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  1. #108, #109, #110 - Tomb Raider Trilogy (PS3) Played the games on PC when they came out and now years later found a physical copy of the Trilogy on a second-hand store so I bought it to replay them. Anniversary is still my favourite from the 3 since there's more focus on the puzzles. The game barely has cutscenes, it made me realize how games now rely on cutscenes and dialogue to tell the story. I was scared of playing Underworld because of the reported bugs but I was happy that I only encountered one bug and it was at the beginning of the game, when jumping off the boat Lara got stuck under it, had to start all over since loading my save would always result in getting stuck, but apart from that the game run fine. When it came to bugs only Anniversary gave me a headache since there were two parts when doing the time trials that Lara just when through pillars that she needed to grab, lost a lot of minutes just because of that. The games are still fun so I still recommend to anyone that has a copy on their backlog. And now to decide on what to play next, maybe I'll go with MGS4, the platinum scares me a little with how high the difficulty, time and number of playthroughs one has to do but people really speak highly of the game so I'll try it out.
  2. Yes, but the CFW being released was always inevitable. The point of 4.83 was that it patched the exploit that allowed anyone with OFW 4.82 to hack the PS3. Anyone with 4.83 that wants to hack it now has to use the old methods (using 3rd party hardware that, from my limited knowledge, only works on the older PS3 models). The weird thing to me was how it took a year to fix the exploit while the Vita gets a firmware update, days after something is announced. Although, like Katt says the hack that was announced for the Vita apparently still works on the newer firmware, so why they released this update? Is it a way of saying they didn't forget the Vita?
  3. Sometimes I just have to ask Sony. Why do you still do this when you don't show any care about the Vita, the hackers treat the Vita with more respect than you do. The PS3 that people still use a lot finally got a hack that anyone could use on 4.82 (without having to resort to 3rd party hardware and working on the newer models) and they only released a fix a year later with 4.83. Meanwhile, on the Vita, that could be considered abandoned, as soon as someone announced a hack or a new method to play the newer games on lower firmware is released/announced a new firmware that fixes it is immediately launched. Why?
  4. #107 - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (PS3) Vic Boss (Current Rarity: 6.78% on PSNProfiles) Obtained every trophy. Bought the Metal Gear Solid Collection a few months back but left Peace Walker since it had online trophies and I didn't know if the online was still working at the time. Finally decided to play it and I have to say that it's not my favourite of the franchise. I like how the story is told using a comic book art style and I enjoyed playing through it but the bosses on this game are really annoying and boring specially at the start. At the start, you have shit equipment so while you can technically stealth through the vehicle bosses (which are tedious since you have to defeat enemy waves of 4 and each wave take a long while to appear), the IA weapons are another case. I had a hard time since I did low damage and sometimes I got worried I'd run out of ammo. I know the game was made with Co-op in mind but the way it is, when you start the game and until you develop better equipment it feels like you're just a kid asking an adult (the co-op partner) to play the game for you. Also, kinda happy that the last trophy that I unlocked for the platinum was the get 50 game over screens when I never played the game before (guess getting the platinum in MGS2, MGS3 and playing MGS5 helped a lot). For now, I'm going to take a break from the franchise and play some Tomb Raider (found the PS3 Trilogy game on a second-hand store) then I'll try going for the platinum in MGS4.
  5. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Vita) Can I Get a Pin of That? Earned all other trophies in the game After 5 years I finally got this platinum and all thanks to the fact that the mobile version of Youtube stopped working on the Vita. My 5-year-old cousin had a Vita with the game but every time I saw him he didn't have it with him. Now he came to me asking for help since he sometimes watches youtube videos on it and it stopped working. Used the opportunity to get the last two trophies and I'm finally done with it. Still sucks that they just had to place two trophies that can only be obtained locally (meaning no online). The game already sucks because of the severe frame drops and how buggy it sometimes gets. But this might be the number one reason for people not obtaining the platinum, the need for a second vita with a copy of the game.
  6. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PS3) Don't you have anything else to do with your time? Rolled 100 times or more in a single mission. Guess I'll start the year by rolling.
  7. When hackers are able to run PS1 games on the SNES Mini and it runs better than the PS1 Classic you know you screwed up. Seriously I just hope Sony acknowledges they screw up instead of using this as an excuse of why people don't use Backwards Compatibility like when that Sony Exec used the fact that the PS1 and PS2 era Gran Turismo's looked ugly.
  8. Congratulations to the winners! But damn got 34th on the list. I always say that RNG is a cruel mistress to me.
  9. About whether it says if it's only in English. On the Guide Writing Handbook on this site it states: In my opinion, it would be too much work for there to be multilanguage guides. The first problem I see is what languages would be added. French, Spanish, all of the languages in the world? The second problem would be the moderation, you can't expect the guide team to know multiple languages so new members would have to be found. Then how many would have to be found for each language, the guide team has to have a high enough confidence in the language to be able to moderate it (which isn't exactly easy to find people like that). The third problem would be the overwhelming number of guides in a single game. And above all the problems above and more that can exist is the fact that this is an English site so it's assumed that the great majority of visitors and users know English. One of the first things I learned when searching the Internet is that it's faster to search the information in English that on my native language.
  10. Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) to anyone who reads this. Thanks for the giveaway. As a Christmas Memory, I don't really have one since my family isn't really into it but if I had to choose it would probably be when I bought my PSP with my own money for Christmas. It was the first console I ever bought since all the others in the house belonged to my older brother and I still love it to this day even after replacing it with my Vita.
  11. I'll join up. Have a bunch of PS3 and PS4 games I bought but never started so might use this as a reason to start going through them.
  12. There are many games I'd like to see a sequel of some sort (even a spiritual successor). But if I had to pick two it would be: Overlord III (something similar to the previous two and not Fellowship of Evil) Legacy of Kain, a sequel to Deviance
  13. It seems Santa is expending his reach when it comes to the naughty list. Nice: Played online on Borderlands 2 only to help people earn the Friendship Rules trophy (I already earned it days before). Naughty: Played Mass Effect 1 for the first time this month. Played Paragon with the only Renegade option that I did being punching the reported in the face. Still, get excited remembering it. 😈 https://youtu.be/qYSJHaRzvDM
  14. New Information about the game added to the first post.
  15. #97 Yakuza 0 (PS4) Where It All Began Obtain all other trophies. This is the third game I played from this series and I got to say that 60FPS do really make a difference. When I played Yakuza 4 and 5 I always felt like the games were a little slow but once I started this I liked it immediately. Although compared to 4 and 5 the platinum was easier it annoyed me a lot more since the minigames are more RNG dependent compared to the other two since we don't have access to cheat items (RNG is a cruel mistress to me). Only noticed when I was redoing the boss battles in Climax that this is basically a Majima game since Kiryu is only there to give more context about the Empty Lot, heck if we remove the final boss he only fights one single boss (Kuze) multiple times while Makima as a lot of boss battles. Still enjoyed it from start to finish and I got to say that while I hated Majima dance style from the start once I figured out that the ground rotating attack was OP against bosses I started to love it made Legend a breeze along with Kiryu's Golden Pistol. #98 Trine 2: Complete Edition (PS4) Trine 2 Hard Earn all Trophies in Trine 2 After almost 3 years I finally got the platinum. Had the game since it was on Plus before I even owned my PS4 so I started playing when I bought the PS4 but since I started buying games that I wanted to play I left the game alone. Since I finished Yakuza decided to finish this platinum and I really enjoyed the game. It can be frustrating finishing the game on hard + hardcore and getting all the EXP bubbles when you're missing a single one in a level but it's a really good game that I recommend anyone to play if you have the time.