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  1. Super Neptunia RPG felt like Final Fantasy 9 to me. I like FF9 so that is a good thing. A good amount of the gameplay mechanics I was onboard and liked. Sadly, the game doesn't do much, if anything, with its gameplay mechanics and almost every fight is spam the enemies weakness until they die. The story is okay. I enjoyed it. The visuals and soundtrack were amazing. I usually don't care too much about looks. I was constantly blown away by the visuals. Personally, I didn't mind censorship because I don't like fanservice. It has always been my least favorite part of these games. Games are not made just for me and I can accept that others enjoy that aspect. I feel censorship is wrong (in most cases) and this game shouldn't have been censored. I've been a Neptunia fan since Victory, so I was going to like the game no matter what. I really enjoy this game, despite the combat being a mess and easy to exploit.
  2. I got lucky with Harcore Risette fan. I was playing the game for the first time and got it without trying.
  3. You need 4 people to get the Backseat Driver trophy. All the other base game online trophies only require 2 people, max. For reaching rank 100, you can spend your time alone in private sessions or solo public lobbies. Getting to rank 100 isn't difficult but takes awhile. It took me a month on my second go but I wasn't trying.
  4. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.
  5. Update 022 "If I can't get P, I feel asleep" Psyhco-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Playtime: I stopped counting Tropies Earned: All There was a Jojo reference. I was also very bored while finishing this game. I was on the edge of passing out on multiple occasions. I guess I'm not interested in Visual novels that don't let me date hot and/or cute guys. "Compa Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing" Super Neptunia RPG Playtime: 28 hours Tropies Earned: + the others It turns out that this game has missable trophies. Fortunately I only missed one and it was obtainable after the first boss. I enjoyed the game a lot but the last act felt a bit rushed to me The trophy grind was quick because of the Metal Dogoo room. Compa saved the day again because equipment in her DLC had a move that was able to do good reliable damage to Metal Dogoos. Noire learned the move but because of game mechanics, Compa had to stand around and look pretty so Noire could actually use the move. The title is very short for a RPG. Super Neptunia RPG is a perfectly balanced with zero exploits and glitches. If you failed the perception check, I'm being sarcastic. Every fight can be one by exploiting the enemies weakness (you can also know their weakness at the press of a button), there are plenty of way to combo a enemy infinitely, absorb every type of attack (except neutral magic but baddies rarely/never have neutral magic and use it), and the game is not difficult once you learn the mechanics. Despite the gameplay being a broken mess, it was a lot of fun. The game surprising only crashed one time. 5/6 game are 100% complete. I doubt any of them will get DLC trophies so I'm in the clear. The last game is Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded and I doubt I'll get around to it anytime soon.
  6. Celeste I think it's the first time I've seen that one.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, when the Vita's battery drains to the point where it shuts off, the system will refuse to turn on for several minutes when you plug it in to ghe charger. I have a model 2 Vita and I remember my Vita refused to turn on for at least 5 minutes. The trophy being delayed because of low battery seems plausible. It is possible but insanely difficult to test. The timing window between trophy pops leave little room for error and you can't know exactly when the battery will die.
