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  1. Update 015 "Bomb Defusal, American Style" Valkyria Revolution Playtime: 16 hours Trophies Earned: 9/28 14% I was on a mission where the enemy irresponsibly left land mines all over the place. It wasn't part of the mission to dispose off them but I decided to get rid of them anyway because they're a tripping hazard. Sadly, I didn't bring a teammate who the ability to defuse the mines properly. I shot the mines with my guns instead because if they exploded, they were no longer a threat. My method was tedious because there is no way to invert the Y-axis in gun aiming but it was still effective. I eventually ran out of ammunition so I resorted to running over the mines to detonate them. My elite soldiers don't take much damage from explosions and I've trained them not to trip over them so they were okay. I also figured out how to run in the game. You just hold . I did by accident and noticed my character was moving faster than normal. I was thinking the game needed a run function so I'm happy I figured that out before I complained about in my review; I would have gotten so many messages saying there is a way to run.
  2. If you don't like the site, you could make your own better version. It would require a lot of hard work and money to pull off. You would also need to pull the supporters from theis site over to you; my suggestion would be to use blackjack and attractive women. It is good to hear the ribbon dream isn't dead yet. I was very worried the idea was scraped because too many people hated it or Sly didn't want it.
  3. Review "Plan on There Being a Remake" Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Playtime: 30 hours Trophies Earned: 13/45 21% Why this game? I was interested in buying Touhou Genso Wanderer but I forgot about that game. A remake came out so I wanted to buy the remake because remakes tend to be better then the original. I bought Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded during the Christmas sale last year with a bunch of other games and never got around to playing it. Original or Remake? I haven't actually played the original but from what I've heard online is that Reloaded is just the original game, DLC included, with a lot of new content. The only reasons to buy the original now is to play the game on Vita or you want to stack trophies. Gameplay I have little to no experience with dungeon crawlers. I have played a little (about a dungeon) of Pokemon Mystery games when I was a child. The only dungeon crawlers I own are Dragon Fin Soup (PS+), Dragon Crystal and Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God (I really liked the name so I bought the game). I didn't play those titles very much and haven't touched them in years. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded is a dungeon Crawler. Your goal is to go adventure through many floors of a dungeon and sometimes beat up the boss at the end. Your goal each floor is to find the exit and not die; it's a good idea to find weapons, equipment, items and food and/or beat up the enemies for experience. On boss rooms, you just want to kill the boss before they kill you. Dungeons can have various modifier that make them easier or more difficult. Some don't allow you to bring anything in with you or bring your companion along. Some contain cursed items. I'll stick to mechanics that are consistent between dungeons because of this. You always start at level 1 (at least in every dungeon I've done) when entering a dungeon. You will gain experience points by defeating enemies.and level to increase your hit points (HP) and other stats. If you fail or leave the dungeon, you start over and your level goes back to 1. You explore dungeons on a turn system. You are allowed to use one action under normal conditions per turn. Doing anything besides shifting your characters orientation will use a turn. During a turn, you can move attack, throw use a item or wait. You can move to any tile that doesn't contain a non player character, wall or terrain you can't stand on. You can move diagonally in this game, there is even a button that you can hold to it will make it only possible to move diagonally; it's very useful because it can be difficult to move diagonally with the D-Pad. You are allowed to move with the analog stick but it just feels wrong with this type of game. Choosing to wait let's everyone else take their turn while you do nothing; it's good if you need to regenerate you heath or need a enemy to be in a certain position. You have two types of attacks. You can preform a basic attack that will attack whatever you're facing with your equipped weapon/s. Every character can use their Danmaku to attack. Every character has at least 4 Danmaku. Danmaku costs power cubes to use. Power cubes are common enemy drops and you can hold 30. In addition to your hit points, you also need to keep your tummy gauge full. The gauge will go down a little each turn and you must eat food to replenish it. As long as the gauge is above 0 you will recover HP every turn you're not fighting. If the gauge reaches zero, you lose HP every turn. The tummy gauge acts like a time limit and keeps gameplay fast. Floors have a turn limit but I have never reached it and only know it exists because I got a message warning me I was close to reaching it. Food is common enough that I rarely reach 0 and I've never died of hunger in a actual dungeon. There are 3 types of equipment, weapons, shields and charms. All equipment types can have abilities, resonance and seals. Abilities are passive effects a piece of equipment has; these rarely change if they can even be changed and are always active. Resonance are passives that only activate if another piece of equipment has the same resonance; these are a stable as the abilities. Seals are work the same as abilities but you are able to change them. Equipment can have slots for seals, you are able to give a equipment seals by fusing it with equipment with seals or by using seals on that