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  1. It's been over a month, And nobody has been able to earn the platinum yet. God, i love black ops. /s
  2. You got me! 🤣 Have my upvote! In a certain sense that's true but when the majority is bad then there's something wrong right? Because otherwise the majority wouldn't dislike the game and give it a bad rating? (I think the only exception so far i personally experienced on metacritic is DMC because of emo Dante) Now you have your own source and so do i, but as i said previously after watching a couple of streams for a couple of hours this just feels honestly nothing more then a cashgrab. And the fact that Starfield and TES6 are going to use the same engine (wich has been comfirmed) just makes me want to not support the company anymore, like you have this big budget! Use it!
  3. I find that honestly silly to believe. When it's only a minority, then i'd say sure But there is a reason why people massively vote on it. Hell even if you go to the big youtubers like Angryjoe they'll come up and say this ; Not a 60$ Engine is horribly outdated Party system is messed up Bloom effect is overused like a motherf The scrapsystem makes no sense (how many houses do i have to look for for springs????) The survival element is done wrong or rather executed badly Tons of bugs and glitches ( just NOT acceptable even if it is a Bethesda game) WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE NPC'S?!?! THAT PRACTICALLY MADE FALLOUT SO MUCH FUN AND INTERESTING?! WHERE IS THE GODDAMN LORE?!?! Almost every enemy dying quickly Almost no new enemies MICROTRANSACTIONS COMING SOON Man, i understand that everyone has their own tastes but after seeing a couple of streams of a few hours long each time i just can't say anything else then that this game is almost as awefull as Mass Effect Andromeda! If you like it so be it, but i'd rather play a game that is far more polished and fun, like i dont know...? Fallout 4? 🤣
  4. I think i went through that already, but if not yes this is a valid point. I think if you win atleast 4 out of 5 you can get to division 4 already? Can someone comfirm that
  5. Should not take more then 50hours if you are playing the raids with a group that knows how to do it and you mainly do the dailys... Only real pain in the butt in my opinion is the 3 classes perked out, Also as far as i can remember you dont need to beat the game if you have the complete collection, just leveling yourself accordingly to that dlc is enough.... (Though if i remember correctly you do need to put work in one character for raiding) The flawless raider is honestly very easy, i never played crota and a guy literally carried my ass... if you have one guy that knows how to play crota then you should be fine honestly
  6. There will always be people liking games no matter how they are, But all i have to say is look at the metacritic score ^^"
  7. The newest patch has apperently fixed the problem go play another match and win it before you complain.
  8. Oh man the peoples reaction to when they havent played the beta or atleast saw a video of it... As much as i want this(muh FALLOUT craving :() i am going to pass this atleast untill the first dlc... The eso was terrible at launch but look at it now... So i assume the same thing will happen to fo...
  9. Congrats, i'm proud of you!
  10. This reminds me of red dead redemption 2 topic about not having a decent looking platinum trophy image, Like i get that you guys care about that... But will you seriously look at the platinum image after watching it more then TWO times?! NO! some people complain only for complaining i swear... On topic, not buying a game because it has no platinum...? You guys must hate indiegames then.
  11. Not with that time trial it's not,
  12. No, No, NO! this game was the reason i sold my vita lol, Just not worth the effort you put in to it, just like super meat boy, but that is my oppinion i'd rather have a grinding game wich takes +200 hours then touch another hard platformer Though i must say that people that do like platformers, This game is an indie gem! But be prepared for the onslaught!
  13. All these peoples obsession with having an unwanted extreme hard mode/grinding trophy list... I have an idea for you massochists; Go play dark souls on a frikking instrument! Or beat it blindly but leave us casuals alone! Regardless this trophy list is very easy but dont forget that DICE almost always puts either ; A) an annoying grindy trophy dlc pack B ) a luck based trophy And dont forget that battle royal still has to come out so i'm willing to bet money that there will be trophies related to that aswell
  14. Would not be surprised if there were more future buggy trophies of 3arc seeming they have a bad rep with trophies
  15. This has literally been posted in other topics and they are currently working on it