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  1. If you mean boosting as in getting another player with you to make it happen in multiplayer, then I have to sadly disappoint you. For the trophies to unlock you need to be in ironman mode, which is not possible in multiplayer, been this way forever in Paradox games, and normally it makes sense in games like Crusader Kings given that it would just take all the challenge out of the game, but it is nonsensical in Stellaris due to how low the difficulty here is already. You are right that these are not likely to happen naturally, so you should dedicate a quick run for them. Start in a somewhat small galaxy with only a Fallen Empire, you want the Xenophobe one that is guaranteed to have a colossus, reset until you get that one, set down the tech cost, difficulty, make the lategame come earlier as well as upping the pop growth to go deep into repeatables, leave the Fallen Empire some room to expand though. Ultimately the FE will awaken, expand and go to war with you, let them take over some planets before really fighting them, ultimately their colossus will try to destroy one of your planets, have a fleet ready with jump technology so that it can interrupt the colossus at a moments notice, don't forget to make a save on an external HDD before you fight the colossus just in case. As for the titans(the titan needs to be from a Fallen Empire), the Fallen Empire will start building them, might take a few years after awakening and require them to take over a few planets, but when you see one just hunt it down with a fleet that is entirely made out of your own Titans and its pretty easy. Not nearly as annoying as it sounds if you do it this way. You may be able to get it faster by using the Spiritualist Fallen Empire for it instead, as you can force awaken them way earlier by destroying their holy worlds, but I think that they are not guaranteed to build a colossus, so might as well go with the Xenophobe one that already has one of these.
  2. It will soon drop to a 1/10 due to the PC version including an even lower difficulty mode that is therefore pretty much guaranteed to come to console. The new civilian difficulty has twice the bonuses for the player when compared to Cadet difficulty which already made the game ridiculously easy given that you also have all the control about how the galaxy will look, and no, the platinum is not difficult, nor does it require much RNG, the real RNG heavy trophies are in the DLCs, and this game here is not hard to learn on a very basic level, which is the only level required due to difficulty, customization and ironman being abusable, so with the new difficulty I feel comfortable to rate this a 1/10 given that it basically plays itself now if you activate automation. Sorry to be the one to tell you, and sad that I even have to keep explaining this very basic fact to people, but difficulty has NOTHING to do with required play time. A game can be a 1/10 or 2/10 and still be long, likewise RNG has absolutely nothing to do with difficulty either, nor has minimum number of easy and mostly quick playthroughs, or the rarity of a niche game, so perhaps you should look up the meaning of words before you misuse them, otherwise you just make a fool out of yourself by calling grindy but very easy games difficult. Fact is you can pretty much instantly unlock many of the trophies by setting up a "playthrough" as you call it specifically for them, can be over as fast as 1 minute with certain trophies, the only ones basically guaranteed to drag it out are the RNG heavy ones from some of the DLCs like the Galatron trophy that may take double digit hours if you get unlucky, none of these are in the base game though, only mild RNG there at most. Aww thank you. Like I said though, the new difficulty makes it pretty much pointless to make a guide now so I thankfully won't have to deal with that anyway. The platinum can be obtained in around 5 hours now if you go Civilian difficulty and just amp up the pop growth while reducing the research cost, you get to reach lategame in 5 ingame decades and can make the Prethoryn appear for the Queening trophy, and guarantee the Holy Worlds as well for the Deus Vult trophy, all while having the ability to freely jump around with your ethics to unlock almost all others in that single run and being far too strong for anyone to challenge you no matter how bad you are at the game. You can unlock the few leftovers almost instantly, so there are only two remaining that require some RNG, though even they can be made more likely. When it comes to DLC trophies, writing a guide for that sounds like a big old mess, A due to the sheer number of DLC trophies, and B, not everyone having access to all DLC, so there is either risk of using methods certain players don't have available, or requiring a big number of notes and alternative approaches for players that only want trophies from certain DLCs. Either way, a pretty big mess that I want no part of, especially not with most people only caring about the plat anyway, and that one is both easy and quick now, so I apply the same principle I did for other rather obscure games that didn't have a guide, "not enough people interested to justify the effort", and the information all being out there already.
