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  1. Tropico 6: Look how they massacred my boy...

    How did this shitty new developer manage to turn a long running and fun series into such a mess? Buggy, nonsensical, crippled by its own features, stripping away some basic features, fucking up the scale, lacking almost all the dark comedy the series was known for. There are game breaking design flaws that more or less force you to use exploits if you want to play the lategame, as basic necessities it was designed around, like the use of Park Deck buildings to overcome the ridiculous traveling distance durations for workers, end up swallowing most of your citizens up and trapping them in a near endless waiting line, leading to your buildings not producing shit but still paying the workers. You do not even have most of the basics from Tropico 5, you could instantly see what was profitable and what not, here you have no clue. Dead people get counted as homeless people, dragging satisfaction down, putting money in for buildings to work more efficiently leads to less total exports over the course of a year. This seems absolutely broken. Thankfully aside from the missions, most of the shit can be done via sandbox with infinite money. Can't be done fast enough with this game. Changing developers has a long running tradition with this series, and I hope they keep it that way, as this inept dev should not be trusted with producing the next Tropico.

    1. Madara Uchiha

      Madara Uchiha

      And here I was actually keen to start this game *gulp*

    2. Nighcisama


      I played every Tropico game except Tropico 2, I liked them all, but this one really pisses me off, so I recommend being careful with that decision. Trying to do the "Better red than dead" mission and not getting anywhere gotta be the least fun I ever had with a Tropico game, and the other missions are not exactly fun either.


      They build everything around the workers having to be at their workplace for the building to even do anything, but they get paid all the time even if they skip work and they have to be at every other place as well to satisfy their needs, but they walk at a snails pace, taking weeks and months to get anywhere. This means if Gustavo the Gold miner goes on a 3 month trip with his colleagues to reach that one entertainment building on the other side of the island because he does not fancy the one close to him, the entire gold mine only costs money for 3 months without doing anything. Bus stations, parking decks, those barely work in the midgame, and in the lategame they break the game by swallowing people and not letting them out for years due to them being limited to only release a few cars per month.

      Trying to manage that without many of the required data is basically the opposite of being fun and it feels like it was not designed for this game, as the sheer number of space you need for everything to somewhat work is completely unreasonable and just not going bankrupt all the time is a constant struggle, and not the good challenging kind. I often get really weird results, like going from max budget for all plantations and industry to medium budget actually increasing my total exports because less of the workers randomly went on long travels to distant buildings :holy:

