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  1. Well if you do not aim for the platinum it is an ok game to play. It is a bit too heavy on the chases, especially in the hillbilly chapters, but the later chapters are scary as hell the first time you play it so if you are into horror games I still recommend it for the experience, especially if it comes for free. The insane runs can really turn you into a wreck though, they royally fucked me up to the point that I no longer even seriously try to complete games and I get reminded of that fact whenever I look at my now incomplete profile. Wished I had never started this thing, despite enjoying the first playthrough. Good luck to you, you're gonna need it, really. If the game feels like it you can die somewhat randomly no matter how many times you practice certain sections, especially in chapter 2, which is around an hour to an hour and a half into the game depending on your speed.
  2. Bastion #37: You Done Good (11,92% rarity) !: (TLDR further down) Bastion is an indie game that has been sitting in my backlog for literal years, completely ignored since it was just one of many games I casually got through psplus years back without really knowing much about it. Turns out it was a sin to neglect this gem for all these years. The game is an action rpg that gives you control over your character, just called "The Kid" by the narrator, while seeing him from above. You have two weapons with you at all times (at least from the point on when you actually unlock your second weapon) as well as a special skill you can use whenever you have "black tonic" that functions as ammo for the special skill, and of course your trusty shield to block or counter attacks. You also have a limited number of healing tonics that serve as the usual health potion. You can refill both of them during the levels by killing enemies, smashing crates or just finding them lying around. So far so normal aside from the alcohol names for normal rpg stuff. What stands out immediately is that you move your character around floating islands and platforms that only just manifest when you get close to the edges, which looks great and feels oddly satisfying to watch, it can also work against you as the floors crumble all around you in several levels while you try to escape while tackling the enemies presented to you. The games playing right after a big disaster, the so called "Calamity", destroyed most of the known world and killed almost every living being aside from the monsters you are facing. The overall goal is to go from level to level and collect items to rebuild a floating island structure called The Bastion, which gets organized by the old character Rucks, who also serves as a narrator for the story and the gameplay. This narrator is one of the best things that could have happened to the game, he has this deep voice and talks like an old, battle hardened and alcohol loving action hero. He describes things in a rather humerous way, talking about everything from what motivates the characters and the enemies to what you are making the character do at the moment, be it standing around at certain points, backtracking or going on a rampage against the environment to find more tonic, he will also give you the backstory of the world, the characters, the weapons you are using and everything else in due time. Gameplay wise this game was a lot of fun. It had a lot of enemy variety given that it is not all that long of a game and the 12 weapons, of which you could pick and use 2 each before entering a level, meant vastly different experiences depending on your choices. The over 15 special skills turned into an even more varied experience, containing rpg standards like throwables as well as more unique ones like summoning creatures or doing a unique thing with one of your current weapons. Going from level to level, collecting new weapons, gathering currency to upgrade weapons or buy new things with and being able to construct new buildings for your bastion that would help you in the upcoming levels was a very nice concept. The buildings unlocked new mechanics like a Distillery with all sorts of funny alcohol variants that granted you passive effects, or a shrine that you could chose weird deities from that would buff your enemies in various ways in exchange for granting you more rewards, which meant the base levels were as difficult as you wanted them to be, especially in new game plus since all 10 deities could be chosen pretty much from the beginning. The proving grounds you could practice your weapons on and try to beat records for additional rewards also was a nice touch. The game was not all that challenging until it came to the bonus worlds you had to defeat with all 10 deities activated in order to get trophies for the platinum, the Stranger level was the longest and toughest one and it had me on the edge of my seat a few times, very fun and challenging, also very satisfying after you survive the double boss fight in the last round. The graphics are obviously not amazing, but the game looks atmospheric and has a lot of attention to detail, I also happen to like the artstyle so I was golden even without current gen realistic graphics. The narrator does a great job to give the game life and he gets supported by an absolutely amazing soundtrack that contains everything from ballads to guitar all the way to slow western music or one of the side characters singing a tune, and that outro song after the story culminated gave me goosebumps. I won't talk too much about the story since spoiling it to people who didn't play the game would be a shame, let's just say it is rather simple but still managed to be emotional and it really feels meaningful, the only flaw I would add here is that the characters are not all that fleshed out. So minor things aside, is this game close to being flawless for what it is...? No, it sadly has one weakness that is hard to overlook, even if it only appeared occasionally. For some reason the games performance would tank occasionally, especially with too many enemies being there or during one of the bossfights, it made the last challenge a hell of a lot harder than it needed to be and reached downright unplayable diashow levels on two occasions, though restarting it solved the issue for me. Seems that didn't happen to everyone, but it would be dishonest not to mention it. TLDR: All in all a very nice gaming experience. The game is unique, fun, has a dynamic difficulty, is quite challenging if you go for the platinum, emotional story, amazing soundtrack, a few interesting ideas that work well here, and the artstyle is a plus for me too. The fact that it has so many different weapons and strategies to play it while also being on the shorter side means it does not overstay its welcome in any way. The platinum required a second playthrough and since there are two endings I was happy to oblidge, with what you learn over the course of the first playthrough you get a different view on some things so seeing it a second time improved it for me overall, and the Vigils gave me a few additional small challenges for the second playthrough. If it weren't for the occasional framerate issues I would only have very small nitpicks for this great game, though these are not guarenteed to occur. This game gets my recommendation, it is usually in store for 15€, which is a good price for it but it can drop much lower on sales, if you haven't played it yet and are looking for something to play that does not need too much commitment, this is definitely a very good choice. It makes my top 3 list for great gaming experiences this year so far together with Mount&Blade:Warband and Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
  3. Garbage month, a very cheap on sale shooter game with ties to EA and an obscure racing game presented by a company selling literal sugarpiss in a can. Expected something good for december but I guess Playstation has realized that most people will join psplus anyway mid december for the additional discounts, and they are right. I will join psplus despite the games because I wanna finish old psplus games in my backlog and use the discounts, so not too mad about the month being shit this time, most likely not gonna play either of these games though.
  4. Nioh is on hold for the foreseeable future. I did not have much fun with this game, the first few hours were atrocious, then it got a little better, but then I realized this was all the game was ever going to be and it quickly became the single most boring and repetetive game I have ever played, rarely did I have to force myself that hard to finish a first playthrough of a game. I have never seen such an insane recycling rate for levels, enemies and even bosses, 90% of enemies I killed were the same category of humans, slow undead humans and skeletons of humans, two thirds of the bigger enemies I have killed were fiends that are mostly the same as well. Now that I am in NG+ and the game wants me to do the literal exact same things I already did all over again, only with the enemies having more hp and doing more damage, I realize that this game demands a love for mindless and stupid repetetion I am not willing to inflict on myself anymore, not at this point in time at least.


