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  1. yep im sure there aware of the problem
  2. yep both still bugged need to wait till next weeks patch to try again
  3. were should i die to repeat at wht point
  4. ive done 4 walkthroughs now and it still wont pop?
  5. it is whn its not bugged to pop it u reach lvl 50 and prestige wht do u not understand well 50 sorry
  6. i know the trophy is bugged tho....
  7. its lvl 50 its bugged..... u get it
  8. do u need to destroy the gun or is it just staionary wepon kills
  9. last trophy i need cant seem to get it any tips or tricks to help a brother out i have the basic bomber sadly
  10. im just glad it worked for you
  11. that sucks i just clicked resume on mission 1 had the ending scene again and they all poped :/
  12. redo the mission just watch the ending it should say resume
  13. how do i actually do this im a bit confused with this one
  14. i complete all the single player missions on hardcore none of the trophy popped? any clue why fixed it dw guys