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  1. Update Cosmic Star Heroine Playtime: 6 hours Trophies Earned: 11/34 17% I have played this game for 6 plus hours and it has been very good. Cosmic Star Heroine has the most unique RPG combat system I've ever seen. It's a bit complicated, so forgive me if I miss anything. Each character can have up to 7 abilities plus defense. Once you use an ability, you can't use it again until you defend. You will learn new abilities as you level up but you can only equip 7. Abilities are attacks, buffs, healing etc. You also have items that are shared between all party members, but individual items can only be used once per battle. Items are not consumed. There is a third that has power abilities that can only be used once per battle, that are determined by equipment and a certain stat. There is also a gameplay mechanic called hyper mode, where every certain number of turn your abilities are a lot stronger. You also gain style points while you battle. If your HP reaches zero and you have 50 style points (I think the style point amount changes based on difficulty) you HP gets negative and you enter desperation mode. You can heal to get out of it or your next ability will do crazy damage. Also, a character will be knocked out after they take their turn in desperation mode. The combat in this game has forced me to play it differently then other RPGs. You're fully healed after every fight and there is no MP/mana system. I actually use status conditions regularly because not every enemy is immune to all of them. Every fight takes strategy to win and they usually last a while. The story in this game moves very fast. I've only played for 6 hours and I've already saved a city from terrorists, did a secret mission as a secret agent, betray the secret organize I worked for because they turned out to be evil, fought the law and won, solved the rock, paper, scissors puzzle, fought a giant mech, took control of that mech to fight a giant monster that randomly appeared, joined the freedom fighters at their secret base, the secret base get's attacked 5 minutes after I show up, we take over the bad guys space ship and I have the feeling this game is turning into Mass Effect. The jokes in this game are great and I stood in front of a door for 5 real life minutes because I thought the game was doing the Earthbound thing were you had to stand in front for two minutes to progress. The graphics remind of Super Nintendo RPGs. I like the music in the game so far. Overall, Cosmic Star Heroine is a great game.
  2. Update "Having Dessert First" Code: Realize - Future Blessings Playtime: 8 hours (guesstimate) Trophies Earned: 6/32 11% I bought Code: Realize - Future Blessings almost a year ago. I really liked the first game, so I bought the second one despite only finishing one route in the first. I only played the first game because it was a PS+ title back in 2016. I feel so strange talking about something that happened 3 years ago. My life was so different back then. Anyway, I was most interested how the plot would continue from the first game. There was at least 5 different endings and you couldn't make them all cannon because there would have been 5 different plots to destroy the would going on at once. Well, I haven't actually started the sequel, yet. Not the "main campaign". The game lets you play the side content first if you want to. I decided to be a rebel and do that. I played the Finis route first because I don't like Finis. Finis was second least favorite character. All I can really say without spoiling anything, he went from being a little brat to a decent character. The next route I played was the Herlock Sholmes one. It was quite refreshing to actually be the correct side of the law for once. Both the Finis and Sholmes route feel like additional routes for the first game. I don't mind that myself but I see how that could be confusing to new players to be dropped in the middle of story. Code: Realize are visual novel games. You get to made a decision every half-hour that will effect how the story plays out. I usually don't have trouble figuring out the correct choices for the endings I want by myself but I do die on occasion. I remember to save my progress before every decision, just in case. I don't really have any excuse for never finishing this game. I take visual novels slowly, so it will take a while. I hope I don't miss a glossary word again and have to search through the entire game with a microscope again.
