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  1. anyone know were the gillypod seed and mushbloom seeds are
  2. im got the trophy for data disk , other is still bugged but does anyone know were gillypod seed and mushbloom seed is
  3. A Galaxy Far, Far Away, i have 100% explored every map and Data Disk , i have all the disk's for Cordova’s Journey which i believe is all u need
  4. missing archive 2 from archive one discovery and archive 2 of archive 5 atrium for data disk and im missing bug/enemy 3 of kashyyyk if someone can tell me what/were i find it
  5. thats just from s2, i had like 5k kills alone on release before i quit but i return every season to try get it to pop but it never does ah i see the problem here aswell u goota change my region from eu to na to asia i play every region
  6. im willing to try it as i have 6k+ kills still no trophy
  7. u get top 60 i only get top 35 and i cant even download my own times that i set, absolute joke of a company
  8. if anyone is looking for a partner to boost hmu
  9. this will be easy to get i got 100k easy within the trial and it was capped at rep 10 so once u reach rep 50 it will be easy to grind
  10. also ive done a full season with monster team i didnt change the sponsor or my team and Fidelity didnt pop any reason why
  11. Not my path seems to be bugged for me no idea how to unbug it, Oh no, a ghost( whats the best way of doing this) In my playground same for this trophy
  12. it is when little kids just crash into you for no reason
  13. right so on my vita i just check it says i have 3 games which i do but no saved data is it because its a disc
  14. so i go copy content from ps vita system to pc, then what i only have option for applications
  15. yeah