  8. Final Overview The games in event order. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - A visual novel game based of the Psycho-Pass anime that I never watched. I like the game when I'm not reading something I've already read. I expected to platinum this game during the event but I wasn't motivated to play it much. This game will be finished soon after the event, even if I have to force myself to finish it. Gravity Rush Remastered - I wonder why the Vita failed with games like this exclusive to the platform. It was a good idea to port the game to a platform people actually owned. In this game the simple act of moving around is fun. I wasn't excepting this title to be difficult given the platinum is a 7.6% - Sorry, I forgot we use PSNP rarity here, 26.38% rarity at the time of writing this. This game was the fastest 100% of the event. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded - This is the only dungeon crawler I've played for more then 2 hours. The game can be very punishing and difficult at times. This was my favorite game to write updates for and changed my writing style going forward. This game will probably remain incomplete for a long time. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded is the rarest game on my KYC list (has under a 150 registered site users [NA list; the Japanese list has around 2000] ; Super Neptunia RPG [NA list] has over 300 so far and the game is barely over a month old) and the only ultra rare platinum on my list. This game will be incomplete for a long time because it intimidates me. Valkyria Revolution - The Fallout: Botherhood of Steel of the Valkyria Chronicles series. I excepted a train wreck, but I got a minor car accident where nobody is seriously hurt, at worst. I enjoyed the story, the gameplay was usually fun and the visual are fine but the filter ruins them. I put the most effort into this title; I gave it a extra day of playtime before my review. The platinun/100% wasn't too difficult but requires a lot of grinding. I finished this game up before writing this. I wasn't able to get a time of 28 seconds on mission 9-1. Super Neptunia RPG - I was going to play this in July anyway but I used it for KYC because the game was released in North America when the event was announced. Super Neptunia RPG is one of the best Neptunia games made to date and one of the few games I will ever praise for having good visuals. The game reminds me of Final Fantasy 9 a lot. This is the only game on the list that I didn't finish the main story of. I will have that platinum soon, it will take 1-3 days of work to earn. Rocketbirds 2: Evolution - I enjoyed the first and had the second (PS Plus) so I decided to play it. I was mentally prepared to play the multiplayer with 2 Vita's again but fortunately the multiplayer could be played solo. I like the first Rocketbirds more but the second is still a good game. The multiplayer trophies weren't overly grindy, all the trophies that I thought would be hard were not too bad and those damn signs are terrible. I would have platinumed this game faster then Gravity Rush but I went to bed before getting the two trophies before platinum because I was tired. I was originally going to do a ten game list but I decided against it because 3 days per game seemed to short for me. My original list contained Nekopara Vol. 1, Transformers Devastation, Zone of the Enders 2 HD, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and Curses N Chaos. Everything except Nekopara Vol.1 may show up in a future Kill Your Completion. Other games I played during the event. Borderlands 2 - I needed a break from Psycho-Pass. Minecraft (PS4 & Vita) - People over the age of 12 are allowed to play Minecraft. I mostly did multiplayer stuff and got trophies added in recent patches. Rayman Legends - I'm still going for that platinum and only need 810 more points for the final awesomeness level. Kung Fu Rabbit - I was seeing if the game had a cross-save for game dispute reasons. Turns out it doesn't support that feature but I earned a few trophies on the PS3 version of the game so I finished the whole thing. Starwhal - My PS3 wasn't getting much love this month so I AFK farmed the 1000 deaths trophy. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - I was getting all the co-op trophies out of the way. Downwell - It's a chill Vita game I play occasionally. Musynx - A rhythm game you most likely never heard of. I play it sometimes to chill. Valkyria Chronicles - Voodoo_Eyes asked me if all the Valkyria Chronicles games had Valkyria Revolutions crap filter over them. I played this game just to make sure it didn't and ended up playing it for a few hours. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls - I'm currently planning on this being platinum 100. I lost my save data so I'm putting in a lot effort that you can't see. My competition rate at the start of the event was 56.20%. My current completion rate is 57.02%. I feel like I've completely missed the point because my completion actually got better. Half my list I've already got 100% on, Super Neptunia RPG is at 57%, Psycho-Pass is 35% and Touhou Genso Wanderer is at a decent 21%. The only new game I played that wasn't on my list was Kung Fu Rabbit and it helped my rate in the end. My completion is pretty bad to begin with so I didn't expect too much to change. I'll be working on the completion rate so hopefully I don't come out ahead next time. Edit: I have committed many atrocities over the event but my worst one was forgetting to thank Voodoo_Eyes for hosting the event and thanking everyone else for participating.