  3. No profile is without blemishes in everyones eyes, as what qualifies as a blemish on a profile depends on the standards of the person, and as long as you can tolerate seeing these garbage games there on your profile you should just let them stay there. I have a few games on my account that I regret getting but keep visible anyway, like Nubla for example, which was basically one of these shovelware games in a time when standards were still a bit higher, or Adams Venture, a crappier Uncharted, both of which I just bought because they were dirt cheap and I didn't look into games too much at the time. For others, just having the games of a series played in a weird order is a blemish they are annoyed about and rate a profile lower on. Generally people will not only look at the total platinum and trophy number you and many others tried to inflate, but also at the cabinet trophies, the rarest trophies, completion percentage and of course the average rarity to get an impression, so when you only have a few of these comparatively most people won't give you shit for it. You are actually much more likely to get shit for having hidden trophies, as that is often associated with cheaters who hide flagged games. Assuming that you don't keep buying these, the longer you keep playing and unlocking trophies the less weight these few shovelware games will have when it comes to how people judge your profile.
  4. Digimon World Rune Viking Warlord Metal Gear Solid Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 2
  5. Nowadays the word remake, when applied to beloved games, sounds more like a threat than anything else. I'd get excited and buy the port of Gothic in a heartbeat despite it looking like ass graphically, but I do not dare to get my hopes up for the remake that they kept talking/hinting about for years now, especially when the developer has had more duds (just like this game here) than successes ever since letting the Gothic series die.
  6. We live in a world that allows for the abominable Risen series to come to PS4, but does not allow the legendary Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 to do the same, and that is something to lament. I used to think that Gothic 3 was bad, especially when compared to the first two, but after playing Risen I understood how spoiled I was for treating Gothic 3 so harshly.
  7. I think I'd rather stop watching wrestling alltogether before watching that, or I get most of the 90s and 2000s and just spend the next years slowly watching my way through that.
  8. I enjoyed his character during the Eater Of Worlds days, though honestly he was soon facing the same problems with that character and the Fiend/Funhouse clown he is facing now, dragging on for far too long without getting anything done, way too much nonsensical blabbering, and declining match quality, only that it happened MUCH earlier this third time around and the matches went from meh, to terrible, to non existent as of now. People seem to try and present LA Knight as some sort of upcoming megastar, just like you I don't see it either, he can talk pretty well but that seems about it, and even if he is good in the ring I highly doubt he will get a chance to show it against Wyatt when even Orton and Rollins couldn't get a good match out of him when he had considerably less ring rust. I agree that just reading the results or watching best ofs if likely the way to go in future if this keeps up, at least for most of the show, the US and IC titles have been delivering some really good matches recently at least. They would need to shake it up, give the Bloodline some real competition and do some actual damage. I assumed that this was what they prepared Judgement Day for, but that ship has sailed, other alliances seem pretty loose at best and never get anything done, no taking out of Bloodline members, no taking any of the belts off of them, no scaring or intimidating the Bloodline (aside from maybe Brock), same interferences that get tolerated all the time, it is just not enough variety for that long of a story. I honestly have no clue how they will handle the Elimination Chamber, I doubt it will be done in a satisfying way, and the Royal Rumbles track record is questionable at best in recent years, I don't dare to make any predictions after what they have done to Mr. Money in The Bank for the sake of dragging this whole thing on. Roman Reigns going on double duty at any point would definitely be among the most surprising turn of events for me.
