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  1. I may have to do that - I am going to try the User Pick first and if that doesn't work - try your method.
  2. So go for a User Pick instead? I have had "user swat" pop up SO many times and never got the trophy. Infuriating.
  3. I am SO glad people said League of Evil. I find it INCREDIBLY hard. I got nowhere close to finishing that game. It was killing me. I don't even want to go back to it.
  4. I AM glad that I won't be adding to my backlog. Zero interest in fighting or BR games. SO I can actually work on knocking out some other games.
  5. I do believe that most of mine have been named, but here we go anyway! FF13 Trilogy Shadow Hearts Legend of Dragoon Assassin's Creed I AND MOST OF ALL: LEGEND OF LEGAIA
  6. In no particular order: Yuffie (FF7) Lightning (FF13) Ezio Auditore (AC Series) Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria) Vivi (FF9)
  7. Sonic Forces. I NEVER would have bought this BUT it was free on PS Plus one month. Started it....and got addicted. I even loved the Time Trials. I started seeing if I could break my own records. Still find myself popping back in from time to time. LOVED IT
  8. My Top 10 (in no order whatsoever): Final Fantasy XV: Base game only. Comrades....I am going to bite my tongue on. And the other DLC I am still yet to do so I don't totally burn out on the game. But the main game? I freaking loved it! Characters, story, enemies/bosses! Great game! Sonic Forces: Not the type of game I would EVER play but it was free....so why not? Fell in love with it. Had so much fun seeing how fast I could get on each level and trying to beat my personal best times. So much fun! Still jump back into it every now and then. God of War: What hasn't been said about this game before? Amazing and I cannot wait for a sequel! AC: Odyssey: Loved every minute of every hour that I spent exploring and killing with Kassandra. The DLC, in my opinion, were better than the DLC Origins had. Jedi Fallen Order: Finished the story and now working on collectible cleanup. What a game. Lightsaber combat felt just incredible! Great casts of characters as well. Ready for the next one. Marvel's Spider Man: Amazing. Had me hooked from the moment I started. I actually FELT like Spider Man. Cosmic Star Heroine: One of my favorite games of all time was Phantasy Star IV and this had me reminiscing the whole time. Excellent. Horizon Zero Dawn: I mean...everyone knows how good this is. Cannot wait until the sequel. Mad Max: What I believe is the most underrated game of the PS4. Car combat was SO damn fun! NieR: Automata: Beautiful and engaging. Enjoyed every minute. Haven't Played Yet (but has a shot): Ghost of Tsushima FF7 Remake
  9. FF15 Companions. Not the standalone. I used the patch thing to get the older version - then got the Comrades Add-On. Well, my game auto updated to the newest version BUT Comrades is still playable from the Main Game Menu. I got a LOT of them done but when my game updated, it made me start a new Companions game. Annoying as ***! BUT all I need is the lvl 99 chocobo, do the future quests with all 4 main characters, and get all Royal Sigils. I know it's in sight but MAN is it hard to find motivation to knock it out.
  10. Knock out Spider-Man! I loved it and it's pretty simple The DLC is all good too!
  11. Does anybody know this Gio person and how to get in touch with him? I could use the help! Haha
  12. I would love to play this with some other people instead of ONLY AI characters. Send me a message if you still do!
  13. Is it just me ORRRRRRR does that look a LOT like Old Ezio under the tree?? "Odin is with us!!" If it was Old Desmon instead, I would lose my mind. If he somehow ascended instead of died and is travelling with the power of the Apple of Eden.
  14. FFX-2 Remastered. FINALLY!!!! Whoever thought that Last Mission was a good idea can go chew on glass. After MANY attempts, I finally got lucky with incredible drops (this should not be so based on RNG) and made it through. Just glad to through it.
  15. The badges look great! I am blown away!