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  1. The only thing on the list that looks a bit strange at first is "The End" trophy popping merely 6 minutes after Zombie Boy. However, the Dr. Fetus fight can be completed in 3 minutes or less if you skip the cutscenes, and as someone who has completed most of the game himself I can say that it is not hard to do if you are at the level required to complete trophies like Hellboy and Zombie Boy. Is the order a bit weird? Maybe, but it is definitely possible and even easy for someone who is that familiar with the game. Edit: Ah there it is, didn't see the 1 and 2 second difference between The Real End, Golden God and Impossible Boy. Getting Golden God and Impossible Boy together might be doable if you planned very specifically for it and got REALLY lucky, but there is no normal way for The Real End and Impossible Boy to pop that close together.
  2. Monster Hunter World #30: Conqueror of the New World This fucking game. My first Monster Hunter game and most likely my last. It ranged from good to shit depending on the circumstances. Monster Hunter World feels like a formerly decent base game that the developers spent countless months on with the intention to actively try and make it unbearable for the player. Many of its mechanics are ranging from bad to downright retarded, and much is not even explained by the game, I only knew some of the mechanics from looking them up on the internet because this game ain't telling you shiieeet. The combat system is hard to like but at least has enough variety to find at least one weapon one can use. The quest design and characters are the most dull and boring I have ever seen, with only one side character standing out (but not in a good way, fuck you Handler). The design and balance of many fights is just really bad, with fights taking forever and most monsters oneshotting you either directly or by chaining unavoidable attacks together in one way or another, and the game handing out the most annoying status effects like candy, sometimes 2 or even 3 at a time(if you ever want a taste, the Azure Rathalos arena fight is among the worst in terms of design I have ever played, easy to find rage videos of it on youtube.). The game also likes to recycle stuff, many monsters are pretty much copies from each other. They also just lazily increase monsters hp and dmg of the exact same monsters to sell them as new content (going from low rank to high rank, fighting "tempered monsters" and "arch tempered monsters") This is a 30-40 hours game in terms of original content, tops, which would have been the time I would have invested if not for trophies, instead I sit on over 200. This was so tedious that I would not have even considered it if it weren't for another player grinding trophies with me and making it all much more bearable, often even funny and more entertaining than the game itself even when doing the same shit for the 100th time. Speaking of trophies, while the game was fun at times and frustrating at others, there is NO excuse for this utter atrocity of a trophy list. I thought Orcs Must Die Unchained would forever stay the worst grind I have ever done, but it was officially dethroned by this game. While OMDU was 200+ hours of the very same boring grind, at least that game had the common decency to tell you with progress bars how far you were. You knew how many hours and matches were left, you could see your progress. This game here is the epitomy of rng bullshit. Everything is rng, how the fights often go, if the rewards allow you to progress, and of course the infamous crown farming. Getting giant and small gold crowns is complete rng, I abused every shortcut to get this over with quicker, event quests (thank god for that, I would have been 600hours+ without them), "measuring" monsters and therefore avoiding many hours more, teaming up with others to have multiple times the measure attempts I would have had on my own. Despite all that, and despite getting very lucky (the poor fellow who helped me is not as blessed with rng, he still has some monsters left) I ended up with over 1000 monsters I had to hunt. This platinum has the potential to never end for people with bad luck, and this "no end in sight" feeling was the main reason I ranked it higher on my list of "crap trophy requirements" than even Ocs Must Die. This was my 30th platinum, and boy was it a troubled one. While the game was overall not that great of an experience for me, I can recommend it to anyone who is dedicated in his search of the dullest of grinds, because this bad boy here ranks high in that regard. Non completionists who like the, lets just call it "special", type of combat system provided by this game, may also have some 50 hours of fun with it. Anyone else stay away, most of this games fanbase seem to be masochists, doing this to themselves for over 15 years by now. This game will not completely leave my life today, as it will deliver DLC that will most likely have trophies, so at some point in my life I will do clean up and get the hard earned 100% back that the dlc will so cruelly rip away from me. Not before it becomes dirt cheap on sale though, because screw paying around 40€ for what will, first and firemost, be more recycled content.
