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  1. Currently trying to play Monster Hunter World, gotta be the most severe case of "I have no fucking idea what I am even doing" outside of the first 20 hours of a Paradox Interactive strategy game.
  2. I am aware that dmc5 sold more games than the ones shown here, believe it or not. The numbers seem to have increased a lot since my last check though, with almost 2 million being a good number and not really a niche game anymore. Still nowhere near actual heavyweight games like The Witcher 3 that sold way over 10 million games. Mortal Kombat X, with close to 11 million copies also makes Dmc5 look like a smaller game in comparison. The censorship backlash seemed to go away very quickly too, I only saw it for a few days before it almost completely died down and it seemingly had no impact on the games sales.
  3. Sony wants to pander to the loud minorities in hope of avoiding media backlash, they go after japanese games harder because they most likely think they could worsen japans reputation, as if videogames could make the stance of the land that brought some of the sickest shit ever to the international table any worse. There is a reason funny jokes like "never nuke a country twice" are always used whenever some weird shit from japan swaps over, that ship has sailed for japan. What these old fools do not understand is that media backlash from the degenerate sjw corner is unavoidable, they will always find something to complain about, and that it is even good for business to trigger them as hard as you can. What is the most common reaction to another slander article from shitsewers like Pcgamer or Kotaku, because a game did not give a damn about censoring their games to sjw standards? Many people gonna buy it out of principle, people who maybe didn't even know about the game will learn about it through youtubers talking about the most recent sjw meltdown, there is no better publicity at the moment than to intentionally shit down the sjw communities throats, and many recent games failing due to their sad pandering attempts and insulting their core fanbase proved that this is not the way to go if you want success, especially since most of the people complaining about the wahmen in games do not even buy games themselves. Hell, the fact that game developer Daniel Vávra publicly laughed in the sjws faces for calling him racist because he refused to implement black people in his game Kingdom Come Deliverance, playing in 15th-century Bohemia, a location and time period where no black people were around, like every credible historian even told Vavra, played a big role in my decision to buy that game on day one, for all the good that did me. Censorship in the USA does not really make any sense to me, never did, probably never will. They produce more porn than almost any other nation, they are one of the most violent nations, in some states you can buy weapons in a normal store right beside normal every day articles, they have mostly no problem with series like GoT showing everything from murder, war, genocide, explicit gore, torture, rape, inbreeding, explicit nudity, or a combination of several of these themes, but milions of soccer moms collectively gasp in shock whenever a game shows as much as a animated womens underwear, or god forbid actual nudity like in Conan Exiles recently. Can't have that, but at least they embraced violent shooter games and rampage simulators because that is as much part of their culture by now as "bringing freedom" to other countries. At least the censoring only applies to the american versions, one of the american players from my friendslist felt quite annoyed about that, but I think it is hilarious. He probably meant games the majority of people actually care about. No doubt Dmc5 was an expensive game to make, but let's be honest here, barely anyone gives a shit. Not my intention to knock the game, probably is a good game to play, but the number of game owners just screams niche game compared to some of the other games, plus it is from Japan and as mentioned, japanese developers seem to be scrutinized way more by Sony. Going after a true heavyweight like Cyberpunk that will be popular as hell after The Witcher 3 was one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, from a polish developer that is much less likely to just obediently swallow such a bitter pill, would be entirely different in terms of backlash. With the modding potential of the PC, consoles have already a harder stance with games like this to begin with.
