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  1. If I had to pick a single one, It would be the Legacy Of Kain series.
  2. Gravel
  3. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Trophies I don't like fighting games, I don't really like DC stuff and I hate fighting game communities, also this game is ancient so that would be another reason not to try and complete it since it seems to have online trophies.
  4. My issue with cheap excuse games for a quick plat is that the ps store, especially in the low price range that used to be a good place to look for small but usually fun indie games, and the retro category, is chock full with shovelware shit that only really dishonest people would unironically call games, as the obvious purpose for it was to sell trophies to people. The leaderboard is long dead anyway so I don't care about that in theory, if you want to buy 1000 5 minute platinums and make all your normal plats disappear between it then more power to you, but in practice it means having to siff through the sewage while on the lookout for decent games, and that is something I do care about. I stop complaining about it once these games can be shoved into their own category, so instead of filling up the retro genre for example they should be tagged with their own tag, could be called "shovelware", "fast games", "bare mininum effort", or "trophy rain" for all I care, and give us an option to hide all games that have this tag from appearing in any other category.
  5. There is a massive (legal as well as moral) difference between being verbally abusive, which they both are, and physically abusive, which was what she accused him of but the evidence that turned out not to be fake only painted her as the one who was into physically abusing a partner. Obviously they both have issues, that is not even up for debate that is just a fact, yet the one is mostly a harmless stoner and drinker, while the other one is dangerous and violent, I know which one I would prefer to have walking free when given the choice. Just think about this, Heard made an accusation of Depp being physically abusive, that alone was enough to get him fired and blacklisted from pretty much everything, his guilt just being assumed despite Depp being one of the most influential men of Hollywood with a good reputation and several former partners vouching for him, career gone on nothing but the word of a psycho. It took years of clawing to prove that she was the abusive one, and he the victim of physical abuse, and yet she is still walking free, still in movies, while he would already be locked up had his abuse been proven, his career has yet to fully recover, and some still believe her due to stupid feminazi ideology that is every bit as demented as patriarchy ideology. You may have a hard time imagining it, but to many men this looks like a cruel injustice, as they already get screwed over by courts in various other ways, like higher sentences for the same crime, and losing the vast majority of divorce and custody cases. I already said that I was glad not to live in that country, as things are a bit more even in my country at least. Just take it as the sign of affection and admiration it likely is, some people just can't show it too openly and mask their desires with seemingly hostile behavior
  6. You forgot all the tapes of her outright admitting that she hit him, even making fun of him for complaining about it and avoiding further conflicts with her. Try to honestly tell me if it was a man admitting on tape that he beat up his partner, mocked her for being too weak to take it and for running away from it, that you would even for a second try to raise any doubts about who was the victim in that scenario. You clearly have some severe double standards going here. The facts overwhelmingly support Depp in this scenario, and they both have massive bank accounts, this is not an average person against a super rich person, this is two super rich people battling it out. She has no proof that he ever hit her, the pictures were photoshopped and her supposed injuries suddenly disappeared a day or two later, meanwhile there is a ton of evidence that she is a violent psychopath. Yikes. A little piece of advice to you from someone who has a domestic abuse victim in his family. "You should have just left" is not something they like to hear from others. I know because that is what my grandfather told my aunt after the latter was severely beaten by her husband, she never spoke to him again because she interpreted it as victim blaming, which it kinda is, not sure that is a hill you want to die on. As for the last line, yes, it is kinda funny from the outside, though I doubt most people who find a steaming pile on their side of the bed while being in an abusive relationship will think of it as a knee slapper in that particular moment.
