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  1. Tuesday Morning Update: @markie816 @Lumin @Jens @DamagingRob @Surge3Beast @ZachGM91 @Cassylvania
  2. Interested.. haven’t joined a KYC event before but I seem to have a ton of games lined up that I want to start on so what better way than to start them all at once. Haha 🤣
  3. Updated: @Jens @Cassylvania @SpaceCoresDad @MarkusT1992 @gruffiiti
  4. I should look into an external.. do you need anything special to hook one up? or a certain type of drive?
  5. Was everything Awesome?
  6. Updated: @fabiansc83 @Arcesus7 @Psy-Tychist @Han_the_Dragon Nice update @BigHonkingOne I need to get the Ultra Hard run done at some point myself.
  7. I think everyone has been updated now that has posted completion updates. If we missed anyone please repost. 😁
  8. Monday morning updates: @FielVeredus @SpaceCoresDad @Inuty @ZachGM91 @ShakeNBake663 @Intoner_Zero @Lorajet @MattyH16 @Kristycism @scarysoldier123 @fabiansc83 @hsn963
  9. Thanks for the requote.. @BigHonkingOne and myself are updating when we have some free time. Its still a work in progress but I will get yours updated today! EDIT: Just updated you and Congrats on finishing the entire list!
  10. @Beyondthegrave07 no worries I’ll get to it tomorrow with the rest I haven’t done yet.
  11. Also Updated: @Lumin @Mesopithecus @Psy-Tychist @Han_the_Dragon @cckerberos @diskdocx @RikuKelev @Howling-Lady @ArtikSkarab
  12. Updated: @AS_CHAOTIC @Harley Quinn @Sofa King @Dinkus83 @Ampplaca @MarkusT1992 @BigHonkingOne @SpaceCoresDad @Gesyca @gruffiiti @Briste @Shoutachi @DoctorDrPepper @Kent10201 @Cassylvania @Lojtana @monkeydluffy512 @DamagingRob @Evil_Joker88 @Kittet3 @Arcesus7 @ladynadiad
  13. Next week...
  14. Doing some updates to the spreadsheet today.. whatever I don't get done today should likely be finished tomorrow by @BigHonkingOne. There are lots of games being completed and plenty of game changes. Both are great but could I ask when posting an update to use the table format with the updates on there (if you haven't been already) as it makes things much easier to track games being changed and/or moved to other categories. Please and Thanks!! (Yes... Im from Canada) -gruffiiti