  9. Man, I should have listened to myself and not bothered watching Raw, most of it was not worth it. So the Bloodline is throwing a little temper tantrum because they lost on Smackdown. Their big plan? To do the same thing they did last week on Raw, which did not work this time, because not even the modern roster is so beaten down that they let that shit fly perpetually. Not the Bloodlines proudest moment, but at least they show some ambition, unlike certain other groups. Bianca vs Alexa. A bit of a laugh at the commentators just working off their check list even if it makes no sense, praising the power of Bianca is nonsense if she picks up tiny Lexi who likely does not reach 50kg after second breakfast even when soaking wet. I don't think anyone expected Alexa to win, at this point Bianca probably only loses the belt to injury, some fatal four way kind of match, or against the only woman who is more overpushed than her, Charlotte, in some kind of title unificatiom match given that even the likes of Becky and Bayley haven't even gotten close to get that belt off of her. I only watched it because, when they did the whole Alexa turn, it was obvious that it would either mean a return to her little pittbull goddess character who had good rivalries and matches with most, or the shitty Wyatt infested character who had nothing but atrociously bad rivalries and "matches" with everyone. I wanted to know which one it is, and I am disappointed they went with the latter, biggest eye roll in a while, what a waste of a good competitor, seems like it is time to forget about her again until the next inevitable Wyatt failure and release I guess. Another pretty obvious match result, Elias was never going to beat anyone from the Bloodline, but at least they made it pretty entertaining. Also none of the locker room grunts who sounded so eager before were anywhere to be found during both Bloodline matches. We get the usual heel and face imbalance, the heels causing potentially career threatening injuries to faces in the story and the faces not even doing something that requires a bandaged arm or shoulder for a week or two in retaliation, nothing new here, I just miss the time when faces were not always above responding in kind, someone like Sheamus should definitely try to cause some injuries after what he experienced. I just don't get Dexter Lumis, and I accept that I don't get him, its kinda the same with Kross when they bother to use him, maybe I would have needed to watch their stuff from other shows to get their appeal. I just hope they do something worthwhile with Gable and Otis soon, or split them up, because they have been nothing but comedy relief for a long time, which is a shame. Speaking about not getting it, I don't get how they are planning on building up Dominik by continuing to present him as a whiny little bitch who fails at getting much of a reaction even from his old and physically broken down father. His group ain't doing much for it either, Rhea holds his hand as he fails and the others haven't done anything this week, nor has the group accomplished anything at all really aside from surviving old Edges wrath. Balor feels like he was demoted, Priest is still kinda the same, Rhea and Dominik actually LOST credibility given that Rhea barely had any matches since joining the group and Dominik switched from standing in the shadow of a legend to standing in the shadow of a woman with clown levels of makeup roughly his own age. I said in my last reply that the secondary title belts are the best things going on at both shows, and matches like Theory vs Rollins are exactly why. Given that they made Austin Theory look like the biggest fool of 2022 and completely buried him in the process, it is nice to see that they are putting in a lot of effort to undo the damage they have done to him for no other reason than to save Reigns another work day. Probably still gonna be a while before his humiliating cash in failure on a secondary belt will not pop up in my mind every time I see him, but they are on the right path with him by giving him good matches like this with credible opponents. I feared both Dominik Mysterio and Austin Theory would just fall down ever further this year, but at least it seems like things are improving for Austin Theory. Well these things are never all that reliable, they could start the whole Rock vs Reigns late for all we know. I just don't see Reigns losing the belt to Rollins, or anyone currently on the active roster really, and the guy is likely not motivated enough to work double duty. Rhodes may have had a solid shot, but that was before the rather severe injury, the company is known to lose trust in wrestlers that get the reputation of being injury prone. This Wyatt stuff seems dumber and more nonsensical than ever before, with costumes getting more ridiculous by the bloody month, and not in a good way. I can hardly sit through the occasional segment without wanting to eat my own face. Quite how people manage to enjoy that horseshit is beyond me to be honest, as it is several steps down from even the ever repetetive Wyatt blabbering I used to enjoy somewhat several years back, and I shudder to think what the matches will look like if they ever get to that, but to each his own I guess. Good thing is, it is rotting away in the toilet break card somewhere as of now, nowhere near any titles, involving only lost causes anyway (aside from Alexa given that they involved her in this crap again), and I don't have to watch it after all, thankfully.
