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  1. That’s a good point actually
  2. They specifically mentioned to me not to fill more than one form since it will make it take longer to process so maybe that’s why. But yes I completely agree that you should be able to do it yourself or just have an option in the game to delete your character… maybe after X time have passed to avoid people just deleting it over and over
  3. Just an update to the unlinking process: After a few weeks they sent me a form which I needed to fill out with my game information and so on like your game ID and PSN ID and some other information. They say it can take up to 15 work days for them to finish the request from after the form have been filled so it’s really just a waiting game just in case anyone (like me) wondered why it took them so long to get back to me again. Apparently they will let you know when they have finished, (at least what I got from it) and you can start a new game.
  4. I kinda got that feeling just from the survival mode as I could barely get 3 stars in the first level when I had no issues at all with even the last levels of Sparkle 2 survival… so I am a bit scared this is never gonna get to 100% for me… but I sure as hell will try I struggles a bit with nightmare on both ps3 and PS4 sparkle 2 so I’m prepared for the worst at least… but for me I think it’s easier with controller than touch personally… just miss that aim function from sparkle 2 a lot where you could hold the shoot button and see exactly which direction the ball would go
  5. Haven’t tried it on the PS5 controller but so far it’s going okay on the PS4 for me…I mean I don’t own a switch so I can’t really tell if it’s easier with touch or not… but I will say that Unleashed by far is worse than sparkle 2… I’m having such a hard time with the survival levels which I just blazed through in Sparkle 2… but I will still say it’s doable… I mean it might be harder but I managed to beat Sparkle 2 with a controller so I’m up for the challenge
  6. I just tried to contact them about unlinking yesterday and they answered today and asked me to confirm while explaining what it entailed and that it’s irreversible and so on… just replied for them to proceed so I guess my data will be removed tomorrow or something so I can start over fresh I did it because it’s been very long since I started the game and never got very far into it… and I wanted to start over since I so easily forget story, gameplay and controls and so on so I would rather start over fresh than to scramble through not knowing what I’m doing
  7. Actually surprised it was that late I got my first platinum #151 South Park Stick of Truth back in 2018 guess that was around the time I started hunting for trophies for good too… and around the time I actually started to use my PlayStation again when I got my PS4
  8. Oh okay then I guess the site I found it on was wrong in that regard
  9. As of what I understand when you complete ending E you get one save file restored... and that’s the one you used to complete ending D on... could be wrong here, but that’s what I figured from looking up online... I’m not that far myself yet (finishing up before going for ending C and D) but I think that’s how it’s supposed to be... the rest of the saves gets removed I think
  10. I guess they mean that you start a new play through with Route E anyway since your previous files gets deleted so that play through can count for the Lightspeed trophy too
  11. No this is the replicant version where you play as the brother... you play as the father thou in the Recycled vessel
  12. It’s great... it’s basically a remaster/remake/reboot of the game NieR Replicant from... 2010 or something (or NieR Gestalt by another name or just NieR)... it’s a prequel to NieR Automata and also a sequel (kinda) to the Drakengard Series from PS2 and PS3... if you like action RPG with a very mysterious piece together story it’s great different endings to unfold the whole story that you slowly piece together
  13. That’s awesome! No need to start a completely new game then
  14. You can’t really plant grown flowers thou... just the seeds you get from the withered ones you planted yourself... or seeds from the shop... also I don’t think you can drop any items just discard them or sell them (or use if they’re usable)
  15. As for what I was talking about yesterday: yes! It is possible to plant new flowers in between already grown flowers and still get them to cross breed... I got a few of them since yesterday while doing so