on the first 2 games but not present in the 3rd game.



    :platinum: #158 - Titanfall 2


    Really fun FPS, enjoyed it a lot more than what I expected. Took me 2 hours to get :bronze:...Becomes the Master but I got it in the end, I wish EA will let Respawn make Titanfall 3 soon.

  14. :platinum: #154 - Super Meat Boy





    Finally got this bastard! Originally my plan was to get it 2 years ago as my 100th platinum but got Project Cars as my 100th instead since there was the risk of the community races ending making it unobtainable and then I went on vacation with only my PS3 so I just decided to come back to the game at a later time (was only missing Zombie Boy, Girl Boy and Impossible Boy). Got back to the game and after spending the last weeks practicing and doing the no-deaths run I got left I finally got the platinum. It's a really fun game although it can get infuriating dying multiple times.

    Think I'm going to play the Spyro Reignited Trilogy to calm down a little since I bought it the other day, once I finish it I'll either go back to Path of Exile starting a new character on the new league since I reached a roadblock with my current one or play the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

  15. Bought these two from the Retro & Remastered sale: