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  1. Hey eigen... I'll probably finish something that will work for this event. Might need to find some free moments to watch some youtube entries though before I can pick a fav.
  2. When I ran through this game with a buddy we had a couple missions that didn't seem to register for one person but they were easily fixed by replaying the missions either solo or having your buddy join your game. There isn't anything game breaking that I am aware of.
  3. Of course its a hassle CJ. You will be starting over again on a new account in a few weeks anyways.
  4. These are great @BigHonkingOne. Thanks for making them. I’m sure @eigen-space will think they are also fantastic.
  5. Final Update: (Please tag me in your post if your info on the spreadsheet was missed or needs a correction) @Gesyca @Psy-Tychist @MarkusT1992 @Arctic Cress @Lumin @Intoner_Zero @MattyH16 @Lojtana @monkeydluffy512 Big congrats to a few more that completed all the categories!! @Gesyca @MattyH16 @Lojtana @monkeydluffy512
  6. Haven't been able to get to the updates this week yet as been slammed at work. It will be done either today or tomorrow. I will also be checking profiles to make sure no one gets missed when @BigHonkingOne crafts the badges.
  7. Last day of 10 Things I Hate About Games event is now here. Good luck to those trying to cram another completion or two in before the end of the day! I will update spreadsheet tomorrow morning with everyone’s final stats.
  8. oh good. I can finally go finish this one up..
  9. Update: @AS_CHAOTIC @Kevvik @Kristycism @RikuKelev @Myu @fabiansc83 @gazdavis11 @Arcesus7 This update shows 3 more people with full completion of the event. Congrats to @AS_CHAOTIC @Kevvik @Kristycism!
  10. https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/explore/playstation-now/games/#allgames Now all you need to do is a little bit of research and form your own decisions on what to play. Simples.
  11. Update: @ZachGM91 @ArtikSkarab @monkeydluffy512 @Briste Congrats to @ZachGM91 and @ArtikSkarab this update for finishing their lists off. This brings the total number of completed lists to 11!! Also @Briste deserves a shout-out for finishing up Rayman Legends IMO. Great accomplishment!
  12. Haha I bought the complete edition ages ago. December 2017 to be exact (I checked in my PSN store purchases). Maybe I'll work it into my stack of games Im working on at the moment. Whats one more right??
  13. Ive been meaning to play Little Nightmares for ages. It seems though every time I download it onto my PS4 to get ready to start it 3 other games are released or go on a deep sale that I apparently need to play first. I will get to it one of these days I swear!!