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  1. what about now ??
  2. are the online trophies still obtainable ??
  3. I was able to get a better time by 10 seconds , but then I remembered that sharing is good
  4. we can get this today , I think
  5. Oh God , I've missed it
  6. Ok old skilled players , I know that this game is fun , awesome , excellent... whatever , you name it . and also I know that you are good at this game , and you've got a lot of diamond cups "WOW" the question is : why you still keep playing the challenges for 3 years or more ?! and then what ?? , another thing, why you don't play it on PS4 or PS3 only and take a brake from PS Vita ?? I need an answer please 😂💔
  7. @AdruA_ Thank you so much , maybe you can upload a video to give us some secret tricks so we can get better runs in the future , and maybe I can get it the hard way
  8. @AdruA_ << this gentleman is providing some help for players looking for the diamond cup trophy , but there are some other players making his help useless , so I don't blame him for getting 1st in most of the challenges
  9. I hope the time runs out for this challenge , so this player @GamerK_ADACHI can get his trophy Edit: I don't think he cares about trophies too
  10. I need the links for the stores that sell these codes please... thank you.
  11. so , I'm confused now !! can I still get it if I buy the extras edition or not ??
  12. I think you have to start the online with a dummy account and see what's gonna happens then if you decide to play with your main account keep in mind to do these steps: 1- try to play when less players are online to avoid popcorn trophies "got into hacked lobby" 2- be ready to turn off the console or the network connection if any trophies start to pop other than the tutorial trophy. 3- if you got lucky and pass the tutorial without any problems then from this point you have to play on solo or invite only sessions till you get all online trophies. 4- if trophies start to pop while trying to finish the tutorial and you your online character levelled up so high , you can still contact the Rockstar Support to wipe your online data to start over again and give it another try.
  13. I think this will resolve a lot of questions
  14. still any workaround to get 100% in this game ?? I'm still fresh (0%)
  15. what about the "run like the wind" trophy ?
  16. looking forward to start this multiplayer journey... any advice ?!
  17. @Bumperklever thanks for the reply... first let's be clear, these questions are ridiculous I still insist because I've been waiting 3 days for the first reply from them "can you give us screenshot"?? , then another 3 days to ask Me this !!!! it looks like they reply with the same damn questions every time they receive emails from costumers !! why I wait for 6 days in total to ask My if the leaderboard is down for any other game !! or if the leaderboard is add-on or DLC ?? My Email and the question was clear... Come on , give Me a brake !!!!!
  18. actually I've sent an email to London Studio , but they didn't reply. anyway here's another reply from playstation support , but I think it's ridiculous this time
  19. Let's just wait for the reply , maybe they will patch this or fix it their way... whatever
  20. aaaaand , they replied... I'll keep this topic updated I hope they fix it soon...
  21. @MMDE I think we need you here
  22. @christian_allan remember , you must sync the trophies in your playstation then update your profile here !! otherwise it looks like you have more than two flags , in this case you have to start all over again with a new account
  23. you have to earn a trophy then sync
  24. yes, you must hide the flagged game from your account privacy settings in your playstation system, so you can get back again on the leaderboard