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  1. THERE HAVE BEEN MORE THAN ENOUGH POSTS and people warning you about this, if you sir are too lazy to even bother then that's your own fault! They made it a full stand alone game wich is well deserved due to how surprisingly fun it is. Ahh well atleast i had some fun laughing about the generic 'omgxdtheytookthegamemodeoffxd'
  2. FUCK cataclysm difficulty, That was just bullshit. Other then that the 2e looks great
  3. Because they already had the experience with the xbox launch, dont give me this crap please. They're not an indie studio, and they're not a studio that's made up last year christ sake.
  4. Yeah the pro is an absolute joke, i'd take the xbox over the ps4 any day of the week... But i invested too much to give up my ps4
  5. The more of these updates come, the worses my ps4 pro becomes
  6. Especially seeing the terrible launch at the xbox
  7. So excited! Though i wished they just kept the Japanese name
  8. MOTHERFUCKER I'M JEALOUS XD! (no offence intented, just fuck eidos montreal seriously)
  9. Are you sure? Last time i checked i can not play my multiplayer games without those subscriptions. Gottem
  10. Ahh thank god i'm not a premium member then,
  11. Motherfuckers are even too lazy to reply to a ticket 🤣🤣
  12. Am i the only one that liked the trailer for what it is? Though i wished they used Wiz again, His track in X was straight up fire...
  13. Incoming, My blood is boiling because they closed the servers rant... 🤣🤣
  14. Reminds me of what a SHITshow borderlands 2 was on the vita.