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  1. Let me tell you a secret, I don't really care about someone having a Confederate Flag on his shirt either, this flag means nothing to me, American only problems go right past my backside. There are two big reasons why this pisses me and other people off anyway. One it is the fact that censorship, no matter how little it starts, always escalates further if it meets no backlash, especially if it is done for mundane reasons like "maybe this will offend someone". There is always someone who is offended about something these days, today its a shirt, tomorrow its phrases being changed, then old characters that don't fit in the woke agenda get drastically changed or even removed ( if it can happen to beloved characters like Apu from the Simpsons it can happen to any character), then its features and content, and then welcome to Germany levels of censorship in videogames, do you want that? Just because many people can only think as far as they can throw each other does not mean that this is not a valid concern. The second one is inconsistency and proportionality. Sony is legendary for inconsistent censorship for example, you can see some naked people fuck on camera in one game, and in others you get outfits that show too much of the legs changed because seeing some thighs is somehow offensive. In this GTA case here they go out of their way to take out a flag that people think it bad, while your character goes around murdering people and committing acts of terrorism, its so stupid and clearly shows that people in favor of this have lost their minds. Rockstar went as lazy as they could possibly be with this slightly visually improved trilogy, they couldn't be bothered to put in effort, but for something like this they take the time, and thats not supposed to frustrate people?
  2. That is exactly what I don't want for international games, for games to be as mangled as the German versions, and yet it likely is exactly where the road ultimately leads to once the door is opened further for censorship. Most people don't believe me when I tell them the absurd extend of censorship in German versions of games, not just symbols being changed in games like Wolfenstein, even characters being redesigned and renamed, text being edited, big story elements changed, hell in old GTA games there were entire missions being cut out, whole features being taken out of the game, blood and limbs being severed was taken out too in a game that had the highest age rating in the country. I had to create an austrian account to even get and replay a game like Prototype because it is outright banned in Germany. I don't get why people don't just mind their own business with something like this. If a game offends me or shows/does things I really don't like, guess what, I am not buying it, but I am not demanding that the people who do buy and play it stop doing it, nor do I demand that the game gets changed to my liking, a game does not have to appearl to everyone. Complaining about things you don't like in a game is fine, I know I have done it before, thats a long path away from things being censored. Also not sure how some people are so dense that they don't understand its a matter of principle, not an individual case for each case of something being changed or removed, perhaps its because they don't have any principles, or they are too dense to realize that censorship is not a one time thing, but something that escalates as far as it is allowed to.
  3. Considering how low the bar for people being offended is nowadays, I'd say we are long past the point of empathy and have long since reached the point of enabling attention seeking people with a clear inability to differentiate real and fictional, which is their very own problem and nobody elses. How about we just don't change art because the new generation of people has a few radical snowflakes who are incapable of ignoring things they don't like? Would you have empathy if I selfishly demand things that I don't like being taken out or changed in some of your favorite childhood games? Where does it stop? You gonna change a few dozen things because people naturally demand more and more changes once it has proven to work? Back when these games originally released it was crusty old mummies yelling at the clouds that them evil murdering simulators are going to turn kids into serial killers who demanded changes or bans, and our generation kindly told them to piss off and mind their own business since they obviously had no clue what they are talking about, and we should tell the same to snowflakes now. If someone does not want to see it he can ignore it or not buy the game to begin with. We really need to stop pandering to these radical minorities who will likely not even buy the game anyway as they just bitch about it for attention most of the time. It does not matter if its something big or something small being changed either, censorship has no place in art, this is definitely a yes or no thing, either you are pro censorship or you are against it, and people in support of censorship make me sick.
  4. I would not mind to replay some of the classic games from PS1 and PS2 for some virtual bling, I replay some of them every few years anyway, hell I'd play nothing but my retro game collection for a year or so, yet I wouldn't even mind paying for the privilege via a subscription service or a small fee for bundles that have the games either. Doing this would be a small effort for Sony and offering all these old gems for purchase would mean a lot of extra income, not only from trophy hunters, definitely a smart decision. And here basically lies the problem, Sony is allergic to making smart decisions as of late, which is exactly why I doubt it will happen unless all the dumbfucks in charge of making decisions in that company happened to perish in the same freak accident or something.
