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  1. It was my post. It is a website of a leaker. They are able to see future shop rotations because when the game is open, it stores data locally. Conveniently, it is very easy to access the data for future shop patterns. It is embedded into the game, it is not a prediction.
  2. Very good news for people looking for the legendary pattern for Head Turner. A legendary pattern will be releasing to the featured items section on April 11 to April 14. Make sure you have three Crowns ready to purchase it. Here is the time stamps: From: 11th April 2022 4:00 AM ESTTo: 14th April 2022 4:00 AM EST Source:
  3. You and me both. I really hope they just make it a featured item so I don’t have to roll the dice every day. I’m in a fall guys leak Discord server, and they said there will not be a featured color for at least the next month, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Just have to keep bugging support being extremely annoying because they have poor trophy design.
  4. Contact support. They’ll have it fixed for you pretty quickly, assuming you met the requirements.
  5. I have found a website that leaks the upcoming featured shops. It has leaked up to April 11, with no legendary color or pattern in sight. Personally, I only need the color. Hopefully they release it as a featured item so I don’t have to roll the dice to get the platinum.
  6. I’m in the same boat as you.
  7. With my final trophy left up to pure RNG, how long did it take everyone to get their legendary color? Aside from certain battle passes and crown level, what was the amount of time it took for it to show up in your shop? This trophy list is set up so poorly it’s incredible.
  8. I’m nervous too. It’s the only issue I have left with this platinum.