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  1. also ive done a full season with monster team i didnt change the sponsor or my team and Fidelity didnt pop any reason why
  2. Not my path seems to be bugged for me no idea how to unbug it, Oh no, a ghost( whats the best way of doing this) In my playground same for this trophy
  3. it is when little kids just crash into you for no reason
  4. right so on my vita i just check it says i have 3 games which i do but no saved data is it because its a disc
  5. so i go copy content from ps vita system to pc, then what i only have option for applications
  6. yeah
  7. do u know how u can transfer the save date over
  8. See when i copy the game from my vita to my pc does the save go with it, curious before i reboot my vita as i dont want to start games all over again.
  9. got it people the 1st two didnt register
  10. if anyone know were third page bottom left and last page last one is please post below i cant figure out how to get them ive done 2 play through with this guide https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/punchline/329829-punchline-platinum-walkthrough.html , removed the game and reinstalled incase of bugs and still need 2
  11. is there any way to tell which chapter i need to return to i need numbers 10,11 ,16,17 and 32 but idk what chapter i need to replay
  12. i had to unistall the recent patch to continue
  13. im like 30minutes into my playthrough were i need to go to the casino but it crashes every time i try to enter
  14. wondering if your stats carry over to a complete new game
  15. if anyone can help me with the Strategy Tutorials it will be much appreciated