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  1. The Sims 3, haven't played any of these since the very first game came out on pc, and considering their practices I most likely never will play another one.
  2. Plague Inc: Evolved #22. Fully Evolved. Been working on this game for a few weeks now, finally got the last gold trophy today in a long session. Plague is a very nice little game that is a ton of fun, has a rather unusual premise and a lot of attention to detail with many hidden jokes and easter eggs. It was mostly a really nice game experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to play something that feels original, at least compared to most games. Who I do not recommend this game for is anyone who considers himself to be a completionist and wants to go for the platinum, because this game suffers from one of the worst and shittiest trophy lists imaginable. The game barely works as intended for some of the trophies, luck is the biggest factor in many of the trophies so you are doomed to repeat the same thing over and over again until you get lucky. The worst of these trophies had some people in other forums say they had to try for it around 50 times, which is quite a frustrating way to spend your time even if the core gameplay is good, and that was for only one trophy. Thankfully I was luckier than most so the overall experience was not ruined by it too much. Really looking forward to it, I already heard from friends back then that the game implements many new weapons and fun ways to fool around.
  3. Any zero value shit "game" that clearly was only produced to make a few bucks off of the people who want to boost their account level and devalue their platinum collection. My Name Is Mayo comes to mind, probably would not even get this thing if it was on offer for free. Obviously I would not play other games that are notorious for being utter trash, like the legendary turd "Ride To Hell Retribution" or the new king of the pile "Samael Legacy of Ophiuchus" because the bling these games reward you with is not nearly worth the misery you feel playing them, and also because rewarding shitty developers is not something I often get behind. I rarely play a game solely because of the trophies, and I almost never pass on a game because of trophies (Super Meat Boy and OMDU are proof of that) unless trophies are impossible. If I am to look for a game to play because I want the trophies it has, I still make sure that I am getting some fun out of it or, if it is a long grind, that I at least enjoy the core gameplay enough to power through this grind.
  4. Plague Inc Evolved: Disease Master. Now that one was annoying as hell. This game is clearly buggy on the highest difficulty, things stop making sense entirely on occasion like people not getting infected anymore despite the value for it being as high as possible, or people still dying despite lethality being zero. Took me many tries to get lucky here, and this is what the majority of the trophies for this game are really about, retrying as many times as needed to finally get lucky. Last gold trophy left will probably suck even more because you have to get perfect scores on around 20 scenarios, and no guide is working, so time to mindlessly repeat shit again until it works I guess.
  5. Destroy All Humans. #21. Ruler of Earth Got this game and it's sequel dirt cheap so I thought why not, something that is fun and not too stressful for a change. I played this game on the PS2 way back and had a blast doing it, that has not changed. The game was as fun as I remember, good gameplay and basically one big dark comedy swing against the USA. The game was not difficult and with the exception of one trophy that required a bit of grinding, none of the trophies were of any annoyance. For some reason, the game was way buggier than I remembered though, which normally would piss me off considering it is kind of an achievement to make a game worse after such a long time, but since it is an old game I am way more forgiving with these kinds of things. I will play the sequel that I did not really got to play on the PS2 at some point for sure, but not immediately because I want to switch things up a bit more.
  6. Yakuza Kiwami, game is sitting in my backlog until psplus becomes worth getting again.
  7. Yakuza 0, really need to get into this series at some point.
  8. I avoid games that have ridiculous trophy requirements demanding help from other players, insane multiplayer grinds like Friday the 13th are a good example for that, did not even take this one for free. I also avoid any game that can't be completed anymore because I do not want that to be the reason for having incomplete games. Difficulty alone is not really a reason for me to avoid games, hell I installed and completed most of Super Meat Boy until the ironman runs forced me to put it on hold. I got a multiple hundred hour grind plat done yesterday as well, so my profile is proof that there aren't many games I shy away from. So far I haven't given up on any games for good, even Super Meat Boy will get some attention this year. Maybe I will avoid Outlast 2 because I read that the game is plagued by bugs to make the already annoying multiple hour ironman run even trickier to complete, but I can't say that for sure at this point.
  9. My body reacted on its own and I already had the finger on the delete button before I even fully understood what happened. But I came to my senses in time and actually kept the game on my system for now. That is in case anyone needs help with a 5 star map, or has trouble getting a good Frostbite run coordinated, maybe I will jump in then. Also, the game is impossible to download now as far as I know, so maybe I keep it on forever if I don't need the space from it. Something I forgot out of excitement while making my previous post. The last thing I did in the game was looking up my statistics. I played 1069 games, and during these , 864.900 Minions had to die in order to get the platinum for me. Stopping with less than 1 million casualties might annoy me slightly, but thankfully I will soon have no way to look that statistic up so I shall endure it.
  10. #20. Master of Murder Sprinkles My rarest trophy to date and most likely the rarest trophy I will ever earn. This monstrosity has a 0.08% rarity and therefore is my very first below 1% ultra rare platinum. I played this game for hundreds of hours to get it, doing the same match over and over for more than 500 times to get the last silver and finish this most tedious of grinds. What motivated me more than anything was the fact that this games servers will die in April, so I knew I had to get it out of the way quickly to avoid having an unobtainable platinum in my profile forever. I have cursed my decision to be a completionist many times during this grind, but now that it is done I can say that it was worth it. It was my first major gaming goal this year to be done with this big task, and I can't fully express with words how happy the trophy sound made me this time.