    This game actually ain't worth completing, and thanks to this negative experience I have decided not to buy Bloodborne, a game that often gets compared with Nioh, because if it is anything like Nioh I don't want it anywhere near my console. I might buy Dark Souls Remastered at some point since someone showed me that Dark Souls is a hell of a lot better in many ways than Nioh, but my next few games are pretty much set in stone, gotta clean up some of the ancient psplus games I still have in my backlog.


    I do not understand how Nioh can be so popular, the few ups it had do not make up for all its obvious flaws and the 3-4 interesting boss fights absolutely do not make up for the fact that the vast majority of the time you will be fighting the same enemies from the first 10 hours, with very little variation in between. Never even mind the platinum, for total ingame completion this game wants you to play through ng+ several times, with a "new" difficulty that adjusts a few stats each time, making for a total of FIVE playthroughs through a game I barely could endure a single playthrough of. Nioh fans are weird, I'm gonna play something fun now.

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    2. Nighcisama


      I have Transistor on my console too, must have bought it at some point but don't really remember, so I will be playing this game before the year is over. If it ends up being anywhere near as good as Bastion, I will put Pyre on the list too. My current to buy list is massive though and I don't want to buy too much before I take care of at least half of the games I already have sitting on my console, as some have been sitting there for years. Other ancient psplus games like Teslagrad have been waiting to be played too, not sure when I will get around to that. Probably gonna just start whatever game I want to finish in the next months to 1%, profiles fucked up anyway so might as well use it to track my progress.

    3. Arcesius


      @Nighcisama Fair enough. If you don't want to discuss it further that's fine 🙂 Absolutely, no need to agree on everything. How boring would it be if everyone would like the same things... 😅


      Transistor was pretty nice, as was Pyre, and I'm not one to usually enjoy "visual novels" (which is like 50% of the game). 