  2. Strafe #52: Completionist The word "Strafe" means "Punishment" in German, and rarely was a game ever more aptly named. I played this game at the behest of someone who clearly did not have my well being in mind, which makes me all the more proud of earning this, my second ever platinum with a below 1% rarity, against the odds and against my own brain screaming at me to stop. As of now I am only the 12th person mad enough to get this platinum. Strafe is a crowdfunded, Unity engine shooter, it describes itself as a retro/arcade shooter. What does this mean? This means it took a lot of its inspiration from old school shooters like Doom, most noticeably the (by todays standards) ugly graphics, which are admittedly somewhat appealing in how they are implemented through funny enemy design and executed with the over the top blood and limbs flying everywhere. Sadly, also a lack of most quality of life features that are expected to be in a game nowadays is a result of this. Strafe is using an ironman approach, if you die you start from the beginning, losing your progress like weapon upgrades. There are few chances to refill life and armor, many enemies, and procedurally generated levels for the most part, game design is often bordering on unfair given that enemies can suddenly appear from a wall that snaps open, or already be on your ass when you enter some of the later levels, and they hit for a lot of damage so one unlucky ambush can ruin your current run. The levels are all chock full with enemies, from classic melee grunts to enemies jumping at you from ceilings or walls, to acid suicide bombers or shotgun using armor guys, also some more bizarre enemies like flying kamikaze jellyfish. How many enemies there are and how they appear is as random as the level layout itself. At the start of the game you pick up one of 3 main weapons, a shotgun, a machinegun, or a sniper style railgun, all with their own ups and downs, primary and secondary fire. You get to collect other weapons randomly appearing in the level, with very limited ammo, and you get to upgrade the stats of the main weapon with 1 of 4 possible upgrades randomly appearing in the level, either more magazine size, precision, damage or fire rate, and one of several big modifiers for primary and secondary fire that also randomly appear or don't appear. As hinted at by the number of times the word random appears here and the fact it was inspired by very old games, yes this game is hard, rng has to be on your side if you want to have something resembling a good time, and even then the game has a big learning curve and controls HORRIBLY. But hey, the game looks like an early 90s game, has short levels and not too many features, surely a beast of a console like the PS4, which can run God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, can easily and smoothly run something that looks like this, right? Dead wrong. This game has the worst performance I have ever seen in ANY videogame, its fps hits single digits at times, especially in the so called Murderzone, an extra mode for some casual killing in a "survive x number of waves" environment, you get actual diashows or freeze screen for several seconds while playing. Not only is the performance atrocious, it also has the nerve to have loading times sometimes exceeding a full minute when restarting a level, which is mind boggling to me. I guess it is because this is the vastly inferior console version, as the devs did not bother to update it after a certain point. The controls were clearly meant for pc, aside from controlling horribly, a single mini game one has to win for a silver trophy called "Hangtime" made me consider spending some quality time hanging from the neck due to how insufferably bad the controls were with a controller, rarely have I ever felt that much rage and frustration, it felt like trying to play a moderately difficult platformer by using the controller with your feet while sitting on hot coals. So the game looks bad, runs terribly and is clearly not optimized for console in any way, but at least it is simple by design so its gotta be bug free...right? Hell no, one of the buggiest games I have ever witnessed. Falling through the floor, which happened so often the devs made an actual feature attached to it to compensate people, enemies becoming invisible, damaging acid puddles becoming invisible or doing damage on the level far above their actual position, weapon modifiers disappearing, enemies stuck outside the map but still able to shoot at you, doors no longer working, barrels exploding for shits and giggles, secret rooms being unreachable, level transitions leading to horrible visual bugs especially late in the game, and your optional flying killer drone buddy sometimes attacks and kills you because it sees an enemy stuck outside the map somewhere. But with all that going on, at least the trophy list gotta be reasonable, correct? Not reasonable, I daresay it is insanely unreasonable in fact. This game is sub 1% for a very good reason, and the main offender here is this horrible trophy list. Several buggy trophies requiring a lot of repetition to finally unlock, trophies that have descriptions that are completely useless, trophies