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  1. Eh, more like $90, but definitely still overpriced. Probably going to wait till next year for both to go on sale. 😅
  2. Translation: "It doesn't matter to me so how dare anyone else have an issue with it!!"
  3. I know this thread's been inactive for a while, but is it just me, or is the Mid-Year sale just not happening this year? -.-
  4. The second game is not a continuation, from what I've seen. They share the same world, but to my knowledge, none of the characters from the first one are in the second. So, you can play them in whatever order you want.
  5. The actual part where people can walk around and play the available demos and stuff starts on June 11th. I imagine the press conferences + any news on other new games that didn't warrant a conference would start 2-3 days before the 11th.
  6. Pretty sure it's regerts.
  7. Yeah. No joke, when I first saw their comment, I was like, "WTF? Is no one really going to say how stupid that was? Lmao."
  8. If I'm being honest, I think they were either here to troll or just weren't thinking at all when they posted. I mean, if they didn't even know anything about the game that the thread is about (or weren't interested in learning more), why even post here? Seems kinda pointless. Plus, people here were saying it's a good thing it wasn't coming to ps4, like you said. I also fail to see how port-begging is really soyboy behavior, so... yeah. Seems to me like they might of just been trying to rile people up a little.
  9. Well, confirmed that I should be looking forward to July. Heard that the Mid-year/Summer sale was comparable in size to the Holiday Sale, so hopefully it goes as well as that one.
  10. Platinum #5 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age "Living Legend"
  11. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age "Champion of Ivalice"
  12. Persona 3 and Dragon Quest VIII
  13. Probably Japanese users/others with Japanese accounts. The game's already available in Japan. Hasn't hit the west yet to my knowledge, though.
  14. I'd probably say I'm a mix of completionist, casual, and crossbreed. Back before trophies were a thing, I always tried to 100% whatever games I got. But, recently I tend to backlog a bunch of my games because what I play relies at least 80% on what mood I'm in, thus the ones I'm more in the mood for at a certain time get more trophy progress than other games I have. Plus, I tend to play a bunch of games off and on, sometimes switching games multiple times a day. So, my overall completion is low (not that I really care that much about my %, though) because of that, plus not having enough time for gaming as I used to.