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  1. Plat #80: Angels of Death This was a good game! It's an RPG Maker indie "horror" game, and I used to love those games back when I was younger. So, when I found out about it, I had to get it and play it. It was a really interesting experience, and I can see why it was so popular that it got picked up and made into an anime and manga. I had a lot of fun exploring the various floors, seeing what crazy things the dev came up with as methods of murder and torture for the characters to use or experience. The backstories for the main characters are also super sad and I loved learning more about them. Oh, and I'm also the 9th person to get plat in this game, so that's exciting too! Also, I wrote a guide for this game as I played it! At the moment it's under review, but hopefully the site's staff like it and approve it soon!
  2. CSI Fatal Conspiracy – 0% -> 100% Amnesia: Memories – 1% -> 24% Life is Strange: Before the Storm – 0% -> 100% Destroy All Humans – 0% 2064: Read Only Memories – 47% -> 78% Update 6! I made a bit of progress last week, but it was only like two trophies’ worth, so I didn’t see the point in posting about it. Working nights has been kicking my butt way more than I expected (though I’m sure some health conditions I occasionally deal with flaring up with bad timing are a decently large part of that). I finished the CSI game! I have a lot of complaints in terms of how the science was handled, but they’re not that different than my complaints about the show, so I won’t get into it here. I still managed to have fun, despite my frustration at the game telling me I’m wrong for trying to use proper procedures in a few points. I also made some progress in Amnesia. I honestly went into this game with no knowledge of what the story was going to be like, aside from a handful of memes from within the otome community. I’m very pleasantly surprised by this game, and I’m excited for more when I get around to playing more routes!
  3. Plat #79: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy When I found out about this game, I absolutely had to play it. Everyone knows how terrible CSI the show is in terms of accuracy, but having studied forensics in college to become a CSI tech myself, it's extra disgusting. So, I needed to see how bad the game was in comparison to the show. The story was interesting, which I'm pretty sure is thanks to Telltale being the developer. They also wrote accurate descriptions for most of the tools. In terms of the actual investigations and usage of the tools though... It was terrible. Improper procedures and inaccurate representation of protocols, all on top of the usual problems from the show (CSI techs don't carry guns or carry out warrant requests or interviews, and they aren't jack of all trades who do every single type of evidence, they have specialties that they focus on). Despite all the inaccuracies that usually irritate me with the show, though, I actually had a pretty good time playing this game. I'm very pleasantly surprised!
  4. See, I couldn't even really enjoy the music! I hate the style of indie music where the singers are whispering more than actually singing, and slow music is boring to me 9 times out of 10. I did like the music from the concert at the start of Before the Storm, though, that was good. Part of my problem with Life is Strange being so full of teenage drama BS is when I played the first game I was working for a school district, so I had to deal with it all day every day except weekends, and then I would come home and force myself through more to try to get it over with already. It was overwhelming and I'm glad I never have to play it again. Haha I think it does! I've been warned against playing 2 so many times, since even big fans of 1 and Before the Storm managed to not like it. So if you didn't like those two either... Join me in staying the hell away from it 😂
  5. CSI Fatal Conspiracy – 0% -> 58% Amnesia: Memories – 1% -> 20% Life is Strange: Before the Storm – 0% -> 100% Destroy All Humans – 0% 2064: Read Only Memories – 47% -> 78% Update 5! My mom and grandma came to visit me this week, and I also started working nights (which is why my update is late, I’ve lost track of what day it is already!). I thought that meant I wouldn’t get much done, but I surprisingly still got a decent amount of progress done. Still not a big fan of Before the Storm, now that I’m done with it. I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes at it as hard or as often as I did for the first game, but I still don’t like Chloe much and I’m still not a fan of teenage drama BS. This one had more of a generic crime thriller vibe than teenage drama vibe, so I don’t hate it as much as I hated most of the first game, but it’s still not my favorite. But whatever, at least it’s finally out of my life and I can stop worrying about it. I also made a bit more progress in the CSI game. Still inaccurate, but kind of a fun game still regardless. And it’s fun refreshing my memory by explaining to my roommate what some of the proper procedures are when she comes to watch me play it, since my PS3 is in the living room.
