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  1. There aren't any valid reasons as far as I can tell, people who hate the game usually are on a very serious and salty nostalgia train because the new game is different, seen it many times with many remakes, most recently Final Fantasy 7, different is always bad for some people, as they never wanted a remake to begin with but a remaster. I even somewhat understand it, as someone who has played the original Ratched and Clank I was also a bit annoyed by some creative decisions they made, most noticeably with the last boss being different and character personalities being nothing like in the original, though I find it very harsh and downright nonsensical to consider it the worst PS4 game ever because a remake took some liberties and changed a few things, its still an amazing game to play and look at, but people have different priorities I guess.
  2. Mount&Blade:Warband. Not only is this one of my favorite games but I met one of my best online friends during the boosting session and had a great time. Singleplayer trophies are fun and reasonable and it does not take too long if you know what you are doing, and the plat is ultra rare to boot.
  3. Well if thats true then this game just got demoted from day 1 purchase to sale purchase. Still getting it if the microtransactions aren't that bad, but I do not want to pay full price for a singleplayer game that tries to milk additional cash out of me like that.
  4. Did it ever occur to you that people celebrate this much BECAUSE many publishers are such greedy bastards and its funny to see them accidentally give something away for once instead of overmonetizing to an absurd degree? 2K is as greedy as it can get, so why should anyone feel bad about costing them money?
  5. Reached 98% and now I am down to my last 4 games, 3 of them need a LOT of time for a very small number of trophies, one needs less time but the trophies are tricky and I need to relearn the game first. 100% feels like it is within my reach, but the last trophies will definitely not make it easy for me.
  6. We indeed disagree. You have played one of these games on brutal difficulty, I have played 3 of them on brutal, thats quite the difference in enjoyment given how shitty these difficulties are and that mode is one of the reasons I warn completionists from playing this series, its frustrating. I can guarantee you that I would have ranted a hell of a lot less and liked the series more if it was not for the brutal difficulty modes, and calling them not hard is just dishonest given that you have to trial and error your way through these messes while dying over and over again. And yeah it is not really for me, way too much shooting and little else, crappy bossfights and questionable balance for the highest difficulty, that overshadows a lot of the good this series does in my opinion. Wrong, sorry. This topic title asks whether a completionist should avoid this game or not, and the opening post specifically asked about whether there are trophies that are, and I quote: "going to drive me insane to the point of wishing I never started the game" end of quote. This was not specifically about difficulty, and to that question I give a clear yes, because I feel how my patience is tested by this game at this exact moment. The op stated he likes challenging trophies, but wanted to ask about trophies that make people mad, and oh boy does that one silver make people mad, as evidenced by its laughably low completion rate even when compared to the atrocious brutal difficulty modes. It is not just difficult, it is also hidden behind a massive grind, microtransactions, required teamplay and somewhat artificial difficulty that demands you to get lucky on top of being skilled, all these things factor in and people should be aware of them so they can make a decision. Now it is lucky for you that you think the survival mode is amazing, more power to you, but looking at the completion rate I kinda doubt most people share that opinion, if they like it then they do not like it enough to finish it. Whether a completionist wants to skip the game because of that is their own decision, I did not let it stop me from playing one of the bigger exclusives of the current generation, but then again there are very few trophy lists shitty enough or difficult enough to stop me from playing a game, but not every completionist thinks like that, and currently I envy those who avoided this game or played it on another account. Edit: I just checked and saw that you completed this over 3 years ago. I have read countless times that it has gotten a lot harder and much more unforgiving since then due to patches, so who knows if you'd still enjoy these 3 star crushing runs today.
  7. I agree, they should wait for reviews, but they won't, they disregard all the people who were unhappy with the leaks and buy it day 1 anyway, possibly having a bad experience after paying full price, THEN they will start complaining, which is why I label them as sheep because they do not really think, they just do. Not trusting any review is fine, the number of credible sources for reviews is rather low nowadays, even less of them will share your tastes in games, I have bought a few games myself over the years because I trusted shill reviews, but I also bought games that had a questionable reputation and found out why. I for one am more hyped for the reactions to the game than the game itself at this point, because it is either a monumental shitstorm or a very positive reaction if they managed to make it work somehow, there seems to be next to no chance for anything in between. The trench war among the games community is almost guaranteed because quite a few people already made up their mind about the game being great or shit, regardless of how the game will actually be after release, and regardless whether they even have seen any of the leaks or not.
  8. You are a minority then. Most people do not buy games they know are risky, not full price at least, spending 60€ for a game you might really not like is wasted money for most people. These people buy the game because they expect it to be great, they base that on nothing but "the first game was great" and "its Naughty Dog", while ignoring that so many people really didn't like what they were seeing with the leaks. People can spend their money however they want, but they are sheep to me, and you are obviously someone who does not put any value on his money, which is ok as well, its just not my approach and I doubt too many people are into that.
