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  1. Work Motivation Reading Depression Lack of interest All the fun stuff, you know?
  2. I think they'll manage to survive, but the product will look completely different. There will probably be a dedicated electric series ala Formula E & perhaps shorter races. Definitely Logano. Comes off as a smarmy prick underneath that smile.
  3. It never hurts & I've watched since Watkins Glen in August of 1997. You're entirely correct-- the sport has changed for better or worse, but it has led me to other disciplines like Indy, F1, IMSA & WEC over the years.
  4. Stargate Atlantis and Universe honestly needed another season each to wrap things up.
  5. It's that bad? I'm taking time off from 5 & that felt stagnant after some time.
  6. Hey, I left that dumpster fire for…well…plenty of reasons. All of them having to do with the message boards.
  7. States here. Game is still listed on Now.