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  1. I just did what you said and it worked! Thanks for the tip I appreciate it.
  2. I registered an account on PSN profiles about 4-5 months back and everything worked fine for a while but when I try to log in it says "no account found, must sign up first". This has been going on for a few months now. Also, I can't sign in on the forums unless I change my password and reset it. Could somebody tell me what's going on?
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for somebody to boost the following online trophies: Full Refund Numero Uno Enjoy Your Stay Backseat Driver The Midnight Club Unnatural Selection When we do the boosting,, we can do it so where I win one race/event you win one etc. etc. We can also boost platinum awards related to these events to make getting Decorated a little easier. For instance when we go to the shooting range we can do it where one person hits all the targets and the other player doesn't and vice versa so we can both attain the Granny platinum award. In addition to this, I'm looking for some people to do the heists and the doomsday heists with. If you're interested in boosting any of these with me feel free to send me a friend request with the message "GTA", and we will set up a time to make it happen. Weekends usually work better for me but I will also flexible with other schedules.