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  1. Mortal Kombat X Rarity - 1.94%
  2. Gravity Rush Remastered Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Thats it!
  3. Injustice 2. That damn cat call trophy....
  4. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  5. I luckily never encountered this glitch. But man was the game running bad. Lot's of freezing and dropping framerates like a pro. Fasttravel almost taking as long as loading the game after getting killed xD Even though I had lot's of issues when playing it, I really enjoyed it. The trophies seem pretty straight forward and I will definitely get this game at some point.
  6. SEGA Bass Fishing
  7. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  8. It's doable, cheap but doable. As mentioned above, use your teammates while you stay behind cover. There will be parts you will get stuck on for a bit. Teammates will go down at moments you need them the most. Running out of bullets never really happened. Grenades work well on heavies. I took a year off from the game when I reached the Parking lot section. A year later after getting through that, the rest of the game was not really that hard. Compared to World at War I think it will be easier Good luck and don't go crazy.
  9. Can I still join? If so I’d like to give these ultra rare plats a go Fishing Sim World - 0.55% Already working on this one. The base game is a pretty straight forward list just very time consuming. Id be happy with just the platinum as some of the DLC trophy requirements is just brutal. Current Progress: 21% 23/76 trophies earned Gran Turismo 5 - 0.63% I have played GT5 a lot before I was into trophies. Had a couple of tries later to go for the platinum just never finished it mainly because of the Sebastian Vettel X challenge and the Endurance Races Current Progress: 82% 52/59 trophies earned Injustice: Gods Among Us - 0.12% THIS IS THE ONE!!! I want this! No I need this! I would love to be one of the few to earn this platinum. I’m well on my way but still have a very long road ahead to get this game platinum. Current Progress: 78% 46/51 trophies earned Rocksmith 2014 - 0.81% I started Rocksmith about 2/3 years ago I think. I’ve been playing it on and off. Time to get serious and get better at guitar. Current Progress: 22%. 15/48 trophies earned
  10. My December Prediction is: - Need for Speed Payback - WATCH_DOGS 2
  11. It's DLC Trophy Pack 1: Human Conditions. The Trophy I'm missing is Prize Catch Finish Operation: Off the Hook The way this mission works is, you will get random missions to finish, there's about 7/8. Once you finish those you will be given the final mission which you need to finish for the trophy. Everytime a random person joins in, the list will reset. Fast-travelling will also reset if one of the players gets disconnected. So to make sure to get them all you will have to drive all over the map to get to the starting points. Also since I lost my save on this game as well, I have a Marcus with no upgrades which doesn't make it any easier Thanks for offering the help. Just let me know when you get the DLC and perhaps we can team up to get that trophy done!
  12. Let's try this again. Motivation... Where are you? It seems that as soon as I sign up for an event like this, All motivation goes down the drain. I don't feel like playing any of the games on my list or any game at all. Usually this feeling passes as I make some progress. But this time... I keep playing games that are not on my list. I think I finished around 4/5 games that are not on this list. Games I thought I wouldn't touch in a long time or games I never even thought I would enjoy (Fishing Sim World) I finished Mortal Kombat X after I saw @freddie1989 mention it. Bought the DLC got all those trophies and the last 2 trophies in the main game to get it up to 100%. I've been trying to get the last DLC mission done in Watch_Dogs 2 to get it up to 100% but it keeps annoying me with coop partners which resets the list of missions you're getting. I'll probably need a co-op partner who wants to stick with it for the 8/9 missions there are for this one. I swapped a game last time for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, only to play it for like 3 hours to never look back to it. I can't find the motivation to pick it back up, even though I actually bought it for the campaign (it was gonna be awesome)... So I did manage to start working on Riptide GP: Renegade. I lost my save file with my old PS4 breaking down. I've been slowly working on the main campaign trying to have some fun. It's still a fun game but it only keeps my attention for about an hour (also no trophies yet). After that I decided to start working on God of War: Ascension. Turns out it is supposed to be the worst one in the series (lol) Although I have to say I kind of enjoy it. It looks really pretty and I love the look of the enemies. I'm kind of new to the GoW series and I must say at least in this one I do not like the fighting. I've read most fans of the series dont like the changes they made to the combat, I myself don't know as I hardly touched any other GoW game so far. And Hard difficulty is actually pretty difficult... I'll most likely chip away on this game and Riptide while playing Fishing Sim World... I also want to start my Survivor run on Rise of the Tomb Raider (another game not on my list) this week. Something I should've done last week... Anyway enough with the rambling complaining and what not. Here's my update(s) God of War Ascension - 21% (13/36) (PS3) Riptide GP: Renegade - 33% (13/25) (PS4) Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 91% (87/100) (PS4) The Last of Us - 79%(39/50) (PS3) God of War - 11% (8/37) (PS4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 8% (3/28) (PS4) Fallout 3 - 2% (3/73) (PS3) Metro: Last Light - 4% (4/71)(PS3) Until Dawn - 14% (4/19) (PS4) Rocksmith 2014 - 22% (15/48) (PS4) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hunting Simulator - 100% (31/31) (PS4) Mortal Kombat 11 - 100% (59/59) Happy Hunting Everyone!
  13. Any online works for that. Doesn’t have to be ranked
  14. Could you perhaps hop on ranked there’s not a whole lot of people playing at the moment
  15. Nice man congratulations! You got me back into MKX and now I’m trying to finish it too lol. I managed to get all DLC done. I just need the 10 wins in a row. It seems though that all people playing online during the day are pros. It’s kinda sad. I don’t want to reload my save after every fight lol. Guess I’ll wait till the evening when the casuals are playing again.