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  1. That is only the first episode is it not? EDIT: Oops..I was looking at Life is Stange 2. which was only episode 1.
  2. You should only need to purchase the VITA version to have the PS4 cross buy available to download.
  3. Does $2 really matter one way or the other...?
  4. Thanks but most of them were pretty quick or I had decent progress already done. I see you only have #9 left as well.
  5. Haven't updated in quite awhile as @eigen-space has been regularly updating the spreadsheet. Decided to drop an update in a post here as well for all those following along. I have completed 9/10 so far and am taking my time and enjoying my last number with Horizon Zero Dawn. It shouldn't be a problem to complete by the end of the year though so I am happy with that. 0. NBA 2K19: The Prelude - ☑️ 1. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - ☑️ 2. Unravel - ☑️ 3. Valiant Hearts: The Great War - ☑️ 4. Seasons After Fall - ☑️ 5. What Remains of Edith Finch - ☑️ 6. A Way Out - ☑️ 7. Storm Boy - ☑️ 8. Tales from the Borderlands - ☑️ 9. Horizon Zero Dawn - 22% complete
  6. Congrats Mutt! You do know the event lasts till the end of the year though right?
  7. Donut County or Midnight Deluxe have been completed by others... they look super quick. i did unravel and it doesn’t take that long either.
  8. Has anyone received a PSN store discount code via email lately? I haven't seen one in ages..

    1. PermaFox


      Me, neither.  Got one last year and that was about it.

    2. DamagingRob


      Don't think they've given one out since Detroit came out. :/ They were handing them out like candy for awhile there..

  9. Oh yeah I’m about 13hrs in and it’s fantastic!
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn..... you know you wanna
  11. Thanks for the brief review. I had picked Poi up a few months back for next to nothing on a sale. Good to know its not half bad.
  12. Not sure whats taken me so long to start on Horizon Zero Dawn as I picked up the Complete Edition ages ago. This game is fantastic! Can't wait to play it on 4k with HDR. Hopefully be picking a 4k tv up this week with all the sales going on. :eyebrow:

    1. PermaFox


      Congrats on your future purchase!  I have a few large games, but need the right frame of mind before I start them for the long trek.

    2. Durandal


      Heh! I just started the game myself after buying it back in January '18. I waited so long because I wanted to play it in 4K/HDR too, and now that I can all I can say it is fantastic. But the brightness is really intense sometimes.

  13. That is great! Im 38-40hrs in and sitting at 1 lonely silver.