  3. Review "Death Blitz to get Gretel on my Team" Mary Skelter: Nightmares Playtime: 30 hours Trophies Earned: 16/24 24% Why this Game? I have no idea what a Mary Skelter is and I still don't. I saw this game in the Vita store for years and never bought it. It was on sale for under $5, so I bought it. I never got around to playing until now because I was busy with other stuff. Story A good chunk of humanity is stuck in jail. Not normal jail, living demon Persona-like jail. There are a bunch demons called Marchens that torture people inside jail and force you to like walls all day. The game starts with Jack and Alice being totally average prisoners. Red Riding Hood appears and takes Alice because she is special. Jack wanted to be a main character too, so he runs after the two. Both Alice and Red Riding Hood are blood maidens, girls with special powers that are the only decent way to kill a Marchen. When Blood Maidens get a lot of Marchen blood on them, they go all Dragon Ball-Z and kill things better. When they get too much blood on them and are having a bad day, they go into Blood Skelter. Blood Skelter isn't good because Blood Maidens become amazing killing machines that will anything will a pulse. Alice enters this state and Red Riding Hood has too put her down because there is no cure. Jack decides to try diplomacy, gets stabbed 38 times in the chest and bleeds all over Alice. Alice returns to normal, Red Riding Hood is sad because there was a cure for blood Skelter all along and she didn't have to kill all the other Blood Maidens. Alice and Red Riding Hood drag Jacks body back to resistance HQ for science. Jack lives because he has plot armour. Jack and Alice join the resistance because it better then liking walls all day. Jack: The main-protagonist. He isn't a Blood Maiden but he really wants to fight evil, so he allowed to tag along and take many bullets for the team. His blood is also special and allows Blood Maidens to fight without fear of Blood Skelter. Alice: Friends with Jack because Jack was the only person that was nice to her. Alice is the smart character, who is always right. Red Riding Hood: The "field leader" because everyone else died or is not part of your party yet. She has leader qualities and stuff. Snow White: Her personality is that she has no personality. She also refers to herself in the third person and spills hot tea on Jack. Sleeping Beauty: The voice actor requested to be paid by the word, so she doesn't talk much. Sleeping Beauty is probably sleep walking through the whole game. It probably wasn't a great idea to give her a gun, Tumbelina: Your typical vertically challenged textbook tsundere. I actually like her for some reason. Don't call her short or young or else she will get very mad. Cinderella: She takes her time joining your party because she was busy cleaning. She turns into a complete mess if she loses something. Kaguya: A lazy hermit who doesn't want to do anything. It was a pain to recruit her for my party. Rapunzel: Aside from the opening, I haven't even seen her yet. She looks like a little kid, even younger then Tumbelina, She will probably be a little brat, with her redeeming quality being hitting things really hard with a hammer. Professor Tohjima: The old scientist man that does all the hard science. He is also the leader of the resistance, called the Dawn of something or other. Red Riding Hood calls him dad. Miko Ueshima: She accidentally super glued her hand to her glasses. She also does science things and seems to hate everyone equally. Haru: Upgrades your weapons and smokes all the cigarettes. Clara: Little child the runs the shop you never visit. Merchant: The creepy guy the appears randomly in dungeons. He runs the shop that you want to visit regularly but can't because it's rare random event. Towa Kadowaki: The guy who guards the front gate. Also, a closet serial killer. Michiru/Oohime: The prophet of the Sun Worshipers who is probably just on all of the drugs. Hitsuka: The other Sun Worshiper that does all the work. Will probably try to kill you at some point. Gretel: The one person that has kept me playing. The reason this "review' is late. I saw Gretel in the intro and she looked so cool. I'm very determined about getting her into my party. Will use her even if she as good as a Magikarp. I've actually met her, right now she is a bit evil and wants me dead. We will be best friends forever. She will probably betray everyone at some point but we will forgive her because she is awesome. Gameplay Mary Skelter: Nightmares is a grid based, dungeon exploring RPG with almost everything. You have a class system, weapon upgrading, de-leveling, skill customization, affection system, lewd rubbing mini game and probably more stuff that I haven't unlocked yet. You will mostly be exploring grid based dungeons with a confusing layout in search of the plot. The dungeon feature traps and a little puzzle solving. You will encounter both random and static enemy encounters. There is also a super powerful enemy called a nightmare that will occasionally try to kill you if enter it's personal space bubble. It has plot armour until you do plot stuff. You mostly just run away until you exit the personal space bubble, unless you get trapped in a corner, You are forced to fight it until you break part of it and then you are allowed to run away while it is stunned. You can also find treasure in the dungeons. The treasure is usually junk but a cup of coffee costs 5000 usd, so you can't afford better stuff. Your battles are general RPG stuff. You can have up to 5 party members (5 members in new to me) + Jack + Support in a battle at once. You win once the enemy is dead, you lose if your Blood Maidens are all knocked out (Jack doesn't count). Blood Maidens have a basic attack command, magic that uses SP, lick, defend and escape. All those options, besides lick, should should be familiar if you have played any turn based RPG in your life. Your secondary goal in battle is to create as much blood as possible. You do this by hitting enemies with the element type they're weak against, getting critical hits and killing the enemy so hard, it blood spatters everywhere. Every Blood Maiden had a blood meter on the side. You can use the lick option to consume another Blood Maiden's meter in exchange for a powerful effect. If the meter is full, at the start of a Maiden's turn, they will enter Massacre. Massacre turns the Maidens hair white, gives them more attack power, they gain access to more spells, that are cheaper than a game in a Steam sale to cast, and will heal both HP and SP if a blood spatter is created while they're in this mode. Massacre mode ends after the battle is over or a few turns pass. If a Blood Maidens blood gets corrupted too much, they will enter Blood Skelter, which is usually not great. They are super strong and can attack multiple times per-turn but you have zero-control over what they do and who they will attack. Jack is also a party member in battle but his role is different because he is special. Jack can create blood, Mary Gun, Guard, use a item or escape. The Mary Gun allows Jack to remove corruption from a Bloods Maidens blood and take them out of Blood Skelter state, in exchange for his blood. Jack has his own blood meter that, can be refilled with the create blood option. Guard allows Jack to tank the damage the damage a Blood Maiden would receive; he can usually only take a single hit before he is stunned. Under normal conditions, items are exclusive to Jack, so he has that going for him. Jack can be knocked out if he losses too much blood or tanks too much during a fight. Jack isn't very useful if you'e doing well, if you're in trouble, he can rip victory from the jaws of defeat. Graphics and Sound I have no complaints about the graphics. Everything looks great and interesting. I like how the blood is a florescent bright pink, because I would probably faint it was red. The soundtrack is very good so far. Trophy Thoughts I have been playing for fun and haven't thought about trophy much. I haven't looked at the list too much to avoid spoilers and I don't care about trophy too much. Final Thoughts I absolutely adore this game. It was a bit harder then I would have liked on Normal, so I turned the difficulty down. It's so fun to play but I did get lost really badly in a few dungeons. This will most likely be my favorite game of the event. I'll probably do a second review of this one, after I've done most of the things. There a game mechanics I haven't even mentioned.
