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  1. Probably much quicker if you focus on the main missions and keep looking for Vendettas to pop up. Read that one appears quicker if you have friends playing the game, not sure it is true though, it appeared rather quick for me.
  2. A few hours tops. You do a few story missions and the vendetta missions will pop up all over the place, then just kill the orc and you have it. If you want to get the dlc trophies as well to be on the safe side, they require a lot more time.
  3. They had my interest. I did not want to buy it day 1 thanks to my already big backlog and my current lack of time to play properly, even though I trusted CDPR like no other company, but I likely would have gotten it in january or february. Original plan was to get it for PC because I suspected censorship in the PS4 version, though I could have gotten for the PS4 and later the PS5 version too if there was no idiotic censorship. Now, with this being the biggest mess since Fallout 76, and in some ways it being worse than that, any desire to pay for this game has vanished given the developers multiple fuck ups and it has fallen down my priority list. If it is a good game, maybe I get it used for a few euros in 2 or 3 years, or play it if it ever is free on psplus, but thats it. If anyone has the game I recommend going for the refund and getting the money back. There is no guarantee this will ever turn into a good game on the old consoles, and if it does you can just rebuy it cheaper if that day ever comes, can't go higher than full pre order price, also it sends a message.
  4. Missable would mean that you'd have to start an entire new campaign to finish it. Aside from the fact that you can just reload any of your likely high number of campaign saves and auto saves to do it, you can also do it in challenge mode at any time, so I would not classify it as missable since that term is usually used to warn people about a (high) potential loss of time due to the need to replay something from scratch just for the sake of just one trophy.
  5. Isn't it tragic that all the hype games this year turn out to be trash for one reason or another? This game here was supposed to be the holy grail of 2020, and look how it turned out, can't get hyped for anything these days.
  6. Einen wunderbaren Montag morgen Herr Nachbar!

    Hoffe du hattest en geruhsames und schönes Wochenende trotz des ganzen Chaos auf der Welt!

    *tee und kekse dalass"

  7. Between this and the claims that some of the new XBox consoles are having heat related issues to the point of the console getting damaged by it, the new generations indeed seems to be off to a promising start
  8. I actually have not fully decided yet. For me to buy a PS5 there are some things that must have happened by the time I decide to spend that kind of money for it. 1. There must be a PS5 Pro. I will not buy a base version of a Playstation console anymore after this generation, as this leads to quite a few problems with performance, especially with games from lazy devs and demanding games on the end of the console generation that try to get the most out of the pro versions. If it becomes clear that there will be no pro version in a few years, then I might as well skip it entirely by that point, thousands of games to choose from on PS4 after all. 2. There need to be plenty of games to actually make getting such an expensive new console, and a new TV, worthwhile. I will not invest that kind of money to then play old games, as I can do that on my Ps4 just fine if I want trophies, or on my still perfectly working PS1-PS2 consoles if I just want to play the games. Currently, the PS5 line up is rather weak, but theres still a few years to build that up. 3. Sony needs to stop shitting the bed. Recently I have seen way too many things about Sony that pissed me off, even if I was not affected myself most of the time, it definitely adds up. This goes for the gaming industry in general, if that keeps getting worse then my days of paying for gaming are over alltogether, as I have the knowledge to sail the seas and get my hands on most games on PC for free. 4. Anti consumer behavior with the PS4. If they threaten to do to the PS4 what they did with the PS3, and I have not yet bought a PS5 at that point, I will probably just cut my losses with this company out of spite and go back to PC for good. What they have going for them is still having the option to go physical. The last few months have turned me off a lot from digital only, and I can't see myself ever buying a digital only console, especially not from Sony. I had the policy of only buying physical for great games I really wanted on my shelf, though I will buy more physical games in future, even at considerably higher prices.
  9. If you don't like Outlast you likely won't enjoy Amnesia either, as Outlast took a lot from Amnesia. The basic concepts are the same, no combat, running and hiding, the main difference is that in Amnesia, a lot less action is happening, less gore is shown, so most of the time you will be walking through desolate areas trying to puzzle things together.
  10. Change bad! Change new, new things always bad! Back in my day everything was much better, these dang kids today don't even know what real gaming was like in the good old days when our trophy icons were imaginary, as were our trophies, and we were soo much happier collecting them Honestly the icons look fine, this should not noticeable change anything for a normal person, because who really cares too much about icons to begin with. It would have a bigger impact if bronze, silver, gold and platin had different sounds upon unlocking ingame, now that would be a change I would be more impressed by.
  11. I liked Ether one, most comments I saw were people bitching about the game. I also ended up liking Conan Exiles after I played it on a private server with a friend months after getting the platinum.
  12. Given the embarrassing amount of crying about hard or even slightly inconvenient trophies I have seen in this forum recently I'd say this game that has a 9/10 estimated difficulty rating in its guide having a way to glitch the hardest part will lead to more people picking it up as a result. The ones who want to do it legit can still do it without the glitch.
  13. If that is indeed the case and they keep that up with future Psplus games for the PS5 then the chances of me getting a PS5 dramatically decreased with that decision, because the PS5 psplus games I collected in the months before I buy the console were supposed to give me something to play for the first few weeks after investing a lot of money into the new console. I expect that much because people who went from PS3 to PS4 had that going for them, and the psplus price increased since then while giving fewer games each month due to ps3 and vita no longer being available like they were before, so fuck them if they now refuse to add value back to it for current gen users. Wouldn't surprise me that much though given that Sony currently has a pretty massive streak going when it comes to horrendously stupid decisions.
  14. Yes, almost always in my experience, though some people think their opinion of a game should be absolute and anyone disagreeing with it is automatically wrong, so they might unironically claim something like that in rare cases. I understand that mindset to a certain degree, because some complaints with certain games could be argued as an objective lack of quality/established industry standard, but these attempts are exceptions, most people just display personal opinions, and as someone who shat all over a few internet darling games I can attest to the fact that it is too bothersome to add "for me/in my personal opinion" under every single statement during a long rant, so I trust in peoples common sense to see the implications, and most manage to get that. Question regarding Shadow Of War, wasn't that game a microtransaction fuckfest on release, with the shitty shop keeper and orcs being little more than expendable and pay2win tools? Has that changed by now or is it still plagued by this?
  15. I always assume the "for me" is implied unless it specifically states something different, because they usually do not say "objectively terrible " or "undeniably terrible" or "terrible for everyone" either, so it can go either way and usually if someone says something is terrible, it is stating a personal opinion to begin with. Most people who complain about others complaining seem to follow the old mindset of "I like this, so everyone else better like this too", so I highly doubt adding these two words would make any difference there. Not like I don't somewhat enjoy the usual fight in these threads mind you, but it gets kinda old by now and talking about details of the games we are about to receive would be more useful.