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  1. # 100 Final Fantasy IX It was a long year. It's time to slow down slightly
  2. # 98 Final Fantasy VII
  3. Platinum no 90 - Borderlands ( ps3 ) ×
  4. Oh , I see. That's good to know. You are clearly research your stuff better than I am
  5. You can add few games tested by Mystic's youtube channel : Grand Theft Auto IV - savefile seems to be intact , online progress is reset Little Big Planet 2 - no issue found ( offline and online ) Call of Duty BO2 - game won't even pass the loading screen when you're signed in. If you turn the game offline and then try to sign in, your entire hard drive might get corrupted ( he lost all of his hard drive data )
  6. # 75 . Tales of Xillia Difficulty : 5 Enjoyment : 8
  7. Right, I was indeed, thinking about Shadow Ranger trophy.
  8. No,you can't. Don't worry,though. They can be easily knocked out on lower difficulties.
  9. You recently platinumed BO2 ( January 2019) in 4 weeks, yet your timestamps are from 2014. What's that all about?
  10. MP trophies, mostly because of the fact that they'll made a platinum unobtainable sooner or later. I actually love speedruns. When you're going for them, you suppose to complete the game before at least once, so game it's appreciated by me anyway. And i like to challenge myself this way.
  11. - Borderlands 2 or Presequel - A Way Out - Divinity 1 and 2 - Pretty sure some of the Trine games have co-op (second one at least)
  12. Just deleted my FB permanently. 


    For some people, obviously, not a big deal, for some, completely opposite. For me it's just felt good. I never cared about FB that much and in all honesty, most of the people I've met in my life aren't that interesting...  :V

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KingGuy420


      I didn't use my for like a year but I didn't plan on deleting it. Then I started getting emails saying someone for Iran on a computer running Windows 98 was trying to log into my account so I was like screw that and deleted it right quick lol.

    3. RJP_X


      feel the same way, never cared for it or social media in general. only social platforms i really use are here and gamefaqs, and i'm not even a frequent poster. i get the urge to read topics and posts but i'm not really a full poster. days are so short and rather use that time to actually game or watch a show lol.


      facebook is extremely meh though, i do keep it activated for some reason. i have heard some scary things about the site that make me think i should get rid of it all together. i wonder if a deactivation would suffice.


      i kinda don't want to delete it because i do have a lot of pictures of my old cat and such, and the old computer i had those pictures on doesn't work anymore.

    4. ruffedgz


      well its not totally deleted but yea you marked it as deleted on FB.


      I would as well but my wife likes using it to help share the memories of the kids with friends and family so have to stay on it for a bit longer. dont use it much but congrats on leaving it. Will probably bring you much more joy in life and more time to do other things.

  13. My favourite game in FF series ( and as it happens, my favourite game of all time ) would have to be FF IX. Game that made a huge impact on a 12, maybe 13- year old kid and game that really got me into JRpgs. Just a plain masterpiece in my opinion. On the side note I also think that FFVII is overated. I would say that for many people the "nostalgia factor" is overtaking our objective opinions about some games, but again, it might be the same for me regarding FFIX Have a lovely day.
  14. Oh, that's cool. Thanks for doing that, it's a nice gesture. I'm so in.