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  1. Flandre Scarlett from one of the Touhou games.
  2. Aggelos (692 owners) A Wonder Boy kind of game (allegedly, I never played Wonder Boy). An enjoyable platformer action-RPG with an unconventional map. It has a platinum trophy.
  3. Sup, I'm looking for some PSN friends. I hardly ever play online games, and I'm a huge platformers fan. Some of my favorite game series are Mega Man, GTA, Yakuza, and Tekken. Currently trying to platinum Super Meat Boy. I'm male, 23 if that matters. Just shoot me a friend request and say that you're from here. I've never liked talking on the phone or over the internet so I'm not planning on doing any party chats, but I'm down for some classic text conversations.
  4. After listening to those two songs I'm actually glad that the music is broken 😅 I prefer Spotify for games like this anyway.
  5. I'd say 6-12 is almost as hard as 6-4. At least the final boss is a piece of cake.
  6. This is literally the best set of rules. As for the majority of the rest - what is the point in playing games that you don't like? Just to piss yourself off? No, thanks, I'd rather play something that feels fun and not torture myself with shitty, uninteresting games just for a couple of trophies.
  7. I think it's a great idea 😀 Especially for games without trophy guides.