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  1. One of the most toxic games in living memory from one of the more disgusting companies is coming to console? How nice, can't wait to never play this game. No seriously though, LOL is right up there with DOTA 2 in terms of having the most toxic communities and experiences in gaming history, nothing currently on console (well except one game perhaps) could ever even dream to come remotely close to it. Any potential new player be warned, I have played Mobas for years and still occasionally play Dota 2, you will witness an unparallelled toxicity, regular game ruining behavior and general lack of any and all manners or boundaries. If you do not have a dedicated group to play this with, and you don't get off on being screamed at in foreign languages regularly, better stay away from this game. The quality of the game aside, this is something that should be forced to be part of the games advertisement as a key feature, because I know it ruined these kind of games for many people and the companies in charge do fuck all about it.
  2. Really depends on how good you are at sniping on that difficulty. If you are great at sniping and can reliably take out enemies around a 200meter distance, it becomes somewhat easy because you can kill key figures in several missions from afar abusing walkthrough routes and leave the map early, or go the murder route and just kill from a distance by shooting and relocating until most of them are dead, which is doable because the number of possible enemies is limited after all. I'd say killing everyone takes time but can be as low as a 3 if you are great at sniping, not much that can really go wrong here, following the route and landing the tricky shots might be a bit harder, with things potentially going wrong a bit more often, but here you still look at 4 or 5 depending on the map. However if you are like me and can't figure the sniping part on authentic+ out to save your life so even shoots at 50 meters become a gamble for you with wind, and if you try without manual saves, then you are easily looking at 8 or higher because going the stealth route with melee and pistol, or open firefights, can kill you at any point and make you lose all your progress for that mission over and over again, which is why I decided that I could not be bothered doing it, too much for me. The levels individual difficulties highly depend on your sniping skills and your knowledge of the map, mission 3 for example can be a big pain in the ass if you don't know much about it but becomes the easiest mission in the game if you know your way around it. The overall difficulty can be brought down a lot if you know someone who is good at sniping, or willing to abuse the system a bit with you to make things easier.
  3. And I am tired of NA blokes who, in my opinion, get the best deals out of any region and still complain that they get the short end of the stick. You think EU players don't drool over NA sales when the same shit appears on the EU sale for the 3rd or 4th time and the NA sale has shit we never get on sale? Guess we both want the sales the other region has, for the same reason too because we think our own sales suck in comparison due to being of lower value and having the same games on way too often. Guess we will both stay unsatisfied because I don't see the sales changing anytime soon, they haven't for years.
  4. Quality is quite subjective, the total prices of the games are not and I think in terms of money saved if you would actually buy most of the games, NA is ahead quite a bit. I see some games being cheaper in EU, like The Evil Within, but thats seems to be an exception rather than a general trend. Does not change that many EU players would probably prefer an NA sales because there are games in there you rarely or never see on sale in EU, or they aren't even available to be bought in the first place. They should really switch things around a bit if NA of all places is eying our shitty EU sales with envy.
  5. How is it possible that Fallout 76 is still actually being sold, for over 20€ on sale no less, despite the game being so shit they almost forced free copies of it upon people in several european countries just weeks after its release? Many prices make no sense in the shop, mostly thanks to the people in charge being completely delusional about their own games value and reputation Speak for yourself, I have most of the interesting stuff from the EU sale already because games like Furi are more on sale than they are not. Maybe gonna pick up Bioshock or Evil Within, but most of the stuff seen here is on sale very often. NA meanwhile has some games I have rarely seen on sale for EU, some games like Prototype or Manhunt I can't ever buy from the EU store cause shits outright banned in my country.
  6. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas #31 The Key to San Andreas The first platinum I earned in months, this one was planned for quite a while. In fact, the wish to replay this one was what got me to play the whole old GTA trilogy, starting with GTA 3, a game that I never played before, going over the nostalgic Vice City and finally replaying CJs 'hood simulator. The game has not aged too badly in most areas, giving you plenty to do and most of it being fun, having interesting characters and giving you a real feeling of progression both in terms of your character stats&skills improving and your power and influence over San Andreas growing. Sure some missions are not designed in an ideal way, or use mechanics that feel outdated(controlling some things can be a bitch), but thats to be expected for a game this age. Aside from the gameplay, the heavy hitting satire was a blast to listen to especially on the radio shows that also provided some really great soundtracks. The game also had plenty of tongue in cheek references to old movies or historic events that flew right over my head when I played the game years back on the PS2, not to mention references to other GTA games, even with some cameos from characters. Anyone who can overlook the games admittedly ugly graphics and sometimes clunky controls should consider playing it if he hasn't already, it was a milestone for gaming back then and is still a great game nowadays, a good addition to any profile with a rather easy platinum to boot since it does not demand you to go anywhere near 100%, which would have taken well over 100 hours to do since some of the additional jobs and challenges are quite demanding. Stay away from GTA 3 though, worst game currently on my list by far even factoring in its age, terrible. This will most likely be the last GTA I ever play, GTA 1 and 2 are so ancient they will probably never appear on console again, GTA 4 is only available on PS3, a console I do not have, also has terrible long and crappy online trophies I would not be to keen on tackling even if I had a way to play the game, and playing GTA 5 after skipping 4 would not sit right with me, I also know enough people who told me that 5 is disappointing to actually play.
  7. Hard to pick one without categories honestly, but if I really would have to choose my overall most miserable experience that stuck with me for a long time, it would have to be the Gothic 3 release of 2006. I was still a teenager at that time and did not have too many bad gaming experiences, and it was a better time for the industry too, but Gothic 3 was the first flagship of shit to come in following years. The third game of the legendary and beloved Gothic series, a series that introduced me to the genre of grittiy rpgs years back, the game was surrounded by massive hype, huge promises and mouth watering trailer videos for the time. Well the game was complete dogshit, it played like crap even when it worked, it basically was a big "do wtf you want" sandbox without much guidance or reason to anything, it looked much worse than anticipated because not even high end pcs at the time could properly handle its top graphics, it ran like absolute crap on any setting, biblical loading times after each death or crash, it was so riddled with bugs that even shill gaming magazines then made long videos laughing about how broken the game was, it had game breaking errors and crashes to desktop that took many hours of online research and experimenting to fix and it had several endings all of which were underwhelming as all hell. This was the first big game I remember being like this, completely broken, obviously unfinished and even being shitty and unpolished when it worked, it is standard procedure by shit companies like EA or Bethesda to dump games like this nowadays, but it was a shocking experience in 2006. Several huge patches were dropped, solving some problems but creating others, making online communication and research harder because some solutions to past problems were often no longer working in the new patches, the guru crash error persisted through most of the patches making any progress hard to achieve, some updates even made the game entirely unplayable for me so I had to reroll. I can honestly say that in my first playthrough of the game I spend more time online looking for bugfixes, trying to get rid of the guru error, looking shit up the game was bad in explaining at and most importantly, reinstalling the huge game several times. Years later the game was still shit, the best it would ever be was achieved by community patches turning it into a below average experience, but thats about it. To this day I refuse to fully accept this as part of the Gothic series, for me the series ended after Gothic 2 Night Of The Raven, with Gothic 3 being a shitty spin off. Funnily enough, Gothic 3 has its own shitty spin off with Gothic 3 forsaken gods, which served as shitty dlc that somehow was even worse than the "base" game, luckily never played this myself. Gothic 3 spawned a whole generation of new shitty rpgs that no one with any taste could ever recommend, like Arcania and the famously shitty Risen series. The developer somewhat seems to redeem itself again with games like Elex that look to be at least decent, but I never forgave them for killing Gothic and putting the hideous Risen series in its place. The only thing Gothic 3 didn't do that shitty broken games of today do was having microtransactions because they simply did not appear back then, but they would have cramped that in there too if they could, they were clearly past caring at that point.
  8. No worries, that guy seems to be an idiot honestly. Never heard of him before, but if you wanna try and make old games look like utter shit by applying todays standards there is not a single one that would come out of that looking even remotely decent. I mean come on, that guy is crying about things like the flamethrowers in this game not setting wooden buildings you are currently in on fire, like really, which game did that kind of thing back in 2002? His original review was from a time when people still trusted game reviewers, by now it is thankfully known that most of them are really shit at their jobs or get bribed to hype up crappy big company games. I have maybe 3-4 reviewers left whos opinions I somewhat respect because even if they bash a game I like, they usually have valid reasons for it. Anyway yeah it is a shame that the game was not a bigger success, I mean I get that it is an aquired taste especially by todays standards, but considering how little horror games dare to experiment nowadays it still stands out a lot. Most horror games of today seem to be clones from the same few games, especially the Amnesia clones are still appearing a lot even years after the game came out.