  4. RAW Glad I am not the only one who thought this Raw was probably the worst in recent memory. So they start with a McMahon segment because those are always welcome, especially in Canada, and in it they show that The Miz is the first one drafted to Raw, effectively ending what was a strangely entertaining rivalry between The Miz and Shane and leaving Miz with no direction whatsoever, as one babyface among many others. Next they debut a new tag team from NXT, a viking themed team. I love viking stuff and I read a bit about these two, Rowe and Hanson. Apparantly they were called The War Machine on the indies and The War Riders or something like that in NXT, not really ranking high in creativity but not a total stinker of a name either, let's see what they can do. They have their entrance and look the part, then a name flashes on the screen... "The Viking Experience", Ivar and Erik, which sounds so awful it instantly killed my interest in the team, did not even watch the match. Like seriously, Ivar and Erik, probably the two most well known viking names aside from Ragnar, thrown together in a team that is named like it is starring in some really crappy old mtv show? This is the best you could come up with "creative team" ? Not since they branded second generation wrestler Curtis Axel with the shit name "Michael Mcgillicutty" or the legit 7feet plus specimen Kipp Christianson with the ridiculous name "Eli Cottonwood" have I seen such obvious sabotage on someones career from the start. Either Vince McMahons brain is finally deep fried to the point of no return, or the creative team is injecting too many questionable substances in between their toes. Next we have yet another match with Balor vs the guy who needs his girl to win matches. The women keeps interfering in matches, not even the distraction interference but actual wrestling moves like a hurricanrana, and Balor even sold it like it was a devestating move. Vega does a good job at being a heel because at this point I think she is fair game and it is really time for a superkick in the face, if she can dish out hart hitting wrestling moves on guys she surely can take them. Match was fine, but ultimately not going anywhere since, as far as I read, Balor was drafted to Smackdown the next day. Sullivan vs Rey was...meh. Rey is fighting big blokes like Sullivan for decades now, he really excels in the role of the underdog and mostly delivers good matches with most big men, but this one did not click with me. Sullivan seems rather limited in ring and even the moves he does do don't seem all that impressive. He has not been around for long now so I won't give up on the guy yet, I remember how tedious Braun Strowman could be to watch at times back then, and he turned out fine. The Usos were drafted to Raw, which is nice for Raw but bad for Smackdown because they are one of the more consistent teams in the company. Starting out with a solid performance, they are likely to change the tag division a bit and should do fine on either brand. Still kinda sad to see them go from Smackdown, but I guess it was time to change this up a bit, maybe they can make the battered Raw tag titles somewhat prestigious. Sami Zayn was obviously in his element and it was nice to see him playing his home crowd. Not sure Alexa needed to be there, I whish WWE would just make their mind up already whether they want her to be a performer or some sideline chick with a microphone. The biggest stinker of a match that night had to offer was Bayley getting teamed up with a newly arrived Naomi against the Tag Team champions that dethroned her and Banks at Wrestlemania. Not even going too much into the whole 4th wall Banks situation, but cutting this very first womens tag title reign that short and ending it before it had any potentially classic matches or rivalries put the belts off to a very rough start already. Now, two weeks after Wrestlemania, they make the new womens tag team champions job to half of the team they defeated, and Naomi. They, despite being a full time tag team, lose almost instantly against a team that never really worked together much before. Some belts had a bad first run, like the WWE championship, but if even the second run turns out to be full of shit like this, there is no chance that these belts will ever have any prestige. Regarding Banks, I view her as the women that ended the career of Paige by being sloppy, and she was rightfully ridiculed as "the botchmaster" by Rusev on Twitter, also her attitude stinks. I understand that she was pissed after having to drop the belts so early, but sitting on a floor like a bunch of children and throwing hissy fits the entire evening is not the way to go. I say good riddance to her, and may she take Nia and Tamina with her. The crappy looking bird in the box vignettes have now reached Raw as well, and I usually skip them because not only are they cringy as hell, they make me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan and I can't stand my boy Bray Wyatt being shat one like this. This guy has everything needed to have a hall of fame worthy career in this business. He is good in the ring, he has a somewhat unique style to his moveset, he is big as well as athletic and he is amazing at cutting promos. When he first arrives at the scene he came off like a mix between Jake Roberts and the early, deranged Mankind character, with some Ministry of Darkness potential as he had a cult of brainwashed members following him, that had just so much potential to be a major storyline effecting the whole company at some point, just like the Ministry did for a time (until Vince screwed that one up). Now, no matter how good he is, even he can't make this utterly retarded shit work, having speaking birds in a cardcoard box and shitty looking dolls, theres no way to come back from this, I hope he leaves the company and gets the credit he deserves at some other place. Braun smash, nice and short, probably sucks for EC3 but I personally have not warmed up to the guy much, so for me it was entertaining. Another loss for the jobber squad in what was an ok match, nothing new here. If these women want to go anywhere they need to disband, not a single one of them has any success in singles matches as of now and they are, for some reason, not interested in persuing the tag titles, so they are going nowhere as a group. Natty is doing what has to be her 5th or 6th "I am here forever, yet I somehow still get overlooked for title matches" promo in her career, only to be matched and lose against the blonde bimbo that finally makes her in ring debut. Not really impressed yet, but it wasn't a total bust either, she can do a moonsault, even if it had a botched landing that nearly shattered poor Natties rips, at least it looked impressive. What annoys me is that this blonde chick, that hasn't done anything, and I mean ANYTHING, up to this point, is ending up in the title picture. This is not how this should work. The final match was a good debut for Aj Styles, he is a great addition to any brand and he has done everything that was to do at Smackdown. His arrival might clutter the top babyface space on top of Raw quite a bit, but maybe some of them get drafted to Smackdown. Haven't really watched smackdown yet so not sure. The match itself was good, bonus point for not letting Drew take the fall and letting Aj Styles start on a high note. Raw, despite the occasional good match, has become harder and harder to watch and I hope the new people on the roster can change that somehow. They provide some fresh match ups so that is already something, but it is up to the writers to take it from here and start some meaningful rivalries, of which the brand is sorely lacking at this point.