  10. When not even Ronda Rousey is allowed to have a competetive match with Charlotte, you just know that you have to watch no more womens title matches for Charlottes belt until she faces someone named Sasha, Becky or Bayley, as anyone else will just be fodder anyway, unless Bianca somehow loses her belt due to injury and returns on Smackdown, or they plan on initiating some game of hot potatoe like in the past to artificually boost Charlottes title reign number. Makes no sense for a heel like Rousey to accept that kind of challenge to begin with, but I guess for the female version of super Cena no logic has to apply, gotta somehow get in these 17-20 title reigns after all. There is really not much left that interests me in the current product. Honestly the medium tier belts are the only ones worth seeing at the moment, Walter and Austin Theory have good matches and it is always a chance that they lose against credible opponents, all other belts are not really worth watching at the moment. Big belts perpetually sit on Reigns until The Rock returns or his leukemia comes back, both tag belts perpetually sit on the Usos until Reigns loses his belts, womens tag belts were never worth a damn anyway, and both womens single belts now sit on women who can never be allowed to lose or look like they even have a competetive match. Judgement Day haven't accomplished anything, no championships, no real rulership status, no big memorable feuds, same goes for the whole confused Wyatt thing, most new wrestlers have been sitting in limbo on the main roster, same goes for others like Omos the company simply has no idea what to do with at the moment. Probably gonna watch less until the Royal Rumble, though with the Rumbles track record in recent years I'd be going in expecting something really dumb to happen.
  11. Dunno, if RPGs aren't her thing and you still want to present her with some convoluted clusterfuck of a story, maybe try Metal Gear Solid series, as I doubt someone who dislikes RPGS will be into watching someone play Kingdom Hearts of all series. The Witcher 3 is a really damn long game too, and also an RPG, she'd be sitting next to you watching you play cards for many hours, farming ingredients and doing plenty of side quests, also starting a story somewhere in the middle is not for everyone, plenty of characters that only get introduced via menu texts. If it has to be a series of games, maybe try Uncharted for some easier material, or Telltale games, or maybe the Bioshock series. Honestly I'd recommend starting with some good stand alone games to get her a bit more into it before tackling stories that span over trilogies or even more, dozens of good choices out there that are backseat gamer friendly.
  12. Was talking more about the atrocious Battlefront abominations. Fallen Order has gotten very mixed reviews from the sources I actually trust, and given that its EA I am not ready to give that game the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Star Wars games don't exactly have a good track record with EA, and the license already took a massive beating in recent years, both in movies and in games, likely better to avoid it. Fallout 76 already has entertained me more by not playing it and laughing about the ones who actually suffered from the most severe lack of standards required to pay any kind of money for it than it ever could by playing it, so definitely a hard pass, what a rancid line up. This aids game was so broken and badly received in Germany that they basically just zip tied that shit to controllers, later to other equipment and other games just to get rid of their oversupply of hard copies, I had to tell the MediaMarkt clerk that I only buy the controller loading station if they keep the free hard copy of FO76 they tied to it. So yeah, in Germany it was definitely free for quite a while just because too few people were desperate enough to play something like that.
