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  1. Seeing my total playtimes for some of the games on my profile with the PS5 has been surprising. I put 249 hours into getting Payday 2's 100%, which definitely felt like less time than that. On the other hand, I've only put in 49 hours into Killing Floor 2, and I feel like I've played that one for at least 100 hours.

  2. Assassin's Creed Syndicate. It wasn't difficult per se, but the open-world activities felt very monotonous and dull. I liked the setting of the game, but got bored after a while. It took some motivation to get myself to chunk through the miscellaneous trophies and get the platinum.
  3. I just finished up A Way Out with my friend last night. Wow... what a rollercoaster of a finale. Easily one of my favorite co-op experiences on the PS4.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    4. DamagingRob


      Ahhh, yeah. That ending is great. 


      Do I shoot my friend? Uhh.. 

      Had a great time playing that with Snake last year.

  4. I received a notification this afternoon that Best Buy had restocked the PS5. It was already in my cart, so I managed to check out in 1 minute with no issues. :)


    I’m so lucky that I secured one! It’ll be available for pickup next week, just in time for my 3 day weekend. Any great PS5 game suggestions?

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Awesome. Lucky guy. Congrats on getting a PS5. Great way to start the year for sure! ^_^

    3. Deluziion90


      Congrats! Don't listen to the people talking about bugs and all whatnot. I've had zero issues with mine and I've pumped hundreds of hours on it since ~20dec.



    4. ResoluteRock


      @Sir_Bee I feel the same way. I don't think I could actually buy a console from a scalper and not feel dirty about it.

  5. Can confirm. I’ve done the requirements for quite a few combat trophies now, and none of them have popped. I even counted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Hopefully, they issue a patch that fixes this. Plus, nobody has earned any trophies in about 2 weeks. The reason, I assume, is the game is now split into Classic and Hardcore mode. Even though Classic Mode and the original game on launch are functionally one and the same, it must be registering Classic Mode as a different mode. The trophies are likely programmed for the “base game difficulty”, not the Classic and Hardcore modes we have now. If that’s the case, I think it would be an easy fix, but I haven’t heard any word of this issue from the developers so far.
  6. I’m not even able to go 5 shows in a row without server issues or game crashing, much less winning all 5 of those shows in a row. Fun game, though.
  7. The gameplay for Persona 5 is the same in Persona 5 Royal, except there's a few small tweaks. I never played the original, but I read online that Royal added some new confidants, gave you more time to do in-game activities (such as letting you out on some nights where it normally wouldn't), and added some new Personas / balancing. I heard the changes don't stand out too much and the new content really picks up after the conclusion of the original game, so the entire introduction / first palace in the game is about the same as the original. If you didn't get hooked the first time, then I wouldn't advise getting Royal as most of the content is the same as the base game. Payday 2 is prone to crashing and glitching somewhat frequently. Every few hours, I'd run into some glitch or crash, which definitely kills the game a bit. I'd advise the PC version since it's a bit better, but the game has some major flaws which haven't been addressed in 7 years still. I stuck with it because I found the gameplay and general premise really neat, but it's not for everybody.
  8. Even though I don't know how much progress I'll make since I'll be in training for a new job in August, I'd love to participate I told you I'd join the fun and I won't go back on my word! Slight problem, I don't have a team though... so I suppose I'll have to be added to the "looking for a team list" for now. This event looks really neat! Nice banner.
  9. I pick whatever I'm in the mood to play. As long as I'm having fun with the game, I continue to play it. I usually get burnt out after 30-40 hours of actively being focused on one particular game, so I'll put that one down and come back to it a few months/years later to put in some more time. Next, I try to finish the online trophies as soon as possible. I don't hate online trophies like most people do, but I do prefer to finish them early on so that I can focus on the offline aspects of the game. I do this in case I get burnt out playing a game and the online trophies become unattainable before I can get back to it. After that, I'll do a blind playthrough of the game and just have fun with it. If a game is really, really long I'll do the collectibles along with my first playthrough (like The Witcher 3's Gwent cards) because a 100+ hour game will usually takes me months, maybe even years to complete. I have such a large backlog of games that I want to start so I don't want to have to sink another 100+ hours into the same game for the sake of getting a few easy collectible trophies. I'd rather get started on the next adventure, and then maybe come back to replay the 100+ hour games when I finish my backlog and there's no new games for me to play. I try to stick to no more than 3 games at a given time, but burnout gets to me and I move on to other games. Usually, it's just back to games that I previously got burnt out on but I've been starting up some new games recently that have online trophies. I have a lot of time for the next few weeks, so I want to complete the online trophies for games that I'm interested in playing later on since they might not have servers up by the time I get this much free time to focus on trophy hunting again.
  10. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It has some of the best action sequences in gaming. Plus, the trophy list is fairly easy (aside from Survival trophies). I see you have Uncharted 1-3 platinums already so finish out the Nathan Drake saga
  11. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition for me. The bugginess can be frustrating but the game is still really fun. Part of my enjoyment may be nostalgia from playing its predecessor (Payday: The Heist) a lot but the trophy list has some tough ones in there. Completing all contracts on Death Wish and some of the stealth speedruns were really difficult and took a lot of tries to get. I still play on PC (which I can confidently say is the best way of experiencing this game). World War Z was also very fun. Completing all of the missions on insane difficulty was really tough with randoms and I never thought I would earn that trophy. You could also play on extreme difficulty (the highest difficulty in the game) to earn that trophy, but I've only managed to clear about 4 missions on extreme. I highly recommend it if you liked L4D and want a good challenge.
  12. I second this. I've only gotten to the 2nd palace in the game and I'm already 23 hours in. This has already become one of my favorite games of all time and I'm sure it'll be consistently fun. This is easily going to be a 150+ hour platinum for me.
  13. I just made an Excel spreadsheet for all of the games that I own that I want to play on PS3 / PS4. There's 13 PS3 games and 41 PS4 games, and an additional 16 games that are already on my profile. That's 70 games that I want to complete before I'm ready to commit to the PS5 😅