  9. Update 021 "Mercy gets play of the game, twice" Valkyria Revolution / Psycho-Pass Playtime: 72 hours / 40 hours Trophies Earned: 26/28 91% / 13/36 35% Yesterday I decided to play Valkyria Revolution because I "finished" my list. I was going for the trophy for defeating the Valkyria during a random mission. I failed my first few attempts and I wasn't very confident, thinking this trophy would kill my platinum. The battlefield was a tight alleyway so there wasn't much space to dodge her attacks. The fight at first was going poorly for me at first until I switched to Sara (the Mercy of this game). I just kept my AI teamates alive and spammed my lighting spell until I won. I never excepted Sara to be the big damn hero so I was shocked (no pun intended) that she was actual useful for something other then healing. Getting S-Rank wasn't too difficult and most levels only took one attempt because I was a very high level and I had the Ring of Fire on my side. I got stuck on the really long level that I hate again. My first attempt failed because the boss killed my team; I still call shenanigans on that death. My second attempt went well because Sara, but I did so well the boss decided death was overated and kept fighting despite having 0 hit points. That glitch happens if you don't let the boss do it's healing move after you get its hit points below 50%. My third attempt fortunately was my last and I got my S-Rank trophy. The rest of my day was mostly money grinding. I played story mission 9-1 over a hundred times by now; the mission is fast and requires me to kill one baddie to win. I started trying to speedrun the level; my best time is 29 seconds. After 120 more runs I should earn the platinum and hopefully get my single-level speedrun record down to 28 seconds. I played more Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness too. I started following the PSNP official guide for the game because my enjoyment for the game was very low (I still enjoy the cute puzzle game that's just a re-skinned 2048). I'm very bored during the story sections I've already seen. Seeing new content sparked my enjoyment a little. I still have a long way to go for platinum but I'll get it eventually.
  10. Sky Force Anniversary
  11. The list is too intimadating for me. I'll just finish up my first Monster Hunter World platinum and leave it at that.
  12. I haven't played Cycle myself but I watched a PS4 version speedrun to get a feel for the game. The times on the defendants PS4 list would require perfect menuing and TAS (Tool assisted speedrun) levels of speed and dexterity to pull of successfully. The times may not even be possible on the PS4 version due to load times (I observed the game having almost no load time). The lists validity in my opinion is iffy at best. It would be great to hear a Energy Cycle veterans opinion on the matter.
  13. @GunarmDyne 1st, I'd like to say you are a big damn hero. 2nd, are there enough levels where 1 person with 2 controllers can get par?
  14. Review "You Gotta Aim For the Head - Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)" Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Playtime: 24 hours (give or take) Trophies Earned: 29/29 100% Why This Game? I played Rocketbirds a few times over the years but never got passed the first level. I cleaned up the 0% a few months ago and enjoyed the game a whole lot. I played the sequel for Kill Your Completion because it qualified and it wasn't another RPG. Story - Singleplayer You play as Hardboiled Chicken, a anthropomorphic chicken action hero. The guy you spent the last game killing is back from the dead so you decide to go kill him again. Also, the anthropomorphic penguins are still trying to rule the world but the hired pigeons to help because you killed too many penguins in the last game. Story - Multiplayer You play as a member of S.A.R.S (Search and Rescue ugh... Squad?) and your goal is to free your base from the penguins and then rescue hostages. Every hostage you rescue will become a new playable character. Gameplay - Single Player Rocketbirds 2: Evolution is a cinematic platformer and twin stick shooter combined. You move on a 2D plane and aim your weapons with the right stick. The game features some light platforming and a few puzzles. The majority of the time you will be shooting your way through rooms of baddies on your way to the end of the level. Baddies are quite bullet spongy (even on easy) so try to aim for the head to deal more damage. If the killing shot is a head shot, their head flies off in a gory mess (you can turn off the gore; blood is now green and head shot kills removes the baddies hat). You can dodge damage by moving, jumping (double jumping gives you invincibility frames) and using your dodge roll. Dealing a massive amount of damage to a baddie in a short amount of time will cause them to rag doll; you can also be rag dolled so try to not get hit. Try to kill the baddies before they kill you; if you die you go back to last checkpoint and all your progress after the checkpoint is reset. Over the course of the game, you will find/receive