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  1. It looks kinda fun, even if it’s not the best looking game in the world. I could see myself playing this for cheap. It’s kinda like the FF movies: they’re stupid fun, don’t take them too seriously
  2. I’ve been trying multiple times for the past few days to matchmake for the raid. Every time I connect, the second I’ve loaded up I get slapped with a Delta-03 error, which states “you have disconnected from The Division 2 servers.” I’m 99.999% sure this isn’t my internet’s problem because I connect to every single other feature of this game without a problem, and every other game I play has no connection issues. I also have my PS4 on a wired connection so there’s no issues with WiFi routers being out of range. I see that people are still earning the trophy for completing the raid. Is there some secret handshake or hidden way to get into the raid that doesn’t cause a disconnection error? I just matchmake for raids by navigating there after hitting the touchpad and tabbing over to the “Matchmake” function. I’m big sad because the raid looks fun and I want to get the trophy Unfortunately, it looks like Ubisoft’s networking code was written by a college freshman hopped up on a nearly lethal dose of Adderall in one night.
  3. Imagine one day when games have photorealistic graphics and the developers make humanlike AI. They wouldn't even write a story. It would be entirely up to you and the AI to make your own story by doing whatever you want.


    Idk if I'll ever live to see that day, but it would be like having a trial version of Earth. You could just test things out to see if it would work in real life :P


    Nervous to ask someone out? Try asking out someone like them in this game and see how it goes for you. Nervous to give a speech? Give a speech in this game and see how people react to it. Just imagine how many applications a game like this would have to improving real life.

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    2. PostalDudeRus


      Nervous to infiltrate base? Try stealth mission in VR.


      But seriously, life is life - mistakes must happen to improve yourself. But idea behind "real-life sandbox" is fun.

    3. Spaz


      If this ever comes into being, I hope I am long gone and dead.


      I don't wish to live in a society and world where androids and robots determine the greater outcome of the future, while humans are reduced to mere guinea pigs and are simply test subjects. Androids and robots with humanlike AI will have a better and more complex thinking pattern and will replace humans in the work force, but are void of human emotion, feelings, sympathies and compromise. Emotion sets back people, do you think androids and robots would want emotion? No, because they are already souldead, cold, ruthless beings.


      Should I live to see that day, to see a world gone to ruins like in The Matrix, I will find better happiness in ending myself. Eventually technology will come to the point where it will consume us rather than having us benefit from it, which will happen in 10 - 30 years time.


      I will not live in a world society controlled by humanlike AI.

    4. Neputyunu


      Where is the data coming from? Asking someone out to test if it would work in real would not work if everything is designed by your own fantasy. Or is it some cloud where an exact copy of our mind exists? That would be useful, to ask things you would probably never ask in real because you are too scared about losing them. Hmmm... But, still, where is the data coming from? Even if we would upload it voluntarily it would for sure be against several laws about privacy, information, usage of personal information by companies, etc etc.


      I dunno what Spaz is talking about, because OP was obviously talking about a game... But... In future are the robots working? Instead of people? You would be in paid (basic income) holidays for the rest of your life and can do whatever the fuck you want with your time? Ohhhh noooooooooo!!!11 HOW HORRIBLE!!!!11 D:

      I have no idea why people are so scared by AI. Just... be nice to them? I mean, I saw a video about guys hitting a robot with bats and then bragged about "Our robots are so intelligent that they try to figure out on their own how they could go back to work even if they are crippled!" ...Yeah, lol, keep treating robots like that and Matrix will be real... But, ehh, who am I kidding. People are even unable to be nice to other people... Some people even attack their dogs, even though the dog is the best and most loyal friend they will ever have. ...Yeah... Matrix is probably really going to happen. And it is humanities own fault. Because people are too stupid to treat others with respect and to peacefully coexist. Ask me, I am a transgender (going to keep my penis. SHOCKING!) and lived as a white male. I do not even know which one would give me the more worse situation... Being trans makes conservatives and muslims hate you. Being white makes the Left hate you. Being male makes the feminists hate you. ...People hate each other for the stupidest reasons. As if it would matter where you came from, what your language is, what your skin color is, which god you believe in, or if you are an atheist, what you have in your underwear, what gender you are attracted to, or anything else like that... The only thing what matters is what you do with all these information that are in summary you. How you function as a person. So, uhhh, yeah, I am obviously expecting too much from mankind when I say "You do not need to be scared by AI. Just treat it with respect and it will respect you too." <shrugs> But maybe we should not teach history to the AI, because it may come to the conclusion that we are aggressive, egoistic, anti-social, concentrated hate and a threat... :awesome:

      I mean, just teach the AI what it needs to know. Like... I dunno... FOR EXAMPLE... A sex worker AI does not need to know anything about chemistry, history, religion (OMG! NEVER EVER teach an AI about religions... Look at Greece before Christianity happaned... They have been partially even more advanced than America and Europe are TODAY.), or whatever. It only needs to know all languages, all kind of fetishes, what to do in sexual things, and stuff like that.