    Given my current completion rate, I'll finish all of these games in about 6-7 years. The PS5 will practically be replaced by the PS6 by then 😂

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    2. ResoluteRock


      @PooPooBlast I saw 3 I think might be up your alley: Persona 5 Royal, Superhot, and Crossing Souls. I haven't played Crossing Souls yet but Persona 5 Royal and Superhot have both been pretty fun games.


      I just remembered that I forgot to add the Kingdom Hearts games. That brings me to 78 games. Go ahead and add another year on 😂


      Also, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is on my list :P.

    3. PooPooBlast


      "Also, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is on my list"


      Ayy ma man! 


      im always keeping an eye out for a sale but I'm probably going to have to accept that soon I'm going to run out of games. Eh might give me a chance to replay old games again or do an alt with plats of my favourite games. Just a thought. 

    4. effdeegee


      I did the same thing when PS3 was changing over to PS4. I think I was up around 400-500 games (actually owned), which led me to believe I would never want/need a PS4 at all. Then a friend bought me a PS4 for Christmas and all of my plans went to crap. :lol:

  14. I'm struggling to come up with a game that is fun, fairly easy, time consuming, and difficult. I'm going to assume that difficulty doesn't matter since fairly easy and difficult are opposites I'd say Payday 2: Crimewave Edition. You have to complete all contracts on Death Wish, along with a lot of miscellaneous other trophies. It'll take around ~70-80 hours to platinum if you're playing naturally and not hardcore trophy boosting from the moment you start. Death Wish can be difficult, but once you get yourself a proper build and learn the maps and mechanics of the heists, you'll have a fairly easy time with it. If going for 100%, that's where the really time-consuming part kicks in. There's 68 DLC trophies, including trophies for reaching Infamy level 25 (infamy levels are this game's version of prestiging like in Call of Duty). Getting the 100% took me hundreds of hours but it's a really fun game, despite how frequently I would encounter bugs and glitches during heists.
  15. Any games that you can craft temporary buffs / boosts for your character. For example, Dying Light lets you craft boosters that temporarily increase your fighting stamina or damage resistance. I don't bother with it since I don't want to waste the resources on a buff that might give me a slight edge in battle. None of the fights are particularly difficult so I feel like the buffs are useless. I forgot they even existed until I saw this thread 😂