  7. I am curious, why exactly would you believe a proven liar who was exposed on over a dozen cases of outright making shit up, on faking evidence and misinterpreting words like "donated" to get out of giving money away to charity? If it is only because she is a woman then I can guarantee you that having a set of smelly pissflaps does not make anyone more likely to tell the truth in the least, some sources even claim that lying and trickery comes more naturally to women on average, but that is another discussion and highly varies from culture to culture as well anyway. Most women may rarely lie about it I give you that, but there are the ones who can and do lie about it nonetheless, happens more often these days because of how easy it is and they get away without proper punishment most of the time, while the person they accused is left with a ruined reputation. We are not talking about an average woman here anyway, we are talking about someone who has severe mental issues, as evidenced by the fact that she intentionally shit the mans bed, cut off his finger and hit him on various occasions, an expert on the subject pretty much confirmed that she is at the very least a narcissist. If you still believe that person you are clearly an extremist, and in that case I am really interested to hear what it would take for you to actually believe a man over a woman in such a case if a mountain of evidence and proven mental issues of the wrongful accuser is still not enough.
  8. Not surprised that some of these ghouls would defend a proven domestic abuser and bed shitter, they likely can personally identify with that kind of behavior, most of all that hag Sarkeesian. The fact that she is still around disappoints me greatly, though thankfully she is laughably irrelevant now and therefore unable to get another scam going. The sheer nerve of Heard alone to act in her statement like her loss in court was a hit against women being believed is reason enough to lock her up in a tiny cell and throw the key away as far as I am concerned. I actually know a few survivors of domestic abuse, and her psycho stunts were the thing that will make it much harder for victims in future, and the most frustrating thing is that she will just bite the pillow for a director or two and keep making millions by appearing in crappy movies. Happy for Johnny Depp, not that he really needed it financially, not to mention that his own recorded behavior has told us that he is quite a messed up individual himself at times, but for men in the US it should definitely be considered a win, a much needed one from what I see. I am glad that I do not live in the US, often seems like a miserable experience for anyone who is not part of a protected class.
  9. Hell Let Loose
  10. Yes, a remaster would be great, won't happen though. Honestly I would already be satisfied with the option to comfortably play all of them on PS4, but even for that Konami is too lazy and stupid so unless they sell the license that will not happen.
  11. You mean something like this? Not me personally, I am more a user of the good old "wtf, look at this bullshit, fuck this game" method of ranting and raging.
  12. Really bad example op chose here. Puzzles are limited in their possibilies, there can only ever be a certain number of possible solutions to any given problem within a game puzzle, at least for all puzzles I have ever seen myself, so all looking up a guide really does here is save the one looking at it some time. Assuming someone just blindly trial and errors through a puzzle, he is guaranteed to stumble upon the solution sooner or later, so even a long puzzle that one considers to be too complicated to understand can always get solved if they just keep mindlessly trying and memorizing it, there is not much of a real learning curve involved. The moment they no longer enjoy thinking about it or blindly trying it, looking up a guide is perfectly fine, as the fun of it is the only reason to play puzzle games, it certainly is not for the big challenge in skill when it comes to use the controller. Compare that to a platformer, a boss rush game, a theoretical puzzle game with many randomly generated and always switching timed puzzles (if that even exists) or any game that still expects you to have certain reflexes for a prolonged period of time(assuming there is no super cheap cheese strat available in a guide), and you can see the difference. I would only consider it an honorless move to let others do something for you that you are indeed incapable of doing, as you really do not deserve the trophy in the classical sense. I still get why people do it when they realize that it is likely beyond their possible capabilities after they already put in so much time. Not everyone is able to just come to terms with an incomplete game, I have two really tough games that I gave up on due to their difficulty, haven't touched them in almost 2 years, not sure if I ever will try them again, but the fact that it is still annoying me every time I look at them at least leaves the possibility open.
  13. No. Honestly given that I spend most of my free time as well as my work time staring at various screens I am surprised that I am not blind yet. If there is a healthy amount, there is no way I am anywhere near it.