that have outright WRONG descriptions, very tough trophies, annoyingly grindy trophies, hard rng trophies, this gotta be one of the worst trophy lists I have ever completed. Does the story save it? Well there is not much of a story worth mentioning, but considering the nature of this game and the games it was aiming to copy, I shall not list this as a negative, because no one in his right mind would expect more than a barebones story from such a game. So the game has a LOT of negative qualities indeed, but was there anything decent or god forbid good in all these weeks of suffering? Actually, yes. As hard as it is to believe, but once I got used to the control and how the game works and tries to screw you over, I caught myself having fun every once in a while when I was on a roll and got to rampage around with some good weapon upgrades, turning enemies into big pixelated puddles of blood and limbs. The games soundtrack is rather unique and pretty nice as well, as is the weapon variety for such a game, though sadly some of the more unique weapons that could have made the main game a LOT better are reserved for limited secret weapons you almost never got to see. Speaking of which, the game has TONS of secrets and easter eggs from movies and videogames, from small nods to weapons from other games all the way to mini games. The game does have some self aware and dark sense of humor at times, something I always appreciate. Despite not being into shooters all that much anymore, I still enjoyed the occasional rampages when I was having a good run, and this game had the potential of being decent or even good, perhaps it even is on PC, but not on console. Overall, the game does not get a recommendation from me though, as the negatives definitely outweigh the negatives by quite a large margin, which seems to be typical for crowdfunded games. I recommend it only for people who really love this kind of game, and they should definitely get it on pc then, not console, completionists should avoid this like the plague unless they get a kick out of shortening their lifespans for a super rare platinum. Positives: + Nice soundtrack + Can be fun IF it works + Lots of easter eggs + Funny trophy names and icons (look at that mug in the platinum) + Can rock the retro shooter feeling Negatives: - As buggy as some of the shittiest broken games on the market at times - Inferior console version in terms of features and basically everything else due to a lack of fixes and updates - Controls horribly - Performance is beyond insulting - Trophy list is an iron boot kick in the balls (HANGTIME!!!) - Random levels can lead to immense fluctuation in difficulty - Some bullshit difficulty like getting mugged before being able to do anything at level start - Gets very repetetive because you see the first few levels a LOT, with different layouts but the same enemy types - last boss is as dull and unimaginative as possible, spamming the most common 2 enemy types in the entire game Someone already said that he was surprised I even took on this game, well it was part of an ongoing competition with another gamer, and he has to plat Outlast 2 for it despite being an absolute pansy and incapable of handling horror games, so even though I got punished a lot with this game, it was worth it to see and hear him scream, and oh boy if that poor fucker ever gets far enough to actually try for the platinum. Last but definitely not least, a BIG shoutout to @matuda-you , another brave soul who earned this platinum before me. He helped me a lot on my journey to the platinum, trying to explain in his native language, japanese, how to approach some trophies I was stuck on, having a lot of patience and motivating me to keep trying, especially with one of the shitty bronze trophies that refused to unlock despite me doing it dozens of times. He really went out of his way here, which is much appreciated. Without Matuda, I would have needed dozens of hours longer to finish this game, as reliable information on it are very hard to find and testing everything out can take a long time with some trophies. どうもありがとうございました、友達
  3. For singleplayer games, definitely Crusader Kings 2. A full on campaign from the early start date can easily take up to 100 hours. I have a grand total of 1300 hours locked into that game, which is the highest recorded number on any singleplayer game I have. I can't rule out that some older games, like Anno 1602, Settlers 3-4, Rome Total War, Dynasty Warriors 3 or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (once you get into Chao breeding, you lose a lot of your lifetime) don't have more hours accumulated over the years. Strategy games are enormous time sinks for me, more than any RPG I have ever played, the only thing swallowing more time are Mobas or MMOs, which is why I have put them on my avoid list.
  4. Strafe: Roadblocked by a measly bronze trophy. The Trophy "That Was Really Dumb" has been made even nastier than it originally was thanks to patches, and it is making me lose my mind. Thanks for that you shit excuse of a dev, how about a fix for the rotten performance drops and all the other bugs instead of a patch that makes already nasty bronze trophies even more disgusting?


