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  1. Use the Gaming Session
  2. Check the date your Plus membership ends to see if it was accepted. When you insert a Plus code it should combine with your current membership delaying the end date with how much the card is. For example, if your Plus ended on August 31st, 2019 and you added a 1-year Plus card then your current membership should end on August 31st, 2020.
  3. I agree. When they first announced the game with the name Project Z I already tough instead or redoing the story of Z they should go back to the original Dragon Ball. It's better to do as an RPG since it had Goku traveling around the world in search of the Dragon Balls with a lot of room to add filler to that story (like Goku entering the demon realm). They can add all kinds of enemies since the world of DB is vast and Goku isn't that OP (this game feels like it's just going to be Robots and Frieza Henchman all the time). And in the end, a lot of people probably didn't watch/read the original Dragon Ball story since they started with Z and considering that games with that story are practically non-existent (the only ones I remember is the GBA's Advanced Adventure and the DS Origins games) it would actually feel fresh to go through it. Also, I changed the XBox trailer in the first post with the Playstation one with English voices.
  4. Epic strikes again with their load of cash.

    The PC version of Shenmue III will be released exclusively on the Epic Store as announced on their Kickstarter Page.

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    2. TugaSonic


      @KingGuy420 I agree that this could really help developers and with how much steam cares this is probably the only way for Steam to change. The main issue in this case, in my opinion, is that this is a crowdfunded game and the developers/publishers are making a decision for exclusivity without even bothering to a discussion with the people that gave them money in the first place. A simple post saying that they're thinking of accepting the exclusivity deal since the money could help make the game even better and they didn't want to ask for more. Or just stating that they did this because they don't like how much Steam is taking, etc. Instead, people just get a post saying that they accepted the deal because it's the best distribution platform (which a lot of people disagree with the reason they say over and over again which is the Epic Store's lack of features) when looking for " the most enjoyable experience on PC".

    3. KingGuy420


      Yeah well, that's on the Shenmue devs, not so much Epic. That's the problem with Kickstater projects though. I mean, look at the Bloodstained Vita version lol. Kickstarter is a crap chute.

    4. TugaSonic


      @KingGuy420 I also share that opinion about not being Epic's fault. Whenever a new exclusivity deal is announced I always hear people complaining about how Epic is throwing money around and forcing people to go to their store. Epic isn't forcing developers/publishers, they accept the deal if they want to or not. Heck, the deal is even temporary most of the time. I always saw it as a positive thing and if Steam dropped the percentage they take I would actually like to see Epic continue the exclusivity deals but only with indie developers that actually could use the money to help improve their game.

  5. Added new video showing the open-world gameplay to the first post.
  6. Cool, another Portagee 😁👍

  7. Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally coming to the west? :yay:

    As an Xbox One exclusive and only in the USA and not Europe 😞

    What the hell SEGA 😡



    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      damn xbox, does that ps is next

    2. ShonenCat


      Time to dust off my Xbox xD

    3. MidnightDragon


      Well, it's always possible it may be released on PlayStation later, but that sucks if you were looking forward to it.

  8. Don't want a repeat of Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi. That game was basically a glorified cutscene game since all you do is punch and go through a rock, paper, scissors game and the story you had fights that stopped mid-way to show a cutscene of what happens in the anime. The game was already announced previously for Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when it was simply known as Project Z. Since its name and gameplay reveal was done at Microsoft's conference you only get things from their side for now. Microsoft really doesn't want to reveal anything for their competitors since anything they show only says that it comes out on Xbox and PC not mentioning anything else be it PlayStation or Nintendo.
  9. Known as Project Z, a new Dragon Ball Z Action RPG it's been officially given the new title of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot being developed by CyberConnect2. CyberConnect2 is perhaps best known for the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series of games for Bandai Namco. EDIT: Here's an interview with an open-world gameplay
  10. Take a look at this topic that is pinned at the top of this sub-forum:
  11. From what I remember the digital version already has the DLC included a long time ago unless you got a bugged version like me that had incompatible DLC bundled with the game (which from my research already got fixed years ago for new buyers).
  12. So apparently FIFA Street is back! As a game mode for FIFA 20 called VOLTA Football. And the Switch will get the "Legacy Edition" treatment.





    1. ee28max


      Then I thought FIFA 14 was back to, until I remembered that EA wouldn't do anything. Just had my hopes up for a few seconds, pretty dumb lol. 

  13. Gran Turismo Sport, :platinum: Progress Report


    After a year and a half of not touching the game finally decided to start working on unlocking this games online trophies. Just unlocked :gold:Certified Genius which got my PSN Level to 31. :yay:


    Current Progress:

    • Races Completed: 121 of 322;
    • Number of Wins: 48 of 91;
    • Pole Positions: 67 of 65. COMPLETE


    This games penalty system really needs a lot of work. Here I am on a straight line, a driver goes to my side, rams into me and I get a 5-second penalty.

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    2. ee28max


      Awesome level up! 

    3. TugaSonic


      @Precision-Playyy that's probably going to happen to me as well considering I already have more than half of the wins (52 at the time of this message) and less than half the races done. One annoying thing about the game right now is that it needs a full lobby but due to a lack of players, I guess, it's matching people of different ranks. I can't tell how many races I've got where the lobby was half-full of D-rank racers (the rank I'm currently) and the other half was full of A-rank racers that dominated the races.

    4. Precision-Playyy


      @TugaSonic yeah I think I remember it starting to get like that towards the time I finished it around November last year, I mostly stayed around the b rank, sometimes moved to A or S, but for the most part I always tried to make sure I had an excellent qualifying lap as there's no better way to win a race then starting on pole. Keep at it mate, it's a long grind but you'll get there in the end, all I have left is the level 50 trophy, currently at level 47, but I'm doing the same oval track to gain exp and that is incredibly boring haha.

  14. If you're going straight for the trophy while ignoring any collectible, upgrades, etc. the only trophy you would need to unlock, if I remember correctly would be Nostalgic for the 80s. As for trophies to look out for (as in you might unlock them by simply playing): Whip It Good, since it's a battle trophy that you might unlock right at the first few fights Who Ya Gonna Call?, throughout the map there are cards that you can collect so you might unlock it by picking one up thinking it's just a normal item Mr. Shakedown Takedown, this is a boss that appears randomly through the map and you're forced to fight him once at the start of the game as part of the tutorial about him. He's tough and you're supposed to lose against him on the first fight but if you're good you can defeat him but if you do you'll unlock the trophy. The other trophies that you might unlock will be only if you don't go straight for the ...I Did It for the Trophy since they ask you to complete a certain number of substories (this games name for side quests), complete or play certain minigames, upgrade your character a certain number of times, etc..
  15. I believe it's this: https://store.playstation.com/pt-pt/product/EP9000-BCES01585_00-TLOUADDONSBUNDLE