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  1. Cheers Sly
  2. Leicester are top of the table! Good times

  3. Working on PES 2013 It's more grinding
  4. Is it out in the U.K yet?
  5. Would love 2 play Pokemon again but can't find cheap enough deals. My favourite was that water one with a spiral type face!
  6. Gaming is number 1 but surfing the web and watching TV are close I also listen 2 radio Leicester as well
  7. Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson Hate Wilson but plays a decent part in this film
  8. Toy Story 3
  9. Winning a cup in Fifa Trophy is broken. What a mess of a game

  10. Tomorrow Never Dies
  11. 1. Welcome to the Jungle 2. Four Brothers 3. The Departed 4. Saving Private Ryan 5. Smokin Aces
  12. Played Dead Island for the first time in a while today But chilling on Fifa tonight
  13. #3 Captain America