  3. Crypt of the NecroDancer. I know you are not human and you possibly have the ability to get this thing, but attempting that simply can't be good for your mental health.
  4. Definitely The Witcher III DLCs, they were on another level compared to other DLC, each one alone being better than most full games this generation even by themselves. Hearts of Stone introduced one of the best characters in gaming history, with an amazing story and interesting new fights to boot, Blood and Wine delivered a big new map so amazing looking and interesting that I sunk in more hours exploring it than I'd like to admit (even found the hidden dev photo) and gave one of my most liked fictional creatures the first worthy presentation in a long time.
  5. Things that annoyed me greatly about this episode of Raw. - It is ok not to start with a match right from the get go every week, but come on, the time it took for the bell to ring for the first time could have delivered 3 solid matches with some of the people who were left out off their own show. Right now I feel like back in the worst authority angle days in that regard. - Fuck that "wildcard" rule. Some wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston seem to be doing double duty every week since the shit was implemented, and they keep fucking up the number of people that appear, since it is supposed to be 4 at MOST. Just look at this shit list of people from Smackdown appearing on raw: Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler. Thats EIGHT people, DOUBLE whats supposed to be. Doing some advanced thinking and trying to come up with some shitty justification, you may argue that Shane is a McMahon and therefore does not count, that the Iconics can be counted as one since they are a team and that Dolph is a free agent even though he reappared on Smackdown and is on a clear collision course with the Smackdown champion, but that is still FIVE people, and I do not see any other reason to not count one of the remaining wrestlers. Just awful, throw the rule out of the window and just let people be multibrand again. - Devaluation of championships and the champions who wear them. Winning titles as a wrestler once meant you made it, the title would elevate you and you would elevate it by defending it and stepping up your game, nowadays most of them feel like a "kick me" sticker on the back of the title holders. So how about we make the womens tag champs lose all the time and literally never defend their belts? Sounds great, I mean its not like they don't shit on the other belts as well. The male tag titles are also kind of a joke at the moment, with the Vikings crushing the champs but still not having a title match this week, the US title is being handed around like a cigarette, I actually had to look up who is currently Intercontinental champion because the reign is so forgettable, and the 24/7 titles mere existence devalues the very concept of a championship belt more than I can even describe with words. - WWE forgetting their own stipulations. That fatal 4 way match was supposed to be an elimination match, they even mentioned it during the match multiple times, it was the reason Lashley and Corbin could even work together the way they did, yet once Corbin pinned The Miz, the match was done. These matches usually have no dq rules, so the ref just assuming the other 2 wrestlers weren't interested in a chance to become champions because they brawled outside the ring is ridiculously stupid. Come up with something at least ffs, you lazy idiots, there are more than enough ways to handle this better. - Bray Wyatt. Now I am probably in a minority with this, but I can't bear to watch these things, even though they are probably good. Good or not though, they aren't actually doing anything with Bray and at this rate I am sure the iron will be cold by the time they make him reappear and actually perform in the ring again, which would be a shame. Things that entertained me. - Having Brock Lesnar show some character. Brock had fun last night, there is no doubt about that, and I haven't seen him goof around that much since he danced to a mariachi band he had brought to the ring to mock the late great Eddie Guerrero almost 15 years ago. Now even I, a fan of Brock Lesnar, admit that I hated the thought of him being Mr Money In The Bank at first. He didn't need it, and I thought the way he is actually doing less and less each time he appears is an almost criminal waste of what Paul Heyman once accurately described as a "once in history" athlete, but this segment was gold. Lesnar mocking the champions and keeping to be a threat, some actual mind games being played, and this hilarious exchange between Brock and Paul. Brock: *weird face. "I got a YEAR!? Paul: YEAH!? Brock: to cash in? Paul: A YEAR! *Brock bitchslaps Paul with the contract. Paul: DIDN'T YOU KNOW!? Brock: NOO I DIDN'T KNOW Paul: HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW!!!??? Brock: *censored The delivery of that was perfect, it made me laugh so hard because anyone could actually imagine something like that happening with someone like Brock, who has no fucks left to give. Renees reaction was on point too. If they give us more of that, I may actually consider Brocks half assed win at money in the bank an up, even though i am not exactly looking forward to him taking the championship off the show for weeks again. - The hideous 24/7 title not needing much time. Have the "champion" appear with a wild mob on his heels, throw in some comedy or a light skirmish, make the champion run or try to trick the people following him. Easy formula and it works for me at this point. I don't like R-Truth but as long as this thing doesn't take too much time, I think it is a funny little addition, for now at least. - Some solid matches. Cesaro vs Ricochet and Zayn vs Rollins were solid performances, and I wish we had more like this instead of some of the shitty talking segments. I might have enjoyed Brocks party with the modified MITB briefcase, but the others all could have been cut a lot shorter to make time for more of these types of matches, that should be the actual main focus in a wrestling show to begin with. All in all this wasn't a good show, I expected WWE to feel the heat from AEW by now and at least somewhat try to improve, but with the few exceptions I mentioned, most of the show was the same stuff I can barely watch in full. Though not the worst Raw in recent weeks for me, they really need to step up their game, especially with the lack of actual matches and their shitty rule breaking.