    4. Nighcisama


      I am open to discuss it further after I played Dark Souls, then I can actually make comparisons between the two and really see the differences in design, also by then i will know for sure if its the soul concept in general thats bugging me or Nioh in particular🤔

  5. Welcome on the playstation console. Your list of exclusives already seems to be pretty good, without much information about what genres you like the most I find it hard to come up with a good list, especially since you already have most of the big guns, like God Of War, on your list, theres one game that comes to mind instantly though. The big one is The Last Of Us Remastered, a game many people still hold in high regards despite it being a remaster from the PS3 era. Looking at the elements of the game it admittedly looks rather generic at first, but it delivers an awesome story, satisfying gameplay, amazing characters and a surprisingly nice and well thought out multiplayer. I would call this game a must play on playstation if you aren't absolutely opposed to the genre or the developer. Other than that, some exclusives are just down to whether you like that kind of game. If you like shooting a lot with the occasional climbing and mild puzzle in between, I can recommend the Uncharted series. If you are into zombie survival games, Days Gone is a good bet. Shadow Of The Colossus and The Last Guardian have you covered in the action adventure department. There is also Bloodborne, a souls game quite a few people consider to be among the best PS4 exclusives, but as someone who has not played and will probably never play it i can't really speak about that games quality too much, I just know that playing Nioh told me that this kind of game sucks badly in my mind, but if you should end up liking Nioh, there is no reason not to buy Bloodborne due to their perceived similarity by many people. Last but not least I can recommend Ratchet and Clank, an action adventure game that is all about using and maxing the collection of weird and hilarious weapons, I had a lot of fun with that game thats for sure.
  6. Nioh: Just defeated Tachibana Muneshige in a duel. Gotta say for all the hate this fight seems to get I found it to be the most enjoyable fight so far. Out of the bosses before that, 2 were horrendously bad in terms of design, 1 was meh and the Nue fight was admittedly fun but also really chaotic.


    Now of course the duel was unfair as hell, it was presented as a fair duel but that couldn't be further from the truth with the moves this guy had, his oneshot skills that could neither be blocked nor interrupted, his nasty guardian spirit spam, his stupidly long reach and high damage despite using a katana, the insane amount of ki it cost to block his weaker attacks, him still dodging and attacking despite being out of ki and of course the fact that you can't even seem to use your own guardian spirit, but thats kinda where the fun came from if you ask me.

    I felt like I fought against an online cheater with no stakes involved, I basically knew the first few fights are 0 chance of me winning this, so I just didn't even tryhard and waste the precious few elixier this game makes you grind boring ass enemies for. I just studied his moves and had a blast whenever I got a few solid hits in on him, sometimes playing like a madman without any regard for my own characters life and rolling right into some of his attacks, actually bypassing them by accident a few times and getting some sick hit into his back. Then actually trying for real with elixiers and buffs was also a fun and challenging experience, didn't even mind the enemy sometimes just chaining his nasty uninterruptable attacks together or literally spamming his guardian dog on me non stop in the later stage of the fight, I enjoyed myself throughout the fight despite getting my ass kicked for a while.


    Now I hope the game has more of these fights and less of the dogshit ones from the earlier stages of the game. Fighting any normal enemy is still a drag, they are probably the laziest I have ever seen and you get to fight them non stop, boring as hell, I actually just watch and listen to youtube videos by now when fighting through the hordes of recycled enemies. This optional boss was a welcome diversion from that.

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    2. Nighcisama


      Nioh is definitely a very long game, not because the levels are long but because the grind is immense. Grinding for elixier, grinding for materials, later for weapons and armor to pull off your build when the enemies finally go through the roof with their stats, same enemies over and over again. There is only one non boss enemy that is actually able to kill me even if the level design isn't making things much harder, the rest I can already manage half asleep for the many hours still ahead, so I have no doubt it will make my list of top 5 most tedious grinds by the time I am done with it. I expect it will probably sit comfortably at rank 3, as I doubt it will reach OMDU or MHW levels of soul crushing grind, or at least I hope so.


      Not sure if I even want into another souls experience after this tbh. I mean the shitty opening hours aside it is not atrocious, but its mostly not great either, most of the time its just underwhelming, and I have many games on my to do list that are most likely better than underwhelming. Game can still surprise me of course, many bosses and levels left, but I doubt theres too much more interesting stuff to find in it.

    3. Arcesius


      @Nighcisama you've mentioned the lack of elixers a couple of times. There is a Kodama perk that increases the drop rate of elixers :) To be honest, I never had to grind for any using that perk. 


      Just for reference, took me ~190h to get Nioh to 100%... But that's because I platted the main game before any DLC came out. I think you can reduce that time to around 150h more or less... Still long though 😅

    4. Nighcisama


      @Arcesius Yeah I know that perk, does not make that much of a difference unless you combine it with equipment that increases droprates, so dedicated farming of elixiers is still kinda necessary from time to time, especially since the drop rate perk is reduced again in every new region. I just said fuck it and farmed nothing but elixiers and different kills for like 3 hours, got me plenty of elixiers and I also got rejuvenation talismans I use before elixiers, so my reserve is more stable than it was before now, but the lack of elixier was a big pain in the ass especially in the early game. Why they didn't just make them available in the shop so you can actually use the hundreds of thousands of gold you have for something is beyond me, same shit with the ammunition you can't refill during a mission despite having a ton in storage, so once you run out of bullets your ranged weapons are basically useless.

  7. Maybe thats because if I enjoy a game I am usually busy playing it. Spyro had me voice my enjoyment in an unusually frequent and direct manner because of how much I loved it, most games I like I do not get out of my way to praise to the heavens, I just have a good time with them and move on. I either have to really love or really dislike a game to praise it or make long rants about it. I mean you haven't seen me rage on Vice City or San Andreas, or Jurassic World, or most of my games for that matter because I like way more of the games on my profile than I dislike. From what I understood from other people bashing Nioh, the game is only comparable to souls games on a very basic level. I wouldn't know since I never played a souls game, but with a noticeable number of people saying that, maybe I can like other souls games and still dislike Nioh, not sure if I put it to the test though, if at all then probably with Bloodborne. Funny you keep complaining about the game giving you a shitty experience when that is pretty much what you expected of it, I know I do not buy games with the thought of them being bad, in fact many games on my list are highly praised, I just fail to see the appeal in some of them, and thats putting it mildly in a select few cases. Could be, I mean MHW was my first Monster Hunter game and the series has been praised for many years, yet I found it to be sub par at best especially given its nasty platinum and overreliance on rng, and never played a game like Nioh either, but then again if a game requires you to be overly familiar with other games of the genre its just badly designed if you ask me. Some other games I played were a first for me too, and I had no problem having fun with those. Sure buddy, all these salty rants at Mega Man X games you posted recently really had the fun oozing right out of them, not even mentioning the near orgasmic joy you must have felt during the Capcom Arcade Cabinet, I mean you shared your love for some of these games with the world after all😅 Don't give me that crap, you did not only go for trophies that are fun for you and some of the stuff you went after was hard and tedious yet not prestigious at all. Your backlog increasing or staying the same is of little concern to you, if it was you wouldn't keep starting new stuff instead of finishing older games first to clean up, so that looks like an excuse to me if I've ever seen one. Also not sure how you turned a more general discussion about bad ps4 games and my takes on Nioh about a discussion about 2 players specific trophy hunting habbits, but I doubt it is adding too much to the topic at this point. @Demon--Prototype I am not sure why your post even appeared for me despite me having you on the forums ignore list, but since I have seen it I might as well respond for this thread. I play mostly offline so I have a few more hours in Nioh than the single percent on the profile implies, but I admit I am still very early into the game and what I shared about the game were early thoughts, first impressions of me getting a basic idea why some people name Nioh as one of their worst ps4 experiences if you will. I said as much more than once, I am still giving the game time to become fun, but if it is still as bad of an experience at the 15-20 hour mark I will switch my main focus to just finishing the thing quickly, which would be doable without much effort given how the games combat is designed with easily abusable flaws even a souls newbie like me could identify within the first few hours. I mean basic things like sprinting during any fight basically breaks the game, its ridiculous how easy any fight becomes compared to playing the game properly, but I guess you would know more about this than me.
  8. Even comparing what I said about Nioh with what I said about Outlast 2 or GTA 3 is pretty stupid, because I described them differently, entirely. Outlast 2 was a game I liked somewhat despite it being a worse horror game than the first game due to being way too heavy on the chases and trial and error level/encounter design, I just started hating it when it came time to do the several hour ironman runs without being able to skip cutscenes. I straight up hated GTA3 because it was a barely functional turd that people only hold in somewhat high regards because it was the first GTA for most, I do not have that bias because I played GTA 1 and 2 before and GTA Vice City as well, GTA 3 was broken in several ways and I knew 2 hours in that it would suck from start to finish, and it sure did, I don't think Nioh will reach these lows, I'd be impressed if it did. Nioh is not a bad game overall, I will recognize that even if I end up hating it, it just has obvious design flaws in my eyes, several questionable mechanics, cheap artificial difficulty in the first few hours due to cramping you in tightly with a boss or many enemies when you instantly die by the slightest touch and have jack shit for stamina, just not something I enjoy because I prefer well designed challenges instead. I still give Nioh a chance to improve, which I hope it will, but so far it was nothing but shitty to play, and killing the boat boss for example did not feel even slightly rewarding. If you have to compare it to a game I had similar problems with, Monster Hunter World seems to be a much better comparison than the games you chose, as both have questionable design decisions, way too much grind, game refusing to explain basic shit and damage sponge boss enemies spamming wide area attacks that kill you in 1-2 hits, paired with rather simplistic combat (though I am certain Nioh will not stay this simplistic, its almost dumbed down to Dynasty Warriors level at the moment, I refuse to believe a game with this many fans has such a combat for its entire playtime). Back to the topic of Nioh as a worst game contender, I doubt it will actually make my worst list even if it stays as annoying as it is now, it would have to decrease in the fun department even further and would have to be a very long grind to boot, but that is because I have played my fair share of shitty, bad and underwhelming games. However, someone who is more careful with his purchases might not have trash you mentioned like Orc Slayer to compare Nioh with, topic title is "worst games on ps4 you ever played". Someone might have bought Nioh to get a Dark Souls experience and got a pretty bad experience instead, and if he really liked all his other games then obviously Nioh will make his shit list despite not being an absolute bottom of the barrel game when compared to a wider range of games, these lists are highly subjective. Well in any case, I am back to playing Nioh, if it still sucks at 15-20 hours I will just exploit the obvious design flaws and blitz through it in the cheapest way possible. Oh and regarding the lack of patience part, my good sir I am actually suggesting you check out some of the games I finished, I doubt you would have the patience for some of them given that you gave up on several online grinds I probably would have sat through on one asscheek, also as someone who has way over 10k deaths on his way to the super meat boy plat I think I have a fair bit of patience to call my own for difficult games.
  9. You know I have seen this game mentioned here a few times and as someone who has never played it myself, or any souls game for that matter, it confused me because the game usually gets so much praise. Playing it myself now, only a few hours in but I think I understand why it is on so many peoples worst game list in this thread, if I were to stop now it would definitely make my worst games list on ps4 too. Jury is still out obviously because I recognize that games this long may only appear bad in the opening hours, but boy this game made a terrible impression on me so far.
  10. I haven't seen a good Star Wars game in forever and seeing a company like EA attached to any game is like a death sentence for any hype or even interest I could build up for a game. So no, zero interest and basically a guarenteed no buy from me. EA has done so much shit that it would need several good games for me to even consider giving them money again.
  11. I stay with a single game if it is a really good game. If the game is not amazing but still alright to play, I might play 1-2 other games on top and jump around between them occasionally, same if I play a multiplayer only game one of my friends wants to play with me. Even the best games do not keep my undivided attention forever though, some amazing games I played had long grinds or high difficulty trophies attached to them, in that case I added at least one game to not overexpose myself to the more boring parts of that one game.
  12. Jurasssic World Evolution #36: "Jurassic World Evolution Platinum" I like building shit, organizing shit, managing shit, even optimizing systems that I build, I am also a sucker for everything Dinosaur related so buying this game at some point seemed like a no brainer. Reviews on it were mixed, some compared it to Operation Genesis, which was a very nice game, others compared it to Zoo Tycon, which was also a nice game. The truth is somewhere in between, it has elements from both games but lacks the depth both of these games had, it also misses some valuable features both these ancient games had back in their day. The game looks great and has the Jurassic Park atmosphere down somewhat when you just lean back and listen to the huge dinosaurs you created, watching them interact with the environment and other dinosaurs, unfortunately you will not have much time for that because the game keeps harrassing you to do shit that should have been automated. You got to change the parks feeders manually, either by driving there or by assigning your rangers, every few minutes you have to order them to refill them one by one, you have to get rid of dead dinosaurs yourself too, you have to order rangers to give them medication or tranq them, nothing is automated and it sucks because it stops you from what you actually wanna do, the game punishes you for using dinosaur traits because it increases the chances of them dying and costing you a lot of money for nothing, not that money is ever a problem though. The park building in itself is weak as well, it is very amateurish because it is way too easy, basically impossible to fail no matter what you do, making all the tiny management adjustments you can do pretty much useless because you drown in money anyway even if you don't build half of the games buildings. Getting dinosaurs happy is piss easy too, their basic needs are so low that no thought is required for their enclosures other than the pairings you put in. Space is also rather limited so you don't get to build a massive park that contains most of the dinosaurs, you are best off genetically modifying 6-8 species, throw them together in 3-4 enclosures and get your 5 star rating. Basically it does not matter whether you are putting thought into the game, you will succeed no matter what, good management does not get rewarded. Difficulties you can face are mostly outside of your control, like small dinos getting pissed during a tropical storm and headbutting a hole in your massive steel fence with 2-3 attacks, or like a massive fuck off tornado opening your fence and unleashing all your dinosaurs upon the people, which has no consequences other than losing a bit of money thanks to lawsuits, but you are filthy rich anyway. Another annoyance is the 3 teams you are doing missions for, they will keep harrassing you with sometimes nonsensical contracts and other shit, and get easily pissed when they feel you paid the other team more attention, regularly sabotaging your power supply or opening your gates so people get killed, but you still can't fire or kill that annoying security twat despite him casually killing people and making you clean up the mess. Whenever you are not manually refilling stuff that should be automated once or dealing with random annoyances, you have to send the digging teams to the same few digging stations over and over again and manually extract stuff from fossils, also selling the worthless crap you dig out. Building new stuff gets interrupted by something several times, taking you out of what you are trying to do for some minor crap. Is it still fun? Kinda, if you figure out how to minimize the annoying parts it is enjoyable at times, but it is as deep as a puddle so it simply does not live up to other games like this. Modifying your own dinosaurs, changing their colors and traits, unleashing degenerate hybrids like the Indoraptor, watching dinosaurs fight against each other and manually flying the helicoptor to take out a dinosaur that escaped is fun. The characters talking to you want to provide some comedy relief, and it works at a few points despite characters like Ian Malcolm that are hard to endure doing the most work here. The game had a lot of potential, but ultimately is quite underwhelming because most things are useless, you have like 40 types of dinosaurs but won't ever need more than a few, their ratings make no sense either, obscure ones I never heard of are higher rated than classics like Velociraptors, park stats arbitrarily jump to the point that a valid strategy to go from 4 to 5 stars was to close the park but 5 minutes and letting them back in, giving you an easy 5 stars for a while and therefore bypassing any further planning you would have to do otherwise. Building mechanic is also very annoying, the road and rail system is infuriating at times, as is the fence building. Trophy list was very easy once you knew how to get through the game quickly, missions were pretty stupid though no matter how you look at it. The most fun is just unleashing a great number of dinosaurs on a map without a park at all, put some feeders down and watch the ecosystem you created develop and the dinosaurs battling over the scarce ressources you provided for them, the game even encourages dino fight clubs because your dinosaurs get rating boosts for killing shit, they even have statistics for that, but it will not keep someone entertained for too long. The game has very short and expensive dlc I will not bother with as well as some nasty looking dlc challenges, miss me with that shit. I can recommend this game for very cheap if you are a dinosaur enthusiast who just wants to look at them and interact with each other, but as a park simulator or strategy game is is very underwhelming. I look forward to playing something more challenging next, feeling like I am getting participation awards after the 4th easy game in a row now, time to punish myself a bit with Nioh.
  13. I actually like winter and prefer it over summer. I have an outstanding cold resistence to the point that I can technically walk around in a shirt at 0°C and not feel much discomfort if it is not windy as hell, though people tend to stare at me then so I usually wear my thin jacket when it reaches around 5°C. Sadly the winter in germany has been very mild lately, with the average temperatures in most areas last year not even going under 0°C, barely any snow therefore too much rain. Even if it occasionally reaches the temperatures that I feel actually cold in, in winter you can easily wear another piece of clothing and not feel the temperature, you can easily shield yourself from cold wind too, only annoying part is the car windows freezing. Summer however is a piece of shit, it has been getting hotter here each year with this year being a milestone of misery for me in that regard, as the increased resistence to cold also means I am somewhat less tolerant when it comes to enduring heat. The sun is always in my eyes, I am sweaty all the time, can't shed anymore clothes after a certain point if I feel too hot, I have to drink a hell of a lot more and basically it feels like the sun is literally trying to kill me by burning my skin away. Honestly the only upside I can see is that theres women running around nearly naked in very high temperatures, but that alone ain't worth it, not with the insane number of insects. Other people are in a good mood too while I suffer, when it hit above 40°C this summer for several days after it just rained before I felt like I was in the fucking jungle, and people around me had the nerve to act like this was a blessing. It is because of this that I hope for a record winter this year, let it be below -10° for the first time in years so they all suffer while I do not have to get out my thicker jacket, would be really fun to turn that around on them. So yeah naturally I picked 0, I prefer winter over summer, though one of the more balanced seasons is of yourse even better. If the summer and winter get more fucked up around here in the following years, I might just have to flee to Scandinavia though.
  14. Agreed, but in my experience very few people read youtube descriptions, so I can see a few unfortunate people try this video for their efficient platinum attempt.
  15. #35: Party like it's 2024 This was it, the game I actually wanted when I bought the trilogy. The first two games being there was fine don't get me wrong, but I knew they didn't come close to this game. The third game in the reignited trilogy, longer than the other two and more refined than ever in every way. The biggest addition is that you can play with different characters and that keeps things interesting and fresh in the third round. Aside from Spyro you can now also play as your loyal companion Sparx, as a high jumping ass kicking Kangaroo, as a flying rocket shooting military penguin, as an eloquent massive club wielding yeti and as a slightly insane laboratory monkey with laser guns. All of these characters play differently, some have their own differing modes for levels and sub levels, all have entertaining personalities and provide a lot of comedy. The game has more mini games than ever, from the once rightfully feared Yeti Boxing to rail shooting or sidescrolling and many more. The music is very close to the original but if you like the original more you can change to the classic music it in the games menu, though some songs are so faithfully recreated that it is hard to notice a big difference and the dynamic music is working nicely, a job well done for sure, graphics look as gorgeous and colorful as in the first two games. The only thing that slightly let me down was the reduced difficulty, this game was way too easy because they nerfed all the bosses, flying levels and minigames compared to the PS1. Aside from the Harbor Speedway that challenged me a bit during the racing part, everything was way too easy, I managed to win both the Yeti Boxing as well as the bonus world ice race on the very first try, these were tough as nails on PS1 so acing them right away would have been unthinkable, but here they seemed hard to even lose. Admittedly a bit of a shame but I guess it can't be helped with the sometimes easily discouraged current gamer generation, hell the first thread on Spyro 1 I saw was someone complaining about the flying levels being impossible, no idea how someone can come to that conclusion if a subpar gamer like me blitzes through it easily. That minor disappointment aside, since I thankfully encountered no bothersome bugs like some people reported, I still had my best gaming experience of the current year playing this trilogy and it is a damn shame I am done with it now, I even went the extra mile to get 120%, 100% and 117% respectively on the 3 games, which are the highest completion numbers you can get, just to prolong the whole thing a bit, but it sadly is finished for good now. I don't expect to have this much fun with a game again in quite a while, but it was great while it lasted and I got 3 platinums out of it as a bonus, all for quite cheap, really no reason complain about the whole thing. I can recommend the trilogy to anyone who has not bought it as of now, if you don't look for challenges and like collecting stuff you should have a great time with it.