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  1. They still believe that the daily and weekly challenges in the SMI Map menu are the ubisoft club challenges... I don't know what's wrong with those people working in ubisoft support !!!... all their work is to do a search in the internet then reply to you with wrong information not even true !!! , they don't have any idea about supporting or fixing an issue !!! I hope one day I have live chat with someone know what is the real problem we are talking about !!!
  2. I don't know how those agents can help fixing ubisoft problems and provide customer support ?!
  3. after waiting about 25 minutes this was the reply... !!!?? when ubisoft gonna make update for the costumer support ??
  4. Still nothing, I'll let you know if there any updates...
  5. Splinter Cell Blacklist is with some other games in the maintenance list... hope this problem will be fixed soon... https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2003740-March-4-2019-Scheduled-Maintenance-Multiple-Games-All-Platforms
  6. last update... Please do what you can guys , open a case at the ubisoft support when you have free time and let them know that we want those challenges back
  7. How to post images .... when I try to post an image it says "you posted content with formatting, remove formatting. ?? anyway, this is what I want to post... I'm doing what I can,, but still no luck https://postimg.cc/XXfrpLYQ
  8. You're right... that's what they told me 💔 Maybe the servers must have a specific number of online players to activate the challenges ?? maybe it's something like this ???!!
  9. I've opened a case on ubisoft support hope they care to fix this problem...
  10. The servers are back now , but still doesn't contain any daily or weekly challenges... maybe coming soon ?!
  11. I hate ubisoft support... 💔 anyway they are investigating now , but the problem will be fixed after a year maybe LOL
  12. So... that's it ?? servers are down forever ?!!!! 💔