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  1. Thats good to hear as I havent been able to find the resolve to finish up GoW 2018 yet either. Its coming up to 4 years since I started it and Ive done a few attempts to clean it up as well. I just can't seem to care about the Muspelheim trials and the Niflheim mist bullchit. It just seems so pointless.
  2. @Vulpine9Tails Is Endling worth playing? It keeps catching my eye when I sift through games. P.S. I love how your account is only PS5 games. Thats fantastic!
  3. Some nice games on that list Red! I hope you like 7,10,11 as much as I did. Huge update before I start on my games for the month! Death's Door - 0% Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy - 0% Stranded Deep - 1% South Park: The Fractured But Whole - 1% Fallout Shelter - 28% 29%
  4. Thanks mate. I hope to knock out Remnant and Fallout Shelter this month and if I can get through the Score Attack runs in Rise of the Tomb Raider that would be fantastic too. I did pop that single trophy in South Park: TFbW last new years eve with the goal to do it this year so it may just happen still. If its anything like the first game its going to be a good time.
  5. Update November was a slow month for me as I was having some major gaming burnout. Even still I managed to complete one game and make some good progress in a couple more. I want to send a shout out to @papert0wng1rl and @man_of_inaction (name change wont let me ping you) for helping me get out of my funk with some good co-op this month. Means a lot... Thanks! Chicory: A colorful Tale Had to force myself to stay focused and finish this one. It wasn't a bad game and it did have a lot of charm but I was dealing with some heavy IRL news at the time and nothing felt fun or worth playing at the time so this game felt like a chore to do. I probably should have taken more time away than I did but being stubborn I wanted to stay on track to hit the end of year goal. I'm sure I would have enjoyed this game a lot more if my mindset was different at the time. Fallout Shelter Decided this one needs to be knocked out and spent a bunch of time re-configuring my vault and working on upgrading dwellers. I know I am not playing this all that efficiently but I like that I can drop in and drop out whenever I feel like it. I haven't spent much time on quests yet but feel like I almost have enough high level dwellers to release into the wasteland soon and get my quest on. I am not using time skipping (mostly cause its too much effort but also don't want to mess around and fudge up another PS5) so this one will take as long as it takes i guess. Remnant: From the Ashes I had starting this a year ago with man_of_inaction and then life happened and we dropped it at the time. Started over with it this month as papert0wng1rl also joined us to fill out the team. It has been a really good time playing in co-op with them and it helped me out of the gaming funk I was in. Hoping to knock the rest of this out and the dlcs this month and keep the momentum going. Stats
  6. I have you at 10 dlc complete. Warframe [PS4] - 6 Rage 2 [PS4] - 2 Guns Up! [PS4] - 2
  7. Sometimes a chill and silly game like that is exactly whats right for the mood. Going to add this to my backlog at some point. Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your games.
  8. Curious to hear your thoughts on this one. Its been on and off my radar a few times.
  9. @Viper
  10. I know.. I know.. I said I wasn't going to join this round but changed my mind as I am always working on games in my backlog anyways. I'll keep the list small this time and add as needed. Death's Door - 0% Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy - 0% Stranded Deep - 1% South Park: The Fractured But Whole - 1% Fallout Shelter - 28%
  11. Thanks for the tag on Subject13. Like you I picked it up for less than the price of a shitty gas (petrol) station coffee. At that price I figured it likely can't disappoint. It is good to see a mostly positive review on it from you and I am glad you tagged me as it caused me to read the next review for Brothers which I may have missed for some time otherwise. I loved this game but remember thinking multiple times while playing that I wished they had created it for co-op play as that would just take it to the next level. I had however never thought to share a controller and play co-op in that way. That is just brilliant and I am glad you both had a fantastic journey with it. I also really enjoyed reading the duo-review and hope to see more.
  12. Well played @MattbluePT. How was it going back to the Spidey game?
  13. @MattbluePT Nice one! I been slacking too. Last night was the first evening I even turned on my PS5 in 5 days. I see you have moved on to the dlc in Spider-Man. I had that planned for this event as well but haven't felt like starting on it yet. Now that I see you have it going though... In other news... @Inuty is only 2 dlc completions away from breaking my tracking chart as I set it up to count to a max of 50 dlc. He is determined to max out and cause me to have to modify the chart.
  14. Happy Monday everyone! We have decided to modify Rule #3 in the original post with the recent drop of dlc for a game listed as shovelware on PSNP. As with auto-pop dlcs, these will not be counted towards your totals for this event.
  15. Completed my 2nd game. Pink this time!