  5. That is a nice Street Fighter V platinum you got there, would definitely take this one.
  6. Could not have said it better myself, there are many indicents to prove this, these parasites are unhappy and miserable people in every aspect of their life and will not stop until every other person sits in the same hole. Pandering to these people, who rarely, if ever, actually consume and therefore buy the entertainment they spend half their lifetime scrutinizing for every detail that could be seen as offensive, never improves a game or a companies stance in any way, quite the opposite actually, there is a reason phrases like "get woke, go broke" are a thing now. Sony going all mad and arbitrarily deciding what can and can't be in their games, changing the standards each day as they see fit, is fine if they want to go that route on their own platform, but then they should be honest about it. "We do that because we have a stick up our ass" would be an honest response, or "We have the hope of getting access to a new market by decreasing the fun for our current market" which won't work because the people they are pandering too almost never play games, or "We are afraid one of these sjw rants will be bad for business" which it never is, I mean look at steam, they have even allowed games with actual sexual content on there and they are doing better than playstation despite some lonely activists complaining about that this one fictional womans tits are too big in that one game. Instead they say something about the change of the world, like some people throwing hissy fits over twitter because a colleague in hollywood might or might not have said something that they now, up to 20-30 years later, remember and feel violated by. Not a knock on the very, very small amount of people who had an actual case during the metoo movement, but they just go mostly unnoticed between all the attention whores and sjw parasites trying to push their agendas on the backs of a few actual victims, just disgusting. I sometimes wonder though, why even have a rating system for ps4 games in the first place if the decision is entirely up to Sony, seems like a waste of everyones time. And maybe some guy from the usa can explain to me how taking out the dick slider in Conan Exiles is helping the children that are in actual danger of gunned down in droves by just going to school.
  7. This is actually worse than doing nothing because it has this "yeah we took away half of your monthly games after we just increased the price a few months ago, no we won't reduce the price again, but here is this useless shit you never asked for, aren't we generous?" ring to it. My days of buying psplus for more than one month at a time are definitely over, I will only buy it if the month has something worthwhile. Considering this month had a game that people bashed like almost no other and only ever bothered with it because there are tits and a very quick platinum in it, and a game that needs a good chunk of further money put in because the base game without the dlc is supposedly a rather crappy experience, I could see myself not getting psplus for several months in a row at this rate.
  8. I would take Minecraft since I will most likely never play that game myself. Honestly never quite understood what people like about it.
  9. No worries, it is just another crappy culture added to the pile of non factor cultures. Basically this comes down to another race to choose from that will have no impact whatsoever, not even on how you look really, 2-5 new clothing sets, a few weapons tops and maybe another dance or something like that. There is no mention about new enemies or areas, so this patch is just this small culture implemented and a few bugfixes.
  10. And I was so ready to break my racing game embargo with this game. Gotta say no to it now though. Rubberbanding is a shitty practice in racing games, it is pretty much the developers admitting they are either too dumb or too lazy to programm decent ai that can keep up with a player. They make the ai cheat and let you defeat yourself, punishing players for trying to do well in the game. Rubberbanding in a racing game is the same kind of shit as a strategy game that has the ai enemies cheating like mad with ressources and troops because having ai capable of playing the game normally is too much of a hassle to get. If the most valid strategy in this racing game is forcing you to intentionally drive like shit and stay behind for most of the race to only make a dash for the first place place at the very end of the race, because the rubberband mechanic is so out of control it may just screw you over otherwise, then this game is not worth buying. Shame really, would have loved to play a successor of Burnout Revenge, but not like this, hope they patch it.
  11. I know it might be a little fucked up to be happy about something like that, but Nia Jax is supposedly going to miss between 6 and 12 months due to torn ACLs. The article I read suggested that she worked through the injury for months and, with the kind of weight she has, that must have made things so much worse. Considering the crowd reactions to almost everything she does, the amount of people she hurt by being sloppy in the ring and the fact that she has her mini me Tamina with her all the time recently, I think her going through surgery is still a good thing for the overall quality of the product, especially if it catapults Tamina back into obscurity. Seems to be a lot going on in the raw divas division recently, with Bayley being jobbed hardcore despite being a title holder just days removed from her last championship, and all the reports saying Sasha wants to leave, badly.