piece of equipment. Weapons are used for attacking. Weapons come in two types, one handed and two handed. One handed weapons can be duel wheedled or used with a shield. Two handed weapons are very powerful but you can't hold another weapon or shield. Shields are your defensive item. They work automatically and make you take less damage. You can only equip one. Charms have there own slot and can always be equipped. Charms have the most powerful passive benefits. Talismans are scarps of magic paper that do various things. These items can be used multiple times but have a limited number of uses. If use use the throw command on a talisman, you will use all of it's uses but the effect may be more powerful. Medicine are items that you can drink for positive or negative effects. Drinking medicine will also restore a bit of tummy. Throwing medicine at a companion or enemy will give what every you hit the medicines effects. Spell cards are powerful one use items. Then can contain powerful effects or devastating attacks. Food, you eat it so you don't starve. It may give you a beneficial or negative effect. Gaps are some of the most powerful items in the game if you use them well. There are many different gap types gaps but most I've seen interact with the other items in interesting ways. Gaps can have between 1 and 9 charges. You also can have a companion tag along on your dungeon exploring, well most of the time. Your companion just tags along and will help you kill enemies, They're AI controlled but you can give them 4 commands. Follow me; they will follow behind you and will attack enemies if you are fighting them. Fight with me; they will follow you but if a enemy is within range, they will make it their one goal to kill them. Explore; they will go explore the dungeon on their own and kill anything they see. Wait; they will stand still but will attack anything in range. Companions also have Danmaku and will use it a random. Companion can be equipped with a weapon (no two handed or duel wielding), a shield and charm. Companions don't have a tummy gauge to manage. If they die, they're dead until you use a revive spell card or you find a shrine. Floors also have traps on certain tiles. You can't see them under normal conditions (Gap Trap being the only exception) unless you attack the space they're on. Traps are there just to ruin your day. There are too many traps to mention here but 99% of the time they're bad. Story I can't be bothered to talk about the story. There are multiple story lines in this game that involve a incident that a duo of characters must solve by clearing a dungeon and beating a boss. I haven't encounter all the characters yet so I won't do the thing where I point out all the important character's unlikable traits and write things about them in this review. Maybe next time. Graphics and Sound The game looks good. There a a few fully animated cut scenes but the majority are visual novel style; only facial changes between lines. The music is very good, not surprising being Touhou Project, but I enjoy everything I heard so far. I really enjoy that the weapons and shields you equip show up on your character and companion. Trophy Thoughts I think this game will be a bitch to platinum. It may be the hardest one I ever complete, if I ever get around to it. I'm adding it to the list but it's not very high up. Final Thoughts I really like this game. I can't wait to come back to it in the future. I'll definitely review it again. I will be awhile because the game has a lot of content and I get threw it at a slow pace. Sorry if it seems like I gave up half through the review; it is only like that because I gave up. I want to do other things today. Update 014 "It's good!!?" Valkyria Revolution Playtime: 6 hours Trophies Earned: 6/28 10% This game didn't live up to my expectations at all. I expected it to be a terrible game that I would force myself to play for the sake of this event. To my surprise, I'm actually enjoying this game. It's not perfect but I'm having a great playing this. I would still be playing if I wasn't obligated to write a Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded review today. So far I'm very invested in the story and the characters. I'm having a very fun time with the gameplay so far. The game struggles in the visual department but I'll save my complaints for the review.
  4. It's good to hear that Earthbound is on a console people actually own. Speaking of the 3DS, the Style Savvy games can also be played one handed.
  5. Update 013 "Drinking Tea Saved my Life; Tsumugi would be proud" Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Play Time: 30 Hours Trophies Earned: 13/45 21% I avoided the game for 2 days because difficult things are difficult. I bit the bullet and gathered all the healing supplies I would need to beat up the boss that was giving me trouble. Getting the healing supplies and getting to the boss took an hour. The actual fight went better then I planned. I healed when I needed to, let my companion do most of the fighting and revived her when she got hit by the massive laser. Everything was going well until I was hit by the massive instant-death laser... Yeah, I died. I was instantly filled with despair. Then I came back from the dead instantly. I forgot about the tea I drank that auto-revives me; my safety play paid off and I was happy. The boss died in one hit after and I beat the dungeon. I was rewarded for my hard work with a poorly drawn cut scene and the privilege to watch another Touhou Double Focus advertisement. I also got a trophy but nobody cares about those. I made it to another dungeon and I got stuck again. I have mostly worked out my strategy and tactics for the next boss. Fortunately, this dungeon is shorter and the boss seams easier. I would of defeated her already but I got a headache. Don't worry, I've had this problem for most of my life and I'll be fine after I get some sleep. My review will be up tomorrow, barring any incidents. I understood, don't worry about it.
