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  1. We all know what's gonna happen. Sean Bean always have to die.
  2. I need a little help from someone who still plays Borderlands. It'll only take 2 mins and it would help me out greatly. Is there anyone who would give me a hand?



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    2. PaperDreams86


      Borderlands 1 on Ps3

    3. Sir_Bee


      Hmm sorry, I can't help you there.  I assumed that was what you meant, but wanted to check, because I could have helped with 2 or the pre-sequel on ps4.  I hope you get the help you need.

    4. PaperDreams86


      Not a problem, mate. Thanks for taking a interest and willing to help anyway. 


      Take care 

  3. I need a little help from someone who still plays Borderlands. It'll only take 2 mins and it would help me out greatly. Is there anyone who would give me a hand?



  4. So in a last few days I've tried speedrunning Batman Arkham City from 0 to 100%. Quite a lot of gaming, 2 playthroughs + all of those challenges... Jesus Christ, so many challenges...and...


    I just finished the whole thing and checked the leaderboards straight away. I'm on 2nd place right now and I only needed about 8-9 mins to jump in number 1... 


    I mean, I'm happy with that, but god damn... 9 mins... 



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    2. PaperDreams86


      Well thank you very much, kind sir. Yes, I really thought I'll get that no1 position,,,


      I have to blame that morning sandwich "break" :)

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. PaperDreams86


      Thanks a lot !

  5. I'm trying to run through the fastest 100% completion of Batman Arkham City. We'll see how it goes...

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    2. Armored Squirrel

      Armored Squirrel

      @Ala-Arska I can for sure get a slower time than you, since I suck at Arkham combat challenges :) 

    3. PaperDreams86


      Main game done in a day and 15 hours. I'll finish up dlcs after good sleep :)


    4. PaperDreams86


      Thanks for the comments, guys. In the end I've placed 2nd. I would be 1st if I finished it 9 mins earlier haha. :)


      Have a good day

  6. How some people are getting platinum trophy in Friday 13th in 2 hours? Since it seems that this game is a huge grind, I'm a bit confused with that...

    1. SlimSanta94


      There's two versions for two different regions, you platinum one, play the other and the majority of the grindy trophies will pop instantly.

  7. Hello there, Caiphon. Welcome to the site and good luck with all your trophy hunting !
  8. # 20 : Final Fantasy XIII I don't care. I'm in love with this game.
  9. Shame that you need to insult people in the process... Anyway I doubt this will be lifted.
  10. Anyone remember game called Rollcage? I wish someone could make this game/something similar... It was so damn fun.

    1. Crimson Idol

      Crimson Idol




      The game is from some of the devs behind Rollcage and will release at the beginning of November. ;) 

    2. PaperDreams86


      No. Frigging. Way. 


      I was just reminiscing about my childhood and and how Rollcage was big part of it, then you show up and just calmly put this trailer here. Honestly part of me cried a little bit...


      Crazy how I was just thinking about the game and pretty much the same thing will be released very soon and I just had no idea :)


      Thank you so much for sharing that trailer !

    3. Crimson Idol

      Crimson Idol

      You're welcome! I hope the Grip: Combat Reloaded will be as fun as you remember Rollcage to be. :) 

  11. Your best strategy on bloaters is always use of Molotov's cocktail, i think. If you get lucky enough and fire spreads nicely all over him, you can kill him with one single throw. If you don't own any of these, then yeah, running and gunning is your only option, i guess. Tbh I never even knew that runners keep respawning in this particular fight...
  12. Thanks for letting us know. Free avatar is more than enough. 🙃
  13. # 7 Return To Arkham : Arkham Asylum Difficulty : 3 Enjoyment : 8 Time to complete : 5 hrs 39 mins
  14. Choose worms select first with X of course, then Triangle to switch between worms.
  15. Hello, fellow trophy hunters ! Bit of a gloat coming up I was preparing myself for a speedrun in recent days ( one of my favourite games ever ), tried to find the ultimate/ quickest way to obtain all of the trophies in one sitting and after few days I've finally succeeded. I've completed the whole thing in 5 hours and 7 mins, which puts me in first place on Ps3 leaderboards. I'm so damn ecstatic and I had to share the whole thing in here. I'm sure you'll understand Thanks for your time ! Peace !