  6. Thanks man, I appreciate it! I definitely loved the visuals for Uncanny Valley. I missed out on a lot of story stuff by never figuring out how to view the tapes, though, and I saw that most of the story was on those. Whoops! I'll definitely take a look at Lone Survivor though, thanks for the recommendation
  7. Plat #78: Life is Strange: Before the Storm I got the plat for the first game before I started this thread, so for some background, let me explain my opinion of the first game. I thought it SUCKED. Imagine whatever expletive you want, I probably have used it to describe this game. I liked the second half of the last chapter and I liked Warren's character, and that was about it. I hated Chloe, I found Max to be a little boring, and I hated how Max let Chloe walk all over her. I hate teenage drama BS, and despite all the cool sci-fi/crime stuff they could have done with various plot points, the majority of it was teenage drama BS. I expected to like it a lot because of how everyone hyped it up and that what I knew of the story seemed cool, but nope. Luckily I got it for free from PS+. . . . Unfortunately, not the case for Before the Storm. I bought it before playing the first game, expecting to like it, and when I didn't, I regretted having spent money on this game and was dreading having to play it. Normally I would just sell it back and deal with the net loss to avoid playing it, but I bought it digitally, so no reselling. I felt obligated to play this eventually since I can't resell a digital copy. Luckily I got it on sale at least... Anyway. Onto my opinion of this game. I hated playing as Chloe, because I still don't like her even after playing this game and seeing more of her motivations/formative years. But I did kinda like Rachel's character (when she wasn't throwing a fit), and this game had more of a generic crime thriller vibe to it than generic teenage drama BS. So... I guess my opinion is a little less strong about this one. I could probably comfortably describe it as okay, but not really good in terms of my taste. My apologies to anyone who likes this game/series. You do you, it's not my cup of tea.
  8. CSI Fatal Conspiracy – 0% -> 43% Amnesia: Memories – 1% -> 20% Life is Strange: Before the Storm – 0% -> 30% Destroy All Humans – 0% 2064: Read Only Memories – 47% -> 78% Update 4! Well, Life is Strange has finally been started. And I was right, I do hate it as much as I hated the first game. I kind of like Rachel’s character, but I’m still not a fan of Chloe, so playing as her for this game kinda really sucks. I only got to one episode this weekend due to needing to clean and feeling sick, but when my weekend falls is changing thanks to temporarily switching to overnights, so I’m at least going to have it done and out of my life soon. I made a little bit more progress in 2064. Most of what’s left is ending stuff, I can get some by save scumming but I do have to play another run too. I’m going to have to do that one on my PS4 instead of my Vita, though, as the Vita version is known to crash often and one of the trophies I have left is to play through the game in a single sitting. I also started the CSI game. I got it because I wanted to see how terribly inaccurate it is in comparison to the show. The game is slightly more accurate, but still pretty horrible compared to how things really are in the forensics field.
  9. CSI Fatal Conspiracy – 0% Amnesia: Memories – 1% -> 20% Life is Strange: Before the Storm – 0% Destroy All Humans – 0% 2064: Read Only Memories – 47% -> 64% Update 3! I didn’t start Life is Strange this week, but for a genuine reason! I had to spend my weekend this week making a trip to my hometown to pick up my new glasses. I’ll start it during my weekend next week. I still don’t expect to like it, but I just want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. I made a bunch of progress with 2064! I hope to finish it before long. It’s really sad that the Vita store is closing soon, I love my Vita. It’s super convenient for travelling (which is how I made a bunch of progress in 2064 this week, I brought it with me on that trip I mentioned) and has tons of the Japanese games I like on it. Normally I post much later in the day in case I make progress on Sunday, but I know I won't make any more progress on these games today. I'm in a mad dash to try to get one particular trophy to finish up a series of challenges for this month in my friend's Discord server before the end of the day on the 31.
