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  1. You're right... that's what they told me 💔 Maybe the servers must have a specific number of online players to activate the challenges ?? maybe it's something like this ???!!
  2. I've opened a case on ubisoft support hope they care to fix this problem...
  3. The servers are back now , but still doesn't contain any daily or weekly challenges... maybe coming soon ?!
  4. I hate ubisoft support... 💔 anyway they are investigating now , but the problem will be fixed after a year maybe LOL
  5. So... that's it ?? servers are down forever ?!!!! 💔
  6. The same response I received 2 months ago , they will investigate... AND THEN WHAT ??!! come on... give me a break please 💔 anyway thank you so much for wasting your time sending to ubisoft support team
  7. Unfortunately, I've started this game already...
  8. I have hope... it's just turned off before I give this trophy a try and if you make some search you'll find this issue happened many times before, so let's just wait and hope the shadow.net comes online again with the challenges
  9. Still can't access the shadow.net in the game... any news ??
  10. ubisoft only can help you with club rewards and benefits , that's all... they told me that they can't help with anything regarding shadow.net , so I hope the team responsible for shadow.net problems fix this issue
  11. I hope they fix this problem soon , I love Splinter Cell games so much
  12. I think they are fixing the problem these days... I couldn't access the shadow.net in the game for two days now !!