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  1. Thanks for the answer. So it’s still doable on Chapter 1, Act 1? Possible to do with support options?
  2. Ah thanks for this solution in the end I got it after several attempts of the Triangle key. But I will tell this solution to my friends.
  3. Hello,I am French, but I will try to ask the question correctly in English. Here I tried the "The Spice of Life" trophy in Chapter 1 Act 1, I had used different weapons, but the trophy did not fall. Normal? Do you have any solutions please?: ) Thank You
  4. Good evening,Did you have a problem with the trophy: I respect the conditions Rank S, Difficult difficulty... But I remain out of classification and impossible to see the ranking region. Thank You
  5. Hello,I’m a French player, and this month-I have a challenge. Get at least one trophy from each category: PSN, VR, Bronze, Bronze Masked.... I’m missing only one (at least) hidden (or secret) platinum trophy Do you have any games to offer me whose platinum is masked on the psn? A bit like Afrika on ps3:) If possible one/some games fast enough to finish being able to have this kind of platinum this month:) Thank You -------------------Original Text----------------- Titre : Une liste de jeux dont leur platines sont masqués (secret) s'il vous plait ? Bonjour,Je suis un joueur Français, et ce mois-ci me suis lancé un défi. Obtenir au moins un trophée de chaque catégorie : PSN, VR, Bronze, Bronze masqué.... Il me manque qu'un seul (au moins) trophée Platine masqué (ou secret) Auriez vous quelques jeux à me proposer dont le platine est masqué sur le psn ? Un peu comme Afrika sur ps3 Si possible un/des jeux assez rapide pour finir pouvoir avoir ce genre de platine ce mois-ci Merci
  6. All right, thanks, I’ll test... we’ll see. So you let AI do it if I understood correctly? (I’m not in English, I’m French ^^)
  7. All right thank you I will test. Difficulty was on Easy, medium or difficult?
  8. Thank You. Do you remember if it was Brutality or Fatality? And so if you didn’t have the same opponent in the towers (noob Saibot) you raised up to face him? (sorry for my English, I’m French )
  9. Did you have the heads? Did you go through Kombat Klassic or what tower ?
  10. For my part I made 60-70 Brutality on Sub Zero in Kombat Klassic, but nothing. Hakoom, Do not do it via a tower?r?