  9. The comment basically says that completionists should avoid the trophy. As a completionist currently stuck in this crap survival mode I fully support the claim that this is not worth bothering with for anyone, unless you complete games on principle, but even then its obviously a shitty experience. Survival is a poorly balanced mode on hard and crushing, requiring a LOT of stupid and monotonous grinding to get levels and especially weapons up high enough to even attempt crushing, it needs 3 people who are good at the mode and a lot of luck to 3 star some of the maps from what I can tell and what others told me about it. I have not seen a grind as mind numbingly dull since Orcs Must Die Unchained, doing the same 2 maps over and over again several dozen times just for the weapon upgrades required, then more grind for lvl 50. The grind has been purposely made as shitty as possible because they want to strong arm you into spending real money to get the better weapons and abilities, with this shitty lootbox system turning your free progression of unlocking stuff into a game of roulette and only giving you 1 chest every 5-6 days because they are so stringy with their ingame currency you can get from the daily challenge. The multiplayer is also unstable to boot, I have occasional disconnects that never occured in any other game before and it messed up both the grinding and later the actual attempts on crushing with a sometimes alarming frequency, a google search told me this a somewhat common problem. The 3 star times are a bad joke given how tanky many of the countless enemies are, waves like treasure hunts turn this into such a drag, the sheer spam of heavily armored enemies in the later maps comes off as really cheap. You need to have a dedicated 3 man team because Naughty Dog spent the last few years nerfing almost any valid solo strategy into the ground, the practice, patience and luck you'd need to make it solo for 1 silver is off the charts. Playing with randoms is a wasted effort, as some of them can't even follow the easiest instructions like using pistols and melee only in a wave. So yes, completionists might want to avoid this game, that much goes for any game of the series, horrible trophy lists to turn a decent singleplayer experience into a goddamn mess.
  10. Having a console skin simply does not have the same prestige anymore after that console skin for Fallout76, and the fact that they lazily printed the name of the game over everything, controller included, without any creativity really does not help either. Scratching a former main characters tattoo into it might look alright but its not really a great effort to stand out from normal consoles. I am still conflicted whether I want the game to fail spectacularly or not. I don't doubt it will sell reasonably well even with all the bad publicity, theres enough sheep who avoid any of the spoilers and rely on blind trust, and even more casuals who do not care enough to look into it in any way and just buy it, so the damage will probably be more long term if the game sucks. Part of me that loved the first game even wants it to still be good, but the other part really wishes Naughty Dog to suffer a devastating blow to their reputation and finances after all the shit they have done recently. Never even mind bullshit propaganda, defiling of a great license, lazy writing or blatant disrespect to many fans, the whole censoring and striking youtube channels down is much more despicable, and what they did with the trailer after the leaks pretty much borders on false marketing.
  11. You are more machine than man though, I won't get this trophy by spending the occasional hour because I simply lack your skill. It prepares me for the marathon session I will need to get this trophy though, and shows me which strategies are best to use, the rest depends on that one day I dedicate to getting the trophy. I don't doubt I will have this one in the back after the first frustrating marathon session, I do not perform on my highest level if I am not really sick and tired of a game. Not sure about Impossible Boy though, I expect that one to take quite long because it has about twice the number of completely insane levels that can screw up any run, and I really doubt any strategy will make these levels more doable for me so it will be down to that one magic and lucky run. So far in Cotton Alley Light its still mostly the 7, 16 19 and especially 20 giving me trouble. I doubt there are any tips out there to make it any easier, as I simply can't ever get the timings done reliably for these shitty floor blades, and the fan+gravity levels will solely depend on how good my reflexes are with quitting to map. Some of the normal maps, like the 10 and 15, are much better now though, so thats already looking quite promising👍
  12. Game looks amazing in pretty much all possible ways shown so far, though I shudder to think what this game would do to my poor base PS4...