  12. #28. 1.16% rarity Mount&Blade is an old hardcore rpg, looking worse than most of the games of its age in terms of graphics but delivering gameplay and attention to detail sadly missed in other rpgs. You start out as a total nobody, no one gives a crap about you and you barely have enough money to hire 5-10 recruits that are basically bums and most will die during the first skirmish with a bandit group. The few that survive can get level ups and sometimes branch out into different classes. There are several factions with different recruits resulting in different possible unit types. There is a viking faction, a knight faction, a mongol faction ect. You are your own boss at the beginning and can put together troops from all the fighting factions to create a killer army with time, then decide whether you want to work as a mercenary, as a vassal guiding one of the factions to victory, as a kingmaker who helps put nobles from exile to their rightful throne, or maybe you want to declare yourself king and break the delicate balance of the realm by taking them all on. Aside from your soldiers that you level up, there is also a wide varity of companions you can form to increase your party skills and make your warband more effective. Choose wisely though because some of them hate each others guts. As mentioned the game is old, and it looks the part, but it is truly a hardcore rpg. It is a niche game combining the typical rpg elements with strategy elements (you can position your troops and give other commands in the battles while you fight alongside them) and it is a lot of fun to groom your band of bums into organized and well oiled machines of war (those Swadian Knights are beasts). Your character can't do shit in the beginning and you struggle to even keep the few bums together that you have, every encounter with too big of a bandit group could throw you back hard, whatever land you claim might be lost if you are not careful, relationships and marriage you forge with the nobles can work to your advantage or your detriment. Having any kind of ambition in this game that goes further than taking part in tournaments, randomly fighting some enemies or joining a faction and be content with the shitty few scraps of land you get requires careful planning or it will go wrong. The game is easy in some regards but hard in others even on a low difficulty, and absolutely brutal on the higher difficulties. It is repetetive but still almost never gets boring, but if you want to get the platinum and conquer the whole map you have to suffer through a ton of siege battles, and they admittedly suck for various reasons. Overall challenging platinum, some skill based, others grindy and a select few are a bit buggy, nothing too unusual and can mostly be done in a single long playthrough if the guide is followed, which is a good idea because conquering the whole map normally 3 times would be too much. The multiplayer trophies were quite tedious and a pain in the ass due to the multiplayer being so dead that never more than one lobby has more than 1-2 people, most have 0. I would have accepted not to get them because normally they take forever but I found someone to boost these trophies with and we had the time of our lifes fooling around while we put in the hours for the mindless grinding. I can recommend this game to people who like unconventional rpgs and want an ultra rare platinum as a reward for having a fun time with some grinding at the end. I am not aware of any other games that fill this niche exactly, and there probably won't be too many around. Let's hope that we are all still alive when the planned sequel, Mount&Blade Bannerlord, finally comes out and improves what is already a good and unique game even further.
  13. Metal Gear Solid 4, truly an impressive platinum.
  14. Orcs Must Die Unchained Empty Pockets Spend 200,000,000 coin. The granddaddy of badly designed and thought out trophies, if I had to pick a single obtained one, this would be it. Playing the long game normally and doing everything else gets most people sub 10% of this trophy. This trophy alone takes around 200 hours to get, dedicated solo boosting that sees you replaying the same 10-14 minute map around 500-600 times depending on how efficient you are, then chain suicide at the end of the match to spend your coins for rebuying your characters life. When I got this trophy in february, it had a rarity of 0,08%, which now, after server closure and many people doing double time to get it before that happened, sits at an eternal 0,25%. The developers recognized the first 5 people who got the platinum trophy, and some early players say Empty Pockets was originally around 1 billion coin before it got changed, which would have been absolutely retarded. Thankfully the buyback counted towards spending coin, otherwise this would have been a 1000+ hour trophy. Honorable mention to two truly disgusting trophies I could not get. These two killed my completionist ambition that made me power through the aforementioned trophy, and quite a few others. Super Meat Boy Zombie Boy & Impossible Boy Beat The Rapture dark world without dying & Beat Cotton Alley dark world without dying No, just no. Tried Zombie Boy but thanks to a few level in particular it is just hopeless. These levels are truly nasty and depend on luck a bit too aside from being annoyingly difficult, gave up after several hours of trying because I made no further progress and the goal was barely in sight. Did not even try to get Impossible Boy, as this one is two leagues above Zombie Boy in terms of difficulty. When the day comes that Super Meat Boy is the only game that stops be from regaining 100%, I probably put it on my hidden list because currently I see no possible way of getting it, and the platformer marathon I have planned in future probably won't change that, as the most difficult game planned there is nowhere near this. I will probably retry it after that, but I do not expect much, this just seems out of my league.
  15. Once again, congratulations to anyone who made it in time, especially the tough sobs like NekoRave who started very late. Can't believe the trophy rarity went from 0,08% to 0,24% in that short of a timespan, really impressive. There is one funny thing that I find even harder to believe though, and now that the servers are closed it is actually final. There are an impressive 94 players who have achieved this beast of a platinum, but there are 97 players who have achieved the Empty Pockets trophy, the one thing that made the platinum impressive in the first place. So there are 3 people out there who had the sheer dedication to get Empty Pockets, but somehow did not get the platinum, either by choice or for some other strange reason, which I think is hilarious.