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  1. Super Bomberman R. Looks like a monotonous and ridiculously long grind.
  2. I used this sentence as justification for one last experiment, going with the assumption that contact with torches was responsible for unlocking it, aka it being pretty much random. As someone else who supposedly got the trophy legit (i ain't buying that either tbh) said he unlocked it in the green zone as well, though at the beginning instead of the mid, I focussed on the green zone by saving the game after reaching the zone following your video once more (just to be save, I even made sure the message counter was right to have this theory still in the picture), getting enough torches so that touching one of them a few times would comfortable get me to 40 if I wanted that. For the next hour or so I quickly went through the 3 torches that are super close in the green zone, then left the game and came back in to repeat it, giving me great numbers of torch interactions to trigger a random unlocking of the trophy. Since leaving and re-entering takes less than half a minute and running through the torches is super quick too, i have touched 300+ torches, often times the last torch used was number 40, though I have varied things a bit, nothing. I then went through the torches so my counter was at 39, continued towards the torch you used, saved before it and did the same thing there for another hour plus, still nothing. While it is technically impossible to fully disprove the claim that it is something that just happens randomly, just being incredibly unlikely, I daresay between all this, all the other attempts by me, and all the attempts by other players, the chance of this being the case is insanely low given that you would have gotten this lucky twice in relatively short order, when all the combined efforts could not produce this result even once. If it is not random, theres gotta be a reason for it unlocking for you but not the people testing it, and I am straight out of ideas when it comes to things we haven't tested yet. I hereby give up on testing anything further, as I have wasted enough time theories and promises. For me this case is pretty clear, as I find the chance that you messed with it in some way to get the trophy far more likely than you getting this kind of ridiculous luck two times in the random scenario, and given how closely your video was followed and how much advanced further tests were we can pretty much rule out other factors (at least the ones we could think of) as far as I am concerned, though you obviously do not have to care about my personal judgement since I am not the one deciding your fate. I have tried everything I could think of, the rest is up to others if they want to invest (and very likely waste) more time, and for the CRT to make a call at some point. From now on I will only post here IF there ever is some kind of breakthrough from anyone I was in contact with regarding the game, or if I suddenly have a really wild idea that somehow explains everything, which I doubt will happen because I plan to push this game out of my mind again. If anyone should have questions regarding anything I or others did for the tests, I will answer them per pm if need be, but I will no longer contribute to bloating this thread even further. Good luck to anyone who still trying.
  3. Current state. Tried everything except copying the video about as close as humanly possible while including exact number of deaths and all the interactions with every torch and message, maybe even switching the language, perhaps I try that a few times. Last other idea I have is creating a save in which everything from the video until the green zone is collected and then try to test from there, since maybe having something from every zone is required, even though doing the counter testing in green instead of red zone 2-3 times has not lead to anything as of now. No one else I have been in contact with had any success either, I shared the ideas from this thread with them, as two of them are banned from this forum and therefore not too keen on following it all the time, they are testing on Vita, I am testing on Ps4, so we have both consoles covered. In other words, we are really grasping at straws now, almost tested every theory on the table, even the really implausable ones, still no one is able to get the trophy, replicating seems more and more unlikely as time goes on and more fruitless attempts accumulate. I may have enough suspension of disbelief and tolerance for low probabilities to deem it not insanely unlikely that someone may unlock this trophy by sheer accident once, but twice in relatively short order? Someone should buy a lottery ticket if that is what actually happened. Any good news from people I am not actively communicating with?
  4. I indeed stopped looking at any messages aside from MMDE, OP and people I know actually own and test the game. Nothing personal in your case, just too much useless garbage the last few sites so I had no expectation to find anything useful from people who are not directly involved. Thats a good point, I will make a few reruns and factor it in, thanks.