  6. Well the PPV surely wasn't something I will ever look back and remember too fondly, or much at all, but it wasn't the worst thing in the world to me either. Some solid matches, some weak matches. Highlights were Bayley pulling a Kane and cashing in super early as a nice surprise, perhaps a bit of a cheap way to push Charlotte closer to the 16 title reigns of her father, because of course they have to try and go for that., and of course the great match between Rollins and Styles. Worst offenders to me were the cage match that saw a nearly 50 year old Shane walking off a brutal chair assault and then winning against a 38 year old angry Miz, again. Granted I am nowhere near the age of any of these men, but I know no one approaching 50 who still is even near any 38 year old guys level in terms of performance, and Shanes not even a full wrestler, just not a good look. The other obvious low point was Brock Lesnar winning money in the bank. Now I am a Lesnar fan, always have been, but this was some bullshit. He does not need the briefcase, he could walk in any time and demand a title match and no one would bat an eye if the McMahons just said "alright pal, you can choose any champion to fight against" because Lesnar is as legit as they come. Instead they give him the thing he does not need after the other guys busted their asses, Lesnar doesn't even have to do the bare minimum and throw some people around for his payday, he even accidently injures 3 people doing what he does. Raw was full of annoyances, but I have seen worse shows. Poor Sami still getting the short end of the stick, Becky still stuck in a boring feud against a blonde bimbo who is in way over her head here, Bayley wins her belt in a big moment but is nowhere to be seen (that would have been a good choice for a wildcard, not have Roman Reigns do double duty every week), still not anything being done with Bray, Miz gets beat down again. The new belt seems like a bad idea to motivate some people in the lower card, but any title reign will feel empty and meaningless. They probably just want to pull some comedy routines with it they couldn't bring in any other way. It is one more step to devalue belts and make the winning moments less meaningful, because there will probably be a change at least per night. The right way to go about it would have been to introduce the concept as a trophy you have to keep to get points, the longer you keep it the more points you get, you lose the trophy you keep the points you have and can collect them over time, until you have enough to call for a title shot at the lower belts like Us and IC, maybe even tag and if someone goes for a longer journey and collects them for long enough, even get their way into a main title match to get some spotlight, but this would require some basic thought. Hope Smackdown is doing better, they really can't affort to fuck up too much with some of the recent developments.
  7. Gods what a shitshow. Originally I was disappointed that the last season would only have so few episodes, now in hindsight I am glad, more of this would have been hard to bear. I was in a state of indifference for most of the episode, slightly getting into it on only 2 scenes, and having a few short "wtf is this" moments. This season is not worth writing much more about, critics will spend a lot of time ripping this atrocity to shreds during the next weeks so no reason for me to write a whole book about everything wrong with it. Hopefully the low ratings and petitions will prevent these writers from ever getting another chance to ruin something great again, I know I will treat whatever they are even remotely associated with in the future like it would cost me my eyesight. The only thing that I feel is worth mentioning for how utterly shit it was, was the fact that the biggest secret of the world, the big thing that took seasons to reveal to the audience and then even longer to reveal itself to the characters, amounted to absolutely nothing. Jon stabs the mad queen in an underwhelming way, and he gets sent back to the Nights Watch, that should not even be a thing anymore because it fulfilled its purpose. It gets never brought up that he is the rightful king, in this scenario it made absolutely no difference whether he was Aegon Targaryen, Jon Snow or Bronns long lost nameless cousin. Just like with the ridiculous death of the Night King, entire series worth of build up, made entirely meaningless in the end by horrendous writers who shouldn't even be allowed to write fan fiction. A once great series ending on a whimper, and with more holes in their plot than I ever thought possible. Shame. Time to start repressing the last two seasons.