  11. Earlier today I hit a milestone, a very special one, the point from which I literally had the platinum within my reach. Seeing the 99% was pure magic. It was only 6 more matches from this point on. One would think it was a boost to motivation, but these 6 short matches felt three times as long as the ones before. Still, way too close to stop so I did the last matches in the same sitting too, and then finally I heard the trophies pop. I can't believe I am actually done with this. For the past weeks I played almost nothing else, I tried my best to maximize any strategies I could find, I have done multiple marathons to get it done quicker, I have exchanged information with other people to make the grind easier, and now it is done. Despite this being the most tedious grind I ever came across, it was fun at times to push myself to higher numbers and I have met a few people who shared the ups and downs of this journey with me and who even kept me company during some of the grind. Thanks to anyone who contributed to this. Personally I am done with the game now, but I will still follow this thread, I can still offer some help to people and I definitely will still cheer on other peoples struggle to get this beast of a platinum done in time. I follow whoever else is trying to get through this, because anyone even seriously attempting this has my utmost respect as a fellow trophy hunter.
  12. Triple Threats are almost never as great as well build up 1on1 matches. I can maybe think of 2 of these matches being as good as some of the greatest single matches on Wrestlemania, that is just their nature. The victories also tend to mean much less and one of the three is always below the others. In this case, a clear winner was needed so that one side had the edge going into the whole wwe horsewomen vs mma horsewomen angle they are clearly aiming for later. It also does not help that Becky is so red hot and over at the moment that Charlotte is actually downgrading the match with her inclusion, or that Charlotte already had a singles match against Ronda and countless against Becky so she is not adding anything new to the table, just distracting people from the hyped new match up. The WWE wants Charlotte to be the female Ric Flair, but at this rate all they create is the female John Cena, but with much less star power. They shoehorn her into absolutely everything. Nothing of note for the women, no single milestone of this so called evolution, can happen without Charlotte getting her mug placed front and center. Fans realized this by now, that is why Beckys promo on how Charlotte just comes along and gets shoved into everything regardless of how over her character is or how she has done lately had been received with so many cheers, and that is part of the reason people wouldn't boo Becky. Fans turn on wrestlers who get shoehorned into everything, they get bored by them and at some point they get the feeling that wwe management wants to order them who to cheer as the top guy, happened many times in the past, never seemed to be a great idea. What Charlotte deserves is a time out from the main event slot for a while. Her record of winning almost every single ppv she ever attended means she can survive spending one Wrestlemania in a competetive and well build singles match against a newer talent. Not to mention that she got to be the one to kill Asukas winning streak, so putting her into that revenge match could have been a match that sells itself. Instead they now compromised the most anticipated match of the year so far, and they left Asuka with no opponent so they have to do some half arsed Smackdown Womens title match build up before Wrestlemania now. And I am even ignoring the fact that Charlotte is chosen as a replacement for the RAW womens title match despite being on Smackdown, that implies no one on raw is deserving to challenge for the title, and that Charlotte obviously does not give much a crap about her own brands title. i know logic is often not there in the storylines and booking, but come on, you might as well throw the brands back together if you do stuff like that.
  13. Been there, done that. Having a hard time to decide which mercenary is the most annoying. Bouncer Bear has not managed to kill me in forever, neither did the assassin, so I guess the Dwarf takes the crown for potentially fucking up the match time with his bullshit invincibility shield, and the Gnoll bum for perma slowing and fucking up the tunnel travel on occasions. Actually tried to make a video of my improved strategy because I exchange information with a few people per pm on how to maximize coin on Frostbite and the strategy pretty much combines all working tips I have learned over hundreds of matches with all the tips they have learned. Thought they deserved a video because some great ideas, like using the Boom Barrel Roller the way I do now, were not my own. Would have shared it here too, but I can't seem to get this piece of shit ps4 video recording to work properly so I quickly gave up on it again. That crap does not do what it is supposed to, even following guides it just randomly stops recording mid match, or it just recorded parts. I am about to go to town on the last 10% of this horrible grind and expect to be done with it in like 2 days. Therefore I have decided to not bother with anything that annoys me more at this point, so sorry for not being able to provide more than statistic screenshots and maybe some written tips about how to improve things. If it helps, the maximizing of coins was more a way for me to have some fun and does not actually have any significant impact on the overall grind duration. Even if you manage to get a constant 355k-375k like me since I switched to this strategy, if you are not close to the beginning of the grind you won't even save a noticeable number of matches. So I guess NekoRave is the only guy actually being affected by this, sorry pal.
  14. I would be interested to know the highest coin per minute someone managed to earn on Frostbite. My last game was rather lucky with coin bags and managed to get 375k in 10:13, so 36700 coin per minute, a value I never would have believed to be realistic a month ago. Anyone managed to get a better result? Especially curious about Dans results since he posted the new strategy.