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  1. Yes. Do it in less than 19 seconds for New Squadron Record and less than 15.1 seconds for Best of the Best
  2. Yes there are. Just few of them below. Teslagrad • KR Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 • KR Chaos;Child 러브 CHU☆CHU!! • KR Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments • KR Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter • KR √Letter • KR Chaos;Child • KR And probably many others. Search the top LB profiles they are easy to find there.
  3. 1. Quake 3 Arena 2. Wolfenstein 2 3. MeatBoy 4. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 5. Doom 6. Rainbow Six Siege 7. Duke Nukem 8. Undertale 9. Cannon Fodder 10. Mortal Kombat Places are random
  4. Yep there are 6 missing trophies and 6 are hidden 🍺
  5. It shows that you have the platinum but when you enter the game there are trophies missing weird shit.
  6. All trophies are obtainable. Have Fun!
  7. I am doing ATM both versions of Trine 2: Complete Story EU & NA that's double UR trophies from them
  8. VN's & Fortnite 🙃
  9. Everybody dies there several times 10,20,30 because it's more luck than skill dependant. Do what @StiffTripple_X said the wiggle analog thing Everything is in this video.
  10. #19 Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride 

    While trying to learn the mechanics of Surgeon Simulator this one dropped. Decent HOG game.


  11. Nope you can get this in Poland and in many other countries.
  12. Why do you waste time to write about something that means for you nothing "leaderboards" "ranking" ?
  13. Welcome \o/
  14. Is it only in this game ? Check out this video search in the description for the layer you are getting the glitch and compare it to what you see on your screen.
  15. Try to down an enemy and than place the breach charge on the floor close to him if it's possible. Some people will try to save their ass crawling away from the breach charge and some will not. This always work's done this many times this week. Downed enemy will always die. The title is very misleading "basically impossible".