  9. Gonna throw in a lesser known game because I was never too high on Silent Hill and ghosts are highly ineffective against me, making Fatal Frame basically pointless. The Thing is a ps2 game released in 2002 based on John Carpenters movie The Thing from 1982, which happened to be one of the first horror movies I watched as a kid. The Thing looked dated even back then, but aside from the graphics it was way ahead of its time and touched concepts that have sadly not established themselves since then. You were sent to investigate the arctic station after the events of the movie, you get a team of people having different roles following you and being managed by you. After finding out what happened during the tutorial you are sent in deeper into the norwegian stations to look for survivors. You end up in a life and death struggle against the small and large mutated monsters that have taken over, against the cold of the arctic forcing you to plan your next moves carefully and think about whether you wanna risk walking into that shelter that probably is crawling with enemies or keep trying your luck out in the cold, and against the paranoia of some of your own team members maybe not being human anymore. In gameplay terms, you have shooting weapons for the smaller enemies, fire weapons for the larger ones, medicine to keep you alive, adrenaline and other stuff to keep your morale and that of your team higher, and blood tests as the last resort to keep your teams trust or rule out one of them being potentially infected. You manage your team, you decide who does what, you decide which weapon and ammo, if any, they get, you decide who to heal and who to trust. The fear of nearby enemies and the grim area can get to your team, requiring you giving them a better weapon or more amo to keep them calm by showing them you trust them, giving them adrenaline shots or leaving the area until they calm down. If you make them distrust you by acting suspicious or taking stuff away from them while they are panicking because you think they are infected, they might end up having a mental breakdown and running amok, making you lose allies due to bad decision making in a game that is already pretty tough, some of them can actually be infected and randomly turn on you during the next battle if you don't notice the signs soon enough. What I liked about the game is its different approach. In most horror games you are alone most of the time, and you are alone here at times too, it is supposed to make you feel more vulnerable, but in this game here being alone made me far less tense. The areas are pretty scary, ranging from run down and destroyed research stations having blood and bodies all around it to the outside in the arctic severely limiting your vision and orientation, with the cold limiting your time you can be outside so it turns expeditions into leaps of faith and outside battles into very stressful encounters. You are tight on ammo and flamethrower fuel as well as medical supplies and tests, and having the team that would be a source of comfort in other games around you makes things worse at times. You feel responsible and stressed because you are in charge of managing them and keeping them alive, but you never know if one might be infected and turn on you at the most unfortunate time, there is always this paranoia when you give your back to them during a fight and theres never enough tests to rule them all out, when they get tense in highly stressful areas you get tense too, if they start to distrust you then you instantly become more wary of them. This sense of dread because absolutely everything around you is a potential threat is something I haven't come across too many times, theres very few safe spaces and these can turn dangerous if you aren't careful too, especially if your team is with you. I wish some of these concepts were more established today, the ideas behind them were great if admittedly not too well implemented. The controls were expectedly clunky, which added to the horror for me because I did not feel like a competent fighter, I would miss shots often, sometimes even hitting a teammate making him distrust me from then on and leading to trouble further down the line. I can't say if this game would do too much for people who haven't watched and like The Thing from John Carpenter, but for me it was one of the most memorable horror games for the atmosphere and sense of constant paranoia it inflicted on me.
  10. Terraria, massive tedious timesink. Haven't played that one myself but I know one unfortunate guy who did, just don't.
  11. Goddamnit Sniper Elite 4. I thought I had a good thing going with this game. Fun to play, decent missions, no annoying online grind trophies, medium annoying collectible trophies and dlc trophies. Was perfectly fine, why did that game have to come around with fucking ironman runs on the highest difficulty where you die in 1-2 hits against hundreds of enemies having ridiculous fields of vision and insane precision while I can't hit shit because wind changing all the time paired with bullet drop fucking up every shot going above 50 meters. Fuck developers of today, shitty ironman runs in every other game, worst type of trophy, most likely another platinum I have to pass on if I don't wanna bang my head against the wall, so tired of that anti fun trophy design.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Few things that could help. Carcano with T post tactical sight bullet drop is first line 25m, second 50m and 3rd is 100m. It changes when you adjust for sight ( 100m, 200m...) but it should make shooting to 120 m easy enough to hit head. Also it's different with silent ammo, but on authentic silent ammo still does noise so i didn't use it much. 