  14. I disagree. You are right in most of the cases, as most games usually give a player enough time to complete all the online trophies, even needlessly grindy ones, but not all of them actually do, at least not for everyone. There have been rare cases of games like The Culling 2, a battle royale which was only online for a few days before shutting down, with player numbers so abysmal that completing it naturally was unthinkable, making boosting necessary for people who work full time. Also it depends on how many of such games someone plays, I know a few poor bastards who seemingly made it their goals to complete as many online games as possible before they shut down and become forever unavailable, you would not believe how efficient they sometimes have to be in order to complete some of the games they are going for since they obviously can't start every game at day 1 of the launch. People who do not have the majority of their time available to play games, and are trying to somewhat keep up with several online games, or just joined late due to other committments have to be efficient about things and use boosting in some cases, obviously not for games that are online for half a decade or longer, there is no excuse for that, simply can't finish all of these games naturally. That is not even touching on games that have ball crushingly difficult online games, like some fighting games do, or the infamous Elder Scrolls online one, that are simply beyond one mans abilities to ever earn naturally. As I said, you are generally correct for the majority of games, but your statement is ignoring these aforementioned factors alltogether and leaves no room for exceptions which definitely exist to quite a few players. What the developers intent was is not really of any consequences there since they clearly missed the mark for some players even if they wanted it to be doable naturally without the need for boosting. For the Topic of the thread. Some pet peeves I have with games, pretty much everything that is quite obviously designed to needlessly waste my time. What do I mean with needlessly wasted time? Something that was designed to needlessly prolong certain things, or things that lead to a loss of progress for the objective of getting a trophy, or games that were designed to force unnecessary bad repetition upon a player to pad the playing time. Example 1, prolonging. Some known Offenders: Outlast 2, Wolfenstein 2. The platinum for both of these games requires a no death run on the hardest difficulty. Despite having seen the games several times by the point one attempts either of these no death runs, one has to watch all the games long cutscenes over and over again with no way to skip them, needlessly prolonging each attempt for absolutely no reason other than developer laziness or malicious intent. Example 2, loss of progress. Known Offenders: Countless, basically any game with long no death runs, speedruns or condition runs, as well as easily missable trophies or buggy trophies that require new playthoughs after bugging out. The frustrating realization that you just lost hours of progress due to dying 3 hours deep into a no death run, missing that one tiny collectible among 100+ collectibles in a game with no backtracking, or one of the known bugged trophies not unlocking and therefore voiding it for this playthrough is enraging like few other things in gaming could ever hope to be. I daresay that it is comparable to savegame corruption, but it is actually worse since no developer intentionally implements savegame corruption, two of the things I mentioned here are implemented on purpose though, while the third may be accidental but is rarely ever fixed, unlike savegame corruption, which is at least treated like a big deal by anyone except maybe the scummiest of developers. Example 3, needless repetition. Some known offenders: Souls games. This may sound like I mean farming/grinding, but I actually don't since that at least has a good reason. In farming/grinding, you play the game and all the while you steadily get closer to an objective, one might argue that there is too much of it in some games, but the concepts themselves are good. What I mean is needless padding that can't actually be considered playing the game normally, is entirely preventable but was done intentionally by the developers, usually to pad the gamers average playing time. I still remember running from some of the bonfires back to some of the bosses after each death in Dark Souls, several minutes each time, trying to dodge all the small fry enemies on the way, only to get another chance at the boss. The marathon walk did not help me get any closer to beating the boss, it only delayed the next attempt, it frustrated me more than the bosses themselves. Killing the small enemies was giving me neither useful practice for the bosses nor enough experience to level up and get better stats for the fight, nor any rare and useful drops that would have made the fight easier, it was just a way to add several minutes of padding between each of the many boss attempts required to figure out a boss, and something I have repeatedly called out as horrendous design to a ravenous crowd of souls game fanboys.
  15. I overdosed on this series and even if that wears off after a few years and I forget all the brutal difficulty run frustration, Nates story is finished, any new game with him as the protagonist would feel really forced, so it would have to be someone else. The problem is, aside from maybe Sully, who is way too old for that shit, I do not really care about any of the other characters, which is exactly why I never even bothered with Lost Legacy, as two dull characters I never cared about will not make me buy and play a game. Adding Naughty Dogs most recent plunder to that list also does not make me feel confident that any new game they make would be worth buying, so they should just quit that series while they are still somewhat ahead with it.