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  1. If you have psvita and a ps4 you can get it easly. I got the platinum indeed. You only need a ps4 with USA account and your own ID on your Vita
  2. Hello everyone, 😀 I recently discovered a trick to get all the stars in a much easier way. Apparently the stars are accumulative for the trophy in the three difficulties, so it would not be necessary to get the 5 stars in each level. This I discovered when I started the game by mistake on hard, achieving only one star. Later I realized it and started over on easy. Once the first act is over. I replayed the levels to get 5 stars in each level, finally I got 5 stars in all the levels except 4, which reached 4 stars. So I had 24 stars, even so, the 25-star trophy appeared, and I deduced that the number 25 was the one I got playing hard. I don't know if it will only work for the 25-star trophy, but that has happened to me. I'm playing on psvita, I don't know if it will be important. Hopefully this trick works for the all star trophy. This is all 👋 Greetings from Spain
  3. Hi. They are apparently not available to buy, but theoretically they can be unlocked for free by passing levels. For example, the summer dlc is unlocked after finishing level 285 of the original pack. The Halloween dlc for completing 30 levels of the summer dlc, And the autumn when completing 30 halloween levels or buying it with the store. At least that puts me on the ps3 EU version. Greetings,