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  1. Update #3 (I think) So with these challenges atleast for me, I have weeks I earn the platinums and then go weeks without to set everything up again, trying to not work on too many games at once. Then there is the games that are not part of this challenge that I also want to play, delaying my progress even further. But hey it's still early in the year, there is enough time (hopefully) No new platinum trophies or completed games that are on this list. Instead I started 2 new games and finished the first playthrough on both games. They also require a 2nd playthrough on a higher difficulty. Yes I could've done that in my first run, but I'n not in a hurry. First off I started Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Goal of the first run was to get all the main story related trophies done and earn anything else on easy so I can just do a checkpoint run (as I like to call them) on Veteran. I've finished 2 or 3 levels on Veteran so far, and it seems that it's going to be doable. There is one trophy though... Best of the Best, which might take me a lot of time to get. Guacamelee 2 is the other game I decided to start on. I remember having a lot of fun with the first game on Vita and was kind of disappointed the second game was never released for it. Nonetheless, the game is still a lot of fun up to a certain point. Pretty much everything is doable with a couple of tries, the fighting mechanics are a lot smoother compared to the original. I did prefer the story of the first game over this one. After finishing the story you can sort of freeroam through all the levels to try and get each of the 11 maps to 100%. And this is where the game starts to show some flaws for me. Some parts of the level designs are so difficult to get passed, it gets frustrating, annoying and to a point I don't feel like I want to play it anymore. Being stuck on a section that should take around 1,5 minute to get through for around 45 minutes to an hour gets me really close to throwing controllers (don't worry no controllers were harmed) The plan is to slowly try and progress through these games on the higher difficulties and go for any trophies that are left afterwards. After that I might power my way through the boring game that is Control. Here is my updated list of progress
  2. Weekend!
  3. It's been 20 years already... From what I remember playing most, I guess it's these games: Silent Hill 2 GTA: Vice City Burnout 3: Takedown Silent Hill 3 Gran Turismo 4 Need for Speed Underground Metal Gear Solid 2 Silent Hill: The Room Pro Evolution Soccer (forgot which one, but it was when PES was better than FIFA ) Auto Modellista
  4. Update time. In my last update I said I was probably going to play Medal of Honor Frontline. Well that turned out kind of different. That game did not age that well and I was not really feeling it. So I decided to pick up American Fugitive again. A really nice looking Twin Stick game, which is a genre a wanted to explore more this year anyway, Story was fun gameplay was fun and it looked the part. Until I reached the time trials... It took everything away from the great experience I had so far, which is a shame because the base game is solid. Eventually I’ve managed to get all time trials gold and with that pop the platinum. I’ve started working on the DLC but for now I kind of want to play something else. Call of Duty MWR or Guacamelee 2 is next.I kind of want a short and not too difficult game so I’ll probably go for Modern Warfare Remastered. v The complete list v
  5. First of all I must apologize for pretty much abandoning the Fall/Winter Challenge, and I hope it's ok for me to join this once again. I've learned my lessons previous challenges to not just keep adding games, it works demotivating for me... So this time around I'm going to put 5 games on my list and not change or add anything along the way. I'm also going to (try to) get rid of some of those 1% games that have been on my list for quite some time. 1 | Control - 11/47 - 15% 2 | Doom (2016) - 10/55 - 11% 3 | Medal of Honor: Frontline - 1/46 - 1% 4 | Republique - 1/30 - 1% 5 | White Night - 1/34 - 1%
  6. I'm wondering what my score will be at the end of the year. I've already agreed upon playing more games I bought in the past than buying new ones. So far I guess I'm doing alright. Haven't bought any physical copies as of yet. If I do it's most likely going to be old PS3 games I've had in the past but got rid of at a certain point in time. January 01/01/2020 Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition €3,19 28/01/2020 Shadow of Mordor GOTY €12,99 February 05/02/2020 Guacamelee 2 Complete €5,99 05/02/2020 PS Plus 1 Year €59,99 Total €82,16 / $89,62
  7. Looks like I've finished another game. Valentino Rossi the Game. I've played a fair share of the Milestone Motorcycle Games and honestly this was just more of the same as all the others. Basically a rebranded replacement for MotoGP16. Getting the main stuff done is pretty simple, but the grind afterwards for two mileage trophies was kinda lame. Race for 250km on a flattrack bike. I was pretty much done with everything but had to ride the same race for over 5hrs. Didn't really add anything than boredom to the experience. Some of the Rossi Challenges were mildly annoying but doable. Glad its done. Next up I feel like I want to play a shooter so it's going to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered or Medal of Honor: Frontline. I'm leaning towards the last one as I've heard it's pretty tough. v The complete list v
  8. After taking some time off from gaming, I've finally managed to pick it back up albeit a bit slow. I managed to get Need for Speed Heat done. I have no clue what the story was about since I skipped all the cutscenes. I enjoyed the game for a while, but after finishing the story the grind became real. A ton of collectibles and activities made me lose interest completely and it felt like a never ending chore. Good news is, it's done! Here's me hoping they won't release any DLC... I don't know what's next. I'll probably try and get Valentino Rossi the Game done and might switch to PS3 for a bit.
