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  1. Resident Evil 3
  2. Maybe it's because you were all selected as paired dualist, one of you has to become lone dualist for the match to start.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess if I'm not completely lucky my 100% record will be over. Damn these bloody MP trophies, they all should be abolished.
  4. Anyone got any ideas or tips about this trophy as it's really annoying. Is it possible to boost?
  5. The key to obtaining this Is mastering the final section, if you can do that it's a piece of cake. The plasma grenades can also be a bit RNG, lol. Good luck to anyone still trying.
  6. Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Battle mode on the EU version was almost impossible. Would've gave up if not for OCD.
  7. Mass Effect Trilogy. Dead Space Trilogy. Dragon age origins. Remove all the crap multiplayer and co op from the first two and it'll be perfect.
  8. No problem. I doubt they will fix either of them as it was only £7.99 and already an old game. Quite lucky to even get trophy support, with a platnium mind you.
  9. It's 49 saves before you have to start the annoying process of deleting.
  10. Champion Of The Gods please, all Games Platinumed.