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  1. Many thanks Xolaroth for the update I had exacltly the same problem on PS4 Edition, I tried raw pork chop and... bam, trophy pop 😁
  2. Hi everybody Do someone know the new values of the trophies ? I read somewhere that the platinums worth now 300 points. What about the others, still the same values ? I searched on many topics but couldn't find the answer Many thanks
  3. Not a clue at all about the release date ?
  4. Same here... I performed 5 times an emote (tried the 4 basic emotes) before winning the race and nothing. Frustrating
  5. Aww.. too bad
  6. You have to win 5 finals in a row... But according to a thread on Reddit, it seems you can win 5 finals in a same session (without shutdown the game) and it counts
  7. After one trophy unlocked, everything is back to normal Thanks Zit and the others
  8. I followed the instructions and i had two games hidden indeed I unchecked them, confirmed, and updated my psnprofiles account. There still have a difference : lvl 22 5% on my PSN account and lvl 22 3% on psnprofiles Last request, if someone could explain me where we can see the hidden trophies, i could investigate a little more on this case Edit : Just saw that i have to unlock a trophy to fix it apparently
  9. Thank you Zit, that's perfect
  10. Just estimating It's probably 150 points like you said 😊
  11. Thank you all for yours answers I didn't know we can hide some trophies... and so I don't know how to unhide them either Any tip to solve it ? Thanks again guys
  12. Hi I noticed since few weeks that my real points on PSN and my total points displayed on my PSNPROFILES account are slightly different. About 30 to 50 more on my PSN account. Is anyone had the same issue ? Is there a fix ? Many Thanks