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  1. 4 times ive tried to plat this trash ass game each time to get a bug 2 and a half hours in going for the color flows again were the boy/female character decides to follow me down sewer and i spawn at the bottom and cannot do anything i must restart the whole game.....
  2. This trophy is much, much easier than it sounds. Simply start a multiplayer game and choose a character. Then hold the PS Button and switch users, signing in as a 'guest' and choose a second character. Repeat until you have all four players, three of which will be guests. this dosent work for me wont let me select more characters anyone know why? when i sign into guests it just puts them as player 1
  3. any way i can reset the counter? should i even reset it or just keep going?
  4. So i need 1 more follower and i need 3 followers including the one i need to become fully trusted in me, the 1 follower i need is Tua, anyone got any advice/ help to speed up the process
  5. or is there plans to in the future
  6. Looking to try grind this platinum is their any guides or anything for the trophys cause i have no idea how to do any of them
  7. anyone have any ideas i have no save before i finished the game sadly i think ill have to do every other trophy then fully restart the game
  8. even when i collected all of them on the new patch on a new save i couldnt get the trophy to pop anyone got any ideas why
  9. im 39/40 bricks on syspocalypstar and i have bought the 1 for the shop there no question marks on the map anywere im also 474/475 so this is the last thing i need ive gotten everything else any clues on how i can fix it
  10. Anyone got any clue or is it bugged, cba restarting whole game
  11. Thanks guys 😀
  12. It’s too boring grinding for completing the journey to go right back to the start with no trophy
  13. Didn’t work just played 20 hours online on this old game for a slap in the face by naught dog , now I have to restart this bullshit
  14. Yeah they reset You have to pick either hunters or firefly again , I’m gonna pick hunters again and see if it pops it
  15. I used to hate the waterDefeat Creataceous and Maelstrom Ive done this like 4 times now 3 times on 1.01 and once on 1.00 and it wont pop anyone have any clue why
  16. missing archive 2 from archive one discovery and archive 2 of archive 5 atrium for data disk and im missing bug/enemy 3 of kashyyyk if someone can tell me what/were i find it
  17. thinking about platinuming this game just curious how long i would need to invest
  18. The Witcher cause I plan on doing it soon
  19. I recommend running around certain trees that go in a square or a circle
  20. u need to be the one who kills the predator with the last bullet
  21. easily 100hours platinum boosted, more if ure doing it legit
  22. is the version on hong kong store classed as jp before i buy it?