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  1. How many are needed to start a game ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for heads up Caught me out 2 😂
  3. Can I join please or do I have 2 many games 😂 No vr please dont currently have it
  4. Shame u can't buy Plants vs Zombies anymore. I would pay good money for the Vita game
  5. PSN ID: bennett316spurs Country: uk Systems: ps3 ps4 ps5 ps vita Blank Requests: please send msg saying psn Looking for 2-4 guys to seriously boost trophies I have 1 allready. We can buy games when required and we do actually help. We are looking at finding like minded people. Our current aim is to play various ps3 games before servers close. And yea we enjoy playing shooters as well We have own discord with voice channels for chat. Serious players only thanks
  6. No
  7. Thanks very much Appreciate the code 👍
  8. Did u do the veteran playthrough ok I was resuming SOG and got ReadField: destructible out of range (5712309) So I can't resume game but can play via mission select but says progress will be lost. Unlike PS4 games Black ops doesn't say on what difficulty u have completed missions on
  9. Thanks for the guide it was very handy. I picked up the game at launch it was painful to do wheelie, stoppie and 2 wheel tricks so put it in the backlog. Hope u do another 1 for Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 👍 Trophies are below
  10. Thank u very much for the feedback much appreciated. The vids I watched they were saying the game was insanely hard lol.
  11. Another vote for Hori they are ace mine is the turbo 1. Blue Lake were utter rubbish. I purchased 3 and they all broke within a short amount of time. If u want reliability go Hori
  12. Does anyone have any info for Crash Boom Bang (crash own car for the 100th time) I got the crash car trophy 10 times on my 1st race. I have since got take down opponent for 250th time. When that unlocked thought would get 100th time trophy for crashing own car any minute. So I crashed my car 100 times but no trophy. Is there a method to this does there need to be fire ? I thought maybe if you crash 2 many times in quick succession it doesn't register so just been doing once a lap. Weird as I am on legendary season. Just thinking does it have to be with another car I wasn't paying much attention when obtained the crash 10 times trophy lol EDIT Solved the riddle but don't know how lol Some crashes u get in big letters YOU CRASHED This appeared 4 times and just got the trophy. I thought it was Speed but no its not that If I figure out will post OK edit the edit. After trying numerous things. Crash into the left barrier then crash into the right barrier. And every time I got you crashed msg. So I think that's how u get 100 crashes quickly. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has probs with this. Hope it helps it was annoying me.
  13. For Nano Ninja thank u very much 👍👍 you are a legend just got it Must have spent 4 hours on that 😨 I tried everything going stealth on the 1st mission. Then using tranquilizer then a head shot with pistol. I then blew up a truck with a grenade then C4 with 5 bodies and still didn't get the trophy. Its weird how stealth works on this game I am well hidden them boom everyone on alert takes me back to secret service Sniper Elite Remastered. 😂
  14. Patch 1.06 still doesn't help u get science experiment. I have lost hope this will be patched. Will try a fresh playthrough and just hope for the best
  15. Hi take a look at this video. If u want to add me u can look at my trophy list loads of games on there Good luvk with the trophy hunting 👍