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  1. Completed another game so now i have: Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma I’m still gonna be the same rank, but I’m not sure if this counts as “Timeless Escapist” or not since i havent played the Vita Version (sadly dont own a Vita)... Either way it’s another platinum for me even thou I’ll stay at the same rank for now
  2. Same for me... Ive been reloading again and again for TETRA’s escape and Plague Inc. but there just isnt any buy option appearing for those... i wanted to check the prices since i had Them on my wishlist for a while but it just wont work :/ on my wishlist the price isnt showing either its just blank
  3. Completed another game today so that makes it 2 games and a rank up to “2 Worlds 2 Games 2 Stories” Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Zero Escape: The Nonary Games well... Might start ZTD or 1.2 Reload soon... but for now just those two
  4. Thanks 😊 and no problem at all
  5. Completed another game so now I have 4 platinums in the Tales series: Tales of Xillia Tales of Xillia 2 Tales of Berseria Tales of Zestiria 😁
  6. Ahh yeah... Horizon Zero Dawn is actually a good choise for me too... considered it for a long time just waiting for a low enough sale but would be perfect as a PS+ game imo too... my only problem with Uc4 is that the Nathan Drake Collection just came as PS+ a few months ago and kinda Want something... different... i know many peopl love those game and i havent played them but just seems... weird to me and a bit disappointing if they would give away those games so with such a small period in between
  7. Really hope its not true... i mean sure I’ll get them both as i have neither of them, but Uncharted never really said me much and already got Nathan Drake Collection from a few months ago and havent even started it (just have lying in my backlog like many other games)... really think its too early for another Uncharted game, and Racing games i have even less interest in ^^’ I’m really hoping Monster Hunter is going to be a thing anyway... But guess no use to keep my hopes up of this leak ends up being Real afterall... just hoping it turns out to be an early planned Aprils Fool
  8. I guess it is purely luck based...i started my 2nd playthrough on hard and got the trophy after defeating a regular enemy after getting down the mountain again at the bridge part... so pretty early in the game... i did have the Lord of the Land at rank 15 thou with one of the drop boosts boon active along with the increased drop rate for currently equipped items... dunno if that had anything to do with it but guess it might help if others are having trouble with this trophy.... or it was just pure luck ^^’ (and yes my whole first playthrough was on normal mode with a bit of simple when trying out the dlc crucible... oh and also in my first playthrough i did offer like... 3 or 4 blessed equipment along with other stuff to get enough grade... but didnt offer anything in my 2nd playthrough yet)
  9. Thanks 😄 and yeah... sometimes its a pain to have so many games to play... and sadly the Rumble one isnt available in the EU store (at least not in Denmark) and doubt it Will be possible to find it in retail since GameStop the only gaming shops in my country is closing ^^’ Might try and search online some time
  10. Thanks 😁
  11. Sign me up! I go 2 platinums so far: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory Already have Digimon World: Next Order and planning of starting that in the near future (probably this year) but yeah... ^^ just those 2 so far
  12. Would like to join up i Got 2 platinum so far: Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance started a couple others but havent gotten platinum or 100% in those yet
  13. Thanks Got another platinum now Tales of Xillia 2 so that would make 3 platinum and upgrade to Undine ^^
  14. Nice! wish it would help to complain more often
  15. Yeha pretty much... i did this a month or so ago and it First downloaded the 1.29 one and then later when you delete that and continue it downloads the 1.26 one in stead... but be aware that if Will automatically download the Update for you if you dont cancel it every time you go online afterwards unless you have no space left for it and it Will cancel automatically every time... thats what i did so to be sure i just filled up my ps4 with random games untill i finished the dlc so i’m sure it wont download while i dont notice it but yeah works just fine btw...just 2 more comrade dlc trophies to go