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  1. Id pickup the Warlords of New York Edition as it will give you more content and get you up to current with max levels and better gear drops.
  2. The Division is one of the best loot shooters out there but it really shines if you have friends to play with or can find a good group to join as its a lot of fun. I have been playing some with randoms lately and everyone i connected with has been great to play with. The game is plenty active still and with a new seasonal manhunt just started its a good time to start IMO. The trophy list is fair and nothing too difficult. Just dont expect it to be handed to you in a few hours.
  3. Welcome back @Spacey Dweeb
  4. Not the only one. I couldn't even finish Undertale it was so awful. Story didn't make sense and I couldn't get into it at all.
  5. Except it took me 4 nights to finish this one as I kept falling asleep from the fantastic and super chilled music in the stages. 😂
  6. First bounty claimed for me. Terminator: Resistance - Android/Robot
  7. 10pm start in Norway
  8. Its very simple. Start a new account and don't cheat. You will be on the leaderboards.
  9. I hit my goal of 80% last night but 10mins later I started a new game and dropped 0.5%. 😬 New goal = Stay above 80%
  10. Nice introduction/history @Grotz99. Not sure why i haven't seen this before... I also remember the good old days of NES/SNES. I never had one growing up but a friend did so Saturdays were spent cruising around on our bikes collecting enough bottles to cash in to rent games at the local blockbuster. We did however always have a computer in the house and if we werent at my friends playing NES we were mashing buttons on a keyboard at my place playing Golden Axe or Double Dragon. Man I feel old now. haha
  11. Its in the Canadian store...
  12. @Kittykat-san is in it to win it!! 😵 Nicely done!
  13. @Herr Hieb Geez man that sucks. Hopefully everything goes smoothly on the recovery at your brothers. My wife would be devastated if she lost baby pictures. 😬
  14. Haha.. This made me laugh. Thanks