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  1. Final update before we start tomorrow. I know already it's more than I will probably be able to finish but I'll take the chance! - Metro Last Light (PS3) - 4% - God of War (PS3) - 17% - Splinter Cell Blacklist (PS3) - 41% - The Last of Us II (PS4) - 2% - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - 6% - Ace Combat 7 (PS4) - 28% - Soul Calibur VI (PS4) - 17%
  2. I’ve upgraded my TV at the end of last year. I got a SONY Bravia XR-65A90J. I absolutely love it. It might not have as many HDMI2.1 ports as some other TV’s but I’m basically using the PS5 only on it so no need for those extra ports, but that’s my personal preference. I went from a 49” Sony Bravia without HDR to this and ofcourse the difference in image quality is huge! In the end it all depends on what you want in a TV and what your budget is.
  3. I don't really know, mine popped at 112 as well.
  4. They added the rocket wing suit to the base game, it has 3 challenges that don’t show up in the counter but I believe they do count for the campaign
  5. Made some changes... I might add Rage at a later point, I just don't feel like playing it now for the Spring Challenge. Dropped Resident Evil 5 and replaced it with Ace Combat 7 - Metro Last Light (PS3) - 4% - God of War (PS3) - 17% - Splinter Cell Blacklist (PS3) - 41% - The Last of Us II (PS4) - 2% - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - 6% - Ace Combat 7 (PS4) - 28%
  6. The last person also has the PS4 version of GT7 so they might’ve auto-popped it on PS5? I think the 3 cars mentioned in the OP are the ones that qualify. There is a reference in GT5 as well, look up this trophy
  7. Update #7 swaps used 1/2 Celeste 100% (PS4) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 100% (PSVita) Dirt 5 - 100% (PS5) Homefront: The Revolution - 100% (PS4) A Plague Tale Innocence 100% (PS5) Rage 12% (PS3) A Plague Tale Innocence As much as I liked the game, I couldn't really put myself to it to go back again and get the last couple collectibles done and finish up the story. I thought it was going to take a bit longer but I managed to get it done today, which is ahead of what I had in mind. The game itself is really nice, graphics look stunning on PS5 and the story is pretty interesting as well!. If you like story driven games with a bit of fighting and some puzzles the definitely try this! I won't go into what the story is about because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Trophy wise this game is really straightforward. Get the collectibles, play the story and get some specific things done in certain chapters, that's it! Rage And then there was one left. I know that I've done a couple of chapters in this game and remember playing on the hardest difficulty to save myself from another playthrough. I will probably start working on this one after the weekend as I really want to try and get Modern Warfare 2 done first. Happy hunting everyone. See you in the next update!!
  8. Update #6 (FINALLY) swaps used 1/2 Celeste 100% (PS4) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 100% (PSVita) Dirt 5 - 100% (PS5) Homefront: The Revolution - 100% (PS4) A Plague Tale Innocence 28% > 29% (PS5) Rage 12% (PS3) MISC I'm still alive!!! I wasn't able to post for pretty much the whole of April, but finally I have some time again. Not a whole lot of progress as I've been playing games outside of the challenge mostly, but finally back to playing what's on my list. In my last update I finished Homefront: The Revolution. Since then I helped some more people get the online stuff done as I really enjoyed playing it, and then finally last week I deleted it off my system. Other than that I've played a ton of games that were in my backlog but not eligible for this event. I managed to finish NASCAR Heat 4 (had a lot of trophies glitch on me last year so took a break from it) Caught a ton of fish in Fishing Sim World, Finally finished all the DLC for Modern Warfare 3 after almost 9! years, and joined a weekly boosting session for The Division. I do remember originally having Gran Turismo 7 on my list, but swapped it because of what they did to the game. Now 4 or 5 weeks later it is as good as done, and I only need to wait until 2 more specific cars become available to buy and it will be finished. Which brings me to today. I finally started working on A Plague Tale Innocence again. I haven't finished the story yet but I'm really close. I made the decision to go back into chapter select and grab all the collectibles and other stuff I missed first so that when I finish the story, it should be completed (hopefully by the end of the week). As for Rage, I don't know if I'll finish it, I have a couple of other games I'm also working on and I think I will need about 2 weeks to get into it and finish it. If I do, it will be the first time ever since I started joining these challenges I'll have a completed list. See you guys next time!
