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  1. Thanks for the tip man 👍🏼
  2. Do you have the same condition I have ?? Purchased GOTY Edition on an account and playing on another one ??
  3. I've got the same problem, but I don't know if we all have the same condition or not... here's the thing , I was playing TDM and I won like 5 times but the Gladiator trophy still at 0/50 My condition is that I'm playing with account other than the one I purchased the GOTY Edition on, but I still can play all the DLCs... if you are the same then I suggest we must purchase the GOTY Edition with same account we're playing with please reply cause I'm stuck on this !! Thank You
  4. @Tropikal you already got these trophies, why are you here wasting your time with reply that has no evidence? I hope you're not doing the same thing in other websites...
  5. are the online trophies still obtainable on ps3 version??? when I search for the game on this site and selected ps3 version to see who's the last one get an online trophy, it give me the people playing ps4 version !!
  6. I'll not stop until they bring it back... !! please guys don't stop emailing them and send them tickets... they'll bring it back soon if we keep sending to them Remember: it's about how many requests they receive regarding this issue !!
  7. https://support.ubi.com/en-GB go there and open a new case, choose the game and write your problem
  8. Very good , keep up the good work guys 👍🏼❤️
  9. Here's the latest conversation with ubisoft support , I don't know but it looks promising !! Deneene W: Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Live Support. Please give me a moment to review your case. In the meantime, feel free to add any additional information that may pertain to your issue, and I will be with you shortly. Deneene W: Hello sorry for the long wait Deneene W: Thank you for reporting this issue. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Those missions were switched off by devs as an issue with them has been discovered. Game Team is working hard to activate those projects again and we will do so as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on our Twitter, Forums, etc. for updates. Me: We are waiting for 6 months now or maybe more !!! Me: Please can I have support tier 2 or something like this?? Deneene W: I do apologize for the inconvenience this has cause but there is nothing more that can be done. Game Team is working hard to activate those projects again and we will do so as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on our Twitter, Forums, etc. for updates. Me: Okay, I hope they activate it soon as you say Me: Thank you so much for your help and time Deneene W: They are working on it Deneene W: your welcome
  10. Thank you for your help and time... ❤️👍🏼
  11. I've send two messages to ubisoft community manger , hope he will give me a little of his time and talk with me about this issue...
  12. Guys you have to send tickets regarding this issue to the ubisoft support website, so these challenges can be brought back again... it's about how many players request these challenges to be back !! thank you
  13. Just talked with an agent, and told me that he updated the ticket and submitted a new request to development team regarding this issue... please , we need more people so these challenges can be brought back again... thank you
  14. Good... , Keep up the good work. We can do this , it's all about how many requests they receive for these challenges to be back... , if they find the requests too many they can't abandon it