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  1. I was more referring to the other topic posted by the same guy today with the Double Discounts sale.
  2. I don’t think you’re understanding the point. It’s much easier to go through the list being posted as text in the OP as opposed to going through pages and pages of games on the PlayStation Store.
  3. Otherwise known as the “If you aren’t a PS+ member, don’t bother” Sale Nothing for me this time around.
  4. 25 Platinums Total by the end of 2019 Not sure if it'll work out for me, especially since I'm diving into some games that will take a long time (Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter: World) and games without a platinum (Hitman 2). I'll see how far I can get though!
  5. 1Lf6719d.png

    Platinum #11

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm


    When I first started this game, I was having so much fun. I felt it captured the feel of Naruto really well, which is a universe I (obviously) adore. The story mode wasn't the best representation of the story arcs up until that point; it retained some of the feeling and it was nice to see it animated in a new, yet familiar style, but it was lacking in my opinion. You would definitely need to watch the anime, then play the game in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. Much of the storytelling was done through text, which feels like a lazy way to deliver the story. I wish they had done cutscenes for every mission, not just the last mission of every story arc because the cutscenes that were there were beautiful.


    On to the gameplay. When I started, I thought the combat felt very simple. Now that I've finished, I can appreciate more of the nuances in the combat system. Jutsu Clashes, Ultimate Jutsus (and cancelling them), support assists, blocking (and breaking the block), and managing meter are much more important than I thought. Honestly, once you unlock Naruto's Rasengan, you can just breeze through everybody :P (didn't stop me from using Rock Lee whenever I could though!).


    The side missions can be very repetitive, and were part of the reason I held off on the platinum for so long. There's combat missions (where you fight), pursuit missions (where you fly through a forest to catch someone / get a certain distance in time), climbing missions (where you run up a tree), and cannon missions (where you use your Naruto Cannon to blast through rings), and the ever-so-rare Giant Battles (which are amazing fights against massive opponents). That's about it. It can get old pretty quickly, which left me burnt out. That, paired with the grind to buy 50% of everything, put me off from getting the platinum until I finally decided to power through and finish.


    Overall, the game is a good game that suffers from repetitive mission structure towards the second half of the game. It's a must-play for any Naruto fan though, especially for the sale prices it goes for now. I'll wait a while before I start UNS2 since I still have to catch up to that point in the anime :P


    @DamagingRob I finally did it, you can't mock me for it any longer :awesome:

  6. It's going to be Monster Hunter: World for me. It's the first game on my profile that I'm looking at thinking "yeah no, I'll pass on the platinum thanks." The game is fun, much more fun than I originally gave it credit for. As much as I love the grind to keep getting stronger, the miniature crown and gold crown trophies will kill me. Each hunt takes around 10 - 30 minutes (depending on what you're hunting), and that time will likely increase if you're hunting HUGE versions of the abnormally large monsters for the gold crowns. Not to mention, it's down to RNG to even find these monsters worthy of slaying for a gold crown. And you kinda have to guess as to whether the monster is just big enough to give you a gold crown and not a silver crown. And after all the stars have aligned to get you this far, then you have to manage to kill the thing without dying or having it "leave the area" (disappear forever). You could dump hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game and still never get half the gold crowns. Nope. Nope. Nope. I'll play the game and have fun with it and gather as many trophies as possible, but as it stands right now, that platinum trophy is just NOT happening.
  7. UPDATE #6: 1. Kingdom Hearts 1% --> 2% 2. Spider-Man 0% 3. Uncharted The Lost Legacy 0% 4. Uncharted 4 23% --> 43% 5. HITMAN 2 0% --> 13% 6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 0% 7. Assassin's Creed Odyssey 9% --> 19% I've been slacking. I managed to complete Uncharted 4, an absolutely fantastic experience. Lately, I've been playing World War Z, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, and Monster Hunter: World so I've been thrown off course (just a bit ).
  8. Just got my job back in my hometown and I start tomorrow! :D

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    2. ResoluteRock


      More money to buy games that I won't touch for years :P

    3. PermaFox


      That's the spirit!  Works for me!

    4. DaivRules


      Now that you'll have a job, throw a few bucks at a time in a Vanguard S&P 500 index fund and thank me when you can retire early.