  6. Earthbound. I was advertised as being playable with one hand. Sadly, the game is hard to play legally. Getting a SNES copy will cost you an arm and a leg; It's available on the Wii U for a reasonable price but nobody has a Wii U. Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee.
  7. By looking at your trophy list on this site, you haven't made enough story progress to unlock the 5th N7 mission. All of the problem you have faced so far, shouldn't effect your platinum progress. I had a "ME3 achievement menu achievement" for a story mission not unlock but I had the trophy so it was all good.
  8. Update 012 "Talking About Superdimension Netunia Because I Have Nothing Else I Want to do Today" Playtime: 70 hours Trophies Earned: 29/38 60% Note: Not a game on my list. I just felt like talking about it and I reviewed the darn thing while I was at it. IF is far from being considered a new character. IF was first introduced in Hyperdimension Neptunia (the first game) and was your third party member. She is a main character in the main line Neptunia series and I believe she makes at least a minor appearance in the spin-offs. It's very easy to miss her if you're not familiar with her character in games like Megatagmension Blanc + Neptunia VS Zombies due to her bland appearance and lack of story involvement. It can be argued that the IF in this game is a new character because she is a different IF then the ones in other games. She wheres different clothes from all the other IFs and has a different backstory. She shares the same personality and combats almost identically. There is also a bunch of Neptunia Universe lore that I don't feel like getting into. Story Kevvik did a really good job with their review and you should go read theirs, here. The story starts with a PS1 style FMV with IF riding her motorcycle, trying to look cool and stuff. Segami is putting on her best Neptune impression by falling from the sky. Since Noire wasn't around, IF catches here and takes her to the local library that was in the vicinity. Histoire is just sitting around being a lonely librarian when IF storms in with a dying Segami. Histoire asks IF to go investigate something at the end of the library. Histoire can't do it herself because she's a very tiny fairy lady. If takes a day to deafeat three enemies, so Histoire mods Iffy's motorcycle to travel through time out of boredom. Segami is also okay. Histoire then asks the two to travel through time for reasons that don't matter. You vist four different era's to see which CPU and Sega Hard Girl are fighting. Eventually Histoire will tell you to stop and you will fight the Time Eater, lose (it's possible to win but that's new game plus territory or you spend a long time in the forest killing boars), then watch a bunch of cut scenes that explain that you travelled back in time to the start of the paragraph. Nobody plays a Neptunia game because the main plot is good. You play Neptunia for the jokes and to hear the characters talk about random stuff. Some people also play them to look at the T-Rated "Gentlemans special interest" photographs. Neptunia is carried out of compete mediocrity by it's characters so let's talk about them. The Neptunia series has these characters called CPUs (Console Patron Unit). CPUs are goddesses that have a second form, called HDD (Hard Drive Divinity). I'll be discussing the HDD forms as separate characters because they have a different name and the character's personality tends to change in that form. Sega Hard Girls is also it's own separate IP. My only experiences are with the anime and this game. I'm also a Neptunia fan. I may say character quirks that never arise in this game. IF: The main protagonist of this Neptunia entry. She is a very serious person and acts as the baby sitter for the other characters because the others would accomplish nothing if she wasn't around. She also has a bit of "Middle school syndrome". She also cares about her motorcycle to the point she says horrendous swears (they were censored because of Sony's censorship policy) when someone tries to mess with it. Segami (Hatsumi Sega): The new character and is co-main protagonist with IF. She technically has amnesia but I keep forgetting that she has it because she practically remembers everything important. She is a bit pushy and yelly. She is always mad about the Neptunia Goddesses and Sega Hard Girls fighting. Neptune: The main protagonist of the Neptunia series. She is a very annoying little brat who is the source of 97% of the meta humor. Her Japanese voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and the English one is 339% too much California Valley girl. She constantly whines about being the protagonist or not being the protagonist. She abuses her sister's generosity and love too get out of her responsibilities and pudding. She can be a decent person but choses to be a little selfish brat and make dumb jokes hoping one is kinda funny. Purple Heart (Neptune's HDD): Neptunes personality becomes serious and dry. Sega Saturn: She doesn't really have a personality. She really wants to beat up Neptune for some reason. Nepgear: Purple Sister (Nepgear's HDD): Nepgear's personality doesn't change in HDD. Game Gear: The emo girl who doesn't want to be in the game. Plutia: She has a very bad case of narcolepsy. She is very nice unless you're being a bully. She talks very slowly. Iris Heart (Plutia's HDD): The most extreme personality shift. I can't really explain the shift because I'll get banned from the forums. Mega Drive: She is the smart one. She hates Plutia because she has seen her HDD form. She is also not very good at rhythm games. For all you Americans, the Genesis was called the Mega Drive in every other part of the world. There is another Sega Hard Girl for the Genesis. She is a cow girl and her outfit screams America. Uzume Tennouboshi: The rough and tumble bad girl of the