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  1. if I play the "VR" version from the start, can I still get the platinum ?? or the "VR" version doesn't share the same trophy list ?? thank you...
  2. I'll start soon... but I'm afraid they'll cut it while I'm doing it 😂💔
  3. what about the playstation game's page ? there are no warnings about online servers
  4. just go to playstation store game's page , there's no warning news about discontinuing the online servers , I think there's misunderstanding guys this is MK9 and they are talking about MK11
  5. are the online still alive ? can I get the online trophies ?? no warnings from Activision for server shutdown ? any information is much appreciated
  6. it's a little bit confusing , but I think with practice everything should go smoothly hope you can help Me later after I get My lvl 20 trophy out of the way
  7. actually I don't know how the online challenges are working here ? I played the English Version, finished a challenge with gold cup... currently My awesomeness level is 6 after that I tried to play the Chinese Version and finished the first mission to unlock the challenges mode for being level 1, then I went to the challenges room, I found that I already have the gold cup for today challenge ?!! and the challenge is the same as the English Version !!! Can anyone explain how the online works here if I want to get the cups for the two versions in the same day ?? , I'm a little bit confused here
  8. Me too , I hope they reply soon
  9. let them reply to Me and you'll be the first to know 👍🏼
  10. just had a private chat with Activision on Twitter, let's see what's gonna happen, I checked the main website for Activision Support and couldn't find the game there, I'm afraid it's not supported anymore 💔
  11. @GraniteSnake thank you for the reply and explaining the situation for this 👍🏼
  12. Hi everyone , I'm just confused here... in My trophy list the game's name is "Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault" in My old account the game's name is "Ratchet & Clank: QForce" am I missing something ?! are there two trophy lists ??
  13. I'm really confused with the badges , and how it work... what is the fastest way to get all the online stuff out of the way ?
  14. what about now ??
  15. are the online trophies still obtainable ??