  13. Back at trying this game, not really putting too much effort into it yet and mostly play the occasional run or two in between the tedious multiplayer grind for another game. I doubt I have done more than like 15 runs from 1-20 so far, yet I already managed to beat several levels clean in a row, up to 7 of the easier levels in a row at once. Categorised them all in 3 difficulties, easy meaning they can either be done reliably or if not then death can be easily avoided even if they are a bit tricky, normal meaning occasional deaths despite precautions so these levels are not reliable, and hard means death is very likely to occur more frequently so these levels have to be done early. Ratings might change with further practice. Cotton Alley light 1. Pink Noise: Some jumps around sawblades. Almost always succeeds as long as I do not run during the first few jumps, doing the wall jumps with muscle memory mostly, thankfully it almost always works despite looking hella close at times. Easy. 2. Run Rabbit Run: Abusing the fact that every 10th blade does not come makes this level an afterthought, only chance of dying is if the jump from the upper to the lower area is mistimed because even the non-appearing sawblade will lead to death if you are to close to it. Easy. 3. Spinal Tap: Saws move the same every time, required timings are pretty forgiving and therefore it is one of the easiest levels. Easy. 4. Stag: Tougher than the others that came before, jumps feel weird, last section is somewhat tricky and trying to jump over the sawblade projectile can lead to death occasionally because the timing is unforgiving. Normal 5. Tommunism: Basically impossible to mess up because the game gives you as much time as you want, death is completely avoidable by skipping back to map, only risk is getting impatient. Easy. 6. This level was goddamn hard until I realized that you could jump over the first sawblade, which makes this level pretty trivial. Easy. 7. Tunnel Blower: I hate fans, they are unreliable for me and this level especially seems like you die despite not even fully touching the fan. Trying to do similar jumps each time still leads to somewhat random looking results for me, no idea if more practice will improve on that. Definitely a level that has to be done very early despite the possibility of avoiding some of the potential deaths, as I sometimes do it on the first attempt but I might as well need 10 tries to get it. Hard. 8. Pig Latin: Very easy level if you jump through the lower part of the map, almost no risk of dying. Easy. 9. Hatch: Probably the easiest level in the game, a few easy jumps and all the time in the world to skip back to the map if something goes wrong. Possible candidate for last map. Easy. 10. Bullet Bob: I have complained about rockets in the past and this level was a pain in the ass until I got a bit more used to it. Now I can very reliably get all the keys without getting shot. Making it to the goal however is a risk, and I could not yet figure out a good way to eliminate the risk. Normal. 11. Train Eater: The first time I replayed the Cotton Alley Light I was sure this would be the hardest level for me by far. A ridiculous machine gun speed rocket launcher and several obstacles to overcome while being under constant heavy fire. Turns out it is pretty doable once you get the hang of the rhythm, I still die sometimes on a particular obstacle because timing really has to be on point at all times, but its not a run breaker level anymore. Normal. 12. Peel: Same exact thing every time, admittedly pretty tight timing with the jumps but I almost never die in this level despite it always looking like I barely make it, would not want to play this level super late though because being nervous would probably make it a bit tricky. Easy. 13. Pepto: This level should, by all means, be pretty damn easy, yet it is not and I am unsure why. The jumps look basic, there is plenty of room for error and while there is a timing due to the bleach coming up, it is not tight by any means. For some reason I still die pretty frequently here and I hope this will get better with some more practice, because this level should have the potential to be an easy level. Normal. 14. Watchtower: Still having some problems with getting all the keys with 2 jumps, rarely succeeds so I have to depend on the third attempt, and theres some potential to die for various reasons. Still technically very unlikely to die here because one can simply go back to the map if either the first or second jump fails at getting two keys, so lowest difficulty rating. Easy. 15. Lock Out: Not a fan of Black Maws. Another level I thought would be my downfall, yet it is going better than expected after doing it a few times. Once I safely reached the upper area I am guaranteed to win, as the second half of the level is basically impossible to die in with the right strategy. The first part still kills me occasionally though, yet because one can see potential death coming from a mile away I’d not rate this terribly high in difficulty. Normal for now. 16. Hopscotch: These gravity orbs were always an element of the game I had serious trouble with and I like them even less than the fans in that regard. No matter what I try, getting a reliable strategy seems like a no go for this level. Even though going back to the map avoids some of the deaths, one can usually die too quickly to use that thanks to getting shot into a saw, or simply not making the ridiculous maneuver required. Hard. 17. Lead Sheets: Looks intimidating as hell but is very easy and reliable once a strategy has been done a few times. Another possible candidate for the last level. Easy. 18. Oobs revenge: I never had any problems with Oobs in any of the levels really, and this one is no different. The first jump is not easy to make, but thanks to the back to map option there are infinite tries, and missing one of the bigger jumps in the middle of the level will also not lead to death for the same reason. While the first two big jumps seem like the oobs are awfully close, I have yet to die during one of those. Easy. 19. The Bash: This level has to be done early, like first 3, at all times. Why? Tiny floor saws. One of the biggest reasons Zombie Boy took me so long was because of the abuse of this most terrible of obstacles. This level has 2 of these floor saws, not terribly bad but I would never want to attempt them late, I just can’t get the timing for them done reliably with Meat Boy/Bandage Girl so I die to them somewhat frequently. Hard. 20. Four Letter Word: I have a good idea what kind of word they had in mind for this. Hardest level of this run by far, several times harder for me than any of the others. Ridiculous floor saw spam and it is the only level in the game that has moving floor saws as far as I know, what kicks by ass is that you have both of them in quick succession, so it destroys any chance to get accustomed to either one of them. Seven floor saws and three of the cancerous moving ones. HARD. If it werent for the 4 hard and unreliable levels I could get this done in 1-2 hours, but as of now the chance of getting these four done with one life is next to zero, more practice is definitely required, also given how nervous I get whenever I make it past the worst levels I just know that I will die in easier levels several times before making it, was the same with Zombie Boy after all. I doubt it will take me nearly as long as Zombie Boy though, even if the level 20 especially kicks my ass much more than any of the Rupture levels ever did. Not looking forward to seeing this specific dogshit level recycled during Impossible Boy.
