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  1. anyone have any idea and i mean inviting people i dont mean random queing and finding people that what i mean
  2. cant get A Pirate's Life for Me to start went to every quest star location to check, i cant get the showdown mission to pop either also the trophy for basically going on every part of every island including the small ones.
  3. i have it on hereford base and plane only with hostage and bomb on i sit in ques for like 30minutes and never find it is it even possible to play this map anymore?
  4. im a idiot i got it to work lol
  5. yeah it just says quit for me not save and quit
  6. i guess what im asking is how do i actually do the glitch successfully
  7. guessing thats a yes? cause i couldnt get it to work no idea why when i go to quit it dosent save and quit it only quits
  8. just curious if u can still glitch it or if u need to do it manually
  9. got all 44 without dieing and the trophy never poped guess we going again for another playthrough sigh
  10. This trophy is much, much easier than it sounds. Simply start a multiplayer game and choose a character. Then hold the PS Button and switch users, signing in as a 'guest' and choose a second character. Repeat until you have all four players, three of which will be guests. this dosent work for me wont let me select more characters anyone know why? when i sign into guests it just puts them as player 1
  11. so ive done that You'll have to start a new game and clear the starting zone with all 3 characters to get this trophy. Start a new game with "Bau" and clear all areas of Bau's starting zone "Egg Island" Start a new game with "Bam" and clear all areas of Bam's starting zone "Green Hill" Start a new game with "Bom" and clear all areas of Bom's starting zone "Poseidonia" ive also done all 3 starting area with each character and removed my save and done it all again cant seem to get this trophy to pop
  12. what building do u need
  13. fixed it dont ask how i just magically did
  14. so its the blacksmith i need to complete and the 1 item i need is a sword and when i get it from the shop my game crash's and when i reload game it isnt there guess ill need to wait for next patch rip 12 hour plat