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  1. Thanks for the heads up @Gumby114. So far I haven't noticed any issues with performance but if I do I will make a monster tank and throw everything in.
  2. gruffiiti "Juice Up"
  3. Monday update Looking at my list for the week I was surprised I had played so many different games. Some have been great and other not so but even though Ive lost more ground this week I feel like I am making progress. Took a hit to completion yesterday as I just picked up Demon Souls and its a must play for me. I don't anticipate any more new games for a bit so that completion should be heading in the right direction for the rest of the month. Dark Souls III Platinum is complete. Special thanks to @Spacey Dweeb for helping out with this one and the ring drops from NG++. Would have liked to watch your reckless speed run for them. haha Tennis in the Face I first learned of this game from some random profile displayed on the main page here at PSNP. Don't ask me why but it always intrigued me and Ive had it in my watch list for months. I know it was only $6 on the store but I was determined to wait for a sale. That never happened so when I signed up for the $1 PSNow month and saw it on there I jumped right into it. It gave me 2 solid nights worth of enjoyment and was great fun perfecting my shots to take every enemy down with as few balls as possible. My Name is Mayo Heard a lot about this game and didn't know much about it other than you had to click on a jar of Mayo. Turns out i knew everything about this game as that is all you do. Wished I left this on the store as it lost my interest really quickly. My Name is Mayo 2 Only did this one because I had bought both Mayo games together. This one at least had some variation to one "story line". Spyro Played through another world with my kids this week. They seem to love the flying levels the best while I just feel nauseated after awhile with the spinning screen. I doubt they will have the skill to get the All in One runs done but maybe if I'm lucky they will practice enough to knock them out for me. Monster Hunter World Didn't make any trophy progress this week but I did complete a few more story missions. Megaquarium Finally this went on sale. I'm having fun with it as a filler game and its bringing back a lot of memories for me. I actually had quite a few of the fish in the game in various aquariums over the years as a hobby. Trophy list is really straight-forward too and all trophies will likely come just by playing the game. Its an added bonus. Demon Souls Just started on this one last night and its been great so far. I never did play the original on PS3 so everything is new to me but coming off of Dark Souls 3 recently the lighting and graphical upgrades from that are really nice. Stats Starting = 81.18% - Starting Platinums = 69 January = 82.41% (+1.23%) - January Platinums = 70 (+1) February = 84.43% (+2.02%) - February Platinums = 78 (+8) March = 84.07% (-0.36%) - March Platinums = 82 (+4) April = 83.17% (-0.90%) - April Platinums = 83 (+1)
  4. Thanks for the great review Cass! I’ve seen Children of Morta pop up on quite a few of my PSN friends lists lately so I bought it a few weeks back. Looking forward to playing it once I wrap up a few other games already on the go.
  5. Hah no worries as this will be a long range goal. If I can get it beat by the end of the year I will be happy.
  6. Should have been a status update...
  7. Yeah, its been interesting so far. Slowly getting the controls back but the re-learning curve is still pretty massive. I got destroyed last night trying to fight a Rathalos solo. Had to call in some much more bad ass help than me. Haha If you do pick it up again give me a shout. I could use more people to hunt with.
  8. Monday update Slowly clawing out of this giant hole I dug for myself with some good progress this week. Dark Souls III Finished the Covenant Grind which wasn't too terrible with the exception of the poor drops I was getting on Human Dregs. Only need a few Rings from NG++ and a gesture I missed for the platinum now. Will be nice to have this one done but looking forward to the new Demon Souls on PS5 soon. BugSnax I completed this game on the weekend and have mixed feeling about it. Figuring out how and catching these snaxbugs was fun and interesting but the story was just weird. Nothing was overly complicated and the game was probably about the right length. Any longer and it would have gotten annoying. Spyro Cleared out the second world yesterday while playing with my kids. The only thing I am leaving is the get everything in one run on each flying levels. I will tackle those at a later time when I have some time to practice and figure out the best routes. Monster Hunter World Fired this back up after 2+ years (Has it been that long? ) Hoping to get back into it but I feel like a complete Noob again as it has changed so much and my character feels super slow and clunky. It didn't help that I keep hitting the wrong buttons for attack, run and dodge as muscle memory is still set to Dark Souls 3 controls. I can't even tell you how many times I went to attack and put my weapons away instead. haha Stats Starting = 81.18% - Starting Platinums = 69 January = 82.41% (+1.23%) - January Platinums = 70 (+1) February = 84.43% (+2.02%) - February Platinums = 78 (+7) March = 83.84% (-0.59%) - March Platinums = 80 (+2)
  9. Just look on PSN Store its listed there. I just picked it up myself.
  10. This is interesting to hear and hopefully it helps someone... I don't recall any crashes during my playthrough but I also cant recall which choices I made either.
  11. Monday update Another week in March and another small dip in completion. I'm still confident I can at least mostly claw out of this hole Ive dug this month. This will be a short update though as I only played 2 games this week. Dark Souls III Still making progress and pushing closer to the end of the first playthrough. Will have to start the covenant grinds real soon.. hopefully they aren't too bad. BugSnax Yes... another new game start this week. Good news is it seems fairly short and I should have this one wrapped up this week. Its a rather ridiculous game if I'm being honest but it has been fun finding and trying to figure out how to catch all these snaxbugs. Stats Starting = 81.18% - Starting Platinums = 69 January = 82.41% (+1.23%) - January Platinums = 70 (+1) February = 84.43% (+2.02%) - February Platinums = 78 (+7) March = 82.82% (-1.61%) - March Platinums = 79 (+1)
  12. Interesting challenge but one thats not for me. I already operate on 4-5 hours of sleep a night just so I can fit some gaming time normally. If I tried this I would probably end up falling asleep in a meeting or not be able to function at all. Good luck to those that give it a shot. I will watch from the sidelines.
  13. Monday update March is halfway done and I still seem to be going backwards this month. Hopefully I can correct this in the next couple weeks.. Dark Souls III Made a little more progress in DS3 this week. Its slow going but still loving the game. Lonely Mountains:Downhill Completed a few more challenges in Lonely Mountains this week and am almost ready to tackle the next mountain. Not sure if I made any trophy progress but that will come eventually. Spyro the Dragon I picked up this game last week so when my kids were asking to play something with me on the weekend I pulled this out. I never did play the originals as a kid so this was a first time experience for all of us. The game has a lot going for it and my kids loved it. I tried to clean up some of the first world after they went to bed and no problems there until I had to do the All in One run in the first flying level. Son of a beech the controls take some getting used to! I know I can do it with some practice but I had to put the game down as the constant screen spinning made me feel sick. Hopefully its not going to be a recurring thing or completing this Trilogy will suck bigtime. haha Hitman Go Nothing to brag about and I enjoyed solving some of the levels blind but others frustrated me too much so I did have a guide handy for those. Was a nice change of pace to play something that didn't require precision mastery of controls and button combos. I liked it for what it was. Stats Starting = 81.18% - Starting Platinums = 69 January = 82.41% (+1.23%) - January Platinums = 70 (+1) February = 84.43% (+2.02%) - February Platinums = 78 (+7) March = 83.00% (-1.43%) - March Platinums = 79 (+1)
  14. Welcome @AwkwardFantasy! A lot of us share weekly updates on games played and completions achieved. I find this helps motivate me so hopefully it helps you as well.
  15. Almost a 5% increase already. Thats nice @BullShark_NL!