  5. Results are in. TUnique = 24, not surprising, it is in the middle of the game after all. TTotal = 40, a perfect match to the total number of torches, a very good sign MUnique = 12, same lower number as with the torches obviously MTotal = 15 if message pop up is counted, 1 off from one of the low total number, 6 off the high total number that includes bonus messages, very close. if running through a message counts then it is way above 20, so too far off to be the case. *regarding Message counter, due to the quite frankly irratic way OP tends to move and what, my message counter might not be 100% accurate, which is a good sign since it is only 1 off from 16. Suggestions for tests I will do in a moment: 1. Run through 40 torches, which is a number that fitted, then activate messages until it pops or gets way over 20 2. Get 15 or 16 or 20 messages, run through torches until it pops or gets way over 40 3. If 1 and 2 don't work, count the number until green zone and use green zone to get the counters to where they should be 4. Try to imitate every torch and message interaction from the video as closely as possible Definitely looks like there is a good chance of this working, in which case I naturally will apologize for doubting OP if this works. Edit: Approach 1 and 2 did not work for me after several quick tries with the torches and messages in the red zone. I told the others about it, maybe they are more lucky, or willing to do 3 and 4, which I am not, at least not today. Maps from the developer, since the game does not have its own ingame map.
  6. This is the only good idea I have seen so far that makes me actually grind my gears and deem it somewhat likely to be the case. Assuming for now that it was in fact not cheated, let's treat this like a riddle that is solvable. I have not really thought about the exact way of passing the torch or messages so much this far, because since people followed the video pretty much 1:1 in the way they acticated them, so it should not really have mattered, but let's entertain the idea for now. Using the maps the developer sent out, assuming that they are correct, it looks a little something like this: Torches red zone: 12 yellow zone: 10 green zone: 9 purple zone: 9 blue zone: 0 makes 40 torches in total. Messages red zone: 7 (plus 4 bonus messages that do not appear on the map, so they either are factored in or they are not) yellow zone: 5 green zone: 3 purple zone: 0 blue zone: 1 makes 16 messages in total if dvd bonus messages are not counted, 20 if they are counted. Assumption: The devs may have fucked up the way torches and messages are counted, like MMDE suggested, maybe each walk through a torch gets a +1, meaning playing through the game entirely gives you a number that is higher than the number required for both messages and torches, and in the code it demands a perfect match. The number would be higher since you HAVE to pass some of them several times, but it would mean it is possible to unlock the trophy if, by chance, the counters that got too high too quickly, match at the right spot for both numbers to fulfill the trophy requirements. Since I have seen a screenshot of some japanese guy also unlocking the OCD in the green zone, but not the exact same torch, this seems to be a little more likely now. What I plan on doing now: Introducing the following variables: unique number of torches activated: Gets +1 whenever OP switches a torch from inactive to active total number of torches activated: Gets +1 whenever OP runs through a torch at all, even the ones that are already burning Unique number of messages: Gets +1 whenever OP reads a message for the first time Total number of messages: Gets +1 whenever OP runs through a message, including the ones he already read I will watch the video and report the numbers. Obviously the unique numbers, which should be the only relevant ones if the game was coded properly, will be nowhere near the requirement, but if the total number is close to the required 40 torches and 16 (or 20) messages, then we might be onto something. Be back in a few minutes.
  7. No one was able to actually reproduce it yet. That involves several dozen attempts of two people on Vita so far with the same version, some attempts following the video exactly, some loosely, a few attempts on PS4 by me, and someone else in this thread said he is still actively testing it himself. People are still testing it on Vita, but by now they test things like different languages, or connections to other trophies like the speedrun trophy or getting it in one go without dying that were never even made by OP because following the video was a dead end. This is mainly the reason the video is suspicious to me, because someone should have been able to reproduce it by now, could also just be a case of really good, or really bad, luck.
  8. I do not know who is in charge of these things, but someone screwed the game up because my version of Necrosphere is now listed as a Vita only version, which is bs given that I do not own a Vita and have played it on Ps4. There is a PS4 only version, the physical one that only a hand full of madmen bought, and the normal version this thread is about which is BOTH PS4 and Vita. There are different versions depending on the primary language of the PS4 in Vice City due to censorship concerns cutting out parts of the game, so hardly comparable to a game that does not have different versions if you switch the language. Believe me, I would really like to get this trophy, but that is very unlikely to be the way to go. I am far too lazy to manually go all the way back to last year to find my own messages with the guy and the exchange of paint maps from his side because he assumed at first that I was missing a torch somewhere, but I have a few screenshots from someone else about the same topic with him, as I was not the only one bringing this to his attenion. Should be more than sufficient if the fact that so far people were instantly flagged for owning the trophy is not enough for you already, and that several people have even the hard trophies of the game but not this one. pic1 pic2 pic3
