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  1. Science plan still wont unlock for me I updated patch still missing bio fins and it still says I killed the hunters. So much for the report bugs thread on the Tripwire forum lol. I also upgeaded everything in the hope maybe that would work no bueno. Unless patch 1.06 sorts the issue looking at a 3rd playthrough. Which I am reluctant to do as a patch not come out to sort the problem I am glad some people got the platinum today with the patch
  2. Just read latest patch notes I don't think it solve this problem. No mention of having the option of taking on the hunters again
  3. Yes everything is 100%. I have all the 100% objective trophies. The only thing missing is the bio electric fins. I looked on the Man Eater Tripwire forum 3 people it has affected. Different hunters though.
  4. A couple days ago I was at level 30 killed all Hunters and just needed collectibles and finish last story mission. I lost my save file so started again. I finished all story got all the collectibles and killed the hunters so 10/10 there all regions are 100% and my trophies are 91% All I am missing is Bio Electric fins from Tyler Dixon. I killed him though Just a heads up gues I wait for a patch. Or a 3rd playthrough which is my least prefered option at the minute as everything is 100% Its strange as think I am the only who has had this problem
  5. Yep same issue. I was at level 30. Killed all the hunters to get infamy level 10 Just needed get revenge and collectibles. Lost my save file. Im back at level 12 so not 2 bad Does anyone know if I have to kill hunters again ? No big deal if I do
  6. Does anyone know what the symbol is for slow mo trophy please. I am pretty sure I picked every power up. Ah it was red S screen goes red Just popped Thanks
  7. I managed to get a copy loaded it up all in Japanse so happy I know how to do language the first 30 seconds alone of your video I had to subscribe without u wouldnt be able to play game so cheers lol 😀
  8. Thank u for the vid Much appreciated
  9. Looking for planta vs zombies ps vita
  10. Does anyone know if this is coming to EU stores had a look today not up yet Never mind picked it up from US store
  11. Anyone having problems with pro tourer race in 25 match ups ? I raced 25 onlines races yesterday did 5 today not popped as yet. I noticed there was a patch released today. Last night no 1 had trophy today 0.4%
  12. Whats the change of dlc trophies ?
  13. Alexs Mom is happy that is all that matters
  14. Got the game early if anyone want to bang out the mp trophy psn is bennett316spurs
  15. Can confirm getting relegated from div 4 into div 5 then getting promotion works. Got the trophy today after getting placed in Division 4. When u go for it use any high rated loan players as subs. Use training items Good luck I need to crack on with skill now dreading it lol