  8. So much this. Last episode a few ships sniped the smaller dragon out of the sky at maximum distance, now the whole fleet + the entire kings landing wall defenses could not land a single hit even when the huge dragon got up close. I mean I know it is much more realistic for ballistas to be useless, but the flip flopping from instant kill to entirely useless is what annoys me, from one episode to another. The Dothraki that served as an appetizer for the army of the dead magically respawned too, how nice for them. These writers are shit, plain and simple, they forgot about key parts and characters that still needed adressing. Arya coming along just to then leave was dumb as hell, she surviving what seemingly almost no other civilian survived and having a horse practically waiting for her in the razed down city made me laugh so hard due to its sheer stupidity. Still kinda glad she survived, she is the best bet to seeing The Mad Queen killed in the last episode. I disliked her dumb Arya Ex Machina kill on the Night King, but if she gets to kill The Mad Queen I don't even care at this point how dumb of a moment it is going to be, I just want the series to be over and Daenerys death is one of the last few joys I could get out of the last episode. So with many characters dead, the only plot point left is either killing the mad queen or having her kill the rest of the cast. She is irredeemable, what she has just done was ten times worse than what all other despicable characters in the show have done combined, her rule would be the worst in the history of this world, anything other than her facing a violent demise or losing her mind fully after killing anyone who is left would be insulting. Speaking of insulting, it speaks of how utterly inept these writers are considering they managed to kill off both Littlefinger and Varys, two candidates for most impact on the world at some point, in pretty much the same way. Both of these formerly fearsome master manipulator characters had zero impact before they died, killing them did not cost anything and was done in a way you would expect an unimportant side character to die. Who also had no impact was the Golden Company, zero, you could have placed a few thousand blow up dolls there instead of them and the outcome would be the same. Jamie just coming back to die a needless death seems like a waste of a perfectly good redemption, he did not even fulfill the prophecy with his dumb suicide mission, probably just forgotten by the writers. Cersei is dead at least, and the Hounds story ended the right way, even if his death was also needless as hell considering he suicided to destroy a moving corpse that was about to burn to a crisp anyway. What stopped this episode from being utterly shit were the few nice scenes that, despite suffering from shitty writing, were saved by some good acting performances. Seeing The Mad Queen finish what her father wanted to start also looked impressive. It is really sad that the scale I have to use for the last few episodes of this series even has something like "utterly shit" on it. The next episode has much to adress, half of which will probably just end up missing. I am curious to see if they go all the way and make The Mad Queen act like the complete nutjob that she is now, or if she is trying to justify her behavior and keeps spewing this savior nonsense. They could make one last big battle to exterminate the Unsullied and Dothraki to the last man, since they ended up being exactly what people like Randyll Tarly expected (btw, proving the xenophobic racists of the show right in every point and making them the reasonable guys is a bit of a questionable move I think), or they try to repeat something like The Red Wedding. In any case, I have no expectation for the last episode to be good, not even decent, I expect it to be quite unsatisfying due to not adressing and finishing some points and I expect it to not make much sense. I will never rewatch season 7 and 8, for these shit writers have killed years of buildup and character development and season 7 was when the bullshit became impossible to overlook. I will avoid whatever these imbeciles Weiss and Benioff work on next and will advise anyone I know from doing so, for they totally fucked up what should have been impossible to fuck up. Watching them talking about things after the recent episodes was simply infuriating, hope they have a hard time finding other shows to ruin from now on, but it will most likely not happen.