    I Learned from the last guy who earned it that I basically have to finish a randomly created level by just walking to the left or right. No shooting which was allowed before, no jumping, no falling, not even moving the camera at the same time I am walking to get around corners (which I managed to win a level with through sheer luck). The problem is that the levels are chock full with enemies, so many that they can easily block you, they also do a ton of damage and if you can't shoot you have to open the door at the level end by pressing the action button, which then takes quite a few seconds to open while all the enemies you have been aggroing during the level kill you in 2-3 seconds flat the moment you stand still. That is if you can find the door at all given that having to stop to adjust the camera to get around corners will almost always lead to death long before you get anywhere near that door. If it wasn't for a guy recently earning it I'd have a hard time believing it is even possible. Ah well, I will have to farm about 900 deaths anyway for a shitty silver grind trophy so I might as well use these deaths to attempt the trophy, though I am not holding my breath. Too bad this game is way too obscure to get any access to a physical copy with the 1.00 version, but then again I wouldn't want that thing to have a place on my shelf anyway.


    At least it can't get as disgusting as the Hangtime trophy I recently earned, that was a legit candidate for worst trophy I have ever attempted due to it clearly not being intended to be done with a controller.

    1. NekoRave


      Why would you play such a horrible game :)

  5. Strafe: This game pisses me off to no end. Despite looking like shit, which is admittedly intentional, it runs absolutely horrible, with framerates sometimes going down to diashow level, especially in the Murderzone mode. Imagine a console capable of running God Of War and Horizon Zero Down struggling with something that has graphics comparable to the original Doom. Trophy list is confusing as fuck, with some being either bugged or having completely wrong text, like the one for only strafing during a level, which I have done 3 times by now without unlocking the thing, so it is either bugged or there are additional requirements. Any fun that could be had in this game dies due to the crap performance, horrible design decisions, ridiculous friendly fire, random level design in a terribly bad way and many of the trophies being obscure as hell.

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    2. Nighcisama


      Oh it plays horribly, especially in the Murderzone. Whenever enemies spawn in the framerate hits 1, sometimes for a solid 3 seconds, if you kill enemies very quickly to cause several groups to spawn into the map in quick succession, you get several diashows in a matter of half a minute, sometimes that kills you. It more or less feels like back when I was trying to play Crysis with highest setting on a potato level pc just to see how bad it could get. Thankfully the main levels run a bit better, but it is still painful to play most of the time, and thats coming from someone who barely notices a difference between 30 and 60 fps while looking at them side by side, so anyone actually caring about high fps would be on suicide watch after playing this game for an hour😂


      Edit: Goddamn my grammar is not getting better while I am under the influence of this game...

    3. Copanele


      Well i just hope it won't blow your console like Crysis would do back in the day xDThat pesky framerate gets you laggy in grammar too. 

    4. BB-BakkerJ


      Congrats on the Platinum. After reading your MRP post I think I’ll go for this game myself too.