  9. I am only stating facts. The guy managed to unlock a trophy that the developer confirmed should be completely busted as of now, he did it completely out of order, randomly in the middle of the game, TWICE, not once, twice in pretty short order, while I have played through this game many times without getting it, as have others before, and then again many times more to test this on Vita. To me this is very suspicious, had he gotten it once and had a video of it running by accident I would be far more likely to believe it, but the fact that he could reproduce it easily while no one else managed it so far makes me not believe him personally. Cheaters are very creative, but if the CRT says they have no idea how he could have done it, or no tools to prove it, so therefore it has to be accepted, then I am ok with it, but until then I have to assume from what I know that he found a way to get an unlockable trophy several times that others failed to replicate in any way despite putting much more time into it.
  10. I mean it does not take very long to make a run that is similar to the one in the video, so people could easily test this on Vita on any given language, I could test it under any conditions on the PS4 too if the story changes to it being unlocked on PS4 instead, I just think it is not really worth the effort if it ultimately does not lead anywhere with this case if you know what I mean. No one should be forced to play Necrosphere for a lost cause😅
  11. Then don't, see if I care about someone not even owning the game giving his worthless input, never mind that there is also video evidence of it not unlocking Let me explain it to you then. In my status is a video of someone doing the exact same thing (this was his attempt 12 at it), filming himself and his Vita while collecting the same things this guy did, and then some more, without it unlocking. So now we have two videos, one showing the trophy getting unlocked, one with the same content not unlocking it, which means we are pretty much back to zero in that regard, which is why we need a CRT ruling about it either being terribly unlikely to unlock (remember, one guy alone did this 12 times because it is done quickly), and therefore a very fortunate case of luck, or it being too suspicious of an event if others are still unable to get it despite trying it way more times than the guy with the flag. If someone I know shows me several videos of him playing his vita, arriving at the same location that the trophy popped for this guy, and then makes a complete video that leads to not unlocking the trophy, then I am inclined to believe that the guy (OP) who has a history of shady behavior involved some foul play here to get this bugged trophy. They think about trying different regions and languages, though I would not bother with that as it should have zero influence given that it is the exact same game, as there are no region specific versions. What we need is a CRT member making a decision on whether it is worth collecting more evidence of it not unlocking, or whether OP magically getting a confirmed bugged trophy is reasonable beyond any doubt and collecting more cases of no one else being to unlock it is a wasted effort. I know how I would decide here, but then again I am fine with either, because if this is ruled legit, then theres more possible ways to get this trophy in my book as long as I make a video of it unlocking randomly.
  12. This does not sit right with me. While I could not test it on Vita myself due to not having one (tested it to hell and back on PS4 with no results), I've had several people confirming it to me by now that they were unable to unlock it even after following the video, collecting the same things, ignoring the same things, even standing on the messages needlessly long. The fact of the matter is the guy got the trophy without being anywhere near the required conditions, in a highly unnatural order, he says he randomly got it 1 time on his first playthrough, and then again quickly to show it on video, which I find especially hard to believe because by now one of the people I am in contact with should have been able to unlock it as well if the order of collecting things was the key to it, or by pure chance if it is possible given well over a dozen attempts since this guy got it quickly two times in a row. I find it VERY hard to believe that there was no foul play involved here, as the devs confirmed it to be bugged, so there has to be something seriously wrong with it. Not sure how this will end, but as I said, it is unlikely at the best of times, though it would even work in my favor if there is just this benefit of the doubt for anyone who aquired a trophy that is officially unobtainable, as I could get it myself in any way I wanted just to finally complete the game, though I would want some confirmation from the CRT before doing anything further. I could maybe bully some poor fool into completing the whole game on Vita, if he does not unlock it, would that be proof enough that theres something wrong here? We definitely need some CRT guidance here.
  13. @MMDE