  10. CSI Fatal Conspiracy – 0% Amnesia: Memories – 1% -> 20% Life is Strange: Before the Storm – 0% Destroy All Humans – 0% 2064: Read Only Memories – 47% Update 2! I was a bit distracted last week working on my 74th and 75th plats, plus a couple games for a challenge in my friend’s server. Whoops! No progress then, but this week I have a little to report! I finished the minigame stuff for Amnesia. I planned on getting some other stuff done too, but I had some other stuff to do and also played a couple shorter games to get them out of my backlog. Same as when I played the first game for a previous one of these challenges, I plan on playing a chapter a day of Before the Storm on my days off starting this coming week, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do that. I hated the first game until the very end, and I doubt I’ll like this one either. I’m only playing it because I bought it digitally and hate to have wasted my money never playing it. Lesson learned though: try the first game in a series before buying other games in the series.
  11. That's good to hear the other Sherlock Holmes games are good! I just got Crimes and Punishments during the last sale, so I'm excited to play it after I finish a few other games. Thank you for letting me know you like this thread! It's very much appreciated and I'm always down to chat about the games I've played!
  12. Plat #77: Ellen This indie horror was pretty interesting. I got some serious spooks while playing by myself, but once I started following a video guide because I kept getting lost, it wasn't very spooky. Most of the story was in the notes, but I remembered to read them this time! It's actually got a bit of a sad story to it. I was kinda really frustrated with the save system though, as there was one part near the end where I kept dying and the closest autosave was 5-10 minutes back. It would have been nice in that situation to be able to save manually, or to have another autosave happen.
  13. Plat #76: Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child A simple little point and click hidden object puzzle game! It had a pretty interesting story, and if the cliffhanger at the end is any indication there's going to be a sequel, I'll gladly play it! I nabbed this while it was on sale, but for this interesting story I might have been willing to pay full price. Oh, and a fun little detail I noticed too! During one of the hidden object puzzles, I spotted a toy I used to have when I was a kid. I hadn't noticed before that moment that some of the things in the hidden object puzzles in this game were photos of real things until I spotted that toy. So that was a fun extra thing I noticed! (The toy was a FurReal Friends newborn kitten plush if anyone is curious lmao, they're a very distinctive toy because the robotic parts that made it move made the plush look a bit funny.)
  14. Plat #73: Murdered: Soul Suspect PS4 I hadn't realized I'd forgotten to post this guy! I actually got this done on 12 February but apparently forgot to post it. Nothing much to say about it, this is a system stack for me. I felt like experiencing the story again, and it was on sale for dirt cheap. Still not a fan of the demons mechanic, but otherwise an interesting story in a decent walking sim. Plat #74: Oxenfree This one I got today! I actually wanted to play this game years ago, one of my best friends showed it to me way back in freshman year of college several years ago. I even bought it on Steam to try to play on my laptop, but I could never get it to run on my crappy laptop, so I never got to experience the story. Well, it was on sale recently so I decided to nab it and finally get to experience it and... Wow. What a fascinating story, I loved the little details and the little changes between runs! Who knows, I may replay this game again someday for fun just because! Plat #75: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Now this game is just a Friday the 13th franchise reskin of my very first plat, Slayaway Camp. But I still had fun with it! It's a neat little slider puzzle where you go around killing everyone. Some of the grindy trophies were a bit annoying, but it's all still very doable so long as you keep a bit of determination if you don't manage them relatively quickly. It's a fun game, and I'm glad I got to do it as my 75th milestone as a throwback to my very first!
  15. CSI Fatal Conspiracy – 0% Amnesia: Memories – 1% -> 6% Life is Strange: Before the Storm – 0% Destroy All Humans – 0% 2064: Read Only Memories – 47% Update 1! It was a bit of a chaotic week for me this week, so I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked. Work had me opening, which is a struggle when I’m sometimes not in bed yet by the time the store opens. I also got a new dog last week! It’s been an adjustment for all of us (me, him, my roommate), but I think things are looking much better and I won’t have to worry much any more! Anyway, on to the game updates! I only made a teensy bit of progress in one of the games for this challenge this week. I did some of the minigame stuff in Amnesia: Memories. I was more focused on trying to finish setting up the game I’m doing for my 75th plat and working on a shorter indie to get done quickly for my 74th. But I’m mostly done with the indie for my 74th, and all that’s left for my 75th is a date sensitive trophy, so by the end of this week I should have both done and can focus more on the games for this challenge!