  9. The price is pretty outrageous for what we know. Some small quality of life additions, one map and a few "new" monsters that are probably mostly reskinned old monsters in both look and attacks. Nothing about great new quest design, so in the end more of the same "kill said monster, that reminds you of most older monsters, many times". I thought Dynasty Warriors was repetetive, but this game takes the cake. If it has trophies I might buy it once it falls down to 10€ or less, if I really have downtime, but I ain't about to pay almost full price for what seems to be more of the same stuff, but with ice skin.
  10. Please no extra trophies... please no extra trophies... This game is already my candidate for dullest and most tedious platinum grind ever, it beats Orcs Must Die Unchained outright due to shitty rng not only for the trophies, but even supposedly basic features that should make the grind a bit more managable, and that is saying something.
  11. Me watching the latest episode of WWE Raw When Raw is so bad that you need to get the Smackdown guys to main event the disaster. Long long opening segment like in the worst days, commentator fucking up several times like a newbie, Braun Strowmans dumpster fetish makes a comeback, on screen humiliation burial that does not only make the tag team target of it look bad but also the poor Usos who have to play along, Wildcard bullcrap gets broken mere minutes after it was announced, tag champs are squash victims, Roman Reigns acts like he is a man of the people even though the same people wanted him gone for the majority of his overpushed career. Whatever good thing was going on around this show was not visible among all the shit, boy was that hard to watch. Still unsure how to view the new Bray Wyatt stuff, I mostly just skip it even though people seem to think it is good, but I just don't want to get my hopes up that it will lead Bray Wyatt back to relevancy. I understand why people want to leave the company, I say good riddance to the likes of Sasha Banks, because if it weren't for Nia and Tamina, Sasha would be my number 1 spot for waste of space, but all the talented single and tag team wrestlers that either get zero screentime or get wasted when they do should really make the move to AEW as soon as they can.
  12. That ambition died a while ago with Super Meat Boy. I always said that, if I was really interested in a game, difficulty would not scare me from getting it anyway and trying my best. Shitty trophies would though, because a game with insufferable trophies is pretty much always a shit game in general. Super Meat Boy was for free on psplus back then and I couldn't even get the last trophies to save my life, so that 100% ship most likely has sailed. I will still aim to be close to 100% though, as there is currently nothing else on my profile that is impossible for me to handle, and I really want to do most things I can in a game. Has it lead to some tedious sessions? Yes, definitely, but it was still worth it every time once the task was done, even with shit games like GTA3, bugged trophies like from The Forest or the utter grindfest that was the Orcs Must Die Unchained platinum.
  13. The only episode that ever really infuriated me in this show, aside maybe from the Season 5 finale, which was only because of the long cliffhanger back then, was the season 8 Episode 3. The reasons for it were mentioned by me in great detail, even though most people just adressed my opening sentence. I am not mad about the current episode, I listed an equal number of ups and downs and the ups even slightly outweigh the downs for me, this episode is a clear improvement over the last one for me, but it was far from flawless. You assume that I am mad because you seem hellbend on defending the show against any point of criticism I have, no matter how big or minor it is. Some of them you defend reasonably well, other defenses are just very weak and display a level of desperation I have not come across since I took a gander to discussions with LOTR or Star Wars fans, because these fanbases are so hard to interact with no sane person should even consider doing it. The problem is if you come off like a rabbid dog either defending or attacking everything on any given topic, no matter what it is, people will assume that you just bend everything to match the picture you want of the show. So at this point I just assume that no matter what they do to close the show, you will like it, because you really want to. I kinda envy such fanboyism, I was the same with two other shows back in the day, good times, people around you turn on the show because the decline in quality and consistency is clearly visible to them, but it is still the greatest thing in the world to you so you keep watching even if other people around you stop. Since we probably won't be able to find common ground, we can just avoid discussing things with each other. As much as I enjoy writing things out, and you probably do too, it seems quite fruitless if we disagree with each other on everything in the end anyway. Only two episodes left, not worth getting into such long arguments anymore, that much slowly becomes clear to me.