  14. Finished game: Battlezone Battlezone was a fun and challenging experience on one side, and a mind numbing test of patience and endurance on the other side. Finally finishing it after so many hours of grinding, I have earned my second rarest platinum to date at 0.27%, and completed the second longest game on my current to do list, behind only Deep Rock Galactic as far as I can tell at the moment. Battlezone is all about the gameplay, you are a tank, here is a world after a terminator style machine apocalypse, destroy them all, thats about it. No real story progression aside from the fight against the evil super computer, no real characters, no player character, just you the player and your trusty tank that you upgrade and buy nice new weapons for as you cause chaos to a good soundtrack that fits the setting really well. The game does not really need much else to work well, as the gameplay is already fun and rewarding enough on its own and you create plenty of stories yourself via close call rounds, though obviously something is missing even if blind destruction is always nice by itself. You start at a random seed, get a map, then have to progress cell by cell, level by level, fulfilling small missions that clear the cell to progress towards the goal, the boss fight, gathering data, the games currency, along the way, using either a light, medium or heavy type of tank that have different values for speed and shield, also different start loadouts and maximum weapon slots. Data is used for tank upgrades like better shields, magnets for data collection, faster reload, or just shiny new weapons, most of which are ok with 2-3 being considerably and objectively much more powerful than the others. Which ones you get on the shops between your start and end point is luck based, which obviously is fun on lower difficulties as there is a random surprise factor, but punishing on harder difficulties as not getting one of the 3 broken weapons on extreme can make progressing further nearly impossible, meaning you just wasted quite a bit of time with that seed. Missions are pretty basic, generally boiling down to some species of destroy or defend at the end of the day, enemies start basic and weak but soon beef up and become more creative, with some even using stealth, or the nemesis tank giving you a seriously shit day on the wrong end of an artillery barrage. There are also some random events sprinkled throughout the game, some only delivering flavor text, others reward, and some punish you for engaging, it is not much but at least they thought of something. The game can be played in singleplayer or multiplayer, enemies scale accordingly so a coordinated effort is required to get anything out of a team. Difficulties range from piss easy Beginner all the way to super punishing Extreme that amps up enemies stats, takes quality of life comforts away and generally makes the enemies a hell of a lot smarter and precise. The last boss is an ok fight against a shield generator and a really big gun flanked by support tanks, not terribly creative but it gets the job done. The trophy list is reasonable for the most part, typical gathering, farming kills, difficulties, unlock tanks, noteworthy is the one for extreme difficulty and not dying in a hard campaign, these ones take considerable practice and some luck. The one that is entirely unreasonable is the silver for data grinding, which can definitely be considered a platinum breaker due to how little progress will be there by the time all other trophies are done. Someone who is just into some casual fun may feel free to play this game, preferably with some friends, though going for the platinum is something that is worth carefully considering, as the grind is quite massive and not the afk kind of grind like in some other games. There is also classic mode, which was a lot of fun too even if it did not reward the player with any trophies. Positives +++really fun to play +++TANKS +++challenging and rewarding ++plenty of replay value due to variety of tanks and gear ++multiplayer is not forced upon the player like in Shellshock for example ++ good and fitting soundtrack +natural progression via gradual weapon and tank unlock +classic side mode is a blast Negatives ---extremely grindy completion --bad rng can end high difficulty runs -- basically nothing in terms of story and characters - nemesis has potential to block progression Next game: Goetia Goetia is an indie puzzle game that looked like a nice little break in between two tougher games. I choose it next for some easier progress given the difficulty and length of Battlezone. I will not start it this year though as I have decided to take the rest of the year of from trophy hunting, partially to recover from the grind but also because the holidays and the time in between will be pretty busy this year anyway, so I think it is better to wait until January to continue working on my list. Given the short length of Goetia I will likely complete it in one go, then post an update about its completion and pick a bigger game next that I have yet to decide.
  15. Battlezone #68: Platinum Trophy A game about futuristic tank battles, optional multiplayer, challenging design with a tough as nails extreme difficulty mode and an unreasonably grindy silver trophy to make this beastly platinum my second rarest platinum sharing the rarest trophy cabinet with Orcs Must Die Unchained, a game that followed a similar formular aside from the difficulty. Battlezones was challenging but fun on normal already, with a pretty steep learning curve and demanding quite some skill, consistency and luck to survive the higher difficulties, which caused some rage to be sure but were quite rewarding to complete. The game has a good variety of enemies, from super speedy little glass cannon fuckers over flying bombers and defense structures all the way to super slow rolling heavy armor enemy who packed a serious punch and could end each high difficulty round in an instant, and more than enough different weapons and items to deal with the enemies. To some of the ones who made it through the challenge part, the platinum breaker that put this trophy so low in terms of rarity was the unreasonably grindy silver trophy for the data collection, asking the player to invest several times as many hours into the game all over again after everything else is already done. I can't say that I approve of this kind of trophy design, but I certainly have experience with it and developed a super high resistance against it, so it was clear to me from the start that I would go all the way and complete this game. People who are not hellbent on completing this will find a fun game to play that offers both low and high difficulties for every taste, as well as the normal mode and the classic mode, people who aim to complete it look at a several month long committment, with most of the time spent in mind numbing grind.