  9. In the past week, I’ve noticed less “toxic” behavior. Granted, I’ve been playing on higher difficulty levels so that may have something to do with it. Nobody feels like sticking around to be a hero on Insane
  10. Yeah, I’ve had no problem getting into lobbies
  11. # Rat Lives Matter
  12. A few things I found today: - The new resurrecting zombie is coming out sometime in May, and apparently will only resurrect if you don’t “kill it properly” (I assume this means headshot?) - The new difficulty, Extreme, is coming in June. No idea whether this will affect the “hardest difficulty” trophy but there is still about a month to get the trophy before Extreme difficulty goes live. Found this from a link tweeted by the WWZ Twitter account. Starting my Insane runs today, pray for me
  13. When I first started Monster Hunter: World the other day I really disliked it. I hadn’t felt that way about a game in a while. I’ve never had to really force myself to play something, especially so early on in the game.


    I think a large part of it was the complexity of the game. There is such a large number of systems and various mechanics and buffs and equipment that it’s simply overwhelming at first, especially so since the game doesn’t do a stellar job of explaining all of it.


    I was dreading playing it again today, but my friend (the one who I initially bought the game to play with) convinced me to take another shot at it with him, and we hunted for about an hour and a half.


    Something’s changed for me, I think. I’m starting to appreciate the game a lot more. I went and crafted some upgrades, gathered materials, and it felt genuinely satisfying to take down each large creature. I no longer feel like I’m flailing at the air with my Split Axe anymore; each hit feels powerful and rewarding. I took in Astera (the hub area) in between our hunts and I saw how beautiful the game was, paired with the soundtrack.


    I’m starting to see why everyone likes this game so much. I’m not 100% there yet because there’s still A LOT I don’t understand, but I feel like I made a satisfying amount of progress today :D

    1. MidnightDragon


      Glad you like it!

    2. LegacyJKO09


      yeah it seems super basic really. but it has a uniqueness. i sold my copy only to pick it up again since they announced the expansion. so ill play that when its out

  14. This entire thread is one big “...bruh” moment
  15. Starting Monster Hunter: World tomorrow because my best friend just bought it and he’s dying to play it together.


    100% completion profiles are overrated anyways :P

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    2. Nighcisama


      Be ready for a grind, even if you do not aim for trophies. There are several walls you will crash into to continue the story, tasks that are unreasonably hard until you grind the best current gear possible, which can mean up to 20 kills or even more depending on the material required (monster gems are open ended because of low rng).


      You also want to really take the time to choose at least two weapons you keep up to date and be familiar with, preferbly a melee and a ranged because some monsters just shit on you if you only can use one weapon. Collect whatever you can on quests, investigations and expeditions, you will find a way to use the stuff, even if it only ends up being used for melding. Try doing as many bounties during whatever else you are doing at the moment so you do not have a lack of armor spheres.


      Prepare yourself to read up a lot online, because this game is so shit at explaining even some basic things like certain mechanics that it is almost award worthy. Basic functions are sometimes not explained, whole features do not get mentioned until you get them by accident, what you can do to deal with certain monsters only gets mentioned with the first few items, weapon combos mentioned are incomplete, sometimes entirely missing like with a basic longsword move. Any kind of in depth information will only be available on the internet.


      You should also be aware that the game will heavily punish you for playing with another person. The monsters are either in singleplayer or multiplayer difficulty. If you play with someone else, they switch to multiplayer, which was balanced around a 4 man team so playing with 2 people will turn the enemies into raidbosses in terms of hp and aggression, making some monsters nearly impossible to kill if you are underequipped. Either play some of the harder missions on your own, or look for 2 other people to join you, playing the first Nergigante fight with only 1 other person is less fun than having hot coal shoved down your pants.


      If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. I have struggled with this game a lot and had both good times as well as really bad times with it so far.

    3. Redgrave


      I wouldn't really say the game scaling for a co-op group is punishing you. They probably could have scaled it based on how many people there are sure (e.g. 2/4 is Moderate, 3/4 is Hard), but I never felt like the game was really being punishing because of only having one other person. If anything I would say solo is harder because there isn't anyone else to distract the monsters if you need to heal or do something else that can be interrupted. It all really just comes down to how prepared you are.


      That does remind me though to mention to use the SOS Flare when you can. Most of the time you will get someone to join you but it's best to make sure you fire it at the start of a hunt because of the timer and most people won't want to join a hunt that's past the time limit for the rewards where even if they do help you they won't get anything out of it, so make sure not to wait too long before firing a flare.

    4. ResoluteRock


      Thanks for the tips! I’m diving in today so I hope it becomes a lot smoother! :)