    Since our conversation under the youtube video about the supposed proof regarding the glitched Necrosphere trophy "mysteriously" disappeared, I use the second way of contacting you with new evidence that you recommended.

    This video is the result of me pestering a poor, not entirely unknown soul to use his vita to recreate the proof video in an attempt to unlock the OCD trophy. He was promised to get said trophy if he only kept trying, 11 fruitless attempts later after he followed the video without getting any dvds to mimic the weird order of unlocking the trophy, he recorded this run that went way further than the other video, following it and later even getting a few dvds too.


    The trophy randomly unlocking does not seem to be reproduceable even after a dozen attempts, so it is either a freak occurence or it was cheated. Since the flagged guy claimed that it happened to him on his first playthrough, which he then stopped, and then right away again the first time he tried to show it, I think the latter is far more likely, but that is just my input on the matter, my own tests on the PS4 were fruitless too after all, obviously I leave the verdict to the CRT.


    1. MMDE


      Yeah, I'm not sure tbh.


      I opened the dispute thread again so people can discuss it I guess.

  14. Sonic Unleashed
  15. Stranded Deep #57 Stay Alive! This was game number 3 of my water game series after Abzû and Subnautica, and it is the reason I will stay away from water related games for a long time. I was sure this game would only take me a few days since the guide said it is 30 hours long and I had a lot of downtime. Let me tell you at this point that both the author of the guide and whoever gave this guide the ok to be used on the site are taking the PISS here. The fastest 100% guy needed LONGER than these 30 hours, and these guys usually are machines who use every trick, often already completed the game before and have planned the order of every step, so it is no surprise that I needed as long as I did for it. Screw you guide guy, I ended up using another guide most of the time anyway since that one is outdated, that item list has entries that don't even exist in the game anymore. About the game. I went into this game expecting a survival experience like The Forest, with maybe some story added and interesting things to do and discover. What I got was a buggy mess of a game that is ridiculously grindy and tedious to play, with controls so unintuitive that I had to look quite a few things up online to figure out how some things worked. The actual survival part of the game is babysitting the hunger and thirst meters of the character, and avoiding things that can kill you on other islands or the sea, nothing will make its way towards you like in The Forest to force you to be on the move or build defenses, nothing will guard anything of interest, cause there is nothing of interest for the most part. The annoying hunger and thirst meters are very easily taken care of, a single bird snare will give you more meat than you could ever eat, a few leafes that regrow will never stop giving you water, they are an afterthought that just nags on you every once in a while, while avoiding sharks is super easy by just building a raft and not directly going into the deep water. Other islands also have hogs and big crabs that will see you from a mile away and declare you their mortal enemy, never stopping to chase you no matter how long you run around on that island, it is as annoying as it sounds. Speaking of annoying, there are starfish you can step on, leading to you getting poisoned, you can also get poisoned by water snakes or lionfish swimming into you, which they will happily do, all the time. Getting rid of poison is only possible via antidote, for which you need 2 Pipi plants, but since there is a cap of 1 plant per island and you are not guaranteed to find one on another island, have fun either dying or going from island to island in order to get a single antidote against something that can happen at any point. The game clearly meant you to be a farmer and plant them on your main island, but it takes so long to grow two of them that you will likely be dead before they are finished, way better to reload the second you get poisoned. You can also break bones by falling from high places, but that is almost never even possible, you'd have to actively look for that to happen, and some things will make you bleed, though it is mostly the bosses you will only fight at the end. Aside from the bit of combat, eating and drinking, you spend most of your time hacking at small bushes and trees to gather stuff for a few tools or structures, and then after you stripped an island bare you move onto the next, rinse repeat, next island will have the same two enemies, or no enemies. This all gets more annoying due to how tricky it is to find certain things, leading to you looking around for far longer than you planned, in a game that has night time 50% of the available time where you see between fuck all and "whats tha...*bitten/poisoned". Hopping between the islands is incredibly boring because it takes several minutes to the nearest island in which you will have to do something else, and you have to do it all the time for various reasons, imagine any other game but you'd have to spend between 25% and 50% on any given day you play in loading screens, and you basically have an idea what it is like to play Stranded Deep. The map is gigantic, and it does not deserve that size. Since it is an ocean, most of it is empty, nothing to discover, about 20 islands, most of which look similar, 3 scripted "survivor sites" with a few items, a skelly and one has Wilson from the movie Cast Away as an Easter Egg, which is also where the game got quite a bit of its soundtrack from. There is not much else to discover aside from 3 bosses, which all work the exact same, have to be fought the exact same way via swimming around them and pelting them with spears, give the exact same reward and only differ in looks and hp pool. The hard task for me was finding the fuckers, since my game kinda acted out due to using the custom island feature and finding your way is already hard af in a game that is just off enough to make it hard in a bad way to find your way around with no ingame map and the compass being forbidden due to voiding a trophy. The game does not have a story either, your plane crashed somehow, thats it, have fun, escape or something, which you do at the end. It is basically The Forest without the story, worse mechanics, fewer enemies, nothing worth exploring and a ton of time cosplaying as Link from Wind Waker, only more boring. The bugs I have encountered are too numerous to mention them all in detail, from seagulls colliding with your raft throwing it half a world away, over stuff disappearing, to painful sound bugs and the classic horrendous performance there is pretty much anything on the menu, some were hilarious at least, but others could cost you a few hours of progress. This game is over 5 years old and it looks pretty bad, so absolutely no excuse for it to be in such a sorry state, I am beginning to lose my trust in indie devs at this point. Was there anything good in this game? Well in the first few hours it felt like an accomplishment to build anything resembling a camp, since nothing is ever explained and everything takes so long. The music is decent and was heavily inspired by the movie "Cast Away", which was an amazing movie, so no surprises there. There are a few funny ideas for structure and vehicle building, like a Gyrocopter, but also dumb ideas, and using very hard to get materials like Barrels for your buildings or rafts makes no sense since they have the exact same qualities as stick structures, a motorized raft has the same speed as a sail raft for example. The game did a somewhat good job of making you fear the water, since theres sharks and venomous shit everywhere so whenever it forces you into the water to dive into a wreck or look for crappy clay at the bottom of the sea it can create some tense moments. Generally I would describe the game as a waste of time though, especially the plat, as it wants you to craft every available item, which means a ton of grinding and searching for shit, on a map that is 10x larger than it has any right to be, most things in this game are designed to waste your time and the fun factor this game does have dies early on, building massive structures would take hundreds of hours and the game gives you no incentive to do it, no looming threat. If you ever find yourself looking for a survival game of sorts, play The Forest, or Conan Exiles, as both are vastly superior games.