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  1. Anyone got any clue or is it bugged, cba restarting whole game
  2. Thanks guys 😀
  3. It’s too boring grinding for completing the journey to go right back to the start with no trophy
  4. Didn’t work just played 20 hours online on this old game for a slap in the face by naught dog , now I have to restart this bullshit
  5. Yeah they reset You have to pick either hunters or firefly again , I’m gonna pick hunters again and see if it pops it
  6. Had 58 survivors left at the end and no trophy
  7. The Witcher cause I plan on doing it soon
  8. I recommend running around certain trees that go in a square or a circle
  9. u need to be the one who kills the predator with the last bullet
  10. easily 100hours platinum boosted, more if ure doing it legit
  11. Looking to try grind this platinum is their any guides or anything for the trophys cause i have no idea how to do any of them
  12. is the version on hong kong store classed as jp before i buy it?
  13. need a head for the head bomb and bones for armour to get the crafty trophy