  6. I used to play games for many years before I even got into trophy hunting, so a platinum still being unearned is not required for me to play a game. I replayed so many games on PS1, PS2 or old Nintendo consoles over the years without any virtual bling getting earned, I replayed some PS4 games that I already completed because I simply felt like it. I get the importance of trophies as a sort of metagame, and there is this nagging feeling that playing a game for 50 hours without getting anything to show for it is somehow wasted time, but you should not let trophies dictate you when to stop playing a game you are still having fun with.
  7. I really do not see a problem with people doing this anymore. I would not let other people do it for me, even though I would be lying if I said I hadn't at least once thought about accepting an offer of someone wanting to do a game for me that I can't finish on my own, as it would get my completion rate back up, but I want my trophy list to be a representation of what I have achieved or, if it has to be, of what I was unable to achieve, with all the good and bad that comes with it. That being said, people doing each others trophies is not a problem, I mean, just take a good look at the trophy hunting community as a whole. Even ignoring all the people stacking 5+ stacks of the same shit excuse of a game for cheap masses of bling, things like team accounts or blatant cheating, basically every single legal trophy hunter plays somewhat dirty to get trophies, and I obviously include myself there too. Boosting sessions, using available exploits in a game, profitting from convenient bugs, using guides, turbo controllers, rubber banding controllers, intentionally getting carried in multiplayer, the list goes on and almost every trophy hunter has at least done one of these questionable things, most have done several of them, so it is not like people doing trophies for each other are defiling an otherwise pure community. Hell, if the money was decent I would gladly do a plat for someone, especially if I enjoyed the game anyway, as getting paid to do more of something I enjoyed sounds like an amazing deal. Sadly, due to me not really completing too many hard games, I do not even get these kinds of offers. Most people just ask for tips and tricks on games, hoping to get an easier way through an inconvenient plat journey, I had these kinds of questions pop up in my message box a few times even after completing fairly average games for some reason. Let the people do what they want, any credibility for trophy hunting is breathing with iron lungs at this point anyway.
  8. The UC4 100% is incredibly unlikely, though not entirely impossible, but very damn close. I went through that garbage, basically you need players who carry you, but they generally refuse to help anyone who does not have crushing unlocked and his character level and weapons maxed out for obvious reasons, as even the guy getting carried usually has to contribute for this to go well. For it to be unlocked in that time, they would have to play all hard stages for him before even going for crushing, as unlocking it by himself while underleveled is impossible, then all crushing ones, all while he is still completely underleveled and useless, and get it done first try too as he claimed, which rng likes to mess up regularly even if maxed players are at it. Other than the time being suspiciously fast, like, faster than the fastest achiever kind of fast, the time stamps look ok when it comes to the order though, at least for the dlc, did not bother to check the main game. There are only a few players who can pull that kind of shit off though, so asking who carried OP through it might be a good idea. The account has a few of these completions that are faster than the fastest achiever, double Alien Isolation for example, which I find pretty hard to believe given that there is a LOT of rng involved to get through the hard difficulty without a single death, while also getting all collectibles and fulfilling all other requirements like not killing any of the very aggressive human enemies, that quickly, twice in a row. I haven't seen anything that is completely impossible by design, but the guy has quite a few completions that would require incredibly luck + skill + experience with the games, definitely worth looking into.
  9. Annoying ones: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Unlocked Unlock All Trials The only bad trophy in this actually short and fun game. It was bad enough that I took a several year break before actually going for it. Required many hours of picture perfect attempts and scouring the map for every tiny detail. The Forest Spelunker Explore all caves The caves in this game are big, and dark, and confusing. My sense of direction in such an environment is bad enough as it is, but this trophy was horribly bugged and required several attempts, even had to mess around with the games language because that actually affected the trophy. Took a lot of time to finally get rid of this speedbump. It was not the only annoying or bugged trophy in this game, but definitely the worst one due to how long it took. Sniper Elite 4 Better than the Best Complete the entire campaign on Authentic Plus difficulty with no manual saves Authentic Plus was a big pain in the ass, levels could take several hours and the ironman setting meant a lot of time was wasted. Hitting long distance shit without any indicators, random wind and kinda arbitrary bullet drop turned this into a bad Metal Gear game because killing people with stealth was more reliable. Getting this trophy would have been much worse if it was singleplayer only, but thankfully it could be done together with another player, so I got carried through it a bit. Kingdom Come Deliverance Merciful Don't kill anyone during main quest line (except Runt). Bad game, buggy game, needlessly long game with all kinds of flaws. Getting through battle encounters without doing anything that counts as killing was a big pain in the ass, even more so for me because I did it combined with a hardcore difficulty run, and regretted it a lot. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Take the Cannoli Earn the Godfather criminal rating. The only bad trophy in an otherwise great game. This trophy is designed to either take several hundred hours of randomly destroying shit, or using cheats that are available ingame, in this case the big bang cheat that makes every vehicle around you explode to get you rating points. Stealing helicoptors and parking them on top of a building, then doing the cheat with your controller for about 20 hours or so, having to get new helicoptors several times, this definitely made me question a few things while I tried to watch a series despite my hand attempting the quickest combinations for the cheat. Absolutely atrocious trophies: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Charted! - Brutal Finish the Game on Brutal Without Changing the Difficulty Every single one of the badly designed, untested and horrible to play brutal difficulty trophies from the remastered Uncharted trilogy deserves to be on this list, but I will use this trophy as representation because while Uncharted 2 is a hell of a lot better than the utter garbage that is Uncharted 3, this brutal trophy gave me a lot more trouble due to the glitch not working on it unless you buy an old physical copy, which I did, for the first time, to get a single shitty trophy. Naughty Dog really had a stroke while green lighting the brutal difficulty modes. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ...It Earn three stars on all Survival stages on the Crushing setting Whats worse than a horrible multiplayer mode? A horrible multiplayer mode that is pay to win, with a shitty ass developer that patches every reliable strategy to earn one of its most atrocious trophies in a non pay to win way so the community keeps any working strat a well guarded secret and you more or less have to get into contact with people who know shit and get carried by them, because playing this game normally, even while throwing money at this shitty studio, will not grant you this trophy in under 200 hours of trial and error. Horrible design, horrible balance, tons of rng, damage sponge enemies, all in all an absolutely miserable experience and a perfectly fitting last interaction with Naughty Dog before they landed on my boycott list anyway due to other things adding to my hate for them. Base game was ok, not good, but not bad either, but this shit trophy... Monster Hunter World Giant Crown Master Obtain a gold crown for many monsters in your hunting log. I did not enjoy MHW all that much, it had some horrendous design flaws that, for some reason, the games community rarely seems to talk about, probably because they are abused long time victims who have gotten used to this kind of treatment from the series. The game is undeniably grindy and repetetive though, recycling enemies worse than any Triple A studio to artificially inflate the playtime, nothing prolongs it as much as this trophy here and its equally messed up twin, the Miniature Crown Master. This basically wants you to kill HUNDREDS of the same monsters if you are unlucky, many of which are already recycled from other monsters, until you get really lucky and get each a huge and a small monster, then kill it. For many monsters there are crown events, at least, but not for fucking all of them. I know some poor bloke who needed hundreds of hours of grind despite me, someone who was rather lucky with crowns, helping him after he did not get a single elder dragon crown for TWO WEEKS of trying, this is how bad it can get. The worst part about it, is that there is no end in sight, you never know whether you have 5 kills of a monster left, or 50, or 150, which makes it so much worse. Grand Theft Auto III Playing Doctor Complete Paramedic level 12. I never played GTA 3 when I was younger, but I got the trilogy for cheap and thought, since I loved GTA Vice City and San Andreas, that I probably enjoy GTA 3 as well. Big mistake, it is shit, clearly designed long before the studio figured out how to make a decent game. Horribly bugged, shitty performance, things disappearing, thoughtless trophy design, mute protagonist and the most boring and nonsensical story development imaginable. This trophy here was especially vile, wanting you to drive people around in the starting area, which you had to do early because if done later, hostile npcs would instantly blow up your shitty car in the middle of the mission. Driving in this game sucked, having construction sites and massive mountains to drive on certainly did not help, risky driving was required to make it in time, as was massive amounts of luck because unfortunate spawning points could make it nearly impossible. Not a fun experience, but the whole game was horrible in the end so it fit right in with all the other shit, even young me would have crapped all over this game. Nioh The Final Stand Completed all "Siege of Osaka (Summer)" missions on Way of the Demon. Horrible game, horrible design, and the worst levels of the game in new game ++ difficulty buffing nothing but the enemies stats into high heavens to add to whats already a horrible experience in my opinion, and you got the perfect shitty trophy. Design was so bad, that even no lifers who had maxed new game +++++ gear got absolutely wrecked whenever I summoned them to help me, so I had to do it mostly by myself except for 2 quests that actually worked with summoning someone. Boss gauntlets are of course the most fun in this game, especially if they are immune to anything that makes them more managable. My first experience with a souls game, but sadly not my last. Dark Souls: Remastered Prayer of a Maiden Acquire all miracles. This trophy is just one among many atrocious ones in a terrible game that suffers the same problems, if not more, than Nioh, which is not surprising given that half of Nioh was ripped off from this game. At this point I wised up and decided to take every legal shortcut to make this experience go over quicker, and I decided that this series was shit and any other game claimed to be part of it, like Bloodborne, was to avoid at all cost unless I lost a bet that forces me to play it. Getting this highly missable trophy required to actually use pen and paper to note every missable thing to avoid further playthroughs, which of course is always a fun thing to do. Outlast 2 Messiah Finish the game in Insane Mode without reloading the camera battery Oh boy. Outlast 2 is a horror chase simulator relying on shock value above all, several hours in length and basically a 1 life run on the Insane Mode, with 1 battery for light, means have fun running this game in ironman on the highest difficulty while being blind for almost all of it. The game contains massive rng elements, especially in chapter 2, which was responsible for most of my deaths, and unskippable cutscenes of mostly violent and upsetting nature. I am very desensitized to violence, I saw real videos of people getting beheaded and maimed when I was younger without it leaving a mental mark