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  1. One game that comes to mind: ADR1FT
  2. I would like to join again and challenge myself with some interesting games, more stealth again - Gravity Rush 2 - 15% - Rage - 12% - Metal Gear Solid 4 - 7% - The Last of us Part 2 - 2% - Republique - 1%
  3. Ever heard of Metal Gear Solid 4 although not mediocre, the amount of playthroughs and requirements are crazy (don’t have the plat yet but someday…) I actually have Wet, just never started it. I might be up for the challenge somewhere this year when I’m well into 80+% avg. completion
  4. I don’t mind multiple playthroughs, but the story for FFVIIR seems long and I’d like to take my time with it to enjoy it as much as I can. As for Dead Space 3 after the initial (collectible) run it’s mainly running through the game. I’m going to make fully use of the exploit for sure It is also a game I’m not really interested in, just need it off my list!
  5. Update #4 - Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist - 100% (282) - Hitman - 100% ☑️ - Stray - 100% (278) - MediEvil - 100% (280) - Final Fantasy VII Remake - 34% Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist - 100% Great game! I did the multiplayer a year ago before the “shutdown” only to figure out I forgot to get the collectibles in the 4 coop missions. Somehow for whatever reason the online coop part still works. And luckily there was a hardcore player running through all the missions. I managed to grab the few collectibles I missed and went on with the rest of the campaign. This was a good next game after Hitman, and I might continue with some more stealthy games! Anyway it’s done and I’m happy about it! Final Fantasy VII Remake - 34% So I guess I have the rest of the challenge to try and finish FFVIIR. I’m not really sure if I should try and get it done as I don’t want to rush the game. I might swap it for Dead Space 3(17%) as I think that will be a lot faster to get the 100% on. MISC. Beside these games I also finished The Crew 2 which is a lot worse compared to the first one. It was not part of the challenge, but it was a challenge Another real challenge will be trying to beat all the historic events with gold on MotoGP19. If I can make that happen I’ll be done with hard challenges for the rest of the year Anyway that’s it for now. Keep the updates coming and have fun!
  6. Update Week Starting PCG: 77.94% Last Week PCG: 78.19% (+.25) This Week PCG: 78.34% (+.15) ================ Goal: 83% Games played Hitman Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Final Fantasy VII Remake Splinter Cell Blacklist
  7. Congratulations on getting your hands on a PS5! They seem to still be very hard to find in stock over here. Those two games were my first ones as well. Not sure if you have PS+ but if you managed to grab Maneater when it was on there, that one is pretty fun! I hope you took the day off from whatever needed to be done on Monday!
  8. It’s kind of the FIFA of racing games really I just received my copies of 2018, 19 and 20 last week. I liked the addition of storymode in 2021, and haven’t gotten 22 yet. Does that one include a storymode? Or is it just race your seasons, win everything and that’s it? Your reason is also the only reason I really play these games
  9. Update Week 1Starting PCG: 77.94% Current PCG: 78.19% (+.25) ================Goal: 83% Games finished Hitman (PS4) Decent start, let’s see if I can keep up this pace!
  10. Just tackle the games one at a time and you’ll get them done! What I try to do is not play 2 of the same games in a series. If I’d finish for example an Assassins Creed game, I would move to something completely different afterwards like a racing or fighting game. Just to keep it interesting for myself and not get bored!
  11. Update #3 - Hitman - 100% ☑️ - Stray - 100% (278) - MediEvil - 100% (280) - Final Fantasy VII Remake - 34% - Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist - 41% Hitman - 100% Why on earth did I not keep playing this game when I first started it…? I was not looking forward to playing this initially but man oh man this game is so good! Basically you have to stealth your way through levels eliminating targets as you go, while picking up different outfits and disguises to gain access to areas. There are so many ways to go at it and kill the targets which makes this a lot of fun. What I did to get all the trophies was play 1 DLC pack per day, already had the first two done a couple years back and went and finished the rest of them this week. I would love to play the other games in the series but they have the previous instalments as added DLC, which would make it really tedious and repetitive. Sadly this game comes without a platinum which is kind of a bummer especially with all the work involved to get everything done. Still it makes for a good 100% Final Fantasy VII Remake - 34% Because I was focusing on Hitman, I haven’t really played FFVIIR at all. I will go back at it for a bit before taking on Splinter Cell! I might also go back to Horizon Zero Dawn and start working on the DLC again. I’m having a blast playing these games and knocking them off my list, it’s very satisfying seeing my overall percentage go up Which is making this a good start for the Attack on Completion 2023 challenge! I suggest everyone to play old games that are at a low percentage to get to it!!! That’s it for now. Keep ‘em coming and have fun!
  12. Update #2.5 - Final Fantasy VII Remake 17% > 34% - Hitman - 31% We Happy Few - 14% - Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist - 41% - Stray - 100% (278) - MediEvil - 100% (280) A somewhat unplanned short update… SWAP 2/3 - Hitman - 31% I’ve decided to use my 2nd swap. There’s been some stuff going on with Hitman in the PlayStation store. All DLC is delisted and it looks like now you can only buy the GOTY or the GOTY upgrade (which I believe is missing 2 specific dlc packs) I had to check if I owned all DLC and luckily I do. Now IOInteractive have stated that the game should remain fully playable but since the game itself is an always online offline game I want to get it out of the way ASAP. I don’t really feel like playing it, but it just has to be done. The game that I’m swapping it with will be We Happy Few. Final Fantasy VII Remake - 34% In my last update I decided to replace OlliOlli2 with FFVIIR and man I’m glad I did! First of all this game looks absolutely fantastic! It brings back so many memories from when I first played the original way back. I enjoy the extra stuff they added so far and I’m happy to hear that most of the original music is still there too. My only real complaint is the battle/materia system. I wish it would’ve been more like the original, but I guess nobody is really wanting a true turn based Final Fantasy anymore (except me). I made it up to chapter 9 so far and I’m taking my time with it! That’s it for now. keep ‘em coming and have fun!
  13. Please let me know when you do I still have the coop to finish!
  14. Happy new year everyone, may all your trophy wishes come true Anyway, before I earn my first trophy in the new year, here are my starting stats. START 77.93% 4324 unearned trophies GOAL 84% >4000 unearned trophies Good luck to everyone!
  15. I’ve decided to swap out OlliOlli2 for Final Fantasy VII remake on PS4 currently at 17% - Stray - 100% (278) - MediEvil - 100% (280) - We Happy Few - 14% - Final Fantasy VII Remake - 17 % Olliolli2 - 32% - Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist - 41%