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  1. Patch worked for both trophies, buuuuuuut... I miss some of the outfits that I got during 100% but it's not showing. If they fixed the inventory bug, I'll play it on Deadly and pick them again. If they didn't, delete the game, download without DLC and play it offline (no Legacy outfits) so I can have all outfits before downloading DLC and Legacy. Anyone knows if the inventory bug has been fixed?
  2. Thank you very much! I'll try to find it in the completed save, and report here. Probably won't work, but.. Thanks Again!!
  3. Omg I'm having this same issue. I'm going to try picking them Again before starting a new save, who knows.. Got everything on the map screen, shows me 99% complete and nothing else left to do. But I don't know what stuff are missing, can someone compare and tell me the names? (There's a guide with all the names in category? I searched but had no luck at all) Here's what I have in Artifacts screen: THE MISSIONARY 87% [x]Journal of T. Serrano [x]Journal of T. Serrano 3 [x]Journal of T. Serrano 2 [x]Brigittine Rosary [x]Decorated Crucifix [x]Faded Writing [x]Journal of T. Serrano 4 LARA'S NOTEBOOK 90% [x]Trinity Badge [x]Doctor Dominguez [x]Ix Chel and Chak Chel [x]The Silver Box of Ix Chel [x]The Cult of Kukulkan [x]Queen Unuratu [x]Amaru [x]Jonah Maiava [x]Commander Rourke [x]Andres Lopez PANTHEON OF GODS 75% [x]Yucatec [x]Deadly Earth Mother [x]Mask of Tezcatlipoca [x]The Winged Serpent [x]Tlaloc Vase [x]Lord and Lady of the Dead THE RESISTANCE 88% [x]In Name Only [x]Resist! [x]Inti Statuette [x]Reconnaissance [x]The Prophecy [x]Mama Quilla Mask [x]Protection [x]Copper Mace EXODUS 85% [x]Carved Bowl [x]Heart of the Serpent [x]Crumbling [x]Temple of Death [x]Temple of Life [x]Temple of the Moon CULT PF KUKULKAN 90% [x]Year Bundle [x]Macuahuitl [x]Ceremonial Fire Drill [x]Mask of the Fire God [x]Ceremonial Pipe [x]Golden Effigy [x]Cult of Kukulkan [x]Crime and Punishment [x]Warriors of Kukulkan [x]Priests of the Sun Thanks in avance 💜