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  1. I haven't played Vampyr yet. Was hoping to do it last Halloween but had too many other games on the go at the time. When I do get to it though I will be using @Optinooby's Video guide for a cleanup run after first blind attempt.
  2. Not holding my breath on this one. I managed to find a physical copy and knocked out Job Hopper trophy but if it ever does drop hopefully more people can get that trophy too.
  3. Monday update My progress this month has been fairly slow so far as I have been playing a lot of the Season 4 events in The Division 2 with friends. It had been a lot of fun but doesn't give any gains to completion or trophy collection. I have played a few games besides that though so will list them below. Cuphead Started this just before the end of the year as my kids wanted to play it with me. Ive heard a lot of great things about it so decided why not. Turns out I'm not as quick with my reflexes as I once was and it will take me a lot more effort than I thought to get this platinum. It's a long term goal for me to get this one done. For now I'll just have fun with it and slowly plug away at each boss fight. Nioh Nioh had been sitting on my profile at 1% for ages and it was finally time to fix that. I think with the steep learning curve the timing just wasn't right when I first started this game. Playing it now its been fantastic so far and I am glad I came back to it. The co-op feature seems to work well too and its been fun playing with a friend. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Another game I started this month as its been on my radar for quite awhile. Game play is fun and so far the missions/planets Ive been to have been interesting. I have the same gripe that I see most people posting about this game... the map sucks to navigate. Its almost easier to just memorize the levels.. Stats - Starting Month = 81.18% - Starting Month Platinums = 69 - Current Month = 81.42% - Current Month Platinums = 69 Monthly Gain/Loss Completion = +0.24% Platinums = 69
  4. Started working on Cuphead during the holidays. This is going to likely be a good challenge for me.
  5. Jan 01, 2021 - Starting = 81.18% β€”> Goal = 90% - Platinums = 69 β€”> Goal 100
  6. Desperados came to mind as I was reading this thread but I see you are already playing them. I haven't played them since the original releases on PC but loved them back then. Do they translate onto console ok?
  7. 2018: 11 - Unravel (15.63%) / Storm Boy (98.42%) 2019: 18 - Fat Princess Adventures (9.85%) / Blackwood Crossing (80.95%) 2020: 40 - Real Farm (3.14%) / Football Game (93.83%)
  8. PSPrices says otherwise. It’s been on sale almost every month or two digitally. πŸ™ƒ
  9. I will join again this year. Im happy with a completion of +80% but will set a goal of 90% for 2021. Will post starting number Jan 1st.
  10. Haha... In true Canadian fashion the US list gets updated first.
  11. How often does the website pull updates as currently almost every game i search up updates and then adds to the front page under Newest Discounts. Not sure I feel like searching up 1000 games for this current sale that is starting today.
  12. I'm happy with my progress this year. I hit my goal and so far have maintained it by a healthy margin. Starting the year off with a 65.01% and currently sitting at 82.69%. Would have been better but I started a few games in the last few months to knock out trophies that would become unobtainable. I haven't really felt like doing those games just yet so they are all sitting at sub 10% completion.
  13. I had been purchasing more digital games lately for the convenience, savings and not having my wife question the amount of money i spent on the hundreds of game cases that would be on a shelf next to the TV. The third reason is definitely worth something to me. That said... I do still buy physical games but the majority of those are larger titles and usually at good sale prices from the local shops. I can't say Ive really seen any good sales on games in the local stores though since the beginning of this year.
  14. I only had a tiny gain this month as I had starting a few new games (including Shadow of Mordor before the servers go down) that have kinda just sat most of the month. Im happy with what I did manage to complete as a few of those games have been on the profile for a good while. Feels good to knock those ones out.
  15. Yeah I know I got those sketches before as well. Glad it helped you knock this one off too.