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  1. Symbols in the Stars Dynamic Theme
  2. The fact not all games are compatible is dumb..
  3. Has the price been announced yet?
  4. I hate easter egg trophies.
  5. You aren't even a person who goes for 100% completion rate so why are you the one complaining?
  6. Is it really worth updating an 11 year old game with a small fanbase?
  7. Thankfully no mr. perfect trophy for this one lol.
  8. Never heard of it but glad it makes you happy
  9. Sony fanboys aren't as bad as Nintendo fanboys. They called out the ps1 classic for being crap when Nintendo fans literally pay $100 for cardboard because "it's a toy and reminds me of when I was a kid and played with cardboard".
  10. What does this have to do with online servers on a 6 year old game closing?
  11. Tomba, Final Fantasy Origins, Final Fantasy 8.
  12. Luckily it takes only a minute.