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  1. Butcher - F#@$ You Harder Complete the game on Harder difficulty
  2. Butcher - F#@$ You Complete the game on hard difficulty
  3. I have this game for a long time now and thought it's time. So @UlvenFenrir do you remember your speedrun time for Expert Speedrunner ?
  4. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y The Throne is waitng GL & HF. @KaKrackle how much time did you spend in this game to plat it approx ~
  5. - Get as many COOP plats with my Wife as we can - Get plats in these games - Nuclear Throne, I Am Bread, Strafe, OlliOlli 2, Max Payne 3 and many others... - Get 1000000 UR trophies than sell them and buy homeless cat's food I don't care about completion, rarity, leaderbord or stuff like that so that's it.
  6. MeatBoy Wolfenstein II Surgeon Simulator
  7. Let's make a petition to let them know that we want Mein Leben in the game. Blast from the past
  8. Bad news! The game was well balanced and we have 2 stacks with total 424 platinum achievers (South Korean Robots). All you need is a little more patience.
  9. Welcome to the Platinum Club & Congrats!
  10. To get Not Bad trophy i need to kill the throne or just reach it ? I'm going for this one ATM because we never know when something is going to be unobtainable due to some server dead πŸ’©
  11. I think this can help.
  12. tumblr_mmy6qn42kb1sqqj20o1_500.gif

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      πŸ˜…ninja mask revealed it all

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      Ok you got me! *Proceeds to take off mask*




      *Realizes that wasn't a mask*



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  13. So we need a patch & prey that this will be a ps+ game in the future = 0.20% ~ 0.50% plat
  14. Yes there are only 2 plats ATM and they are done together. https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/8960-gods-trigger