on me, and Outlast 2 did not do that either, at first, but if you have to see the same torture scenes way over a dozen times in all the gory detail and have to listen to the degenerate npcs talk about shitty religious nonsense, you kinda feel it getting to you at some point. I decided to take a break when my rage for chapter 2 became too much and I started to dream about the game in upsetting ways. A bug can kill you at any time, random deaths are most common in chapter 2, which is way over an hour into the run, and I basically had to dissect this game to the very core to find strategies that would work semi reliably, some of which I haven't found online anywhere. Base game was rather fun, but this trophy turned it into an actual nightmare. Orcs Must Die! Unchained Empty Pockets Spend 200,000,000 coin. This is the granddaddy of unreasonable trophies on my list. OMDU was a really fun game that, despite having both grind and difficult trophies, was still reasonable to complete for the most part. Then you would see this trophy and wonder why it had such an insane rarity, only to figure out that it would require hundreds of hours of mindless grind to get even with optimized farming strats. The vast majority of people were smart enough to not even try for this, but I wanted that plat, for its awesome name and icon, also to honor what was a fun experience with a game I played the predecessors on pc years back, so I went for it. Me and several others tried to maximize the coin earned for several months, developing and testing new strategies, which was the only fun part about this. Getting a lot of coin was actually demanding and therefore could not be done while being semi afk, you had to concentrate or it would require even more runs of the same map. I began dreaming of this game several dozen times because for weeks it was the only game I played, it became a part of my daily routine to get a minimum number of coins, and more if I could stomach it. Fun fact: Despite being a candidate for top 10 most unreasonable trophies in psn history, this trophy was changed into this state, with several people claiming it originally was five times this amount of coin before backlash lead to it being reduced. I am not entirely sure that is true, but I would not be surprised if it was...
  10. They Are Billions #50: True Survivor This is it, my number 50 platinum. The game was not my first choice, or the second one for that matter, but I had a lot of fun playing this game and it challenged my skills quite a bit, which is not something I am used to when it comes to strategy games. They Are Billions is an RTS game that wants you to build up your colony and deal with hordes of infected, thousands of them are already on the map, several hundreds or thousands more, depending on the difficulty setting, attack your colony during several horde waves, and many thousand more attack you during the final wave you have to survive to win a survival or campaign game. The game offers a lot of depth when it comes to building your economy efficiently, researching stuff, recruiting from a unit pool filled with several hilarious units like the perpetually drunk and needlessly narcicisstic Thanatos unit, and strategically placing walls, gates, towers and turrets to hold the line against the massive hordes. Enemies start out very easy and managable in the center of the map, slow and weak infected mostly, then the runners that come further out, executives, special infected like Harpies or spitters, and massive calamities like infected mutants or big zombie giants that require a dedicated effort to bring them down. The appeal of this game is that you conquer more and more of the map from the undead while watching your army and colony grow, being constantly on edge because a single weak infected making it past your walls or patrols usually means game over due to the infection spreading exponentially and turning your thousands of colonists into vicious undead behind rampaging behind the walls. Watching big colonies go down in spectacular fashion, while obviously a bit frustrating after 2 hours, is still hella fun to watch, and will happen to anyone from time to time. The game works in an ironman setting, you can save and load, but there are no checkpoints, so if you mess up your current playthrough is fucked. This might not look or sound like it but this game is HARD, the learning curve is steep and a single mistake can kill hours of progress at basically all times, surviving the massive last wave needs quite a bit of knowledge and planning, I got my ass kicked by the game as few times until I figured out what works for me. The trophies do not make it easier, quite the contrary, most have a required base difficulty level and stop you from using the best tools you have. Despite the no pause trophy and the ranger only trophy kicking my ass quite a few times I enjoyed the vast majority of my time with the game. Fortunately strategy games are by far my strongest genre, otherwise this might have taken a long time to unlock. There are grind trophies as well, but if done properly they can be finished in a few hours, which I obviously did because while it is a great game, I see no reason to artificially prolong the platinum journey further, and doing it normally would prolong the game by a lot. The game gets my recommendation, despite being tricky to play on console, like most RTS games sadly are. Don't expect an easy plat though, this is ultra rare for a reason.
  11. Man I hate battle royale games and I am not sure I want to get back into fighting games after basically ignoring them for almost a decade. Seems like another month worth skipping...
  12. They Are Billions: Playing with rangers only while having above 100% difficulty is absolutely disgusting. I really don't get why all these achievements basically forbid you from using any of the tools the game gives you, this game really is tough enough as it is. Managed Sniper only and barely got Soldier only with a really close last wave, accessible with 100 days on map 2, but Rangers are so incredibly useless I am at a loss of how to defeat tens of thousands of enemies with the shitty rangers needing 2-3 hits for even the weakest infected, even the soldiers struggled hard with 30k infected. Due to their inability to deal with special infected of any kind, all maps aside from map 1 are basically taboo right away. To meet the difficulty requirements on that map you have to either play with 80 days on accessible horde size, or 120 days with brutal horde size, both sound way beyond what rangers can handle.