Neptunia series. When she sees something cute, she will be all like "OMG, so cute" in a very girly voice. Orange Heart (Uzume's HDD): Uzume's girly side on full display. She also fights using her voice in this form. Dream Cast: The outgoing, friendly ditzy girl. She is very OP in combat. Histoire: A very tiny book fairy. She just looks after the library in this game and explains plot things sometimes. Her favorite number is 3. Gameplay The gameplay consists of a lot of menuing between dungeons (they are very nice menus). Your goal is to complete quests because the Time Eater will eat them if you don't. You don't want him/her to eat quests because they will get stronger. Quests range from walking to a location and watching a cutscene, killing X number of enemies, collect items or beat up a boss. Eventually you will fight the time eater. When you lose you'll go back at the start of the game but not really. All the quests you cleared will still be cleared and the quests that were eaten will return. The dungeon exploration is very similar to the main series dungeon exploration. You walk around the same copy pasted dungeon themes and layouts from all the other games you know and love. You can see enemy encounters. You can avoid them if you want or choose to fight theme. If you walk into them the turned order will be determined by the "speed stat". If you successfully preform a symbol attack, your party will all have their turns first. If the enemy runs into your back or you whiff your symbol attack, the enemies will all go before you. You can also jump but it doesn't have a purpose 99% of the time. The dungeon exploration has a lot of slight improvements in this entry. You can climb on climbable surfaces, you can sprint, crawl through holes, hang on ropes and there is some light platforming. The dungeons are littered with medals that you will pick up because it gets you a trophy. You can find items by destroying destructable objects or by smashing your head into floating blocks, Mario style. The battle system is different but familiar if you played a main-line Neptunia game. You move around the battle environment in 3D, can attack enemies from any angle in your movement range. The battles are turn based. During your turn you can move, jump, attack, use a item and use skills. You have a meter on the right side of the screen, it will fill when you perform any of the latter actions except jumping. The attack option costs 10%, you do a single hit attack. Moving will take 20%; you can move a single step or you maximum movement range for this cost. You only have to pay meter to move if you have taken another action. Using a item or skill will take up 40%. Preforming a skill will also use up SP. Holding the attack button will preform a "charge attack", it expends your remaining meter to 100% but you will preform a powerful attack/combo; it's power is based on how much meter you spent. You're allowed to preform any number combination of actions. If your meter goes above 75% your turn ends. If your turns ends before you use 25%, you will guard. You are allowed to end your turn at any point. Ending a turn early will reduce the time until your next turn. Characters learn skills by leveling up they're class. Every character has few classes to pick from. Each class has a unique charge attack and class skill that will be equiped while using that class. Skills can be both battle skills or passive abilities. You can equip up to 5 skills (you start will three slots) you have learned. Any learned skill can be used regaurdless of your current class. Character as level up normally outside of the class system. IF, Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia and Uzume have transform skills. Transforms cost 200 SP but use zero meter and don't take up a skill slot. Transforming gives characters a stat boost and may change skills. The goddesses transform into there CPU forms. IF isn't a CPU but she is still able transform for some reason. Her transformation has her change clothes and bleach her hair. Characters can equip different weapons, armour and ornaments. The equipment only changes stats and doesn't actually change your characters appearance or weapon model. Characters also have a outfit and accessory slot that will alter a characters appearance. This feature is criminally under utilized because only Neptune, Nepgear and Plutia have outfits and accessories. IF has accessories. Everyone else gets nothing if I remember correctly. CPU characters have a extra menu that allows you to equip different processors; processors alter a CPU's HDD forms appearance and have stat bonuses. In battle you will have gems floating in the air above you. You can jump and grab them to recover HP/SP and fill up your fever meter. You will gain fever meter by landing attacks on enemies. Your fever meter will transfer between battle. When the fever meter reaches 100%, a massive star will spawn above the battle field. You can leave it there for as long as you want and it will never disappear until you use it. Grabbing the star will enter fever mode. During fever, you hit harder, your party will always get there turn before the enemy and you can preform your EXE drive. EXE drives are powerful moves that have long and flashy animations. They only cost 25% of your fever meter and 40% of the normal meter. While during fever, the meter will drain for every action taken. Fever ends when the meter reaches 0% or all enemies are defeated; the meter will start at the % you had remaining if it wasn't emptied. You gain SP from hitting enemies, collecting SP gems or using SP restoring items. A character can have up to 1000 SP points at any time. HP is a characters heath stat. You want to keep it as high as possible but anything over 0 is good. Having a character reach 0 hp has them faint and they can't do anything. Then can revived with certain skills and items. If your whole party faints (there are exceptions like the Time Eater fights) you will game over and have to reload a save. Remember to save frequently and often because there is no auto save. I learned that hard way in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory after only beating a very hard Blanc fight because the AI literally gave up, beating the rest of the chapter to only get killed by a penguin on a island that I discovered but it turned out to be a late game dungeon. Also there was the two times Hyperdimension Neptunia where the game soft locked after I used a summon and I hadn't saved in 3 hours. The gameplay can be very fun but it's very basic. 90% of the fights will be spaming attack. You are only required to use strategy during boss fights. The dungeon exploration is fun but the layouts are basic and you run through them in 2 minutes. Graphics & Sound The budget was mostly spent on the anime style opening, the one cutscene at the start and the credits. Most of the game's story is presented in visual novel cutscenes. The characters change facial expressions, blink and breath. The game has both Japanese and English voice acting but there are parts that have zero voice acting. Also, I believe some scenes have Japanese voice acting but no English voice acting. I prefer to play most Neptunia games in Japanese solely for that reason. The English voice acting is actually pretty good. Dungeons look okay. Urban environments look good but anything natural looks like a PS2 game. The character models look good, the enemies look good but a lot share the same model with different names. Everything 2D generally looks good. The opening and ending credits are great and I listen to them in my own time. I enjoy listening to the background music; the song that plays during EXE drive is ducking perfect. Trophy Thoughts The trophy list isn't hard but it will take a serious time investment. Just collect all of the things, keep leveling, be friends with your party members and see all the endings. I also like the trophy illustrations. Final Thoughts Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls is a mouthful to say. This is definitely one of the better Neptunia games. I really enjoy the game and can play it for days without getting bored. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls is not a master piece or something you need to play before you die. It's still a dumb little anime style series that has very slight appeal. You don't need to have played the other Neptunia games to enjoy this one but it will help you understand Neptune's meta humor; it still won't be funny. The Sega Hard Girls anime is a interesting watch if you enjoy Sega games. It called something like Si-Hi-Cool or some weird name like that. I remember watching it on Crunchy Roll while waiting for my Grand Theft Auto V bunker to fill and enjoyed my time. Episodes are only 12 minutes long so the time investment isn't too big. Please give reputation to Kevvik if you liked this, because I wouldn't have written this if they didn't say IF was a new character.
  9. Update 011 "Paying to Watch Advertisements" Playtime: 20 hours Trophies Earned: 9/45 14% I completed the first dungeon of the game. You get credits and a ending for doing it so I think I technically beat the game. This is the type of game where the main plot is maybe 5% of the actual content so I still have a lot to do. After finishing the game I was able to get myself a different companion. She isn't a Garrus Vakarian but was a large improvement from the companion I had before. I have to spend 150,000¥ to spend a night at the inn now because she insulted the owner. Then she was tricked into eating a knife, It was an ordinary knife turned into chocolate, by the owners of the sweets shop next-door. I stumbled into the DLC from Touhou Genso Wanderer. It started with a advertisement to go buy Touhou Double Focus; the characters staring in the DLC are also the stars of Double Focus. I already own Double Focus so the advertisement wasn't very effective. While I was playing the DLC (not DLC anymore because this a remake made by a company that's not super greedy) dungeon, I was able to successfully rob an actual dungeon shop. Stealing from those shops is super difficult because the shop keepers are stronger then bosses and are immune to most items/effects. They will also call their entire extended family to hunt you down, they're equally as powerful, if you manage to take a single step outside the shop without paying. Running away isn't a viable option because they can move at least three spaces per turn while you can only move one under normal conditions. The shops tend to be rare spawns and I usually only get one per dungeon max. Luckily, the shop I robbed was in a straight line from the exit. I removed all the walls between the exit tile and the shop, told my companion to stand next to the exit, took a item, threw a swap talisman at my companion to swap locations and exited the floor. I was able to get the trophy for stealing from a shop after my expert robbery. I only stole one item because all the items for sale were crap weapons and my inventory was full. I will probably not try to steal from these shops anymore because trying ended a lot of runs, the items are rarely worth the risk and it takes multiple items to have a successfull robbery under optimal. The DLC dungeon is very easy but I haven't cleared it yet because the boss is crazy difficult. The boss has a lot of HP and can deal a lot of burst damage. My Aya doesn't have HP pool to tank the damage. My companion can tank everything but the massive laser. I'm able to avoid the laser my I can't figure out how to move my companion out of it's range. A lot of my attempts end after I run out of healing items. I plan on just stocking up on healing items and allow my companion to do the majority of the fighting because she is a lot better at it then I am.
  10. The PS3, and Vita stores will most likely be shut down someday. They will probably be shut down when the cost of maintaining the platform is greater than the money it generates. I suggest doing everything you want to do on PS3 and Vita as soon as possible. Download as many games, that you own (Forget about the PS+ games; they will probably not allow you to keep those) to your console. Your downloaded games should still work. I wouldn't be worried about not being to obtain the games again. Anything remotely good will be available in some way. A lot of games are available on multiple platforms or had a remake. I'm sure PS3 emulation will be a thing in the future, if you feel like going the illegal route. It's on you to protect the games you love. Sony has no obligation to keep the severs running until the civilized world ends.
  11. Six String Sword!
  12. Update 010 "Drunken Brawls and Petty Thievery" Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Playtime: 10 hours Trophies: 6/45 8% When I started Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded for the first time, I didn't really have any expectations. I knew it was a dungeon crawler; I have played maybe 6 dungeon crawlers in my life and I never did more then a single dungeon in any of them. I only bought the game because it had "Touhou" on it. I'm honestly not sure why I keep buying these games; I'm not a Touhou fan or anything. I don't enjoy bullet hells either because I'm very bad at them. So far all I've done was the tutorial level, the optional tutorial level and I got to the boss of the first actual level but then I died. The tutorial was alright. I got to feel like I was actually good at games for a little while. Then I moved on to the optional tutorial levels. Those levels are very difficult because they require you to play nearly perfect. Most enemies also kill you in 1 hit in these stages. They do give you hints most of the time but I'm not very intelligent so I still got stuck a lot. The last tutorial level was very difficult for me. I believe I was stuck on every section for 10 minutes at a time and the level is really long. I remember getting to the end and accidentally throwing the item I need to win the wrong way, so I laughed about it and just did the level again. I made similar mistakes a few more time before I got it correct. I was my fault that one of the stages was very difficult. When I was playing the dungeon shop tutorial stage, the hint said I could steal from the shop but you will have a bad time if you try. I made it my goal to steal every item in that shop. I wasn't able to meet my original goal because one of the items chops off my head if I steal it; Reimu isn't a character that can survive without her head. I made it my goal to steal every item besides that one. I'm not a very good thief so I sorta got killed a lot for shoplifting but I eventually stole everything I could and I was so proud of myself. Sadly, I have to steal from a non-tutorial shop to get a trophy. So far the actual levels haven't been as unforgiving as the tutorial levels. I still die sometimes. The game makes me start the dungeon at the very beginning so it takes a while to get back. I actually got to a town in the first dungeon and did a quest for this catgirl yõkai. She just wanted me to talk to a bunch of random people in town. It's sounds easy but she only gave vague descriptions and the characters in the shops change between screens. I figured out that each screen had 4 possible groups that could spawn and I talked to everyone until I was correct. I didn't get anything for doing this, but she did say I wouldn't get anything before I accepted the quest. I actually had a lot of fun doing this. The game also has a status effect where you're just drunk. I don't know what it does yet. You sober up very quick so I never had much time to figure it out.
  13. I have been wanting a Switch for a while now but I was on the fence about buying one because I rarely play my other Nintendo consoles/handhelds. I was also worried that when I bought one that a new model would get released; I guess I don't have to worry about that happening now. Now I'm unsure if I want the regular Switch or the Lite version. The regular version is better but the Light is cheaper and has a D-Pad.
  14. I can't write what you're thinking because writing things that lewd would get me banned.