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  1. I just recently played through the entire Clementine Saga and really enjoyed my time with them. The final season may be a little tougher to play on your exercise bike with the introduction of combat. Its not hard but I probably got eaten more times than I should have. I did play through Michonne as well and being that it is a totally separate story line and IMO not near as strong I probably should have left it alone. The flashback sequences did nothing for the story either except confuse the hell out of me with whats going on.
  2. You should be added now. For any updates (or if I made a mistake putting your games in) just tag me or @Kristycism and we will get it fixed up.
  3. @clairelifelistjo You are correct. I will work on getting you added to the tracking list. Welcome and hope you have fun participating.
  4. Cool idea for an event and nice to see it resurrected @eigen-space. Hope everyone involved has fun with it!
  5. I had issues running the disc version on my pro as well until I deleted all the save data for Real Farm off my HDD. (Just remember to backup saves first) Dont know if thats the same issue for digital though. Worth a test if you can downgrade the digital version I suppose as this fix from the dev has been "in the works" for years.
  6. Welcome to the forums @evilcristy . Might as well make some gamer friends to hang and play games with while you are quarantined.
  7. No. I went to my library and took out the disc version for free as I didn't feel like trying to mess around with downgrading the digital version I bought. I backed up my saves and deleted the digital version and saves off the HDD. Popped in the disc and paused the update it tried to download. Played as normal until I could do job postings. Job hopper popped without issue and as intended.
  8. Tracking is updated till here.
  9. Yes. Mobile only shows Bold and Italic options. (at least on my phone) @Leon Castle @Ashuri-B - Added you both to the tracking sheet
  10. Of course. Tag me in your post with your list and I’ll get it added. 👍
  11. Nope you can join up until May 15 still. Post a list and I'll get you added.
  12. Tracking sheet should be up to date.
  13. Says release date of May 19, 2020
  14. Injustice 2 is $5.99 usd yet $20.99 cdn. If only I could get that exchange value on goods I buy for work from the USA.
  15. Did you mean to put up Bioshock 2 for #SOLVEWITHME as Bioshock is already used for #CRAFTWITHME? Ive marked it that way on the tracking sheet but please confirm.