    Really no idea how to tackle this, rangers suck at everything, almost no hp, bad attack speed, lousy damage, need constant babysitting and are laughably slow and cleaning up the map, they also  have not nearly enough range to use their ridiculous numbers effectively. If the game would let me use turrets at least then this would be moderate instead of unreasonable. Definitely my least liked trophy challenge in this game so far, crappy rangers make even the midgame challenging and that normally is an absolute breeze with other units.

  13. They Are Billions: Really fun game so far, tough as nails until you fully grasp the ins and outs. Yet another super tricky trophy list, beginning to slowly attempt the crippling unit specific achievements that have to be done on a pretty high difficulty while being forbidden to use some of the best tools. I think the toughest will be the no pause run though, this game is basically designed around abusing the pause button, a single moment of not reacting quick enough can end your run, average game duration is pretty long and you can't leave the screen for even a minute while attempting this, muscle memory certainly will ruin a few of those attempts at some point. A big old grind waiting there as well, but I doubt it will give me any trouble given that I really enjoy the game.

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    2. Nighcisama


      Yeah it is amazing. The one thing that annoys the hell out of me though is the inability to reload a save normally, especially given that one small mistake can ruin several hours of progress. Not really a fan of these ironman types, but it works for this game, makes the final wave really tense.

    3. NekoRave


      Yeah especially in rts games it's pretty rng and skill based

    4. Nighcisama


      Only rng in this game is how the map looks, some maps are near impossible to defend properly, while others make half of the last wave rather easy. Can be a pretty big difference on higher difficulty settings.


      Knocked 3 trophies out in one game just now. Open Mind, Sniper Slaughter and Best General. Think it is safe to say that I have arrived in the game for good and my rts experience is starting to come through.

  14. I have, some of the milestones are not to my liking, one game is blocking my 100% and some games I really hate are on my profile and I would prefer if they were no longer on it. In the end I decided against it, I just spent too much time collecting trophies, playing games far longer than I would have, that can't all have been for nothing, also I really do not want to replay most of my games to get my profile back into a somewhat decent state, one I can't even replay cause it is no longer online. Sometimes it is better not to obsess over something so much and just accept it as it is, incomplete, imperfect, slightly flawed and with a few regrets, at least it makes it unique to your playstyle.
  15. Valkyrie: Beat Valhalla Mode Valhalla mode is insane, completely ridiculous, and yet somewhat entertaining to play despite being so over the top. Just when beating it with all available tools though, which is what this trophy is for. It will most likely be my last trophy for this game, as the other 2 gold turn Valhalla mode into weaponized anti fun, to the extend that the dev of this game publicly apologized for it on steam, and it truly becomes that bad. After failing for several hours and getting only 1/12 requirements, I decided that I wanted this trophy here instead to at least rip some gold out of this games cold, dead iron grip. Now I will try to go for the 2 hardest things of these other trophies respectively, Hagalaz no damage and Odin no God Powers. If I can't do either, I might as well move on and save my time