  9. Thank you for helping out! I got the trophy this morning. I'll leave the crew when I get back home to make space for others
  10. @Aeir_ I tried sending an invite but it seems your crew is full, is it perhaps possible for you to send me an invite when there is space? My PSNid is: neospoon
  11. First of all, best wishes to everybody for 2020!!! Hope everyone had a good NYE! Couldn't help but starting two easier games first. Finished both Meow Motors and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and started working on The Hong Kong Massacre. The way THKM is setup, I will try and beat 3-5 levels every other day or week. Starting Control this weekend. Hope everyone is off to a good start and Happy Hunting!!!
  12. One of my worst years since I've started, nonetheless I did manage to finish some games that were on my backlog for about 6 years. Being unmotivated to play pretty much anything for a good portion of the year didn't help. I also started playing games without keeping trophies in mind, so extra playthroughs were required. So even though the numbers are kind of low, I'm still happy that I could get some of my older games done. Bronze Trophies - 6146 -> 6887 (+741) Silver Trophies - 2074 -> 2350 (+276) Gold Trophies - 834 -> 925 (+96) Platinum Trophies - 161 -> 177 (+16) PSN Level: 39-> 42(+3) Best game The best game I've played last year was hands down Strange Brigade. I've met up with two friends and we decided to go for the platinum together, little did we know that some parts are easier solo instead of with 3 players. The story was great, I absolutely loved the style, and that narrator seriously has something against cats! I would definitely recommend it to others if they play it with a friend or two as this will most likely increase the experience. Honorable mention: Hunting Simulator, Who would've known a hunting game could be so much fun. Worst Game(s) There's not much to say about this one. Conan Exiles. I can't remember anything about it other than that it had a cheat menu and it was supposed to be an easy plat. Got it over with pretty quick... Another disappointing game was Mortal Kombat 11. As far as fighting game platinum goes, this was one of the easiest Mortal Kombat games ever. Mostly a grind to just get through it. Got the DLC done and deleted it off my system I'm hoping to make somewhat of a comeback this year. Let me tell you all about it at the start of next year!
  13. was it ever required to give the platform and region? Might have missed that. Anyway here’s the missing info on my list. The percentage is for 100% completion American Fugitive - PS4 - EU - 3.01% Erica - PS4 - EU - 25.43% Jak2 - PS3 - 18.36% Meow Motors - PS4 - NA The Quiet Man - PS4 - EU - 0.31% Ruiner - PS4 Valentino Rossi the game - PS4 xMedal of Honor: Frontline - PS3 its almost new year over here! Just a little over an hour to go!
  14. Sign me up please currently at 70.31% goal 80%
  15. I’ve changed yet another thing lol. Instead of doing only one Prince of Persia game, I’ve decided to play the complete trilogy (this will get back to me I’m sure) Also I’ve added a 2nd game for C just because I can’t choose between Call of a duty and Control so I’ll just finish them both. My list is now final, no more changes for me, let’s just start this already