  9. I'm in again! This is my list (for now) - Metro Last Light (PS3) - 4% - God of War (PS3) - 17% - Splinter Cell Blacklist (PS3) - 41% - The Last of Us II (PS4) - 2% - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - 6% - Ace Combat 7 (PS4) - 28%
  10. I do not have that race available? Do I need to finish the menus or licenses first for this to show up?
  11. If I remember right you can use the rivals in the DLC for the “beat all rivals” trophy. I can’t exactly remember but you need to beat all rivals in the main game which is 6 or 7? Do the ones for the DLC and then afterwards delete the DLC and those 2 will save you having to do at least the endurance one and another one of choice from the main game. It will definitely cut down in time! EDIT… Oops that was NFS Shift 2 lol
  12. Update #5 swaps used 1/2 Celeste 100% (PS4) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 100% (PSVita) Dirt 5 - 100% (PS5) Homefront: The Revolution - 100% (PS4) Plague Tale Innocence 28% (PS5) Rage 12% (PS3) Homefront: The Revolution Last update, I was thinking about doing Plague Tale first, but since the other two games were FPS, I decided to go with one of them. Now HtR is not known for being amazing or great. I guess you either love it or hate it, which translates to: You played it after it got fixed or you played it when it came out… I bought this game day one. Not for any particular reason but I did. Back in 2016 I got six trophies and that was it, I didn’t like it. So after 6 years this challenge has me playing the game again and man I absolutely loved every minute of it!!! The game has its issues but it’s definitely worth a play if you like FPS games. Yes it has its flaws no it’s not perfect, but it works! The story is not all that great and even cheesy at points but whatever… Before I started this again I was deciding wether to go with one playthrough on Deathwish difficulty or do two, the first one on easy for all the trophies and a second run for the Deathwish difficulty trophy. I chose to go for two runs and enjoyed both of them equally. I also went back to back runs which normally burns me out almost instantly. Not on this game though, I breezed through Deathwish difficulty in a single day! The main campaign is a solid 10/12 hrs without having to do all the side stuff. Then there’s also some online co-op stuff that needs to be done. Even though I read all about grinds and the like it never felt that way. Five hours is not even that long if you ask me. I joined a boosting session and pretty much played with one other person until we were both done. I Also managed to help some others getting their easy/medium/hard runs out of the way. All that’s left now is the DLC which I will work on this weekend and hopefully will finish by Monday. This game can go on my ever growing list of “Why didn’t I play this sooner” (also the game is on sale right now for around $5 and the DLC is dirt cheap too… just saying’…) **EDIT** Maybe I should’ve waited with my original post but I guess the DLC was all a bit shorter than expected but really good nonetheless. Homefront the Revolution is officially done!!! Next up I don’t think I’ve ever been this dedicated on getting as much done as I have for these challenges. I haven’t really played anything else on the side. Just focus on one game at a time and get it done! Next up is going to be Plague Tale. Now in my previous update I said I was almost done and would have to backtrack with chapter select. But because of the stuff I’m missing, I might as well start a new playthrough with a collectible guide and get it done in one run. I like the game, but it is just 2 chapters too long for me Hopefully this will be as good as done by the end of next week! I also might start chipping away on Rage every now and then as I still have a lot to cover in that game. This might actually be the first time I finish my list completely! Let’s keep going and see where it ends! Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope everyone is doing good and having fun! Keep the updates coming!!!
  13. Year One DLC misses the preorder cars, everything else you need for the 100% is in there. The Year One pack is on sale right now in the Mega March Sale for I believe it was €13.99
  14. Update #4 swaps used 1/2 Celeste 100% (PS4) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 100% (PSVita) Dirt 5 - 100% (PS5) Plague Tale Innocence 28% (PS5) Homefront: The Revolution 13% > 27% (PS4) Rage 12% (PS3) Dirt 5 After swapping Gran Turismo 7 for Dirt 5, I found out the DLC was on sale so I grabbed that immediately to be able to go for the 100% When I started the game I was quite surprised that James and Nolan from Donut Media (a YouTube channel about cars I follow) were the hosts for this game in the shape of a Podcast following the Dirt series and it's drivers. They had some guests throughout the story like Jamie Chadwick (Formula W champion) and Slaptrain (Youtuber) which was pretty amusing. Then finally after the game was done I found out that the Protagonist was voiced by Troy Baker, and Bruno the Antagonist was voiced by Nolan North! The game itself was easy and straightforward. Pretty much it was just compete in all events get all the trophies except for the mileage and the 30K points in Gymkhana. I started the DLC before doing those last 2 trophies in the base game as it got really repetitive and I wanted to be done once the platinum popped. If you want a fun racing game that doesn't require too much skill and just want to have some fun racing in the dirt, this is the one you're looking for! What else/What's next? Besides playing Dirt 5 I managed to get the platinum and 100% on Outriders. It was not eligible for the challenge, but I worked on it for a decent amount of time during the weekend. Definitely a game to play when you like looter shooters! Looking at my list, I only have 3 games left. Two shooters and a 3rd person story driven game. I think I will finish of Plague Tale first as I'm almost done with the story and it will be chapter select after that to grab the remainder of the collectibles. Hopefully I can finish it somewhere before the end of week. So far in general with the challenge I'm happy with my progress. Usually I get sidetracked and stop playing the games that are on my list, but seeing my average completion go up this much gets me motivated to keep on going. I might end up adding another game after Plague Tale is done. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the challenge, keep the updates coming, I love them!!! See you in the next update!!! (p.s. @MidnightDragon I finished my one game up to 50% am I allowed to add another one that is higher than 33% or do they have to be below?)