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  1. Well, confirmed that I should be looking forward to July. Heard that the Mid-year/Summer sale was comparable in size to the Holiday Sale, so hopefully it goes as well as that one.
  2. Platinum #5 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age "Living Legend"
  3. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age "Champion of Ivalice"
  4. Persona 3 and Dragon Quest VIII
  5. Probably Japanese users/others with Japanese accounts. The game's already available in Japan. Hasn't hit the west yet to my knowledge, though.
  6. I'd probably say I'm a mix of completionist, casual, and crossbreed. Back before trophies were a thing, I always tried to 100% whatever games I got. But, recently I tend to backlog a bunch of my games because what I play relies at least 80% on what mood I'm in, thus the ones I'm more in the mood for at a certain time get more trophy progress than other games I have. Plus, I tend to play a bunch of games off and on, sometimes switching games multiple times a day. So, my overall completion is low (not that I really care that much about my %, though) because of that, plus not having enough time for gaming as I used to.
  7. According to Playstation: -I played 34 different games. -My top games are Dragon Quest XI at 152 hours, Persona 5 at 137 hours, and Final Fantasy XII at 134 hours. -1016 hours of total gameplay -351 trophies earned -0 platinum, 11 gold, 32 silver, and 308 bronze
  8. When it comes to games, currently I'd have to go with Final Fantasy XII. I always liked the political atmosphere in the game and the bestiary entries + sage knowledge provided great world-building, in my opinion. On my first several playthroughs, it kept me wanting to read the entries every time I defeat a new enemy or unlocked its sage knowledge. Would have been better if we could have explored ALL of Ivalice, though.
  9. Tales of the Abyss Tales of Legendia Arc the Lad: End of Darkness Atelier Iris 1-3 An offline version of Final Fantasy XI (like I've heard Square was considering) Grandia Xtreme And, to echo some posters from above, Dragon Quest VIII, Persona 3 and 4, Ape Escape 3, Grandia II and III, Suikoden III-V, Xenosaga series, and Wild arms 4, 5, and Alter Code F Basically more JRPGs in general.
  10. Thank you! Someone actually says it! Not that i have an extensive history with it, though. Just what I noticed through browsing and seeing the comments made here in the last 24 hours.
  11. Yeah, I've been tracking them pretty much constantly (or yesterday I was. They didn't even post the collection until later on in the day, yet the individual games were each posted when I had woken up that morning), and that's just unacceptable. I mean, the only difference is they come with all previous dlc. That's not $90 or $120 worth. I hope they either get so few purchases that they lower the prices or they go on sale for the holidays. Knowing how it goes, probably the former and probably after a couple of months at the earliest...
  12. 1. Sony's censorship policy. And, it really hurts because ps4 is more or less my new favorite platform. 2. The price on the Atelier Arland games that dropped yesterday, them being ports of the games from ps3. $40 separately and $90 with the bundle? Koei, if you wanted to tell us to go fuck ourselves, you could have just came out and said it. Or included a middle finger in one of the screenshots. No sense beating around the bush. 3. PlayStation classic. I vehemently hate any and all mini-consoles. It's the reason a lot of older games never get ported. The companies see people are stupid enough to buy into this crap. Plus, the library didn't even look that good compared to some of the other mini consoles. Other than that, I'd say I've been pretty satisfied.
  13. Atelier Rorona, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. All for the same reason (as of December 4th): getting the ps4 versions when I can.
  14. 1. Partially when I clear up some of my backlog on it. 2. More likely when all my ps3 games get ported or remastered to ps4 or ps5 when it comes out eventually. Although, unlikely to happen.
  15. Surprised no one's mentioned this one, but the first Jak & Daxter game is pretty easy to platinum. It can be done pretty fast too, especially if you know where everything is.