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  1. @filoogaroo ok. I'll keep doing the daily event things and working through the other kingdom quests. Hopefully ill have a semi decent team for guild wars.
  2. I've started playing and enjoying it so far,just working through the quests. Done broken spire. Sent my invite code to you filoogaroo hope to join your guild soon.
  3. good guide. yet to start this game and being OP will make it a bit less of a grind. a video could be useful as well just for visual reference
  4. if the leaked image of nioh and diablo is true id be amazed. They might only give 1 of them even if it's diablo id be happy (though it will probs be normal version diablo not the one with necromancer dlc included)
  5. well that's 5.99€ more than i expected it to be considering its free on every other platform. Will wait for a sale on it
  6. any news on a release date or price?
  7. i will install it and send you a guild request filoogaroo though it will take me a wee bit to be able to donate/help guild guild tasks. Level 1000 sounds like a major grind or is there things bonus exp?
  8. i might give it a shot then. I like games like this and don't mind putting alot of time into it as long as I'm in a good active guild or the servers close wich i hope not
  9. i only got a ps4 a week or two ago and I'm wondering if its worth playing this game now with all the extra content and things. I see things on the trophy list like guild tasks and level 500 as well as the new dungeon delve thing. is it worth it for a new fresh player with no guild or anything? I've heard most guilds are either casual and will never get the trophy or are so hardcore they demand like a million gold a week etc wich is impossible for new players. just looking for some info on this.