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  1. You could try getting "S" on the stages on first playthrough. That should make it better. =)
  2. One playthrough *With skipping the cutscences* takes about 3~5 hours, not sure. And about how many hours it took me, I'm not really sure but all I know was that it took me 4 playthroughs. First one was the normal gaming for the story. Second, was for getting "S" on Hard in every stage. Third, was for "Look Ma, No eyes!" trophy, which I played on Normal and getting "S" on every stage as well. *You'll need to get an S on every stage on Hard AND normal." Forth, was for "Who Needs Health?" trophy, I played it on Easy for it to be easier. So yea, first playthrough I didn't skip any cutscence, but on the other playthroughs I did. So probably about 21 hours or so? Not sure. Anyways, good luck. =)
  3. For about 4 days? I had off-college days so I was on the PS3 for awhile Where I live sometimes we get the games a bit before the release date. =]
  4. The game is good. I got a platinum already, you can see me on the leaderboard. I think 2nd? It should get updated soon if it doesn't show I got a platinum. =) However, the game is really nice, it has a good story. And also, people may not like this but I like how he gets all raging, it gets me excited to see some badass pwnding! Haha! Anyways, I recommend getting it. =) Good luck!
  5. Welcome to the site. :). check this thread out and post up what you think of it. about to make 3 members Premium.