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  1. i can update it via my vita just not my pc for some reason
  2. ive been ip blocked for months still not fixed no idea why either
  3. what track do i put it on?
  4. how did u do this if u dont mind me asking
  5. ty for tips
  6. thinking about platinuming this game just curious how long i would need to invest
  7. finally got it
  8. so i got 1.4k kills on euw squads only all round about 2kish kills i got 1k on na duo's and the trophy wouldnt pop so i contact pubg support they said some of the kills might not of counted till after the 26th of december so i said okay can u tell me hm kills im on cause i honestly cba grinding another 1k kills and they have no way on there end to tell me hm kills overall i have so ive ure having trouble with any trophys its because some of ure kills might not of counted till after the 26th patch
  9. any way i can reset the counter? should i even reset it or just keep going?
  10. yeah i do that / change setting when i start the mission
  11. i save after every grind by my count im on about 300k+ do i keep going or have i done something wrong
  12. i got all the 4 parts for all the 4 characters and it never poped?
  13. did u manage to platinum it
  14. im on chapter 2 but i just keep doing in 2-3 confused on how im meant to progress seems like such a hard game or im doing somethingwrong
  15. never mind i got it