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  1. Whats the change of dlc trophies ?
  2. Alexs Mom is happy that is all that matters
  3. Got the game early if anyone want to bang out the mp trophy psn is bennett316spurs
  4. Can confirm getting relegated from div 4 into div 5 then getting promotion works. Got the trophy today after getting placed in Division 4. When u go for it use any high rated loan players as subs. Use training items Good luck I need to crack on with skill now dreading it lol
  5. Managed to get the platinum Anyone who struggled like me keep at it they will pop eventually
  6. Sucks pal. Im going back to it today. I was hoping they would bring a patch out. Have u tried deleting saved data
  7. Managed to get gold on season 1 scene 8. If u just keep close to Clarkson then attack around 70% finished 178 metres ahead. Thanks for the tip for 190mph trophy very handy
  8. Cheers Hayabusa ill try that
  9. Struggling big time on scene 8. Managed to get gold on every event bar 8. McLaren has flipped over barrier and even done a 360 spin gets 160 metres behind me but closed the distance to 46 lol
  10. Cant get 240 second trophy or 500 coins Tried deleting saved data setting up new profile after every attempt. Also tried offline and changing Alex to Olivia
  11. Is anyone having any issues with all star team ? Win with all racers I got jack if all trades and have won races and cups with all characters twice. No trophy as yet. And turtle brotherhood is that team race u get it ? Regarding the game I am 61 % through it sucks difficulty trophies dont stack. Pick ups are good drifting is nicely done. I was concerned about slime rider thought it would be a grind. When u finish all cups on easy u should have enough distance. And dash and destroy there is a track where there is quite a few tables ill post the track tonight