      In theory if you play in co-op one player can get trophy for no saves while you actually use them. I played first playthrough in co-op on hard. I was host and did all saves. Mt friend has all missions done on sniper elite without save according to game stats. I don't see why it wouldn't work for authentic plus, but i can't be sure if you get trophy.


      And if all of this is still too much try

    3. Nighcisama


      Thanks for the advice, I can work with the bullet drop somewhat but bullet drop and the wind changing makes further distance shots entirely unreliable for me, which means I have to mostly play the missions like the game was a very basic metal gear lacking most of the functions that made these games work properly. It is not impossible for me, it is just quite frustrating and I expected an easy plat when starting this game, lots of collectible and challenge trophies to unlock but none like these, should have read the list more carefully I guess.


      Yeah silent rifle amo is not all that useful, I got a lot of undetected kills with the Welrod and sneaking slowly into melee though, only problem is that enemies seem to spawn in cleared out areas and stumble over the bodies, requiring me to hide each body and wasting a lot of time in the process. I expect I can get through the first 3 missions decently with this method, but I highly doubt later missions that are chock full with tanks and Jäger enemies are quite as forgiving.


      Regarding save abuse, I don't think I know anyone who has done this and that kind of thing is not something I would consider doing anyway, might even be against the rules to use other peoples saves, but I can't be rightly sure about that. I actually did most of my Sniper Elite trophies together with someone else, but while he is a better shot than I am its still not nearly enough, and with psplus running out soon I probably have to do that stuff on my own, or wait until december to pick it back up. I take a look at the speedrun videos, seems like whatever method they use cuts the duration of each attempt down massively, so thanks for that, I keep you updated how its going.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Let me try to explain better. You are not using someones save. You play in co-op. Host can save as many time as they want. In theory 2nd player could still get trophy cause game doesn't count host saves. I must have saved like 10 times  on every mission and my friend still got sniper elite as highest  difficulty finished without save in stats. Down side is you have to go through it twice so both players can get trophy. Like i said in theory. I didn't do authentic plus in co-op so i can't confirm if trophy would pop. 


      Good luck with  this! While i find this harder than SE3 it's still nowhere near some stuff you have on your profile. It shouldn't give you too much trouble.


  12. Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  13. Until recently it was completion, trying to keep 100% in the realm of possibilities no matter the grind or frustration involved, that was basically my only goal so far aside from getting more out of games and trying to have fun with them for as long as possible. Since one game I now refuse to finish due to it being total bs basically killed the 100% goal I am pretty much without a goal, I no longer force myself to 100% games, I only still do it if it isn't too much work or too frustrating, so above the game in question is pretty much only E-A in my list at the moment. If I still had to choose I would pick rarity, my average rarity is at 32.16% at the moment, which is pretty good I think, so I might wanna stay around 35%, but that is not high enough of a priority to make me stop playing games with high average rarity, like the Spyro trilogy I will pick up before the year is over. Having a clear goal definitely helpes with motivation, I find myself considerably less motivated to do certain things now that my former goal is no longer a factor.
  14. Super Meat Boy Zombie Boy Beat The Rapture dark world without dying Oh boy, what a ride this was. Super Meat Boy is nowhere near to being an easy game by any means, doing 20 levels without dying in a game that is as hard as this one is almost unreasonable to ask, especially with 20 levels like this. Rapture dark world has some infuriatingly frustrating levels, so getting them all done with a single life was something I have been trying on and off for quite a while now, this trophy here in particular has always eluded me so far. Gave up after a while because I doubted that I even had the skill required, came back after honing my skills on old and unfair platformers, then set myself a date (12th october when me psplus runs out) that this either had to be completed by then or it would get abandoned again. Got close a few times, then had to take 2 shorter breaks due to real life reasons slowing down my progress a bit, came really close once but fucked it up 16 levels in, and then finally got it today a few hours into a session. This ranks very high among the challenging things I have done in my gaming career and I am very proud that I accomplished this trophy that I thought was simply out of my league a few months ago, now I can put Super Meat Boy to rest once more. This games platinum is still my white whale, a heinously difficult nightmare of a plat that threatened to keep me away from once again having a 100% completion ever since I started it on a whim. There is only 2 ironman runs left, one that is, in my opinion, slightly easier than this one and one that is a hell of a lot harder. However, I will do neither of those because my 100% completion has already been killed by another game in the meantime. Still, despite that happening I wanted to prove to myself that I can get at least Zombie Boy with enough dedication, and I had sunk in quite a few hours already so I thought getting this would be the next best thing to getting the platinum, and it sure felt great when I finally made it through.
  15. Thankfully San Andreas on PS4 does not require 100% for the platinum. I remember how infuriating getting these 100% gold medals for driving and flying school were back on the PS2, but the plat just asks for bronze.

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    2. Spaz


      "and if old graphics mean having the old humor of the times back from before developers were too afraid of offending anyone, then that is definitely a nice trade..."


      I wasn't aware the PS2 era was part of this...


      What I know for sure is sometime in the last 10 years or so, things just went downhill fast.

    3. Nighcisama


      Well considering the PS3 released like 13 years ago I'd say the PS2 era was definitely part of the time that still had the balls for dark humor, satire and interesting characters. These things are still present today, but sadly have become quite rare.

    4. Spaz


      When George Carlin and Bernie Mac were still alive making jokes...