  4. I apologize for being so late with my submission. I'll be playing 5 games. 1-6 Mary Skelter: Nightmares 7-12 Code: Realize - Future Blessings 13-18 Cosmic Star Heroine 19-24 Puyo Puyo Champions 25-30 Trillion: God of Destruction Starting Completion is 57.27% I have not been gaming much since KYC 10 ended. I probably won't touch Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded because it scares me.
  5. Oh my goodness, your profile photo looks like my cat!

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      I guess your cat has the powers of teleportation :o

  6. Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!!
  7. Super Neptunia RPG felt like Final Fantasy 9 to me. I like FF9 so that is a good thing. A good amount of the gameplay mechanics I was onboard and liked. Sadly, the game doesn't do much, if anything, with its gameplay mechanics and almost every fight is spam the enemies weakness until they die. The story is okay. I enjoyed it. The visuals and soundtrack were amazing. I usually don't care too much about looks. I was constantly blown away by the visuals. Personally, I didn't mind censorship because I don't like fanservice. It has always been my least favorite part of these games. Games are not made just for me and I can accept that others enjoy that aspect. I feel censorship is wrong (in most cases) and this game shouldn't have been censored. I've been a Neptunia fan since Victory, so I was going to like the game no matter what. I really enjoy this game, despite the combat being a mess and easy to exploit.
  8. I got lucky with Harcore Risette fan. I was playing the game for the first time and got it without trying.
  9. You need 4 people to get the Backseat Driver trophy. All the other base game online trophies only require 2 people, max. For reaching rank 100, you can spend your time alone in private sessions or solo public lobbies. Getting to rank 100 isn't difficult but takes awhile. It took me a month on my second go but I wasn't trying.
  10. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.
  11. Update 022 "If I can't get P, I feel asleep" Psyhco-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Playtime: I stopped counting Tropies Earned: All There was a Jojo reference. I was also very bored while finishing this game. I was on the edge of passing out on multiple occasions. I guess I'm not interested in Visual novels that don't let me date hot and/or cute guys. "Compa Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing" Super Neptunia RPG Playtime: 28 hours Tropies Earned: + the others It turns out that this game has missable trophies. Fortunately I only missed one and it was obtainable after the first boss. I enjoyed the game a lot but the last act felt a bit rushed to me The trophy grind was quick because of the Metal Dogoo room. Compa saved the day again because equipment in her DLC had a move that was able to do good reliable damage to Metal Dogoos. Noire learned the move but because of game mechanics, Compa had to stand around and look pretty so Noire could actually use the move. The title is very short for a RPG. Super Neptunia RPG is a perfectly balanced with zero exploits and glitches. If you failed the perception check, I'm being sarcastic. Every fight can be one by exploiting the enemies weakness (you can also know their weakness at the press of a button), there are plenty of way to combo a enemy infinitely, absorb every type of attack (except neutral magic but baddies rarely/never have neutral magic and use it), and the game is not difficult once you learn the mechanics. Despite the gameplay being a broken mess, it was a lot of fun. The game surprising only crashed one time. 5/6 game are 100% complete. I doubt any of them will get DLC trophies so I'm in the clear. The last game is Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded and I doubt I'll get around to it anytime soon.
  12. Celeste I think it's the first time I've seen that one.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, when the Vita's battery drains to the point where it shuts off, the system will refuse to turn on for several minutes when you plug it in to ghe charger. I have a model 2 Vita and I remember my Vita refused to turn on for at least 5 minutes. The trophy being delayed because of low battery seems plausible. It is possible but insanely difficult to test. The timing window between trophy pops leave little room for error and you can't know exactly when the battery will die.