  5. I was already not too keen on buying a PS5, and now its more or less decided that I won't. I was already putting money to the side that can either go towards the PS5Pro I expected to appear at some point and a better TV, or a significant PC upgrade for the old reliable tower. Why was I not too keen on the PS5? Because there are no real system sellers on the PS5 yet, so no reason for that big of an investment, as at the end of the day that is the main reason to even get a console. The next Horizon and the next God Of War are supposed to be such system sellers, just like the first games once were, but now both of the predecessors are on PC, which means it is safe to assume that the next ones will come to PC as well, where they will look better, run better, and have unlimited mod potential. I do not pay for PC games, why should I, they can be pirated super easily with basically no risk or effort, I only bought a PS4 back then because it came in a bundle far cheaper than getting a high end PC at the time and I knew a few people I could borrow games from anyway. Sure I bought non exclusive games on console since then if there were good sales, mostly on a whim, which in the years I have been on the system likely was more costly for me than if I had waited a while longer and just gotten a high end PC that could run all the games instead, but the PS4 was already bought so I might was well use it over my struggling PC is what I thought, whats the occasional sale and exclusive sale if I get to play some amazing games I otherwise would have had no access to and a few demanding multiplatform ones my ancient pc would have required an upgrade for. Now however I am at a point where I would have to make that big investment again for the PS5 generation, and without exclusives being exclusives it lost the chance to even dream about competing with PC. Yes the PC had many reasons to be my winning choice already even before this, and yet the few big exclusives, the chance to play future exclusives and the trophy hunting managed to sell me the idea of having a console for most games and the lower midcard PC for a few strategy games and the like, so maybe it would have done it for yet another generation. But, getting the console with all its downsides when compared to Pc for just the trophy hunting and getting the good exclusives 3-5 years earlier when I am already not much of a Day 1 buyer or even year 1 buyer? Nah, ain't worth it no matter how I look at it. Good for me though, money saved and experience delayed but improved, so I am not mad about this Sony decision either, as I get to play the games in any case and have not yet bought into the new console generation (then I would have been mad). But with things being like this I can stop buying games on PS4 and play the considerable pile of games I have left on it until I get the big PC upgrade, unless I actually find a console super cheap, which won't happen, especially not with the PS5 of all consoles. Btw I don't assume that too many people think like me, some will because it is the best decision, but there is no way of knowing how big a potential loss in users down the line is and if it long term evens out against the extra sales from PC (I guess some people actually buy Pc games). At the end of the day I can't help but think that it at least looks and sounds like an unwise long term business decision to eliminate the biggest reason by far to buy your product over competing products
  6. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition The Hunt is my Mistress Complete all objectives in the Test of the Wild. The icon of this trophy shows a gold trophy, which is what this trophy should have been given the sheer amount of frustration involved with it and all the luck required for it. You get 40 minutes to wipe out all captains and warchiefs, while also being expected to kill 10 of them via monster, and you need to get 13000 points doing it, which is almost impossible to achieve by playing the game normally. Solution? Abuse Graugs, who have horrible control, you get knocked off constantly, sometimes they spawn delayed or not at all, die rather quickly against most captains, and don't fit into some areas. Anything major does wrong you basically can reload right away. Got unlucky warchief mission? Reload. Graug not spawning? Reload. Killed an enemy you wanted to control? Reload. Your warchief gets blown up too early? Reload. One of the leftover captains is invulnerable to literally everything you can do and too far away from a Graug spot? Reload. You have little room for error and many things that can get wrong, often it feels like things are outside of your control. The one run during with I had rng on my side turned out to be rather easy. Very frustrating trophy, glad to be done with it, and finally having 100% on this game.
  7. My favorite was They Are Billions, with Mount&Blade:Warband being a close second. Both are very enjoyable and addicting games with rather demanding platinum trophies.