      But yeah, give an AI the whole Wikipedia and disrespect it (or even attack it) and we are going to die. It is really that simple. I do not see the problem. Why so scared, Spaz? As in nearly every problem someone can have, it is the fault of the society. Some of us definitely need to control and reduce their god complex and stop thinking about creating the perfect and best thing. Nature is so perfect because it is imperfect. Most humans do not understand it, but nothing in nature, which includes us humans, is build by a blueprint. Things are not perfect, they are individual.

  4. I've played the game for about 100 hours now (I think, there's no way to keep track) and it's incredibly fun. IMO you don't need friends to enjoy the game. The matchmaking/servers work well and randoms are generally successful. Especially now, since there's lots of highly experienced players playing that have been playing it since day 1. I managed to complete Insane difficulty with a group of randoms. I paid $40 for the game and I think it was a good price. I recommend playing it! If you like co-op shooters, this is gonna be right up your alley
  5. I picked up Hitman 2’s expansion pass for $8. So much better than the $40 asking price. I had just started eyeing the expansion pass so good thing it went on a deep sale!
  6. Voted for Ghost of Tsushima. Gotta love Sucker Punch!
  7. No, it's not a true 100% completion, but that doesn't make you any less of a trophy hunter. You're essentially shaming people who hide trophies. Aren't you the same dude who wanted to see cheaters branded with a cheater tag on their PSNProfile as well? Didn't you get immediately shot down on that idea because it singles out members of the community and shames them? I'll admit, you have an impressive profile with lots of great games completed, but that doesn't mean that anyone who doesn't have as perfect of a profile as you are inherently shameful and "not a decent trophy hunter".
  8. Soooo... if you hide trophies you’re not a decent trophy hunter? That’s a pretty hot take there On topic, though: you should be fine to late sync your trophies if that's what you choose. I don't think it would be suspicious if you're playing offline games. As MMDE said, you can't earn online trophies and late sync those on the PS4 because of the auto sync feature.
  9. How dare you disrespect the winner of the 2020 GOTY Award!?!
  10. I'll probably end up purchasing it on sale like I do with most games. Whether I care for the story or not, I know that I can rely on Naughty Dog to deliver beautiful environments and immersive gameplay. It's not a "must-have" title for me right now, but I'm sure I'll give it a play once I get the PS5 in like 2 years.
  11. I thought you had to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be considered a cheater? I don’t own the game and never plan on playing it, but there’s definitely some people on this site who made a mask but never got any of the trophies when they initially played the game. I know that most of the people who earned this trophy now are cheaters because it’s been so long since the online went down, but I’m sure there’s still a few players in the situation that I described who are going to be unjustly flagged by that policy.
  12. Naruto Shippuden. I'm only on episode 121 so I have a long journey ahead of me I'm a total novice when it comes to anime. I've watched all of the original Naruto series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and some of Naruto Shippuden. I'm planning on getting around to Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and Attack on Titan sometime in the next few years. And maybe Boruto as well
  13. I just started really going for Gold Crowns. Oh man... after a solid day where I got like 4 or 5 of them, I haven't seen a single gold crown in over a week. I'm starting to think this is impossible
  14. First update already 1. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 0% 2. Layers of Fear - 0% 3. Nier Automata - 0% 4. The Division 2 - 20% --> 31% 5. GRIS - 0% 6. Fractured Minds - 0% --> 100% I finished Fractured Minds. Overall, the game was only about ~25 minutes long for me. I kinda wish it had been longer, but I liked it for what it was. I read that the game was a portrayal of anxiety, and I can see what people meant by that, but it also definitely had some chapters that were centered on depression. I especially liked Chapter 3: Comfort Zone. I'll talk about why in a spoiler tag just in case somebody feels spoiled by it Pros: + Good music + A simple, easy, worry-free game + Had some relatable themes Cons: - Too short - A little too simple - Puzzles felt forced into the game to provide some obstacle/challenge Also, I continued The Division 2. I'm almost done with the main story, and then I'll try and tackle the PVP trophies next week. I'm a bit worried about completing the Raid because I ran into tons of disconnection errors the second I entered a raiding session. Apparently, it's a known problem that has nothing to do with my internet, but instead with how broken The Division 2 is. I might not be able to 100% this game by the end of the challenge because of this buggy mode but I'll keep trying and maybe I'll eventually get into a raid.
  15. Usually I listen to the game audio with my headphones. Whenever I’m playing a game that doesn’t have a story and I’ve played it for tons of hours already (Monster Hunter World, Payday 2, etc.), I already know all of the sounds so I don’t feel bad about not listening to a monster’s death screech for the 10 millionth time. In that case, I’ll either sit in silence or listen to lofi music. Usually, I’ll grind at night and that’s when I throw on the lofi. It makes for some pretty chill nights and I love it.