  14. Final Overview The games in event order. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - A visual novel game based of the Psycho-Pass anime that I never watched. I like the game when I'm not reading something I've already read. I expected to platinum this game during the event but I wasn't motivated to play it much. This game will be finished soon after the event, even if I have to force myself to finish it. Gravity Rush Remastered - I wonder why the Vita failed with games like this exclusive to the platform. It was a good idea to port the game to a platform people actually owned. In this game the simple act of moving around is fun. I wasn't excepting this title to be difficult given the platinum is a 7.6% - Sorry, I forgot we use PSNP rarity here, 26.38% rarity at the time of writing this. This game was the fastest 100% of the event. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded - This is the only dungeon crawler I've played for more then 2 hours. The game can be very punishing and difficult at times. This was my favorite game to write updates for and changed my writing style going forward. This game will probably remain incomplete for a long time. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded is the rarest game on my KYC list (has under a 150 registered site users [NA list; the Japanese list has around 2000] ; Super Neptunia RPG [NA list] has over 300 so far and the game is barely over a month old) and the only ultra rare platinum on my list. This game will be incomplete for a long time because it intimidates me. Valkyria Revolution - The Fallout: Botherhood of Steel of the Valkyria Chronicles series. I excepted a train wreck, but I got a minor car accident where nobody is seriously hurt, at worst. I enjoyed the story, the gameplay was usually fun and the visual are fine but the filter ruins them. I put the most effort into this title; I gave it a extra day of playtime before my review. The platinun/100% wasn't too difficult but requires a lot of grinding. I finished this game up before writing this. I wasn't able to get a time of 28 seconds on mission 9-1. Super Neptunia RPG - I was going to play this in July anyway but I used it for KYC because the game was released in North America when the event was announced. Super Neptunia RPG is one of the best Neptunia games made to date and one of the few games I will ever praise for having good visuals. The game reminds me of Final Fantasy 9 a lot. This is the only game on the list that I didn't finish the main story of. I will have that platinum soon, it will take 1-3 days of work to earn. Rocketbirds 2: Evolution - I enjoyed the first and had the second (PS Plus) so I decided to play it. I was mentally prepared to play the multiplayer with 2 Vita's again but fortunately the multiplayer could be played solo. I like the first Rocketbirds more but the second is still a good game. The multiplayer trophies weren't overly grindy, all the trophies that I thought would be hard were not too bad and those damn signs are terrible. I would have platinumed this game faster then Gravity Rush but I went to bed before getting the two trophies before platinum because I was tired. I was originally going to do a ten game list but I decided against it because 3 days per game seemed to short for me. My original list contained Nekopara Vol. 1, Transformers Devastation, Zone of the Enders 2 HD, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and Curses N Chaos. Everything except Nekopara Vol.1 may show up in a future Kill Your Completion. Other games I played during the event. Borderlands 2 - I needed a break from Psycho-Pass. Minecraft (PS4 & Vita) - People over the age of 12 are allowed to play Minecraft. I mostly did multiplayer stuff and got trophies added in recent patches. Rayman Legends - I'm still going for that platinum and only need 810 more points for the final awesomeness level. Kung Fu Rabbit - I was seeing if the game had a cross-save for game dispute reasons. Turns out it doesn't support that feature but I earned a few trophies on the PS3 version of the game so I finished the whole thing. Starwhal - My PS3 wasn't getting much love this month so I AFK farmed the 1000 deaths trophy. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - I was getting all the co-op trophies out of the way. Downwell - It's a chill Vita game I play occasionally. Musynx - A rhythm game you most likely never heard of. I play it sometimes to chill. Valkyria Chronicles - Voodoo_Eyes asked me if all the Valkyria Chronicles games had Valkyria Revolutions crap filter over them. I played this game just to make sure it didn't and ended up playing it for a few hours. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls - I'm currently planning on this being platinum 100. I lost my save data so I'm putting in a lot effort that you can't see. My competition rate at the start of the event was 56.20%. My current completion rate is 57.02%. I feel like I've completely missed the point because my completion actually got better. Half my list I've already got 100% on, Super Neptunia RPG is at 57%, Psycho-Pass is 35% and Touhou Genso Wanderer is at a decent 21%. The only new game I played that wasn't on my list was Kung Fu Rabbit and it helped my rate in the end. My completion is pretty bad to begin with so I didn't expect too much to change. I'll be working on the completion rate so hopefully I don't come out ahead next time. Edit: I have committed many atrocities over the event but my worst one was forgetting to thank Voodoo_Eyes for hosting the event and thanking everyone else for participating.