  8. I really think Souls games are ridiculously overrated, they are described as good games but they are terribly designed and balanced, every single design choice is made to artificially inflate the game time that is mostly spent fighting the same enemies or walking needlessly long paths to reach the boss again. Played Nioh first, hated almost everything about it, thought it must have been because its a Dark Souls rip off so I got Dark Souls Remastered, which ended up being even worse of a game so I did not even bother with other Souls games like Bloodborne or Sekiro. At this point I am certain that this is a big inside joke, that people actually hate this garbage series and just hype it up online to bait other players into going through this miserable experience to share the misery.
  9. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition Master of Mordor Funny story, I was done with the base game almost a year ago except for the trophy that wanted me to get a lvl 25 rune that simply refused to drop, so I decided to ignore that for the time being. I did some dlc right after before running into the brick wall that was the Hunt trophy for all objectives in Test Of The Wild, which lead to me putting the game on hold for the time being, as I was not willing to deal with that kind of task at the time. When I returned yesterday to start the proper clean up, I had a lvl 25 rune randomly drop in the Bright Lord DLC that I decided to tackle first before slaying the annoying last trophy of the hunt dlc, giving me the plat ahead of schedule so to speak as I wanted to do that last. Given that this is probably one of the most well known games on the PS4 I will not go on a lengthy review to describe all the ups and downs in any detail, as there are plenty of others who have done that before me, and likely far better than I could do it. My overall experience with it was quite positive, the game does many things right, with only a few flaws, none of which really ruin the experience, at least not for me. The trophy list was pretty easy in terms of difficulty, not overly grindy, and with only a few stinkers that expected some annoying tasks, but nothing particularly bad by my standards. I will definitely play the sequel since they seemingly took out all the lootbox crap out of the game that was in at some point.
  10. Usually yes, as getting the 100% usually means I have done everything this game has to offer and more, so the only reason to return to it is if the gameplay itself is immensely fun. Usually I return to strategy games, sometimes good RPGs too though, rarely anything else.
  11. Digimon World: Next Order Digimon World Conqueror! I chose this plat as my 3000th trophy milestone, as this game is of historical importance to me when it comes to Playstation games. The second ever Digimon game I played, but a half remake half sequel mix of the first Digimon World game that released on PS1, which happened to be the very first game I have ever played back on Playstation 1, so it was directly responsible for getting me from Nintendo to Playstation. This game was fun to play at pretty much all times despite being pretty grindy, and it caused many nostalgia moments with features, certain Digimon, soundtracks being reused or remixed, characters reappearing and the events of the first game being referenced indirectly. On top of that it delivered plenty of improvements of the old game, increasing the number of Digimon you have to take care of from 1 to 2, making interactions more relevant, adding camping, giving the ability to grow special food instead of always having to scavenge for it, implementing material farm spots which you had to farm in order to get materials that would allow your city buildings to get upgraded, bonus dimensions for late game farming and fighting, adding a skill tree so leveling up the tamer level actually gives better abilities this time, putting in mini games for training or coins, adding a message/mail system so you'd have a quest menu to keep an overview of what you currently have going on, and plenty of welcome additions to the city that take care of problems you could run into during a playthrough of the old game, most noteworthy here is the addition of the Dojo that could lock in specific evolution paths so you would not have to rely on rng if your Digimon fulfilled the requirements of several potential evolutions during the lategame. The world has also grown significantly in size and number of Digimon, which has more than doubled, adding mega and above evolution as DNA evolution to the mix. The story was way more elaborate despite following the same core path as the first game, with more relevant characters appearing, the story being more linear and giving the enemies a proper personality this time around. The core of what was fun in the original was all still there, though they made it a bit too accessible and easy for my liking. The original was tough unless you already knew exactly what to do, getting any further than the first zone meant you had to strike a good balance between training to increase your Digimons stats and going around scavenging items and fighting. Training meant not making any direct progress in the game while also losing money you had to spend to keep your Digimon fed (as the rations you got for free would barely keep a rookie fed for half a day, and not do much for a big champion level) but it would prepare your Digimon to survive in the next tougher zone. Walking around gathering stuff or fighting to make progress