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  1. I did a 100% playthrough on legend, after beating the game once on easy. Honestly, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. If you want to do this, fill your inventory with Sacrifice Stones, they will not only save you from dying, but they will also restore your health fully. I would recommend doing the Shakedown money grind in order to buy all upgrades (you would have to finish the Cabaret Club and Real Estate very early). You can breeze through most of the game with the Slime/Zap guns, upgraded Beast mode, and Slugger combined with Breaker. The only parts that were problematic for me were the car chase (took about 5-7 tries), the Media King fight, and the Amon fights. And, of course, make sure you save after every bigger fight.
  2. I've written two trophy guides, both in 2020, and for the first time I had to wait a week, and about a week and a half for the other one.
  3. Yo, it's always nice to see former Poles on this site Hope you make plenty of friends here, and that your streaming ventures go well. Do you stream in Polish or English? Might check it out some time.
  4. A UFC fighter who likes to play a variety of adventure/fantasy/RPG games in their free time. Also, nice Sims 4 plat.
  5. Mega Man 9 on the PS3.
  6. Sorry to kind of shift away from the game in question, but I was thinking the same thing when I played Yakuza 0. I compared the map size of Yakuza 0 and GTA 5, and thought about how GTA has a big city but I can't remember much of it as it didn't really feel interesting to me, and how Kamurocho in Yakuza is small but no matter where you look there's something interesting going on. Edit: also, both are big games, but I could barely bring myself to finishing GTA 5, and I happily 100% and platted Yakuza 0.
  7. I don't know how much one would have to suck to spend 6 hours trying to beat the first SMB. SMB 3 I would understand, but the first one?
  8. I'm yet to play through Kiwami, so I hope the minigames are at least a bit less RNG heavy 😅 I'm at ~96% completion in 0, and honestly it's not as bad as it seemed to be, though I'm yet to learn how to play Mahjong.
  9. You know that the PS4 is capable of playing music on Spotify or a USB stick, right? And, I wholeheartedly agree that the catfights tournament is one of the most bullshit RNGfests I've ever seen. There's literally nothing you can do to help your chances, even the mashing thing seems to be RNG.
  10. Oh no! Trophy icons are different now! Whatever shall I do!? Anyway, back to Yakuza 0. I gotta get the platinum trophy so when I buy a PS5 in 2 or 3 years, I can check them on it and not give a single f-word about the icons
  11. I think you have to get specific cars (?). The trophy popped for me after getting a Harbinger GXT (yes, I have Rocket Pass).
  12. Oh, that a good shout, but that save is probably gone. It happened a week ago, but I only realized today. I'll try it though.
  13. So, I accidentally overwrote my save (I began playing PA on it after my 1st playthrough) when starting my Legend playthrough because I'm a dumbass. I saw an option to start Premium Adventure mode from scratch. My question is: can I get 100% completion when starting PA from scratch, or is there something from the main story that counts towards it as well?
  14. I need either the Ion boost or the Halo topper. In return I'm offering one of my four certified and painted Harbingers GXT. They count overhead goals, shots taken, goals scored, and wins. Just add me on PSN (Vintage_Davis) if interested. Edit: I got the trophy, though if anyone wants to help me get rid of the overabundance of certified Harbinger GXTs I have (I've got 2 left - overhead goals and goals), then hit me up ☺️
  15. You can ask this question about any speedrun. There's loads of stupid meme categories. I mean, as long as it's fun then does it really matter what's being speedrun?