new guns. Some weapons have infinite ammo but most of the useful weapons require ammunition. Weapons of similar types share the same ammo pool. Baddies drop ammo when defeated and you can find ammo pickups. Gameplay - MultiPlayer (It can be single player if you have no friends) The gameplay of the multiplayer is the same largely the same as the single player. There are no puzzles and you will be running through procedurally generated versions of the single player levels. The main draw is being able to play with friends, randoms and boosting partners. I think you can play with up to 4 players; I played it by myself because I have no friends. You are able to stack (not the trophy hunting practice frowned upon by some members of the PSNP community) teamates on top of eachother and become a tower of guns. The levels require you to find a hostage and then run to the exit with them on your back. You can give hostages a fully upgraded gun and they will help shoot baddies. There are optional secrets, loot and money to find. You can buy and upgrade weapons at base, if you have the money for it. You also can wear clothing that can boost your damage resistance, ammo capacity and weapon stability. You need to upgrade clothing at a upgrade station found in the levels. Visuals and Sound I played the Vita version. The game looks good. I like how blood will splatter on the background where you hit a baddie. The story mode is fully voice acted. The multiplayer has voice acting for the tutorial and a few cutscenes. Characters will make bird noises when they're talking when there is no voice acting. The sound track is composed of a bunch of rock (I think) music. You will hear the same few songs a lot. Some of the songs have lyrics. I think one song is just a man who took all of the drugs just say "space" over and over again. I enjoyed the sound track of the first game but I'm not a fan of the seconds. Trophy Thoughts - Singleplayer The singleplayer trophies can all be done in one playthrough. Most of the trophies are very easy and only require planning to do. Getting 15 headshot kills in a row takes a lot of dexterity and luck. Same will killing 4 baddies with one explosion. The worst trophy by far was getting all 18 signs in the game. It's a collectable trophy but it works differently then normal collectables. Only one sign will spawn in a level and another signs spawns when you collect the previous. Signs can spawn anywhere so you need to comb entire levels to find one. You think a guide would bypass the frustration but there is just one problem, there is only one guide (that I was able to find) that is just some guys terrible let's play of the game. He takes nearly a hour on some levels and there is no way to tell what part of video displayes the sign. Having to watch this person stare at every wall because I'm shit at finding collectables made the process more frustrating. I honestly consider fixing this issue myself but I'm very hesitant about it because I'm not a guide writer. Also, the game has one sign so hard that I had to replay a level 3 times and it took me hours to do. To get this sign you have to rag doll a baddie into the sign but there isn't a single baddie to use and the crap let's play doesn't show you how to get an baddie into the room. It took me an hour to figure out that you need to stand on the border of two screens, mind control a enemy that's easy to kill accidentally, have them walk backwards (the form of mind control I was using breaks if they see me) and backflip into me. They will travel into the room but it's still a pain to position them in a good position to rag doll into the sign. Also, the game crashed before a checkpoint after I got this sign the first time. I also want to mention the game completely glitched out during that horrible experience. All of the character models glitched out and nobody could aim their weapons. It was so funny that I played the level until it became impossible. It was the silver lining to the frustration. Trophy Thoughts - Multiplayer All the trophies can be done on your own so you can remain to be your anti-social self. You will have to play each Multiplayer mission map at least 4 times for the hostages and you need to collect/buy 100 guns+clothing. I had both unlock at the same time and I feel multiplayer didn't take more then 8 hours. The platinum killers are having 80% accuracy in a level and getting 3 stars on every map. 80% accuracy is frustrating but just try not miss and you'll be okay. Getting 3 stars isn't difficult, get as many headshots as possible and explore the whole level. I died a couple times and still got 3 stars on multiple occasions. Final Thoughts I like the original more but this one wasn't terrible. The game can be very fun and the combat is enjoyable. The multiplayer is fun but has very little to do. I was a little bother the the voice actor were different (or sounded different [I also played the game in English]) then in the last game. I wasn't in love with the voices in the last game but I was still bothered. The game also contains so dad jokes, you have been warned.