however would gain you money, items and progress if you fought relevant Digimon but your Digimon would get older without making any real improvements stat wise so you'd hit a wall at some point. This balance has been crushed in this new game, training is for idiots here, I spent my first 2 Digimon generations mostly training because I refused to look at guides, slowly inching forward trying to find that balance, wondering why even normal enemies seemed to beyond my Digimons abilities, but then I realized that not only did fighting give ridiculously good stat bonuses compared to the original game, but time would freeze during the fights so you could do it almost as often as you wanted per day, earning you not only money and item rewards like discs and food but also several times as much stat improvement in the same time when compared to training in the gym, making the gym basically obsolete, which made the game a breeze to play through in terms of difficulty from that point on. Sadly they also took out card buying and trading, replacing it with a random drop rate, demoting cards to be a byproduct of material farming for city improvements. Other things like learning new techniques, which was a very grueling but rewarding process in the first game was so casual that not a single thought had to be wasted on it, towards the end of the game I had basically all techniques without ever aiming for it, which would have been impossible in the first game as you had to specifically hunt and grind for each and every technique. Managing money was also easy, as was increasing your Digimons lifespan, reaching digievolution requirements obviously was a walk in the park too with infinite stat gain from fighting, and it was basically impossible to make training mistakes that would have been punished severely in the original game. The only thing that was amped up was the grinding, though mostly it was for the platinum, with the 540 randomly dropping cards and the 200 different digimon raised being the worst grinding offenders for the platinum, but compared to some other grinds I have done for trophies this was not too bad. The biggest down for me was how they managed to make the combat system worse than it was 20 years ago by stripping away commands like getting away from an enemy or getting close to an enemy, leading to some absurd situations in the battles where one Digimon would just stay out of the fight while the other was getting pummeled by 2 enemies and there was nothing that could be done about it. They kept the ability to make your Digimon use certain attacks on command in exchange for points that would accumulate, with the one upside being that it would cost no MP to use these attacks, but with Digimon behavior being so random at times and them using the attack right away no matter where they are currently, it often happened that a melee only Digimon would keep its distance from a range only one for no good reason, and using the specific attack command would lead to the Digimon hitting the air due to being out of range for the attack, which is mind boggling to me that this clear error did make it into the final product, it should not be that hard to program the digimon to get into range first before using the attack you ordered, hell that was in the original game, so they more or less had to go out of their way to get this result. They also changed finishers up a bit, with lategame enemies basically spamming the crap out of finishers, which your Digimons can also do if you want, though with finishers being weaker than some normal techniques that is hardly worth doing in any case. I'd say this game is a good example of how games generally changed over the last 20 years. Everything looks prettier, has more features, a bigger scale, but it also lost some of its charm and it is way too easy, with there only being 1 obvious way to get through a game instead of having to figure things out and then having to make tough decisions on finding a good balance. When I got my first proper ultimate, highest level, in the first Digimon after over a dozen generations it felt insanely rewarding, but getting a mega here was so easy after I figured out that fighting gave more or less infinite stats that there was no feeling of accomplishment whatsoever. There was also no way to fall into a deep hole you had to get back out of after your Digimon died due to your bad decision making or being unprepared in combat leading to it dying and it got a subpar revival (they took Digimon deaths out aside from old age), no random assaults of strong story Digimon like the original Greymon ambushing you in the city either, and of course the double edged blade of being able to save at all times instead of just when your Digimon falls asleep. They kinda got rid of the unique Digimon behaviors too, which Digimon you had only made a difference in the techniques it could learn, nothing more. All in all I can say that this game was a great experience, though I would have preferred if it kept more of the tougher things from the original instead of making it as easy as it is (them replacing the notoriously tough and tricky Shadow Mansion of Myotismon with a single room the guy just casually stands in was possibly the worst offender in that regard). Admittedly I am more forgiving than usual due to the nostalgia train still hitting me hard in this game, but even without that I'd say it is a solid, if a bit too grindy and repetetive, easy game that is definitely worth playing for people who enjoy these kinds of games.
