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  1. Thank you for posting. I think I've identified my 9 missing ingredients, most of which are fish (as I suspected). The Cocoa Powder is what threw me off. I got it really early from an NPC and was never able to find it on the map.
  2. I have to say that bridge to nowhere has been the biggest disappointment/letdown during the game. Other areas that were closed off to you gave you the same message, "I shouldn't wander too far," or something like that. That one bridge kept giving me that message the whole game. Every time I was notified my area of exploration increased, I tried to cross that bridge and just got the same message. I held out hope that once I completed the story, I'd be allowed past that bridge and have a new area to explore to get the last few missing ingredients and the last few recipes. Alas, I think it's an invisible wall and there's no actual content past it. If only they used a different message so it wasn't teasing me the whole game.
  3. I'm at 150/160 ingredients, 91/100 recipes, and 364/400 fragments. 3 of those ingredients I got from visitors to the cafe and I've so far been inable to find them from any sources on the map. One of those was a fish I had not caught before. The "dragon holes" mentioned earlier have been another source of new ingredients. So far I have found 13 total in the game. I've randomly picked some bush/rock/fishing sources and fertilized them 3 times and received a new ingredient, so I suppose it's just a matter of exploring all possible sources. That's going to be tedious. I do have a list compiled of all 150 ingredients I've encountered so far. Perhaps if I knew which ones I was missing I could know where to concentrate my searches. As for the last 9 recipes, I have no idea. I've repeatedly talked to every staff member, mum, Pappy, and every cafe patron and no joy in being given any more recipes.