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  1. Blood & Truth needs a rescan, new DLC trophies.
  2. I can't find any trophies for this game Espire 1 anywhere. The game released a week ago, does it even have a trophy list?
  3. Why are there people with 100% in 30 minutes in this game on the leaderboards?
  4. I agree but this isn't their fault, Hitman 2 is published by Warner Bros.
  5. 50 dollars and no platinum. Suprised if this game sells more than 1000 copies.
  6. This isn't Activision's fault, it's Treyarch's. They could have just changed the requirements for the trophy, but they didn't because they're too stupid/lazy to bother.
  7. Just because it's a new mode in the franchise doesn't mean it's not part of the game, every platinum should force you to play every big mode in that specific game. The trophies aren't hidden, you knew what you were getting into, stop complaining or don't go for the platinum, referencing what you said earlier
  8. Blackout's 1/3 of the game, you shouldn't have gone for the platinum if you don't like a third of the game. This is a slap in the face by Treyarch, so stop defending them.
  9. You could just be a huge troll right now (highly doubt it), but I haven't seen anyone else say the snake is anywhere on the main land and the game's been out for a week. Anyway I've spent around 8 hours on Guarma trying to find the snake, but nothing. The Fer-De-Lance snake isn't like other snakes, it moves all the time and it could almost be anywhere on the island.
  10. I see, but I'm stuck on chapter 5 and I wont go further before there's proof that the snake is possible to get on the main land. So if you or anyone else could check and report back that would be great.
  11. Can anyone who has studied the Fer-De-Lance snake show a picture of its compendium? It should prove whether it's exclusive to Guarma or not.
  12. I've completed the last 5 CoD platinums and the only one that's easy is MWR. The rest ones is time-consuming and difficult, BO3 is like a 7 or an 8/10 on the difficulty scale.
  13. I'm glad it's hard, not every trophy list has to be easy.
  14. Didn't know developers could change the image. Anyway good work.
  15. Why is the trophy picture for this game different than the one on PSN? Every other trophy picture on this site is the same as the picture on PSN, so why not this one? The picture on this site PSN's picture