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  1. # 7 Return To Arkham : Arkham Asylum Difficulty : 3 Enjoyment : 8 Time to complete : 5 hrs 39 mins
  2. Choose worms select first with X of course, then Triangle to switch between worms.
  3. Hello, fellow trophy hunters ! Bit of a gloat coming up I was preparing myself for a speedrun in recent days ( one of my favourite games ever ), tried to find the ultimate/ quickest way to obtain all of the trophies in one sitting and after few days I've finally succeeded. I've completed the whole thing in 5 hours and 7 mins, which puts me in first place on Ps3 leaderboards. I'm so damn ecstatic and I had to share the whole thing in here. I'm sure you'll understand Thanks for your time ! Peace !
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn