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  1. Metal Gear Solid 4. Still the only Metal Gear game I could never play due to how much I disliked the ps3, and even if that game is made playable on ps4 or ps5 one day, it still takes a lot of dedication to earn that platinum.
  2. Just finished the game on crushing and finding this thread brightened my day. Crushing in this game was as much of a bullshit experience as brutal was in Uncharted 1, if not worse. There would have been no way for me to talk myself into going through a real brutal run in a game that is designed this badly, it makes Uncharted 1 look fair in comparison. This game honestly does not deserve an honest brutal playthrough, so I am glad to see that it can be glitched to make it more bearable.
  3. I don't have many platinums, only a mere 15 of them and out of those there is only one trophy that could be considered shameful, the one from Burly Men At Sea. Any monkey with half a brain can unlock that one, but I am still not really ashamed of it because I only got that game as it was free on psplus. Not getting a game for free because the platinum of it could be considered too easy would be pure stupidity, I could only see it making sense for people who have the ambition to only get ultra rare platinums. Still, as the easiest and fastest platinum I have, this is as close as I get to feeling shameful about a platinum so far.
  4. I take the outlast 2 platinum. Have that game in my library already, but the thought of doing a no death run through a game that has so many instant deaths is not all that appealing.
  5. Delivery service must suck in your country if you have to wait several days more after ordering it on Amazon. I do not have this problem in any way because I rarely ever feel the need to play a game on day 1, as it is a inferior experience 100% of the time due to patches and improvements flooding in, sometimes for weeks after release day. Going into a Gamestop is just a bad experience compared to pretty much every other shop, how you can like that is beyond me honestly, maybe your Gamestop employees are not as bad as the ones in Germany, in any other case what you do makes no sense to me. This is getting way off topic but fuck it, still gonna reply to that nonsense. Companies make a big deal out of preorders, they want you to preporder because then they can fuck you over with half finished games, they want to already have your money by the time negative reviews flood in. There are almost no companies that deserve enough trust to justify a pre order. Also, in reality, very few games have a noteworthy number of people preordering it compared to the entirety of the playerbase. People who preorder are a minority, simple as that, you can check the numbers easily. To even imply that preorders could have any positive impact on the industry is one of the most idiotic and naive things I have ever heard, but I doubt it would make much sense to explain it to you, as you already stated that you don't really care. You have every right not to give a fuck about what other people think of your behavior, and I have every right to call you out for making the industry worse for us all by rewarding shitty practices like pre order bonus and all that other crap with your money. If you don't want to hear it, feel free to put me on ignore, probably the easiest thing to do as I do not imagine that we could ever see eye to eye on anything.
  6. It is a physical vs digital thing. You can bet that it hurts Gamestop significantly that the amount of people who buy physical gets smaller and smaller each year, because they lose the chance to get any money from someone who only buys his stuff on steam or the ps store. Granted it is not the only reason, but at least a major one. Amazon is a very bad example if you want to compare another retailer with Gamestop because Amazon does not only sell things like games and gaming hardware, Amazon sells pretty much everything, their prices are also far better than Gamestops (at least where I am from) and they deliver the shit to your door. You could even say Amazon doing great business is one of the reasons Gamestop is struggling too, because there is no logical reason to go to Gamestop and pick up a copy of a game when you could deliver it to your house for far less cash. I can tell you why people dislike Gamestop, at least the ones I spoke with. Gamestop is expensive, Gamestop employees try to fuck you over during trade ins, they also often try to talk you into shit you stated your dislike for multiple times (because they get pressured into it by their managers most likely), hardware they sell for far too much is often faulty, same with games. Adding to that, anyone who tries to be aware of who he is giving his money to (I count myself among those, so I for example automatically lose a lot of respect for anyone who currently gives money to EA or Bethesda during this storm of fuck ups) really is disgusted by many of the things Gamestop as a company does to both customers and the poor fools who work there. I feel safe to say that you are not really comparable to a normal customer thankfully. You preorder stuff, which is always a very questionable thing to do, you have a pro membership that includes things you don't really want or need and you don't give a fuck about what message you send when you give someone your money. Quite rare to find someone who has all these 3 faults at once, if your behavior would be the norm, then Gamestop would not struggle, but thankfully you are a minority because the industry as a whole could be a lot worse off for it if we had many more people with your behavior. You can do whatever you want of course don't get me wrong, but I would be ashamed of it at least.
  7. Top Tier Upgrade 20 traps to tier 7. 0.87% Ultra Rare With that gold out of the way, the very last thing that keeps me from getting the platinum is a very, very nasty ultra rare silver that demands a few hundred hours of dedicated grinding to even get close to. I would really like to have this insanely rare platinum, but thats a lot of time and this is not the kind of grinding you can just go afk for either. Gotta really think about whether I want to go for it or not.
  8. The writing has been on the wall for years. People buy more digital games every year, people do not borrow games from shops anymore because they could do that cheaper with services like ps now, the few people who do like to own physical copies of their favorite games rather buy the game entirely new (and there are much cheaper options than gamestop), also reports about their bad practices have been going around for quite a while, almost anybody got the message about them by now. They also like to talk people, even kids, into shitty subscriptions they don't want or need and once a customer figures that out he will usually not go back to Gamestop. The entire business model is living on borrowed time. Even shops who were liked by their crumbling customer base could not prevent their eventual downfall so gamestop, a shop no one I have ever met really liked all that much, will either have to think of a new way to make more money or they will die out, like most video rental shops and other antiquated business models.