  14. Terraria, really impressive plat to have.
  15. Uncharted 4 #49: One Last Time This is it, the often praised UC4. I played through the remastered trilogy for this game and had a hell of a bad time doing it at times thanks to the Brutal difficulty mode. Was it worth it? Well yes and no, the game is good overall but I would not call it a great game, it has plenty of ups but also plenty of downs that can really sour the experience at times. They somehow made gameplay worse than in the first 3 games, which is a shame given that the game looks amazing and is polished in most areas when compared to UC1-3. The level design is good in the early chapters, but in the later ones its chock full with cheap encounters, atrocious checkpoints, heavy enemy spam and other problems. The game having too much climbing compared to shooting should be a down for me, since climbing is pretty boring, but I count it as an up because it meant less encounters overall. The characters are improved, Sam is a decent addition and makes up for Elena turning into an insufferable pain in the ass. The antagonists are pretty bland, but thats nothing new for this series. Story is good for most of it, it even spares us the usual supernatural shit at the end, there are some big logic errors but you gotta suspend your disbelief somewhat I guess. The last bossfight was complete garbage as per usual, Naughty Dog seems completely incapable to do a boss fight that does not suck ass, but this one is probably the worst, how exactly they managed to fuck up a lazy CTE boss fight is beyond me, but whoever is in charge of boss design in that studio should seek some therapy, because there isn't a healthy brain that should be able to mess up this much. Multiplayer is still on my to do list, insane grind coming up to reach lvl 50 and get weapon upgrades so the nasty survival maps can be attempted, not looking forward to it but i knew what I signed up for. Surprised not many people complain about the microtransactions, lootbox and pay2win bullshit going on in this multiplayer. Multiplayer somehow is not nearly as fun as TLOU multiplayer was years ago, though I haven't played every mode and joined this mp pretty late, so maybe others had a better time with it. Overall still a good game with absolutely stunning visuals and some of the best facial animations and landscapes I have seen in any game, but the gameplay is a down, watching a let's play for the entire series could have saved me many headaches. Save to say I will avoid the spin offs, especially Lost Legacy because it focuses on 2 characters I do not care much about, and I had more than my share of Uncharted for one lifetime. Ups: +++++ Amazing graphics +++ Good story for the most part +++ Nathan gets closure ++ Good humor ++ Puzzles are improved a lot ++ Decent weapon variety + Nostalgia and Easter eggs en masse + Some creative trophy requirements Downs: ---------- Multiplayer infested with EA+Ubisoft disease, microtransactions, lootboxes, overpriced currency bullshit ----- Worst bossfight I have ever played, truly ended the story on a whimper in terms of gameplay ----- No Doughnut Drake in the game because Neil Cuckmann was not "comfortable" having something in this game that was in all past games, mild sjw garbage on top but generally tolerable ----- Gameplay is a step down from previous games, especially with the aiming and the horribly broken melee in this game, hitting enemies that are close can be a massive pain --- Trophies being buggy is unacceptable in such a big release --- Downright useless companions on higher difficulties --- Some encounters feel like they are intentionally designed to make your life as miserable as possible on higher difficulty settings, though not as bad as Brutal in past games -- Some pacing issues -- Antagonists have terrible logic, protagonists aren't much better -- So many collectibles that it reaches annoying levels - companions screeching "Naaaate" every time you die is even more annoying than the death music from past games The graphics make this worth buying for cheap even if you are not all that much into the story, the characters or the gameplay, and you do not need to play past games because even though it can be nice to get some of the references, it is not that big of a game changer so its fine to start with UC4. Completionists should be warned though, the multiplayer grind is very long and promises to be frustrating in various ways, and obviously the first 3 games should be on any completionists avoid list. This being my 49 platinum means the next one is going to be big.