  14. Most of the time, even hitting the dragon would be hard since ballistas are unprecise as hell, even Bronn our "can do anything" guy had to wait until the very last moment to get a full on critical hit into the dragon that was flying right towards him. The hit did make the dragon land, but nothing else. In that ambush several ballista shots hit the dragon at the same time, a dragon that was in motion, from quite far away, a dragon that was not even flying right for the boats and with only one ballista being used by a known character. I am not against the dragons dying, but they have switched from being unstoppable powerhouses to being easily disposable, kinda makes every character that ever feared them look like idiots, and the whole thing about Dorne being the only ones who managed to fend them off very nonsensical. It is the manner which she has done it, how quickly she has done it and who she told it. She did not confess it to a trusted character like Brienne, she told it to freaking Tyrion, the hand of the queen she obviously wants to destroy at this point. She broke her word after swearing on it, which is already a no go for most because the word of a noble was supposed to mean something, so lightly breaking it was reserved for the likes of Joffrey and Walder Frey, but she also broke it after swearing to a member of her family and the one she wanted to be her king in the north. Jon is still family, they are still related and grew up together, but it seems like Sansa does not give a fuck anymore. Aryas list is a sad joke at this point. Wanna know who she just put off of her sacred list on a whim? The Hound, Beric Dondarrion. (probably would have taken off Thoros too if he was still alive) Wanna know who was killed by someone else? Joffrey(the supposed number 1), Tywin Lannister, Thoros of Myr, Melisandre. Who did she actually kill? Polliver, Meryn Trant, Rorge, Walder Frey. Who did she have a chance to kill but didn't? Beric, because she took him off, Tywin Lannister even though he was the biggest danger to her family, Jamie Lannister(partially responsible for the Red Wedding, books at least, also a Lannister) despite having all the chances in the world, Melisandre because her battlefield buff seemed more important. Who is Left: Cersei, The Mountain and Ilyn Payne. Payne is a guy so irrelevant we haven't seen him or heard his name in years, the mountain is already worse off than dead, and Cersei will die without her participation just like most others on her list. The fact that she took people off the list and passed on chances to kill others from the list was a clear sign that it was no longer a priority, at least not to the extend that she would abandon her family for it. Jamie seems to be wildly underestimated. He is no longer the legendary fighter he was in his prime, but he survived what even good fighters like Jorah did not survive, being in the trenches against a huge army of undeads. If he can survive that, he can survive being a soldier against Cersei. Aside from that, he has a mind for strategy and he knows both the defense layout of the capitol and the way his sister thinks better than anyone else, and he could be used as a bargaining chip if Cersei actually has some feelings left for him. Trying to get back into the inner circle of a true madwomen you already betrayed, one that knows a brother will be responsible for her downfall and with the wildcard of Euron in the mix, is just idiotic and not worth the risk. There is every potential to make time for things between battles, they did a good job with that in earlier seasons during the war of the five kings, it wasn't just battle after battle then. Satisfying everyone is impossible I agree, but at this rate this seems like another case of Lost or How I Met Your Mother where the vast majority of people will reject a badly written and thought out finale. I have not before seen the kind of backlash game of thrones gets now, the increase in negativity on the internet over the course of the last few episodes is impressive and the most frustrating thing is that it didn't have to be this way. Game Of Thrones is printing money, they could have picked up so many side stories that were ignored until now and taken the time to actually present a good story instead of doing things like disposing the Night King in one single episode. They will probably never have as popular of a series again, and ending it on a whimper is just shit. Of course it can't be entirely ruled out that they can cobble together something decent(at least under these circumstances) with the very limited time they have left, but I doubt it. I don't doubt for a second that you will be very happy with whatever ending they produce though, no matter how much it shits on previous events or comes out of the left field. Do with that assumption what you want. Seems like bravado to me, nothing else. Bronn has no way to know how Jamie was in his best day, when he was feared all over the kingdoms while Bronn needed to scoop quite low to win against a basic noble who was shitting himself by the mere thought of Jamie arriving to fight him. Bronn did not even dare to fight The Mountain for someone he considered to be his friend. He only knows Jamie as the cripple he could beat up easily, so of course he has little respect for his abilities, even though it seems very obvious that two handed prime Jamie would shit all over Bronn.