  9. Yeah, but he can only be meleed when you hit him with around 60 bullets before he runs to you and kills you. Then you have a bastardised version of a quick time event that tends to bug out half the time. As many people in other boards already stated, this fight is massively dependent on luck so the moment I was sure I was pressing the right numbers of square and triangle at the right times (often the triangle will be invisible, so you have to hit it on instinct) I just had to do it over and over and over again until it finally worked after doing the exact same shit like 20 times in a row. If I ever play this shit on brutal I will cut every corner and abuse every glitch, this game does not deserve to be played honestly, I shall have no shame stealing that gold trophy. Thankfully the boss in the cave was easy, another boss like the one in the train and I might burst a testicle.
  10. Playing through the game number 2 right now, I have an even better answer why I vastly prefer God of War. Uncharted 1 had some shitty mechanics, but at least it did have the decency to only have 1 absolutely atrocious bossfight with those shitty mechanics. Not number 2 though. Several shitty fights and I am currently on the train boss on crushing difficulty, and thats gotta be the fucking worst shit in terms of design I have ever encountered, probably in all my gaming life. I estimate that I am currently halfway through this piece of shit game and I did ragequit like 3 times by now, which is a new record for a single run in any game. Even the first one only managed to make me rage quit once in chapter 7 (brutal difficulty) and 95% of games don't manage to do it even once because getting me just upset is quite an accomplishment, and getting me so angry that I throw my controller into the corner and turn off the console means whoever sat there and designed that should be fired, because difficulty alone can't do that to me. The first game had its ups and downs, crushing difficulty was rather fun, brutal was bullshit enough to turn the entire experience into a slight negative. The second game is already much worse in pretty much every single way except having better characters and more fleshed out story. I already have the desire to throw the collection off of my system entirely and I have not even begun the brutal difficulty run yet. I can't remember ever getting this pissed off in any God of War game. Sure God of War had some bad levels and boss fight stinkers as well, but nothing comes even close to what I am experiencing right now. How anyone can enjoy playing this second game is beyond me, I would have been better off watching a let's play, which is probably what I am doing with game number 3 because if that one ends up being even worse somehow I won't even bother playing it. I also have yet to experience a single awe moment in the second game, something the first game managed to do for me twice and something every God of War game does with ease. Someone please tell me that there are no more of these utter shit bossfights after the nameless immortal grunt in the train.
  11. Currently on 33,66% but it will get higher during the next months.
  12. I only fully played the first Uncharted game, currently playing the second (and knowing the plot of the 3rd) so I can't speak for the entire series. What I have seen so far for me is not even close to God of War. Both series are very light material (at least until the latest game each), they have almost no noteworthy story and are pretty much mindless killing sprees for your main character, God of War in gory faction with old weapons and Uncharted with guns. Whatever shred of story is there only serves that purpose. God of War 1-3 does not hide that fact, everything is just to fuel the rage of Kratos and get you in on his murderous journey, while Uncharted builds a generic skeletton plot around Nathan. Personally I like God of Wars approach more because it goes all the way with it, at least until the new God of War that actually builds a great story with great characters around a solid nordic lore foundation, while also referencing the past games in a meaningful way. Uncharteds story is of little consequence, nothing you do seems to have lasting impact on the world or its characters. It also is seemingly trying to be like Tomb Raider but fails miserably, creating no really memorable characters and cruising the grounded story into somewhat absurd supernatural territory in the end. They are not going all the way with anything though, it feels like someone just merged several franchises together into one blob that has a bit of everything, but lacks all things that made each individual francise great to begin with. Therefore to me Uncharted is a series that wants to expand in every direction but kinda ends up falling on its face with it, while God of war 1-3 successfully commits in one direction and then makes a full turn to check a new box for the newest game, using the past games well to justify the change in tone. Maybe my view on Uncharted will change after I finish the series, but so far it is underwhelming. Perhaps the best way to show the difference between them is how memorable they are. I could make you a top 20 list of epic and memorable scenes from the God of War series, moch of which will stay with me for the rest of my life because they were awesome, memorable moments, while I struggle to come up with as much as 5 epic moments from Uncharted 1-3. That is just how I see it, I am however interested to hear what reasons someone could have to prefer Uncharted over God of War.
  13. I doubt he is worried about the fact that people disagree with him, rather about the manner people tend to disagree with you on this site. I have a bit of a rougher tone myself from time to time, but this forum does have some advanced manner problems that go beyond a simple occasional insult. On the last 2 sites alone we had people telling other users that they should take their medication, implying that they are nutcases, and don't get me started on that old goat that basically labeled someone who disagreed with him as a pedophile, that scumbag is now a permanent resident on my ignore list. The climate here is sometimes needlessly hostile is all i am saying, and it is understandable that some users are getting annoyed with it because it isn't only on the controversial topics either. Regarding the censorship, it pissed me off too this year and people should do some research before they shoot the topic down. There aren't only the anime games affected by it, many games with brutal content are affected and also some with sexual content. Just yesterday I read an article about two censored games, one game was Agony, a game that is supposed to be a simulation of hell, being heavily censored and therefore leading to a lot of problems between the devs and the community. The other game was Conan Exiles, here they censored some of the nudity and took away the character creating sliders for several body parts. I am willing to claim that none of those could be called anime games.
  14. Don't know the avatar above me, but if she does not have any special powers then a big bloke like me fighting an innocent looking girl with no weapon aside from that umbrella would be a total mismatch. Not saying I wouldn't do it under any circumstances, but I probably would feel bad about it.
  15. Gta 5. I have actually given up on ever getting Gta 3 or Vice City platinum because both games have one trophy each that feels just impossible for me to ever do, and those platinums are rather common, so i can just imagine how much shit one would have to swallow to get the ultra rare Gta 5 plat.