  12. Depends on what you want your profile to be. For some people it is merely a summary of everything they played on console and the completion status is a sign of if they enjoyed it enough to complete it, for others completion percentage is rather important, you gotta ask yourself in what category you see yourself and if your current profile bothers you enough to get through the hassle of starting from scratch. You could view it as a challenge to get your completion as high as possible on your current profile, that way you get to keep your 38 plats, or if you want to be someone who builds and maintains a 100% profile you start a new one, though anyone bothering with 100% or close to 100% can tell you how much extra stress this can mean depending on your game choices.
  13. Umbrella Corps. I imagine playing this game for weeks was bad for your sanity.
  14. 'n Verlore Verstand #59 A Complete Journey There is a funny story involving getting the last trophy of this game I shall mention at the end. This game is garbage, straight up garbage. Tbf I expected it to be garbage, I bought it only when it was dirt cheap and because the name amused me, as it sounded like some really inept people tried to use a German phrase and failed miserably at it, mangling the phrase. From the trailer and description, I kinda expected a less polished version of "Ether One", a walking simulator with some fun and elaborate puzzles and a semi decent story that gets told while walking through the absurd world. Let's just say what I got was far worse than I ever expected. The core gameplay in this first person Unity Engine (big red flag already) game is walking, running and Jump ā€™nā€™ Run sessions so bad that the only reason I did not go completely apeshit was me already finishing the single worst first person Jump ā€™nā€™ Run section in gaming history in a game called "Strafe", but it still was neither easy nor enjoyable. Theres a few levels that get recycled several times, becoming more absurd, and aside from "reach the tree" you never get any instruction on wtf you are even supposed to do, so you are cluelessly running around trying to guess what these so called developers were thinking at that particular section. The platinum demands finishing the game, gathering the worst set of collectibles (60 goddamn flowers that sometimes look just like the area surrounding them) I have ever seen in a game, and then there is beating each of the 19 levels in mostly tight time trials, which turned out to be the hardest part due to a game breaking bug affecting trial 8, making it downright unplayable due to constant freezes. Bugs are a constant problem in this game, from getting stuck at shit over falling through the floor to the game crashing to outright getting hurled into the air after getting in contact with invisible walls. The few interesting ideas the game has die a pathetic death under all the problems it faces and it was a miserable experience. Getting back to that severely bugged time trial 8. The game would always freeze in between 2 and 8 seconds after entering that trial, nothing could be done about it except staring at the ground, which prevented it from happening as it seemed like a certain effect in the map was causing the game to freeze. Running through a labyrinth without seeing shit (cause you had to aim your camera at the ground), with a tight timer, moving floors and walls and always expecting it to freeze was disgusting and I was unsure if I was even willing to put in the hours to bother with this pile of shit, I still wrote down the directions to run through. Then something funny happened. Retracing my steps from yesterday night, it seems that as I returned home I played this trial and somehow managed to finish it less than half a second before running out of time. I say it seems because I was so drunk after coming back home that I do not even remember playing it, but I wrote some really mangled English aimed at someone on Discord that kinda summarizes what I did, which is hilarious because while I was sober I never even managed to get past the moving circle rooms due to my habbit of always looking slightly up there to try and navigate there, but in my drunken stupor I must have managed to get through that part at some point and then I was still able to run the directions I wrote down on paper. This game made me mad, really mad, and since it is far from the first indie game to piss me off royally due to a complete lack of standards, I shall hereby proclaim that my support for unknown indie developers is retracted, I shall avoid any indie game I do not already own and only ever buy new ones after extensive research on their quality, because after games like Necrosphere, Strafe and this pile of garbage here I gotta say that I lost my trust in them. Big companies at least tend to fix their buggy trophies instead of letting the players figure out annoying workarounds. As for my next game, given that i've had more horrible than good experiences in my last 10 completed games, I will play a game that I am almost certain to love, a remake of one of my favorite PS1 games from way back, Digimon World.